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Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

Dianna-Agron-and-Lea-Michele-GQ - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

GQ Magazine placed Glee stars Dianna, Lea and Cory on their cover next to the title: ‘What happens when the teachers aren’t around’ – what happens is that schoolgirls show off their panties and bras, seductively consume lollipops and spread their legs in the locker room… apparently. The GQ feature received a lot of criticism already – here’s the scoop from Us Weekly:

GQ’s sexy Glee cover has gone too far, The Parents Television Council says. In a statement released Wednesday, the group slams the November issue, which features Cory Monteith, 28, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele, both 24 – all of whom play highschoolers on the hit Fox show – wearing hardly any clothing.

“It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on Glee in this way. It borders on pedophilia,” the statement reads. By authorizing this kind of near-pornographic display, the creators of the program have established their intentions on the show’s direction,” the statement concludes. “And it isn’t good for families.”

What does Lea Michele have to say about the racy shoot?

“I don’t know how they got me to do half the stuff I did” for the GQ shoot, said Michele. “But I was in really good shape this summer, so…”

Dianna-Agron-and-Lea-Michele-GQ-2 - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

Must share your thoughts!

P.S.: I guess we can all recognize the photographer here: Terry Richardson.

So many more shots on the second page!

Dianna-Agron-and-Lea-Michele-GQ-3 - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

Dianna-Agron-and-Lea-Michele-GQ-4 - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

Dianna-Agron-and-Lea-Michele-GQ-5 - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

Dianna-Agron-and-Lea-Michele-GQ-6 - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

Dianna-Agron-and-Lea-Michele-GQ-7 - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

Dianna-Agron-and-Lea-Michele-GQ-8 - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

Dianna-Agron-and-Lea-Michele-GQ-9 - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele Are Naughty Schoolgirls in GQ

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  • Anara

    I don’t like them at all!

  • pusha

    i think it’s hot. everything. hot!

    • Isabela

      u read this blog too? nice 😛

  • Victoria

    I think it makes the “sex appeal” of society satirical…that’s just what I take from it. I also find it kind of cute.

    • emely

      i share your opinion. also, they’re grown-ups- here they are depicted as actresses, not as the characters they play on the show. the point is not to sexualize the high school kids they display on tv, gq just happens to be a men’s magazine where borderline-erotic photography is often featured. the magazine’s target demographic is adult men, not the teenagers who watch glee. as a fan of the show, i see nothing inappropriate about this.

      • Effie

        I agree, there’s nothing inappropriate about it.

        It’s just bad taste (in my personal opinion), but then again I might be influenced by all the horrific stories about the photographer.

  • Chloe

    Lea Michele looks hot! So different from her usual image

  • padme

    It’s pretty gross for sure. Not surprising though.

  • tink

    I don’t find it sexy. They photoshopped Lea’s legs weirdy in the pic where she is sitting on the bench.

    • monkey

      me neither, i mean seriously, their characters not sexy, so all i think when i see these this is rachel trying to be sexy and it doesn’t work for me. I find it funny though how lea seems to be enjoying this so much while diana is like, well i guess i’ll do this lol

      • Miichh

        my thoughts exactly! lea seems like shes enjoying it so much and diana is kind of like, okay, lets finish this up…haha i guess because leas character is so conservative on the show

    • Alana

      They did terrible photoshopping, they both look a bit chunky in some shots. Not a fan :/

  • Pie

    Where are Lea Michelle’s feet? In the picture where she’s sitting on the guy’s shoulders.. Lol

    • southerngumdrops

      they’re tucked behind his arms. i used to cheer and you have to do this to hold yourself in place

    • Marianis

      Omg you are right one is behind the arm but the other one is totally not there…bad photoshop or just weird angle? (i mean the one on Diana’s side)

  • helen

    Not sexy, it looks cheap. The quality of the photos, the lightening, the poses- cheap.
    And besides: this “hot schoolgirl”- thing is just wrong. They play teenagers in a show and are posing in their underwear at a school. What do they want to say: underaged girls are sexy? Not cool.

    • summer-roseq


    • artemis

      well i am

      • Eeva

        You mean you’re underaged and sexy?

        In that case I’d have to say; Me too!!

    • RAchel

      Agreed, Although people are complaining far too much about this, there’s sleazier and worse things out there, this is still very cheap. kinda goes to show that every, literally everyone is going naked and dressing up like a slut just for attention.

  • ginger

    Well it’s kinda hot.. but I don’t know what the objective was.. I mean.. yeah, to turn men on.. but if the tv show’s not about that, then WHY putting it all about sex in such explicit ways?

    BTW I find Lea’s comment funny.. like “I don’t know how they got me to do this” but she looks so comfy doing it.. I beat she didn’t have to be pushed at all… LOL

  • Charle

    It’s sexual enough to make me uncomfortable (compared to other clean sexy photoshoots, for example VS models in lingerie – where I often don’t feel the sex appeal, just appreciate the female body).

    The quality feeling “cheap” adds to this effect, I think.

  • summer-roseq

    dianna argon is doing the same face in every pic. lea looks smokin’…and slightly like a pro porn star?

  • Effie

    Glee is not supposed to be an educational children’s programme and teenagers have seen the slutty schoolgirl outfit many a time in movies, magazines and video clips so I don’t think psychological scarring is the issue… I think teenagers have enough discernment to see the cynical humour of the shoot and perhaps the underlying reference to the fact that well into their mid-to-late-twenties the actors play 16-year-olds.

    That being said, I find the shoot generic and lacking any creativity or taste. I love that Dianna Agron seems to have refused to wear anything less than a skirt. Terry Richardson is such a perv.

    • lp23

      I agree!

      It is on at 9pm anyway.

    • sara

      actually you can totally see dianna’s panties on the 5th pic (although not here,i’ve seen the photos in hq on another site) which i think it looks way more ‘perverted’ than lea’s half naked pictures XD

  • Lauren

    LOL! WTF happened to Lea’s feet in the second last photo? Major fail!

    • southerngumdrops

      they’re tucked behind his arms to help hold her in place

      • Lauren

        No, the other fott which looks like it’s going through Dianna’s leg…

  • lp23

    I never thought in a million years you would see Lea Michelle do these type of photoshoots.

    They all look hot.

  • ellentjie

    I think I’ve gone off Lea Michele, she seems a bit full of herself and a lot like her Glee character. I like Dianna Agron who never seems to be talking about herself all the time

    • woopidoo


    • Katheryn

      was about to say the same thing myself! Lea sure is on a high of feeling good about herself…

    • flossy

      I kinda see where you’re coming from she’s certainly getting a lot of media coverage more so than the other cast members. But I don’t think she’s full of herself I think it’s just her way of saying “up yours” to all the agents and people in the industry who said she wasn’t pretty that she had a big nose, big lips her look wasn’t sellable and she’d never get work as an actress. Very much a “look at me now suckers” and she’s fairly open about the painful rejection she’s experienced and the hurtful comments. Good luck to her the attention will soon die down and eventually she’d have let go of the resentment, However in the meantime….

  • Daniel

    Lea is NOT sexy. Take this lady out MY (I mean, men) mags and bring her back to girl mags. Seriously, she is NOT sexy. I can’t help it, I don’t like her at all (physically, I mean).

    • artemis

      agree 🙂

    • why am i not surprised? lea should be in a men’s magazine and if it bothers you that bad then don’t pay attention.

    • lc

      Daniel, I can see your point this time!! SO true.

  • maddie

    i am 17 and i seriously don’t get why everyone is so annoyed by this…..teenagers are sexualised and they have sex these days…nothing is going to stop that…..just because it’s a high school themed shoot doesn’t mean it’s peodophilic to be in a mens magazine……why is everyone so straight edged and oh no sensor everything!

  • kate

    what body shape is lea?
    i’m the same shape (narrow hips, thicker legs and a waist but not a teeny tiny one) but i have bigger boobs and a bigger butt. so what shape does that sound like? thanks!!

    • Versus

      Kate, write ‘Versus’ in the comment if it is for me, it goes in a special folder. I think that Lea carries weight in her middle area and on her arms and face (back when she was heavier at least)… so that would make her an apple / V shape, although now she looks like a ruler. I don’t see her as having thicker thighs or bigger boobs, but if that is you, then you sound like a skittle or a vase.

      • kate

        sorry, didnt know i had to write that but thanks!!

  • Kate1st

    Man, that Terry Richardson is a mega pervert!

  • Trace

    I think this is a bit tacky, but not inappropriate. They did the photoshoot and interview as themselves and they are not teenagers in real life. Lea is 24 and so is Dianna, so they’re totally free to do a raunchy photoshoot for a men’s magazine if they want to.

    But personally, I really don’t like these pictures. They look like a cheap American Apparell add. Plus I don’t appreciate the way the women have been completely sexualized and stripped half naked, while the only man is fully clothed.
    But hey, it’s CQ magazine and Terry Richardson so what else can you expect?

  • Erica

    I agree that it’s a step too far – but then I think a lot of portrayals of women in the media are too much now. Often they end up looking like strippers or porn stars and I don’t think that’s a good message to be sending to the young teenagers who idolise them.

    Can’t they act a bit more classy? I don’t mean that they should be prudish and cover everything up – but is it really necessary to basically do a photoshoot in panties, socks and a barely there top? I just think it’s sad that so many young celebs feel the need to show off their bodies and act sexy – it’s as if that’s their main objective in their careers. Not to be a good actress or singer or be admired for their talents and interests – it’s most important to be envied by other women and drooled over by guys! It’s just too vain imo.

  • Natasha

    I have no problems whatsoever with the spread except for the one shot with Lea’s legs open because it looks cheap which I find funny being that I don’t mind when girls in these types of spreads/shoots are topless or nude. I don’t think the spread merit of receiving criticism when the show itself doesn’t shy away from teen issues like when Dianna was supposedly pregnant or Heather and Naya “slept together” or Chris having a crush on Cory. Nor is Diana or Lea underage jail bait thus this show isn’t exactly Hannah Montana or Wizards of Waverly Place. I don’t fathom why women in general are always shot down when they continuously do glamour spreads because their comfortable in their own skin. *kanye shrug*

    • Natasha

      *is merit*

  • Vic

    what a talentless hack terry richardson is..

  • I honestly can understand that yes, they’re adults and this is to represent themselves as sexy actors/actresses, however I truly think it’s the styling of the shoot that has everyone upset. If they were wearing couture or the set theme had been different, people wouldn’t be saying they’re condoning pedophilia. I think they took the theme of the show too far and in poor taste. Besides, you can tell Lea is loving the attention no matter what the context, “but I was in really good shape…” please.

  • Brit

    The shots look hot and they are both beautiful women. However, I can’t help but to think how much we over sexualize women, instead of focusing on their talent. I certainly don’t see amy pics of the boy with his shirt off in sexy poses; it is as if the media and society itself reminds women that it all comes down to how you look.

  • Mia

    they should have had more photos of the boy, he’s cute!! I might have to start watching Glee 🙂

    • Emma

      There is a hotter one: Puck.
      And a new blonde kid but looks kinda girly.

  • Calro

    Does anyone else feel like this is an American Apparel ad? I’m so over this style of photography. At first it looked different from their TV personas and I thought it was kinda sexy…..then I felt a feeling of deja vu…..it’s not edgy if it’s been done a million times already

  • The Parents TV Council can shove it where the sun don’t shine. Bunch of repressed Christian reactionaries who want everyone to be terrified of even the slightest hint of sexuality.

    • Calro

      Hahaha….I so agree with you on this one.

    • lc

      Umm, woah.

  • Casey

    I don’t think it borders on pedophillia. That’s really reaching for straws. These actresses are in their 20’s and clearly look like it. And the whole naughty schoolgirl/cheerleader thing has been used a million times before this.

    Nevertheless, it’s a tacky photoshoot, but what did we expect from Terry Richardson the perv. What great “message” is he trying to convey through his “art” this time?

  • jess

    Why, why WHY do women feel like they HAVE to do these tacky, slutty photoshoots to make it? My hell, is this hollywood or softcore porn. Both, I guess. I really, really hate this trend with female actresses losing all respect for themselves when men’s magazines come calling. So lame.

    • Erica


  • Mia

    Yes, they are adults and they should be considered independently of the characters they play on TV. BUT, whenver you put women in underwear and slutty outfits in a school setting (as this shoot does) you are crossing a fine line…We can’t deny that there is this sexualized image of school girls in slutty uniforms and white underwear, and this photoshoot is playing right into that – and purposefully so. I think that’s what gives this shoot such a cheap feel too, it’s like something you would expect to see in a soft-porn magazine…sexy school girls gone wild.
    On the other hand, this photoshoot is in GQ and not in Seventeen magazine, so the audience should be considered. GQ magazine is known for racier photoshoots that appeal to men, so if mothers don’t like it, they shouldn’t let their teenage sons (or daughters) read this publication…I would argue that most High school and middle school students are too young to be reading GQ anyway.

  • CK

    i don’t see anything disturbing in these pics, the theme of sexy schoolgirls has been and is used widely in magazines, but in general this particular shoot looks cheap, that’s the only word that gets in my head when i look at the pics.
    As for the Parents council, well, they just too lazy for parenting their kids themselves so instead they go around looking for role models and slamming smth that their kids actually think is “no big deal”, i mean there is much worse stuff they see on the internet and i doubt every and each horrible thing they see manipulates their behaviour…i think if nowadays kids were taught more to be themselves and have their own opinions and not be afraid to voice them and make their own choices without looking at what others do or might think of them, media and Tv wouldn’t have that big of an influence on them in general.

    What i don’t like also is that Lea Michelle doesn’t seem to want to admit that she wanted to do the phototshoot and i’ve read Dianna apologized for the spread, i think it’s such a BS, cos no one forced them to do this photoshoot, or this particular theme and the clothes, i mean you don’t like the photoshoot the magazine wants you to do you just say no or talk over some boundaries, etc, i just really don’t like when some celebritites start to justify themselfs for smth they’ve done that was publicly critisized….it just lowers their personality in my opinion, cos to me it looks like they don’t have their own opinions or principles or at not ready to stick to their guns…

    Also these actors play teenagers, but the photoshoot is about them, not their characters, and as GQ said they’re mature enough to do such kind of pics.

  • fitgirl

    lea looks cheap, diana looks good. i agree w comment above that diana doesn’t talk about herself constantly and that makes her more attractive

  • kya

    i don’t see the big deal i think its hot and it made me laugh.. people need to stop taking life so seriously.

  • Jennifer

    What body type would you say Dianna is? I have a similar shape except a larger bust and short legs (like Katy Perry). Thanks 🙂

    P.S. I’m 5’2

    • Versus

      Dianna is definitely a pear shape – she has small boobs, a flat stomach, curvy hips and thicker legs.
      Her shape is obvious on the show, not so much in pictures… especially not in magazine pics.
      Katy Perry is a vase though because she has big boobs.

  • Emma

    Im tired of sexy and provocative things,Its just lame and cliche.I think there is enough pornographic materiala nd women degradation in the world.
    Thankfully Im old enough to see how wrong is this,but 13 year old girls will think that taking your clothes is necesary to succeed in life.

  • mia


  • Jemima

    I cannot stand Terry Richardson. Nearly softcore porn with bad lighting. And a lot of the photos aren’t even in focus! The shoot feels cheap and it is “sexy” to the point where it makes me feel uncomfortable (and it takes quite a bit to make me feel uncomfortable about a photoshoot.). Legs spread, straight to camera in panties = not what I personally want to see.
    Dianna and Lea have nice bodies, but I don’t get why Lea is always pantless. Why is everyone always pantless? Can no one afford pants anymore?

  • Polly

    I cannot believe Cory is 28! I think it’s a hot shoot, it’s for a men’s magazine after all.

  • Randi

    I’ve read Dianna’s apology and I’m wondering if maybe this was some sort of contractual thing. I really don’t think Dianna would do this… Lea, yeah, but not Dianna. She always is so modest and well put together. Makes me wonder.

  • wonderwoman21

    I think its tacky, it lacks tastes, and isn’t really so much erotic as it is just sleazy. There were a lot of better ways to do this shoot, that crotch shot of Lea Michele is just horrendously pathetic and I’d be ashamed if I were her. Looks like she got carried away trying to look overly sexual because she’s so used to being the ‘ugly duckling’. I’m not saying she’s ugly, I think she’s pretty, but I kind of read into it like she was desperate to show this side of her and ultimately ended up with tasteless raunchy photos. Too bad someone with good taste wasn’t there to do the shoot.

  • Aafje

    I just want to know why the girls are in their underwear and they guy is fully clothed. We need to objectify everyone equally!!

    • Minnie

      Maybe because it’s a men’s magazine.

  • kelsi

    lol i just wish cory m. would’ve shown some skin too!

  • Nay

    hhmm… I’m a bit torn apart on this one because I DO think they look really hot and is not that sexy to make me uncomfortable but I kind of get the rage about the pedophilia thing ’cause lets be honest they don’t look like your typical 20 somethings they do look somewhere childish specially on their boobless and not much curvy bodyS ANYWAYS I like the pictures, I like them.

  • lc

    Lame, cheap, and sleazy. All THREE of them are completely and utterly unattractive, anyhow.

  • anonymous

    astonishing. she doesn’t know how they got her to pose like that?
    she looks completely at ease and extremely comfortable doing all of these things. it looks like she wanted to do it.
    they are grown ups and they’re allowed to do what they want to do.
    but so many kids watch glee.
    dianna argon looks 1000x more modest than lea. i heard that she didn’t want to do this shoot. but who knows? shes hasn’t but as much into it as lea did.
    lea is welcome to express her sexuality. but doesn’t it seem like shes degrading women?

  • Ashley

    I hate how women are willingly degrading themselves. Why is there no self respect? Sexy, not slutty girls.

  • Desta

    sure this is “inappropriate”. i mean there’s nothing appropriate about it when put in societies standards. but put in GQ’s standards it’s normal.

    and personally, i think this whole thing is HOT. no other way to put it.

  • udkcoco

    @randi her apology seemed kind of tongue in cheek to me. She’s like… Why would your kids have mens’ magazines anyway? *paraphrase*
    The shoots ok. At least they’re not all greased up, like mens’ mags usually do.

  • Em

    I don’t have a very fresh statement to make about the spread – lot of great comments here already. I will say that it annoys me when people end their sentences with “so………” 🙂 (per the quote “I don’t know how they got me to do half the stuff I did” for the GQ shoot, said Michele. “But I was in really good shape this summer, so…”)

    I think Lea Michele looks cute and young and carefree. The shots are tacky but I think that is the point. It’s very campy to me.

  • Chloe

    Oh and that book is about to land on Diana’s head in the library shot!

  • aj

    Totally demeaning having two girls writhing all over the one guy. It’s objectifying and I’ll probably save the photos for thinspo tbh but I don’t like myself for doing so

  • Rachael Jane Harrison

    this is just absolutely slutty, pure whore. Its disgusting! I dont understand how these girls agreed to this.

  • hays

    Lea’s “in shape” comment makes her sound dumb. It’s not like the parents council would have thought the spread was okay if she was overweight…

  • Nessa

    They look hot!!! love the bright colors against the gray shade!

  • Isa

    1) They are adults.

    2) GQ is NOT in ANY WAY a family-oriented magazine.

    3) Adults should just stop playing kids in general anyway.

    4) Look up the definition of PEDOPHILIA.

    5) Glee is NOT a kid’s show. It’s not on Disney. It’s not on NickJr. It’s on FOX – home to Family Guy and the Simpsons.

    6) The image of the “naughty school girl” is the BIGGEST cliche ever, I’m surprised that it’s even offending anyone anymore.

    7) In the end, just raise your own kid. Stop letting the media parent them and then try to complain. Don’t act like there’s no form of technology to block channels and websites.

    And if you’re KIDS actually read GQ, you SUCK as a parent.

    • hays

      well said

  • woopidoo

    imo lea michaele still looks like a drag queen… even in panties…

  • Alana

    There’s just one thing to say about this: cool idea with terrible execution.
    Lea Michele is not the kind of person who should do any sort of “provocative” shoot. The only reason she is so popular is because of her amazing voice, but her body isn’t that great. She has masculine proportions and losing weight made it worse.
    This could have been done with some class, but instead they seemed to chose cheap walmart sale panties and those terrible socks that even children shouldn’t wear. It makes them look cheap and honestly disgusting. This photographer should probably stick to shooting actual models.

  • i’ll say people need to get a grip. i don’t think women should have to be overly sexy to be famous but god forbid a woman who wants to be sexy is considered gross and degrading herself? the shoot is tacky but damn it it’s GQ so why get offended? and this whole school girl image have always been sexual in pop culture. let’s not forget what britney did when she first came out yet no one complained about that and she was younger than these girls. so parents need to stop complaining about every single celeb does when it comes to sex because if you let them watch that and then complain why they are too sexual and blame the media then that’s you as a parent not doing your job. sorry but it is. i’ve said this before and still believe in it, celebs should not be role models, parents should be.

  • paigeee

    i have a similar body type to diana i think im just a bit thinner,versues do you know what her measurements are?

  • queenmab

    Dianna’s discomfort is showing all over her face here, looks like she’s not enjoying the photoshoot at all. Lea though, seems to be having fun.

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