Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s Curvy Figure in Bikinis

kylie-jenner-butt-2 - Kylie Jenner's Curvy Figure in Bikinis

Kylie Jenner is currently on vacation in Mexico with her boyfriend Tyga – and, predictably so, there are bikini pictures involved. While Kylie still denies opting for a boob job, her fans and haters alike continue to speculate on the brunette beauty’s new curvy body.

kylie-jenner-boob-job-2 - Kylie Jenner's Curvy Figure in Bikinis

See more Kylie bikini pictures inside!


kylie-jenner-boob-job-3 - Kylie Jenner's Curvy Figure in Bikinis kylie-jenner-boob-job-4 - Kylie Jenner's Curvy Figure in Bikinis kylie-jenner-boob-job - Kylie Jenner's Curvy Figure in Bikinis  kylie-jenner-butt-3 - Kylie Jenner's Curvy Figure in Bikinis kylie-jenner-butt - Kylie Jenner's Curvy Figure in Bikinis

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  • Ziva16

    I know it looks fake, but I actually LOVE her figure. SO sexy

    • AlyssaMoh

      if you saw how that figure was made, you’d probably ralph into your hands. the process is gross…

      • Snugglepup

        And you have can’t sit up to 3 weeks after the surgery, and after that you have to sit only on a cigar shaped cushion to avoid pressure. Such a hassle.

  • Jack

    ALL NATURAL, please don’t doubt :)))

    • Sav

      The same guy that does her lips does fat injections for boobs and butt.

  • cheeze.wiz

    I think she’s pretty but looks way older… That being said… I’m no prude but that last pic grossed me out. Mainly because her bf is gross

  • C

    HOw does all her weight go to her ass?but flat abs?

    • a

      its called brazilian butt lift, liposuction…

  • martasara12

    Ok now it’s getting too obvious..what a shame, she was pretty to begin with, and her body was still developing…I’m really sad for her.

  • Monty

    Hard to believe the girl in that last pic is 19 years old…. a little disappointing considering shes a “role model” to so many young girls

  • Agatha

    She’s definitely Kim Kardashian The Second. If the formula worked before, why try being yourself, right?

  • AnonyChick


  • Lisa

    I wonder how painful all those surgeries were. I mean where does the fake end and the real begin or vice versa? Her whole body looks fake as hell, same butt shape as Kim too. So creepy she single-white-femaled her own sister! Yikes..

  • KC

    She doesn’t look like a human being any more. Just another clone. Or should I say klone?

    • Haley


  • Emily

    Honestly, looking at these pictures just makes me sad. I think she used to have a really cute body/face. Never liked her personality, but it must suck to be so insecure.

    • Tiina

      Me too. I don’t read a lot of Kardashian interviews after looking into one or two and finding them boring, but I’ve seen a lot of pictures and always found her to be the most attractive of the bunch. I wish she would’e let it go after getting moderate fillers in her lips. To me that was an improvement but the rest is turning her into a plastic figurine and irradicating her natural beauty.

      But I do understand the insecurity. Growing up in public in a family that actively promotes you to the media and is heavily fixated on (fake) looks must be pretty awful for a young girl. I don’t think I could’ve built a healthy self-esteem or world view under thise circumstances. :/

  • Ellia

    I’m curious–is her new figure actually permanent? Wouldn’t things get rearranged if her weight fluctuates?
    I ask because her natural build is definitely not to have a teeny waist with wide hips..seems like the human body would always be trying to revert back to its natural shape. Maybe I’m wrong and her new figure doesn’t require too much upkeep.

    • Snugglepup

      If you take fat sells and put them in another place, then it’s more likely to gain weight where there are the most fat sells and unlikely to gain where there are fewer. These kinds of operations work differently for every person though.

      • Ellia

        Wow, interesting…makes sense. Thanks

  • Annie

    Everyone still in doubt about her having gotten implants should seriously consider an eye check-up. They haven’t softened up yet and look completely unnatural. Also, seeing Tyga touch her like that makes me feel dirty every time, I can’t help it.

  • Snugglepup

    It’s becoming so extra. She’s gonna look like Kim if she’s not careful, you don’t want that diaper butt. She definitely did get her boobs done not a long ago, they haven’t “dropped” yet. I love big behinds and a crazy whrs, but with her I’m just appalled how she did all of this on her and she’s only 18? (or 19?). Plus that nasty Tyga, ugh.

    • cheeze.wiz

      I know my boobs have been a b to a d over 8years. She should have waited

  • liss

    Yeah another Kardashian with no thickness in the legs to match that ass.

    • angry_bird

      Yes! My thoughts exactly. Looks so fake when there’s a butt and there are no quads/hamstrings. And butt with muscle under fat looks somewhat different. More perky, more fit

  • Alyona

    How much of the Kardashian wealth goes to their family plastic surgeon…. Lol

    • Ellia

      It’s almost like they’ve got one on retainer…may as well just move into the servants’ quarters and be onsite 24/7.

  • angry_bird

    I actually love a curvy figure which is made by exercising. Her body looks fake. While it’s not as ridiculous as Kim’s, it’s only a matter of time… I think these people are addicted to those body enhancing procedures and don’t know when to stop

  • sharlane

    Definitely seems like a BBL/fat transfers. Maybe she aint lying about not getting implants and she just got fat transfers to her chest instead? lol

  • nylon


  • lyza

    She looks completely unnatural and she needs to stop hiking up her bikini bottoms like that, it’s not flattering. And the last picture looks extra trashy but wouldn’t expect any less from these two.

  • Tweety
  • Rita_7

    bored of her already

  • Naomi

    I wish I could unsee this.

  • AlyssaMoh

    trash nails, trash hair, trash arse, trash family.


    Her head is too small for her enlarged body.