Lea Michele

Lea Michele in a Bikini

FFN_g_50981068 - Lea Michele in a Bikini

Lea Michele is on vacation this week – here she is in a red bikini, enjoying some free time on the beach in Hawaii.

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  • Lauren

    Hm, she’s usually a bit slimmer than this…it makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one who gained a couple of holiday pounds lol

  • Stephanie

    I think she looks gooood! Quite fresh and happy. I think her bod looks great, too. Cute butt!

  • Maria

    First 🙂 She looks healthy, but kind of a little girls body. Like her bikini 🙂

    • Luka

      What is a little girl’s body?)

  • natalia


  • ary

    i think she has a body type that gets curvier with losing weight. Anyway, she looks better with free hair, clothes and make up on, that profile pic was unflattering.

  • riki

    Very cute body!

  • janae

    I really try to stay positive….so maybe it is because she just really annoys me..but I can’t find anything nice to say about her body in these pics. Not horrible, but she has the shape to be sooooo much better.

    • Ale

      Something positive… Cute butt?

      • janae

        Yes! And I do like her skin tone, too.

      • MissMarilyn

        she has REALLY nice shoulders!

  • Candy

    She’s getting better reception than Karlie Kloss?

    • Lex

      Yes, because she makes these commenters feel that their own body is so much better 🙂

    • serena

      Karlie is an international supermodel who literally gets paid millions to look good in clothes. Lea is a B list actress who got famous for her great voice. Judging Lea for her body is like judging Karlie Kloss for her ability to sing musicals on broadway 😀

      • Eline

        I totally agree with you on this Serena!
        Lea Michele looks good – considering she’s famous for her voice – but not ‘model good’.. If Doutzen Kroes looked like this we would all wonder: ‘WHAT HAPPENED?’

        • KatAnne87

          Sometimes I wish models looked more like this. I think it’s more attractive than sinewy and rock hard. Although, I do think Doutzen is gorgeous!

    • Mara

      Also most commenters don’t seem to prefer extreme body types. Karlie is perfect for what she does, namely modeling clothes and she’s sure attractive in her own way, but in real life many people prefer a middle ground. Lea may not have a remarkable figure (at least to the standards of young, weight/health-conscious people – I bet the average middle-aged American mother of two would love to have that figure 😉 ), but she has a normal/slim, healthy-looking one. Nothing shocking there. Karlie may have been named “the Body”, but so has Tara Lynn, and most commenters wouldn’t want her figure – too extreme.
      I’m all for diversity and accepting the skinny and big at the same time, but I still think most people who manage it through their teens without developing body-image issues would choose the something in the middle.

  • Casey

    She looks average. Nothing particularly bad about her body but nothing amazing either. However, I don’t like her masculine face and her attitude is a huge turn off.

    • alyssa

      I don’t think she looks masculine, she looks Italian, which is whats her background is.

      Not everyone has WASP features, it’s not a based thing

      • serena

        Hmm not really,if anything Mediterranean women are usually so feminine and Lea isn’t so much. She also claims to have 14 tattoos but I only see like 5, where are the rest? Maybe she was exaggerating.

        • MissMarilyn

          it’s not unheard of for women to get tattoos in “inappropriate” places….!!! plus hers all look pretty small, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some hidden by her swimsuit.

          • MissMarilyn

            (I actually just looked it up because I really love tattoos and was curious what hers were; apparently two of them are on her feet, she gets small ones that are well hidden, and she recently removed one! so i think its totally plausible that she could have 13 tattoos hah)

      • Casey

        I think she looks masculine, and it’s not because she lacks WASP features. It’s because she has masculine features.

        • Nobsnob

          Yep, the nose and jaw in particular, and overall as seen with the profile picture.

        • jenna

          Casey – i agree that she looks masculine (facially). and when she’s all glammed up for the red carpet or photoshoots, I’ve made comments on other posts that she looks like a guy in drag and it didn’t go over so well, but that’s what i think when i see her!

      • xAJAx

        Her body doesn’t look italian at all. I wonder what kind of opinion has the rest of the world about us ahahah 🙂

        • lex

          I’m half Italian and I have a somewhat similar body to Lea Michele. The Italian women in my family pretty much have different body types – My aunt is pear shaped, my grandmother is an hourglass, and my cousins have ruler and hourglass shapes. I’ve been to Italy as well and as far as I could tell there is no one particular shape that every woman has there either.

          • loo

            I’m of Italian heritage and I can assure you she does not ‘look Italian’. How insulting – are you saying that Italian women have masculine faces?? Not the case at all. Besides, she is only part Italian.

          • alyssa

            @ loo
            hey!! I’m Italian, and I’ll tell you something,

            1. Italians recognize a LOT of beauty types. Our art has spanned millenia’so we know a thing or two. Also, no real Italian would call leas ‘ugly’ or mannish b/c of her nose. Ever been to Italy? There are noses, a lot of them, that arent ski bumps, or upturned. Its weherre the term roman nose came from, and no, it it not ugly, just a variation.
            2. She does not look Italian. Who are you? Show us as pic before you claim to be the authority. She look plenty Italian, esp her eyes and mouth and cheeks

  • lc

    Not impressed.

    • HB

      Ditto, but not disgusted either.
      Cute legs.

  • seijidan

    She actually has a nice body shape! and cute butt, reminiscent of Jessica Alba’s! If she loses the gut, she’d be really banging

    • Zoe

      Agreed. 🙂 I think she’s actually got quite a nice body- the only thing she could perhaps ‘work on’ is toning her ab region, but I don’t really see that as a major ‘flaw’ either. Also, her bum looks awesome! 🙂

      • Zoe

        Also, she has beautiful skin in my opinion. 🙂

  • Rach

    Cute bod!

  • Cecil

    her stomach could benefit from some pilates but her shape is cute and she has a great bum and legs

  • MissMarilyn

    it looks like she carries most of her weight in her tummy. That could use a bit of tonage but otherwise I think she looks good. not my favorite body shape but she’s fine. cute suit.

  • Eve

    A higher bikini bottom could conceal her tummy. Other than that, great body!

    • silvy

      ahhh nooo…whenever people try to put big bikini bottoms over a big stomach its looks gross (remember the kesha pics? yuck! Also same things for big butts, looks better with a small bikini than a huge piece of fabric that covers and looks like a diaper. her tummys not so bad too need to cover it up imo

      • Eve

        Haha I also dislike high waisted bikini bottoms, but somewhere in between would look good IMO. Not one covering her entire belly, just one that sits right on that barely noticeable bump she has underneath it.

  • em

    for someone who supposedly workouts a lot, she’s quite flabby for her middle. i really don’t like her but this has nothing to do with what i’m about to say. she looks like someone who had just given birth and their skin hasn’t bounced back from being stretched. or her pants are too tight. she needs to go away. her face annoys me because of all the crap she has said since her first appearance on glee.

  • Nene

    In the side profile her face look like that of a guy,a cute guy.She has a nice body shape,if not for the gut she’d look real good.

  • Nene


  • serena

    Sometimes her face reminds me of Eva Mendes, except Eva is older and more beautiful imo.

  • Ash

    Her body is kind of average. Nothing spectacular. And yes over the holiday she seem to have gained wright especially ard her tummy area.

  • Ash

    Her body is kind of average.. And yes over the holiday she seem to have gained wright especially ard her tummy area. Anyways the girl needs a break as she is a human like the rest of us…..

  • Josephinee

    I think she’s got really nice legs.

  • Jacky Daniels

    i dont know why people call her ugly..in reality, ok shes not a beauty but ugly i dont think so.

  • swissmiss

    No cellulitis showing! I’m jealous! 🙂 Cute bum!

  • natalia

    cant remember if i cmmnted. on her before….portly n average

  • jamie

    Her lower stomach is not looking so good…

  • Bella

    Many Italian Women look a little masculine facially. She looks like Pauly D from Jersey shore.

    • serena

      So many comments about her Italian heritage, but she is also half sephardic Jewish. To be honest I think she fits the stereotype of NYC Jewish girl more than anything; I see a lot of girls here who look like her and kind of speak similarly.

      • bee

        Oh, go away. Lea Michele is one of many “half Jewish” actresses, and unlike most of them, she was raised Catholic. Who selected this woman as representative of anything? I demand a recount.

        Here are some full-blooded, 100% Jews in her age group: Logan Lerman, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kat Dennings, Bar Refaeli, Odeya Rush, and Anton Yelchin.

    • Jacky Daniels

      hmm.. i live near italy, my mother is part italian, my best frend is italian and my ex is italian and no, lea dont look like one.

  • TonyFae

    She’s in great shape…and as someone had previously mentioned, she was quite slimmer a few months ago. Holiday pounds maybe? Anyways, she just needs a little toning, thats it.

    Other than that, she’s in pretty good shape.

  • clara

    she’s so ugly 🙁 and she doesn’t look italian at all to me… google ”monica bellucci” and you’ll see what is an italian woman!

  • Kimberly K

    I think Lea looks like Howie Mandel wearing a wig. Only he is kinder and not full of himself like Lea comes across in some interviews.

  • nat shermans

    This might sound crappy but…she looks a lot better than I thought she would.
    I don’t like her and i hate glee…but her ass looks great and she does have nice skin.

  • anonymous

    She looks fine, better than most people you see on the beach these days. Everyone has a different body shape and every body shape has its pros and cons I guess. Lea has nice legs and she looks healthy overall. I think she’s pretty too.

  • ellentjie

    She has really nice skin – it always looks so smooth and even.

  • Craig

    I think people mistake her confidence for bitchiness, she has to be highly confident because she knows shes not the prettiest girl in show biz. People will say anything good or bad. Me personally I think she’s hot. Slim figure, nice skin, cmon let’s be realistic. Enough with the pointless head to toe assessments.

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  • RachyRach

    her legs look good, but she has a belly. She looks great, in general