Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart’s Barely-There Dress – Wow or Eww?

FFN_g_50970318 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww?

Kristen Stewart was photographed outside of the premiere of On the Road the other night in New York – here she is in a tiny see-through ‘dress’ that shows off her figure. Are you guys fans of this look?

Kristen Stewart’s Barely-There Dress – Wow or Eww?

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FFN_g_50970258 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww? FFN_g_50970259 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww? FFN_g_50970261 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww? FFN_g_50970263 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww? FFN_g_50970264 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww?  FFN_g_50970291 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww? FFN_g_50970270 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww? FFN_g_50970268 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww? FFN_g_50970267 - Kristen Stewart's Barely-There Dress - Wow or Eww?

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  • Em

    Wow, eww!

    • Gen

      Hahaha, exactly

      • rouxrye


    • Annabella H.

      To me it’s not an “eww”, but definitely not a “wow”. I love the back of the dress, the colours and her shoes (and her hair and make-up overall), but the bare stomach is a bit too much. It’s almost close to trashy. It doesn’t make her look bad, though: she has the slim body to pull it off. I even think she looks kinda good, but definitely not great.

      By the way, Versus, what body type do you think I am? I don’t gain weight easily, but when I do I tend to gain all over my body. I’ve never been good with the different body shapes and it’s almost killing me not knowing what my shape is!

  • li

    i don´t know. i kind of like it. i think it´s the colors and the make-up though. but i like most of her fashion choices lately.

    • Tea

      I kind of agree 😉 I like a lot of what she wears, not 100% sold on this outfit…and she has an aloofness that I find really intriguing and refreshing in photographs- she’s always dressed and made up in some edgy or elegant outfit but looks kind of disengaged from it all, like ‘Even though I’m wearing Burberry I’m just going to walk the way I’d walk from my couch to my fridge’. It’s the opposite of Lea Michele who poses the $#*@ out of anything she wears and hyperextends every joint to looks taller/thinner.

    • Em

      She’s not too fashionable but gotten much better over the past year.

  • lillaliket

    I think the dress is hideous and makes her stomach look bloated!

  • Jaime

    I think she needs a size up, but the dress itself is cute 🙂 certainly no worse then any other ” cut-out” dress.

  • Coquette

    Ech! it looked terrible on her. Not flattering at all – it makes me think that either she gained weight- which could be possible in the arm and tummy area or the dress i too small – bad effect either way. And i think the styling would have looked better with hair down.

    • girl21

      She is skinny/fat and says it herself. She has always had a soft stomach and soft arms. A size up would’ve made her look her normal thin.

  • Neri

    What is it with Kristen’s styling lately?! Rather horrible…

    • ary

      agree, major eew!

  • girl21

    I like the idea, but the front bottom should’ve covered more to look sweeter, the colours are great though.

  • Aafje

    I love the shoes

  • artemis

    it’s cute 😀 it’d be way better if the silky part was nude colored and the sheer part was a lil less sheer 😀 i love her make-up <3 and shoes color

    • Indigo Lace

      Ditto .

  • sarah

    I like her hair style but this drees makes her look fat.she should have choosen something softer…

    • kateuk

      Fat??!! I think the dress makes her look a lot of unflattering things, but fat definitely ain’t one of them!

  • sarah

    I like her hair style but this drees makes her look fat.
    Game over

  • Em

    You look sexay KS…work it…next time wear the sheer part alone. 😉 You look so hawt. I am now bisexual because of you.

  • Lavender

    She has some of my favourite pins.

    • Lavender

      Oops forgot to add IMO her shaped legs were made for short dresses, short shorts or anything short for that matter.

    • lc

      Me too!

    • Stephanie

      Yeah I love her legs. They do look amazing in short skirts or dresses!!

  • Gabriela

    No comment

  • Stace

    Kristen is not a fat girl by any means, but this dress seems to be cut to highlight all her trouble areas.

    • Nobsnob

      “trouble areas”?? for god’s sake where do you see “trouble areas” o__o the girl is up and down perfectly thin.

      • Aafje

        She is just wearing the wrong size, which cuts in in all the wrong places no matter how skinny you are.

        • Stace

          Very well put AeFje! I never said Kristen wasn’t thin because she is, but even thin girls can wear clothing that is not flattering to their body type. For example, as a pear, I am extra conscious of how clothing fits me in my lower half. Kristen’s body is build the exact opposite of mine, and while her legs look awesome, the cut does nothing for her stomach or arms.

          • Coffee_girl

            I agree. I am a thin girl with kind of bigger boobs and I don’t wear things that make my upper body look bigger. That would look ridiculous and it would make me look fat.

    • natalia

      that’s true

  • Em

    Looks to be very thin to me! I don’t see how the dress highlights problem areas. I think she has a normal slightly round abdomen…you know, she has some intestines and stuff in there. 😉

    • Nobsnob

      hello common sense !!

      • natalia

        fat logic

        • Em

          Nope, I’m not fat. Thin logic!

          • natalia

            you prob. are, anyone who thinks round abdomens are normal, prob. are overweight, symptom of fat America to think excess body fat is normal

          • lc

            Dumbest comment ever, natalia.

        • Nobsnob

          How old are you?
          “Fat logic hehehe I’m so clever”, really?

          • natalia

            what my age has to do with whether most Americans including you think that round abdomens made so by lack of exercise and too much calories is normal, I don’t know, and yes Kristen has excess fat, on stomach, arms, inner thighs, she’s fat, but just a little

        • misscheeks

          lol what’s the ‘logic’ behind your comments natalia?

          • natalia

            that there is no logic behind EEm’s comment ‘its normal to have round abdomen b/c we have intestines’. we all have intest. but not all of us have round abs. bec some of us have flat ones. thats all.

          • lc

            That still doesn’t give YOURS logic, though.

  • Hazal

    Horrible dress! Don’t get the trend of sheer dresses where the underwear is very visible.

  • Clarisse McCarthy

    WOW. The mesh and the solid back keeps it from looking too trashy. She has a nice body so she can wear it. Something I’d like to point out, though- in most of the pictures, her eyes are downcast…? (Most celebrities look up and grin when they walk)

    • jemima

      She’s probably looking down because it’s night time and those camera flashes are positively blinding.

  • katy

    Nice legs..not loving the outfit

  • siennagold10

    Hate the dress. However, I love her legs!

  • blair

    She looks like someone from a 90s teen movie.

  • kateuk

    Yet another trashy ensemble from Miss Stewart.

  • Erica

    She’s just always sort of cheap-looking, to be honest – and I can’t really like her, she just has an unpleasant vibe. Her legs are great – but all these see-through outfits just don’t work on her – she’s not classy enough to give them the sophistication they need to avoid looking trashy. The gold one was at least a much better fit than this one though.

  • jemima

    I actually don’t hate the dress or the bralette under it, I mostly have a problem with the absolute diaper that has been paired with it.

  • em

    she has definitely gained some weight. but she was looking a bit thinner the past year or so. i know she gets these dresses for free but at least choose the best one. she hasn’t been looking her best lately. usually anything looks good on her with these supplied dresses. at least she’s been having more expression on her face. i guess it’s because twilight is finally over.

    • natalia

      true, she has gained, prob. eating out of depression

  • Meg

    In Picture No. 6 it looks like she’s saying: I’m fa bu lous!.

  • snoops

    Hideous. Not her, the outfit. Im used to seeing girls baring lots of flesh, couldnt care less about that, its just the hideous, hideous dress/shoes i cant get my head around. Anything would have been better than this tacky cheap 80’s hooker looking [email protected]

  • snoops

    Hideous. Not her, the outfit. Im used to seeing girls baring lots of flesh, couldnt care less about that, its just the hideous, hideous dress/shoes i cant get my head around. Anything would have been better than this tacky cheap 80’s hooker looking cr ap.

  • snoops

    Hideous. Not her, the outfit. Im used to seeing girls baring lots of flesh, couldnt care less about that, its just the hideous, hideous dress/shoes i cant get my head around. Anything would have been better than this tacky cheap 80’s hoo ker looking cr ap.

  • Nobsnob

    love her face and her pins but not a fan of that dress.

  • lc

    Great body, fug dress.

  • Arianna

    Her legs look more toned and sculpted than usual. My imagination?

    • natalia

      yes, imagination, soft lavyer of fat over legs, arms, stomach, she had gained, but face still thin chiseelled n good

  • saya

    She looks like a cheap prostitute.

  • pressplay

    this kind of dress doesn’t work on untoned bodies. I can imagine it looking great on someone with a sporty figure, though

  • hanan

    very EWW , she’s been wearing alot of these trashy dresses lately

  • mary

    skinny fat unimpressive body. and that outfit is complete trash

  • Marisa

    I actually like this outfit! I have been very prod of Kristen’s latest fashion choices x

  • Gen

    You’d think she’d want to tone down the whole “oily slut” look…

    • jenna

      omg, yes! so true!

  • Vanessa Donnelly

    I like how the underneather part appears to be shorts and not a skirt. It keeps it from being trashy, at least to me.

  • Anastasia.

    She always looks so miserable and awkward and like she doesn’t want to be there. And that dress looks like a cheap mess, bad choice.

  • aalyceh

    I love it. You go girl.

  • Heather

    Every since she cheated, she seems to dress more revealing and trashy. Shouldn’t she be dressed a little more conservative? It seems as though she’s proud of herself. She should be ashamed. I know this isn’t a morality site…lol, but she bugs me. The dress looks too small and makes her stomach look bloated. Nice legs but she always looks so snarky.

    • Nobsnob

      I have no words to describe the stupidity of your comment….wow.

      • Gianna

        Why is she stupid? It’s her opinion, let her have it. Who do you think you are?

      • Heather

        Umm she cheate with a married man. Shouldn’t she be a little ashamed? How is that stupid?

        • Heather


          • Gianna

            Heather, I was asking Nobsnob why she said you are stupid. I was basicly cornering her for calling you stupid just because you have the opinion you have.

            I hate it when people attack other people’s character for expressing a mere opinion as though they are not supposed to express it. Seriously people, debate the opinion, not the person who expresses it….

          • Gianna

            Oh, bugger, LOL, how embarrassing, and eventually, I am the one who misread your comment, Heather…lol My bad. Nvm.

      • Tom

        Can’t change a ho into a housewife

      • Lola

        She should be ashamed of what she’s done AND how she’s dressing.

  • Greta

    Gorgeous face and body, what the hell is she wearing though? A skater dress with 3/4 sleeves would have been so much more flattering and sexy, imho.

  • Megan Don

    HOT DAMN, I actually love this. Call me crazy, but when you have legs like those almost anything can look good. The shoes are hot, her stems are hot, she is hot, everything’s steep temperature for me.

  • burckybear

    its not doing her any favours, thats for sure!

  • Rach

    this dress confuses me..

  • rachwestnz

    she does have really nice legs, i hate to say this coz i loooove pale skin/ well all skin colours really, i especially love when ppl leave skin natural but….i think this would look nicer on some one more coloured/tanned. or like of olive/hispanic decent. i think its the orange

    • Cat

      I’ve alway thought orange look better on pale. Like it make tanned people’s skin more orange than it really is.

  • Eyeque

    Looove her legs!!!

  • Beckers

    I like her figure and she wears some good dresses but just imagine how this looked when she sat down

  • Mia-Ciara

    BUT she’s got to body to wear such an outfit 😀

  • Mia-Ciara

    BUT she’s got to body to wear such an outfit

  • Winnie

    maybe if she had better posture she wouldn’t make clothes look so…bad.

  • hownowbrowncow


    sarcasm if you couldn’t tell

  • Mariah

    Oddly enough, I like the dress… I just don’t think it is flattering on Kristen

  • Lana

    Major EWW…

    She has the Adderall body, I see this with my starlet/model clients…no muscle tone, dead eyes.

    This is a coffin dress. Was NOT apporiate for NYC winter. Too Tight, Too Short. Shoes too big.

    She trying to transistion to Leading Lady, but this is NOT the way to do it.

  • anonymous

    Pretty girl, horrible outfit.

  • Annie

    i dont know why but i LOVE this dress! shes in something feminine and sexy without having her tits or ass hang out… plus shes finally showing us what a rockin body she has! love it!!!