Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s Curves in Lace at MAC Viva Glam

Lady-Gagas-Curves-in-Lace-at-MAC-Viva-Glam - Lady Gaga's Curves in Lace at MAC Viva Glam

Lady Gaga performed at MAC Viva Glam earlier today and she did so while wearing pretty much no panties and a lace bodysuit that tightly hugged her figure and kindly revealed her round booty.

So what do you think of this gaga look… and the way it looks on her figure?

2 more if you look after the jump!

Lady-Gagas-Curves-in-Lace-at-MAC-Viva-Glam-2 - Lady Gaga's Curves in Lace at MAC Viva Glam

Lady-Gagas-Curves-in-Lace-at-MAC-Viva-Glam-3 - Lady Gaga's Curves in Lace at MAC Viva Glam

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  • Animaniac

    Holy crap!!!!!!

    • april

      LOL, that’s exactly my thought!

  • I’m disturbed.

    • lc

      That makes two of us!

  • Rachel

    her bum just looks big because of the outfit. Sorry but gaga has no curves, she;s pretty much skinny all over. And with curves i mean big bum, bust and tiny waist 😛

    • Nkeon

      I disagree.

      She has a very obvious whr and her butt has junk in the trunk

    • el

      wow…you’re either blind or built like sofia loren in her prime to say that gaga has no curves…google more pics of her. she’s a great example of someone who’s fit/athletic looking but also womanly and curvy…and darnit she has a big bubble butt! inspirational…makes me want to work out!

  • mEEEE

    That looks painful….that said, she tries way too hard to look outrageous when her music sounds like regular Europop.

    • ann

      From 10 years ago. I swear I heard all these sounds years ago when Trance got big for a moment in American club. It was cheesy then and it’s just cheesy now. The only thing this chick has got going for her is she freaks out people like Manson did back in the day.

      Within a decade she will be reduced to going door to door trying to scare people.

  • Ally

    That is the worst butt I ever seen!

  • Rachel

    I’m gonna blame that first picture on the angle because in the last picture she looks very in proportion.

  • AE

    That is something I really don’t want or need to see.

    • Léa

      Lol !

      Me neither she looks… beurk

  • lp23

    Gaga actually was very curvy before she lost a lot of weight. You just have to look at her in her earlier videos.
    She looks like she has put a bit of weight back on. It is a bad angle to be pictured.

    She actually has a nice butt. I want one lol!

    • Tia

      Very true. She looked skinny to me in the Bad Romance video…so much so that she didn’t look like herself. It’s been downhill from there. I liked the booty!

    • Mariah

      I agree I think she has a great butt! She did lose some weight and I like her best at her curviest I don’t see why anyone is saying negative things about her butt it is round and toned it looks good to me! The crazy outfits are such a distraction that some ppl don’t notice that the girl has a great body especially waist to hip ratio.

  • I quite like her music but I don’t really go for her whole ‘thing’, with the wacky outfits and videos and whatnot. IMO, it all seems so tryhard and outrageous that it’s boring.

    Not a fan of her figure, she looks lumpy. I dislike big butts (my own included).

  • Sidney

    Now that looks painful, uncomfortable at the very least. Maybe it makes more sense from the front, but just seeing her backside, i don’t get the idea behind the gauze resembling band.. It’s not like it’s covering anything, and it’s making her body look worse. I kinda like the white lace and the hairdo, but i’d have to see the tenue from the front to make up my mind.

  • paula

    she looks very good
    she has a nice butt

  • kate

    Nice butt, but the outfit is just insane!

  • Jemima

    These are really bad photos and that is a really bad outfit. The pieces of fabric going between her cheeks + around her waist are tied a little too tight.

  • MaryBeth

    I think her butt looks nice. She must work out alot to get it so firm and rounded. It jumps out at you. Very nice. I think Gaga has always dressed weird, even as a kid. It’s not an act for her. She likes being different.

  • chinadoll08

    nice tush

  • ky

    she has a really nice ass

  • Casey

    Her butt is awesome! I agree with lp23. A lot of people think Gaga is not curvy, but the truth is she has lost some weight in the past few months (the highlight of her fame). Earlier in her career or even when “Just Dance” came out, she was quite curvy.

    I actually prefer her curvier because it adds more definition and shape to her crazy costumes. I hope she will go back to that because thin doesn’t seem to suit her that well.

    Btw, the guy grabbing her butt is totally hot! Wow! Can he get his own post? 😉

    • sola

      i agree with you, and i love her butt too

  • Sonya

    I’m pretty sick of her. But like the reader above me, can we have some pics of the guy :D?

  • lola_ferrari

    worst. outfit. yet. I mean seriously, has she just stepped out of an ancient Egyptian tomb or something?

    And I concur with those who say she doesn’t have curves (any more); SHE DOESN’T. She looked great initially, but the weight loss just makes her look downright ill. You can tell her natural weight is heavier than whatever she is now (which I’d estimate to be about 95lbs tops).

  • jellyfish

    lol..if the costume is meant to make her body look contorted i can breath a sigh of relierf.. but if her body actually looks like that.. bumpy and um..strange then i dont really know what to say.

  • Padme

    Not very flattering.

  • AlexD

    im trying to find it in my heart to like her. so far, not so good. but shes in shape. after doing all that rediculous dancing, who wouldnt be!

  • livefree

    This picture is clearly at an bad angle, and no one looks good from the back when bent over in a awkward position like that, no one.

    And Lady Gaga has an AMAZING BODY. She is thin and petite, yet she still has a great bum. Plus great lets and arms.

    And obviously her outfit is weird. She is performing people, she didn’t wear this out on the town (though sadly I could probably see her doing that).

    • Mirabela

      I think the same. Probably the camera was filming in a bad angle: foreground objects allways appear larger in front of a filming camera. Plus … those tightly ribbons accentuatea all this.

  • Coco

    ewww what the hell, my eyes do not approve of this

  • artemis

    nice butt! the outfit is too tight on her stomach…

  • Well, the costume is doing nothing for her. However, I love her butt! It’s very nice and even though this stupid outfit is unflattering, it still looks amazing! Gotta’ give it to her…

  • CW

    She does have a nice butt, but I agree with the others who say that she’s gotten a little too skinny lately.

  • Eileen

    SHE IS UGLY !!!

  • Naomi

    If it weren’t for the string things tied around her, she wouldn’t look so…lumpy.

    Although..not a great outfit to begin with.

  • melinda

    One word: YUK!

  • ann

    Looks like she cutting off circulation. Loosen those strings up!

  • Mowriah

    That suit isnt flattering at all! Dx

  • b


  • lc


  • Jude

    I like the outfit, but the lace is wrapped to tightly around her ample bum

  • Jules

    I hate it more than I’ve ever hated an outfit before.

  • Nightmares are coming my way tonight, gahhh!

  • Fisticuffs

    For those of you who don’t believe, lady gaga really does have a big tush. she may not have boobs, but her waist to hip/ass ratio suggest that she is, indeed curvy. she may not be j. lo or beyonce, but that free bitch does have junk in her trunk. there is no illusion used or needed. look at older pictures of her and you’ll see it’s always been there. I think she looks great with more meat or less, but I don’t think she should get skinnier. I’m pretty sick of this anorexic craze phase hollyweird is going through. But anyway… I LOVE YOU, GAGA! VIVA LA GAGA!

  • ladyman69

    she is so hot i would have her strapon me any time. that outfit is the bomb with no panties. 🙂 i jizz in my pants everytime i see her. her ass and legs and everything is so fine. mmmm she could do anything she wants to me and i would enjoy it.

  • I Am Awesome

    Her butt is pretty big, she has a stomach of a size 0, but she has a big butt which makes her a size 6. And her butt doesn’t look that big, it just does in that photo because she’s bending forward and this is taken from behind. She is actually really thin, she doesn’t have a fat fold or fat bulge, her stomach is flat no matter how she sits or leans over.

  • blah

    ………so ugly–*BLEEEGHH*

  • blah

    that is a troll