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Kristen Stewart Talks Style

KS211 - Kristen Stewart Talks Style

On her style:

“I really like tapping into unexplored aspects of myself; obviously, that’s what I do. Clothes can seriously do that, but you don’t want your clothes to wear you. So often I’m like, ‘Oh man, that is going to own my ass.’” Luckily, Karl Lagerfeld gives his muse full license to play: “He lets me chop dresses, he lets me steal a belt from that dress and wrap it around another…. I’m really into the performance aspect of it, but I still have to make it my own. I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing a costume.”

… says Kristen.

See more of her Nylon spread next!


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  • Leighton

    Urg, I can’t help it, she is really growing on me….

  • HB

    She looks amazing! Perfect for the cool side of Chanel.

    And can you imagine a model asking Karl to change up the design?? It would be a nightmare!

    He must respect her.

  • YoungHearts

    She looks awesome on that cover.

  • snarkylarky

    i love her dirty style

    • AlyssaMoh

      so do a lot of guys i know – good looking guys…
      One of them described it as the bad girl/rebel look that made her appealing, like she just doesn’t give a f**

  • Callie

    I love her. I just think she’s gorgeous and she gets a lot more hate than she deserves, just because she’s not hollywood pretty doesn’t mean she’s ugly. She has such a unique look and I love her style.

  • angry_bird

    I’m not a fan of her style usually, but I like that she’s different. To me she’s interesting

  • Kia

    She looks amazing. I would like to look like her a lot. First picture clothes are a dream on her. She should be a model and quit acting since she is one of the worst and less deserving actresses ever

    • Tiina

      I think she was good in Runaways and On the Road, very good in Clouds of Sils Maria and excellent in Speak and Camp X-Ray. I’ve also heard good things about her in Still Alice. To me she seems to deliver every time she gets a decent role.

      But it would be nice to see her do something different.

  • CK

    She looks like a cool chick with i don’t give a F attitude, that seems to be close to her own personality, so i think this shoot fits her.I love stuff she’s wearing&i guess she really practices what she preaches cos she owns the clothes she wears in this shoot. But overall the quote, honestly doesn’t strike me as sth she’d say, especially where she talks of how she’s cut a dress here, take a belt from there thing…maybe it’s cos in candids she mostly wears simple stuff, so of it looks cool but it’s nothing i’d call fashionable, it’s ordinary. She wears fashionable&stylish on red carpets but it’s part of her job&she has a stylist which does a great work on her, imo. She just doesn’t strike me as someone who adores fashion so such words from her are weird.

    • Kia

      I think the creativity-belt quote was prepared by chanel press agents tbh

  • ayu

    She’s been growing on me. I find most of Lagerfeld’s designs quite hideous, though. And I really don’t like his personality. Being an “artist” is not a good excuse for being a prick.

  • Maelstrom

    BS. We’ve all seen this chick’s day to day style: she has none.