Lauren Conrad, Photoshop Job

Lauren Conrad Is Elongated in Women’s Health

lauren conrad photoshop

Lauren Conrad is in Women’s Health Magazine this month and the thing that strikes me most about these pictures is that they have all been VERY elongated (the cover picture is the only one which kept its initial length):  notice how in the top comparison, the Lauren on the right (the magazine one) is a few inches taller (well, longer, check out her feet) than the Lauren on the left (real one), even though their shoulders are alligned and the heads have the same size.

Once again, dear photoshoppers: your work was completely unnecessary.

See the rest of these shots!

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  • Sands

    They made her left knee look like a blob. Other than that, she’s pretty Marcia Brady style 🙂

  • ginger

    I hate those barbie-like legs they put her.. And the skin tone.. It’s so weird!!

  • Beans

    The photos are taken at different angles

  • Sidney

    She’s as interesting to me as a box of rocks. As a celeb anyways. If i really knew her she might be someone i’d dig.

    • tiedye

      Haha I like your comment!

  • maddie

    she looks good with long legs…but she looks cute either way…i dont understand why magazines do this….we all know what she looks like! its like britney spears’ perfume adds or candie photoshoots even…… know she doesn’t look like that everyday so it’s sort of like false advertising on her part haha
    i dont even know if what i said made sense

  • Erica

    I detest this level of photoshopping! It gives people the idea that these women not only have perfect skin, but are all the same cookie-cutter size and shape! It’s so ridiculous! Of course if you know what she looks like from candids you can say exactly what they have done to make her barbie-like – but if you don’t know about someone’s real looks, you would believe that most famous women look similar to this.

    I personally think it does a lot of damage to photoshop already beautiful women to this extent as it makes ordinary women think that there are people walking around who look close to perfect – and it’s not true! It’s like how they photoshop women’s private parts in Penthouse and porn sites and now some women get cosmetic surgery because they think they look ‘weird’ compared to the images they have seen!

    I really think this level of photoshopping should be consigned to history along with the obviously too-skinny models (and the glorification of the few obese celebs)!

  • skinnyme

    She looks six feet tall and much prettier in the photo shop but it isn’t right to do this.

  • edith the elf

    @ juicy – why do you constantly write these sorts of comments and link to that “go2like” website? Your comments don’t make sense and you always link to that same website. Are you spamming? If you are, you’re not doing a very good job of it. I’m confused.

  • sad

    This is getting worse and worse : /

  • sad

    Sorry the last link failed.

  • lily

    too much photoshop! why do they need to photoshop already super pretty girls?!

    what`s her body shape? here she looks like an hourglass, but when you see her in a bikini, she doesn`t look like one anymore

    • Mia

      maybe she is a ruler? she doesn’t have much of a hip to waist ratio, and she seems to gain weight propotionately in her bottom and lower half. Back on Laguna Beach I thought she looked more athletic, but she lost some of the muscle tone, maybe that’s why she looks like more of an hourglass now?

      • lily

        that`s what i was thinking – maybe a ruler, cause her WHR ain`t very dramatic. maybe a vase?

  • AlexD

    well at least shes showing some character in these pictures! usually she looks boring and identical in her photoshoots but here there are poses, facial expressians. i like. and so true about volumous tops trend. i recently lost a lot of weight (25-30 lbs) and i cant seem to show it off properly because everything cute in stores overwhelmes me and hides my newfound small waist.

    • lily

      i have actually never found her boring. just cause she doesn`t wear slutty outfits, like the rest of the young celebs and doesn`t pose omg-i`m-so-hot in every single pic makes her automatically boring? I strongly disagree. She`s just the average girl next door and seems to have a really cute, bubbly personality. also, she ain`t fake, which is something pretty rare nowdays.

      • AlexD

        im not necessarily calling her boring. i like her. i just think she looks the same in all her photos and this photoshoot is different from that

  • Serafiina

    She always have the same face, the same smile. Here are couple exceptions though.

    • amazon

      i too am troubled by having the same face, every morning i wake up. maybe if i get really famous one day i can buy myself some spare heads.

      • Chrissy

        i’m sorry, Amazon, that. was. awesome.

  • southerngumdrops

    yeah can we please block spam posts such as this. they’re annoying and a waste 🙁

  • too much photoshop but she is gorgeous!! pick up her style book… lots of great tips and outfit ideas

  • Lana

    I have no clue what goes through photoshoppers heads these days…

  • Erin

    I seriously hate that magazine. It is not about women’s health at all. it is about selling diets and diet food and writing the same old tired things about sex. And photoshopping the hell out of D-list celebrities. How dare that rag put health in its title while contributing to unhealthy body image!!

    • Chrissy

      I like Fitness better 🙂

  • catc

    so she’s photoshopped..WHO CARES

  • wow ! all this photoshop ! but i like the clothes!

  • mel

    I hate to admit it but I love her new legs …

  • bbkdsgnr

    The real Lauren is a cute girl for sure, but the one in that magazine is just beautiful !!

  • rebecca judes

    well she is on the chubbier side of other celebrities her age. its just that american magazines don’t want their magazines to look like they support the S.A.D.

  • Briy

    That’s dumb, i love how they strech shorter people to look taller but they tall people (Like Me) that we shouldn’t wear heels because we’re ‘too tall’. SMH

  • Ramie

    there is hardly any difference.

  • Rachel

    LOVE her style, so trendy.
    I really like the velvet dress and her LBD and cardigan combo.

  • udkcoco

    @amazon lol!
    I think she’s pretty. But stretching wasn’t necessary. :/

  • Gaby

    She’s nothing special, and to be honest, I don’t understand why she’s famous, other than being rich and spoiled. She’s NOT pretty, she’s NOT talented, and is NOT even interested. I’m sorry, I jut find her blah..

    • Jenna

      Please post a photo of yourself and all the talented things you have accomplished in your exciting life. Lauren has obviously done something right to be so successful (for someone who is not pretty, talented or interesting as you say).

      • Gaby

        People like you are so annoying, I’m just stating my opinion. It’s sad that people think that one has to be jealous because one does not like a celeb. Get over yourself, chick. I just don’t believe all the hype about this woman, Angelina, Jolie now she has talent and beauty, and definitely deserves her fame.

    • Chrissy

      i have to say i like her better than all the other Laguna Beach girls….

  • jjj

    Kind of funny. She does look a lot better photoshopped though.

  • patrycjas

    ohh come on…. fashion photography is taken from different angles than candid photos, photographer could even take pictures of her from the lever of the floor to make her legs appear longer. of course everything is photoshopped nowadays, but this case is not one of this ridiculous pictures.

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