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Lauren Conrad Brings the Quote of the Day


On how she stays in shape:

“I’m not a huge fan of the gym, to be honest. When I have to go to the gym and put an hour in, I’m just staring at the clock. I just like getting out, like going on a hike, going on the kayaks, going for a run on the beach. I really love food. I’m not good at dieting. I try to make smart choices but just eat a little bit less. I am all for body confidence, but I am even more for living a healthy lifestyle. Treat your body right, exercise, eat healthy, and then feeling confident in your bikini.”

… says 28 year-old Lauren.

Many more recent pictures of Lauren next!


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  • Jillian

    Is it just me or does she look older than 28?

    • shakey

      Yes, I was thinking the same thing. We’re about the same age, and I would have guessed her at least seven years older. She’s still very pretty though.

    • cloud9

      i think it’s those horse teeth she added

    • RHM

      Might be the excessive foundation she’s wearing? I prefer a more ‘fresh’ look on her.

  • retrobanana

    she is the epitome of average

    • annabeatrice


    • dahlia

      Yeah she’s not stunning or exotic or particularly sexy, but Lauren’s current fame and success isn’t really centered around her looks, she has better things to be concerned about than appearing above “average” to other people.
      I just don’t understand why people are surprised and need to point out and judge when female celebrities aren’t complete knock-outs (at least the ones that don’t center their fame entirely around their looks). It’s actually nice tbh that shes a young woman in Hollywood but isn’t rail thin, with loads of makeup, plastic surgery, and trashy clothes. She looks like the girl next door but that’s actually quite abnormal for Hollywood in my opinion.

  • lc

    I like her style a lot, effortless, chic and casual. I wouldn’t wear the dress but I love the denim/tops outfits.

    • this is super random/kinda unrelated but when I first started going on this site I thought you were a huge lauren conrad fan (or something along those lines) because of your username! aha
      (and i agree with the outfits, she always looks really put together!)

  • That’s nice to hear!! It’s awesome how everyone has their niche, even if the gym isn’t your thing there’s still other types of exercise for everyone ^_^
    I’ve always liked Lauren, I think she’s adorable.

  • Roxy Lowe

    I have always been a fan of her style. 🙂

  • I like her quote and it’s true what she says. As for Lauren herself, never really cared about The Hills or whatever MTV show she has been on. She looks pretty but average pretty, nothing special.

  • caracara

    I mean, I can tell she’s not a “huge fan of the gym” and that she “loves food”. But that’s fine, it’s not like she’s obese or anything. And it’s not like her occupation requires her to be thin and toned. She’s an actress, not a model.

  • delicate_dream

    Her face isn’t aging well. But I think her figure looks good. She’s not too thin, but also not flabby.