Lauren Graham: “I’ve been on a diet for 35 years”

April 24, 2013 in Celebrity Quotes, Lauren Graham by Versus


From Us Magazine:

Since the age of 11, Parenthood’s Lauren Graham has been watching what she eats. “I’ve been on a diet for 35 years,” the 46-year-old TV star reveals in the May issue of More.

As the years have gone, however, Graham has learned to love her appearance.  “I’ve spent a lot of time wondering, ‘What’s going to happen?'” she says of getting older. “I try not to allow myself to do that much anymore. I think I’ve gotten more comfortable with the unknown.”

“Acting is the most bizarre profession. You can stay in it for years and not really be in it and be waiting for someone to give you an opportunity,” Graham explains. “It’s like when I watch American Idol and see people who have been told to believe in themselves at all costs: It’s not always a good idea.”

… says 46 year-old Lauren.

One of the most hated British columnists, Samantha Brick, recently said that any self-respecting woman should be on a diet all her life.

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