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  • Andrea

    Wait. Is that Robert Pattinson? I didn’t recognise him?!!

    • HB

      Yeah, he looks like he’s had a few too many beers lately!
      Kristen looks amazing!

      • cloud9

        he looks like he’s still not over the mega cheat, bloated and the glasses are too small for his face. he looks uber pissed

        • Mara

          Lol, that’s a bit far-fetched. Just because he doesn’t smile on some snapshots he’s uper pissed and not over the cheat? That sounds like a Dailyfail kind of story.

        • artemis

          the sunglasses looks funny on him, indeed :)) he;s still a cutie tho and I LOVE his body type(tall, wide shoulders, no big ugly muscles and very nice legs-not skinny and very good for that weight-my fav :D)

          he does look(a lil) pissed, could be, who knows, but i doubt it because i often look pissed when walking down the street(like i wish i could fly or smth..instead of walking and walking)+the sun doesn’t help. maybe he was in a hurry

  • Kimmy

    She gets alot of hate. But I think shes cute.

    • Agreed. She also seems like a lot of fun to hang with, you know; the laidback tomboy kind of type. Love her.

  • Ha the girl with the pink hair is cracking me up in these pictures haha.

    • HeatherE.

      I thought the same thing! If anyone needs to be critiqued in this photo I think it’s pink-hair girl.

  • Natalia

    Hair is thin and stringy, but it serves her face well surprisingly. Her bone structure is amazing, never a bad photo of this chick, even though her features are not exceptional. She has a good height, mine I think, body looks skinny fat though, no muscle definition, doesn’t look like she likes to exercise. Outfit, is cool, but I wouldn’t wear it, like the high tops on her.

    • Nobsnob

      Ah shut up, I’m tired with how you dissect every girl like they’re a piece of meat hanging in the butchery.
      Your comment on Kate Bosworth was so rude too.
      Just shut up already.

      • Sasha


      • Emilia

        Agreee too

      • Candy M.

        Oh here we go again. First of all why are you taking it personally, is she talking about you? Second she’s not calling her hideous or anything. Women on this site pick apart women for not having waists or whatever, which is fine but don’t criticize others for being particular. Really she’s just being honest instead of saying ” she’s gorgeous, she’s perfect, la la la”.

        • Natalia

          Hey there, I wouldn’t bother responding, but thanks, I do my ‘assessments’ that way, b/c it’s easier to keep things in order, I start at the top, w/ the hair, then face, then body, then finally clothes……………I like order!!!!!!! 🙂 hahahahaa!

          • Sophie

            Natalia I feel really sorry for you. You sound like you are a horrible person to be around. To be honest removed*

          • Mia

            Maybe Nathalia-Person is just a fake and testing all your other girls reactions? I think in her overcriticism is a lot of hidden information one can find in the other “more gentle” comments

        • anushka

          I have to agree with Candy. Natalias comment was not remotely offensive, just descriptive. After all the pictures on this site are for us to enjoy and judge without personal boundaries. So I dont see the harm in being detailed about what is the truth.

          • Antidisestablishmentarianism

            Oh, THE truth.

        • Nobsnob

          Yep my comment was rude, I wasn’t so much responding to that particuliar comment as to the whole Natalia’s way of commenting harshly. I’m a bit fed up with her.

      • Ellia

        Telling someone to shut up is so rude.

        You can disagree with her comments, but she has a right to say them–live and let live!

    • Sofia

      @Natalia: Lol you seem to find a flaw in everybody. Is there any celebrity or model out there that you think is absolutely flawless? Just curious…

      • Candy M.

        Um, like somebody with einstens intelligence is one in a million so is somebody with a perfect look. Somebody who’s flawless is very rare, most women are average by definition. Just about everybody has flaws but some of us don’t see celebs as perfect just because they have fame and we are told they are.

        • mary

          beauty is subjective, there is no universal “perfect look” of course there are common features that would be considered attractive on a woman (clear skin, high cheekbones, long legs, full lips, but again some people are attracted to obese chicks so..) the stick thin boy looking models that natalia finds to be perfect most people (90+% of men) will not. she certainly has the right to comment and pick people apart its freedom of speech and that is what this site is about (god knows i have done it too)…but at the end of the day when you do that you come off as a mean spirited bi*tch who is simply ugly.
          btw still waiting for ms natalia to upload a pic of herself and put her money where her mouth is…but oh, her computer apparently wont let her *rolls eyes*

          • April

            How about every single one of you post a pic of yourselves or shut the hell up. I’m so sick of this “Well what do YOU look like” crap, WHO CARES let people say what they want.

          • mary

            get over yourself april…no one on here goes as far as natalia with the rude, degrading remarks on 99% of women, and lists what they believe is factual beauty…and then claim to be this perfect being and model without any proof. if she is this confident beauty then she should have no problem putting up her photo. I am all for saying what you want, but as i said in previous posts, when you act like that you come off as a mean spirited bi*tch and people will react. peace!

          • April

            Get over myself? Not sure where that came from since I’m not Natalia. What is there to get over lol…there are lots of catty girls who post here often, don’t think you can police all the comments.

          • anushka

            Mary, in the above comments you sound just as crude as Natalia does at times. Attacking her, and then asking another commenter to get over herself does not make you seem like the higher person here. I understand your irritated with N but practice what you preach maybe?
            Like I said below, on this forum were not dealing with the person, were dealing with ones online personality, which tends to be quite different than the reality. So calling Natalia a narcissist just because she comes across as a narcissist online does not really prove anything.

    • Puppe

      ”She has a good height, mine I think,”
      ahahahaha so subtile

      • wonderwoman21

        Natalia’s comments reek of narcissism and a holier-than-thou sense of self.

        • Sandra

          I agree that Natalia comes off as very narcissistic and histrionic. Finding even the tiniest flaws in everybody, praising herself, accusing Versus of lying and continuing to believe her own delusions, grandeur, perfectionism, victimizing herself even though she is the one who starts it all.

          • serena

            I agree with you but Natalia has the right to express her opinion like everyone else. I will add that narcissistic people (who are often deeply insecure and neurotic) thrive off of attention so best to ignore it.

            As for Kristen: I love her proportions, long legs, and I think she cleans up nicely. Unfortunately she looks messy and unkempt much of the time. I think she’s a pothead? 😀

      • anushka

        Tall people always refer to themselves as having a good height,cause its true really. So it’s no shock, or out of line in my opinion. Sometimes, women need to accept the good things in themselves and say it. We shouldn’t always be self deprecating. Im not saying we should rub it in all the time, but accepting it at times is not that bad a thing. Building your self esteem with these tiny ways really help. ( what I’ve observed) If you have good teeth, just say you have good teeth. It shouldn’t come across as a shock to people that women posses certain qualities and are not afraid to say it.

        If you think you have a Beyonce booty, say it! XD
        At the end of the day, if your happy with your life and your body you won’t bother if people who you dont really care about personally think your a snob. And self esteem plays a major factor.

        • Ela

          Umm, but Kristen is not tall, she is like 5’5”!

          • serena

            She is medium height but has long legs/short torso giving her the proportions of a taller woman – looks at least 5’7″. Notice her boyfriend is tall but their legs are almost equal. Kristen can clean up nicely but looks smelly and unkempt usually.

          • mary

            agreed – kristins legs are not particular long, perhaps a bit more than the average woman’s…judging form the pic above they are about 45% her height and the average is about 41%, they are just stick thin so she looks taller…kind of like nicole richie who is super short but thin and looks taller..

        • HB

          I agree– you should own your good wualities. I think the irritating thing is that Natalia uses herself as a standard to judge other women by. For instance, she’s not just saying simply that she herself has a good height. It reads like Kristen has a good height because it’s like N’s. Which I know isn’t exactly how she said it; I just think people are getting kind of fed up with her narcissism, which they have a right to do as well!

          • anushka

            Yes that is true, I get what you mean. But I guess it’s better people here judge the comment in context and not the person the comment is being made by. I’ve noticed in almost every single post, Natalia is attacked. Sure her comments could be annoying at times, but in this particular post her comments were pretty neutral.

            At the end of the day, no one personally knows anyone here. Sure she may sound narcisstic, but that’s her as a person. We dont know her, and if we dont want to deal with it, ignore it. I have too previously been annoyed by natalias comment and acted out, but that was because I was annoyed by natalias comment and not by her as a person. How can we? Were not dealing with the person here, were dealing with their online personality.

          • HB

            I definitely see what you mean, and I agree. I guess she just puts so much about herself into her comments people feel like they do know her personality. Ah well! She does get attacked a lot. I’m going to start ignoring her for a while, lol.

          • anushka

            Lol yes, roll eyes. Move on. Repeat.

      • Emilia

        haha yeah i though the same.This comment was just wrtten in a arogant kind of way…….

  • Tisha

    that’s a pretty standard outfit for Kristen. She looks less sour-faced than usual and her legs are nice. Robert needs to grow out his hair b/c that’s the only thing that made him look half-decent.

  • charlotte

    rob looks… not that good here.

  • Avelyn

    her body looks really good here, really healthy-slim. rob’s sunglasses are very hipster-dufus but he’s still ultra bangable

    • artemis

      idk why people says he looks bad(except the glasses, he looks hilarious w/ them on). that body is nice! and his eyes, skintone and jaw, especially

  • lexy

    i think she’s really pretty and i also like her body. her outfit looks like a classic festival outfit to me LOL i don’t understand why all the other celebrities play dress up at coachella

  • Emilia

    aww shes with rob thats awesome for her.and damn she just has some awesome legs!!!

  • Mara

    I don’t know why people always praise her legs. I’m not quick with statements like this, but to me she looks like someone who simply doesn’t exercise – she’s slim, but has no muscle, no shape.
    I find her quite pretty, but her legs just don’t look great to me.

    • mary

      you’re assumption is correct….she has admitted in interviews that she doesn’t exercise and even called herself skinny fat….definitely not someone i would look to for a body inspiration

    • Andrea

      Because they are pretty long for her height,she is like 1,62 and her legs make her look taller.

  • mary

    plain and boring face and not a fan of her figure…her and pattinson look miserable together

    • jenna

      I noticed they look miserable together too. But then what struck me even more is that in the first few pictures, his hanf is clenched in a fist. So maybe they’re just annoyed about the papps following them around or something and it’s not personal between them!?! Just trying to think positive haha.
      She looks pretty as always. And whoever said Rob should grow out his hair, cuz it’s all he has going for him…it’s sad, but true.

      • mary

        lol maybe he still has hard feeling about her cheating on him…he is such a p*ssy for taking her back

    • Mia

      I have to say that HE is one of the most overrated celebs out there, looks wise. We always complain about how female celebrities are photoshopped and styled to death, but the *only* time I’ve seen him look good is in magazines or movies. Whenever I see candid pictures of him I am struck by how average looking he is…at best. Very disappointing.

      • La la la la

        i agree but as cedrick diggory he was a ’10’

      • artemis

        to me, he’s never less than cute 😀 and often, gorgeous

  • paola

    oh m g is that rob pattinson? he seems her dad!

  • Faiy

    Love her, I think she is exceptional ad very talented. Her legs are also amazing

  • Nina

    Phenomenal legs.

  • Stace

    I appreciate that she didn’t try to dress all ‘hipster-ish’ like all the other celebrities at Coachella. She’s just wearing her usual outfit of a tee and converses.

    • La la la la

      i’ve lived in a very hipster city (austin) & i think she’s dressed like a hipster. it’s almost MORE hipster to not look like a hipster.. hard to explain… it’s like the dirtier and grungier (for example how her tshirt is ripped) you can be and less like everyone else, the more hipster. once things like plaid and skinny jeans catch on, it’s not alternative so it’s kind of passe

  • Candy M.

    Her legs would be fabolous if she exercised them, but they just look flabby. I see no muscle lines or anything. They;re also a good length, you can see that even though her boyfriend is 6 inches taller than her her legs are the same length. Makes her look taller than she really is especially when photographed alone.

  • lillaliket

    rob looks like Haley Joel Osment! Kristen’s cap is awful, it looks like she stole it from a toddler. the rest of the outfit isn’t horrible and this looks more like her natural habitat than the red carpet. I actually think she looks quite pretty here, which I usually don’t!

  • ary

    she’s hot. Like, HOT.

    • La la la la


  • MissMarilyn

    I’m not a huge fan of her as an actress but she is hot. like super attractive.

    and her outfit is very typical kristen, laid back but still somehow sexy. Gorgeous face and a great body. although as some people have mentioned, she would look a little better if she toned up some… but that’s just nitpicking.

  • Mia

    this might sound kind of weird, but I think that when I was in my teens and 20s, I would have thought she was hot…but now that I’m a little bit older, I just don’t see it…I guess these days I prefer bodies that appear stronger and well-cared for.

  • KC

    I’m not a big fan of the shirt, but overall she looks fine. I think I like her and Hilary Duff’s casual looks best out of any celebrity. Casual and comfy.

  • Jenny

    I LOVE her legs!

  • Hazal

    Horrible outfit but she has the body to pull it of.

  • amy


  • La la la la

    i don’t think she looks skinny fat. she looks like a runner in that pic where she’s running, and she’s said before that she enjoys running. her legs look really toned to me! and the rest of her, although no visible muscle, looks toned as well. i suspect because she’s really pale people think she’s less in shape. as a super pale person myself (about like kristen), that can get a little frustrating

  • lc

    Love her legs.

  • Cat

    For someone in sneakers, her legs look awesome. Although a bit thicker than I remember. Awful shirt though. Like what’s up with the rip?

  • rye

    pretty sure she’s had the same body since her late teens….maybe fluctuating a normal 5 pounds. she’d be much skinnier in person than would say all these action shots. which is great for her. She was so skinny in In The Land of Women though I don’t know why.

    Rob hasn’t changed he’s just wearing stupid glasses for his face and not his best hairstyle !

  • Sofia

    He’s walking so far ahead of her in the 4th pic. That’s a sign that the relationship is not going wellwell

    • Sofia


  • Cat

    +1 Lol. True.

  • Emma

    Natalia if you were so great you’d have been discovered as a model already and wouldnt be spending time dissecting peoples’ body on the interwebz. get a life, mate.

  • artemis

    hot :/ i wouldn’t have thought many would find her hot. she’s meh to kinda cute

  • Maddy

    She has such flawless, lovely skin – nice and fair, and can look good in clothes that would make most people look like they just dragged themselves out of a post-hurricane pile of wreckage. Perfect legs, IMO.

  • Nobsnob

    Her body is one of my favorite amongst celebrities. She’s got good proportions, long legs and though they’re not that toned, I like them. And I like her pale skin! She looks so much younger than those over-tanned, over-toned Hollywood girls.

  • snugglepup

    Wow all of a sudden she doesn’t look pasty and beyond graveish 😀 nice skin, actually. Pattinson could tone up tho

  • siennagold

    Love her legs!

  • Kate

    I normally hate Kristen Stewart but in that last picture she looks like a running gazelle and I just want to chase after her in slow motion for days. Dem leeeeeeegs.

  • Vampykitten

    K-stew looks great as always loving the riskay bra haha whos with me ?