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Lea Michele: ‘I eat a lot, but really well’

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Lea Michele wants to share some diet info with you guys:

“My diet: I believe that what we put into our bodies is important. I became a vegan when I moved to California. I eat a lot, but really well. Every morning, I make a tofu scramble with soy cheese; lunch and dinner is usually a salad, with lots of vegetables, and pasta. I love to cook. I make a great baked ziti pasta.

My workout is working on ‘Glee’. We’re moving and dancing all the time.”

… says Lea in Glamour Magazine.

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  • Nataleigh

    But she EATS FISH. How is that vegan? I mean, I’m all for her eating less meat, and I’m sure she eats only the best kind of fish (not the farmed, mercury laden kind) but why would you label yourself vegan, when you eat fish?

    • Kelly

      all fish has mercurcy, just different kinds have different amounts.

    • Tiedye

      I never knew she ate fish! I absolutely hate it when people say “I’m a vegetarian.. But i eat fish.” Clearly they’re not vegetarian then!!

    • Alex

      She used to not eat fish, but recently introduced it back into her diet.

    • Casey

      Your body can process certain small amounts of mercury at a time. It’s when you overload your body with mercury that it begins to poison you. Everything in moderation.

      If you are afraid of mercury, then I would suggest you stop breathing and existing, because quite frankly, you are exposed to trace amounts all the time.

      If you eat fish no more than twice a week, you will only be exposed to trace amounts, not much different than you would get exposed to in your everyday life.

      • Nataleigh

        lol, i’m not that worried about it. i’m just sayin’, i’m sure she is able to afford the very best fish out there and probably eats it, but she’s still not vegan

  • Kate

    I kind of think she’s full of crap. I mean she lost a TON of weight. I have friends that are vegan, I myself used to be vegetarian, and none of us dropped weight when we started going veg. In fact I have 3 or 4 friends who have gained weight from going vegan, becuase all that tofu and carbohydrates don’t nessisarily equal weight loss.

    • Sanne

      I dropped weight as a vegetarian (when I got over my e.d.), I’m around 4kg/9pounds less and my BMI went from 19.5 to 18.1 while I’m less active like then and eat a lot more.

      • solaxia

        yea, i dropped when i went vegan. However i did gain at points too. Its not attributed to just the levels of tofu and carbs tho. More the total amount of cals you put in your body over one day…consistently. But of course carbs and tofu do have higher levels of cals so its easy to make up your daily limit and go over it a lot faster with less food.

        • Nataleigh

          …what? high levels of calories?? each gram of carb/protein has 4 calories. a gram of fat has 9 calories. what are you talking about, “higher levels”?

          • solaxia

            Ugh I just thought that I read carbs had high levels of calories, like fats do. Obviously i got it wrong, and obviously you proved my point that carbs shouldnt be cut out of a diet. Healthy carbs anyway. No need to be so rude! People do make mistakes we cant all know everything perfectly like you! geez

  • Hazal

    Lea go home! You are so annoying…

    • Lauren

      Loveee this comment!! So true.

  • amazon

    i get that celebrities are asked these questions but maybe its time they politely declined to answer -at least in such mind numbing detail. they are very quick to refuse to answer any questions about their relationships.
    I’m interested when they have something new or refreshing to say about the issue of diet/body image/exercise, but not just a list of food- its like reading my grocery receipt out loud!

  • Issa

    it’s not the vegan thing why she lost weight, read the salad for lunch and dinner. I do it to, it works like a charm!

    • Kelly

      exactly. I bet she only eats like 1,000 calories a day, while she is doing all the dancing and what not on Glee.

  • Well, I know obese vegan, eating a lot as in “too much” may be healthier when it’s vegetables and fruits but it’s still not healthy and does not make one thinner. However, there are people who can eat like porks and do not get any fatter. Anyway, we cannot know what she means by “I eat a lot”, most people think they “eat a lot” even when it’s not true, especially girls.

  • AnneBrand

    Lea is great! I believe her. I think she eats healthy, normal, but nothing too much. She is too bussy too be obsessed about her looks. For example the way she sings at Glee. That’s not so flattering at all.
    By the way, she lives in one house with dianna agron and did you guys ever saw her legs? They are not that thin as you would think. So she has good company…Those two influence each other

    • Shal

      I don’t think she’s too busy to be obsessed with her looks, she is in the entertainment business afterall and a big proportion of that success is due to the way you look.

  • Shal

    Why is it that celebrities feel they have to say that they eat ‘a lot’ rather than the average healthy proportions for their body and lifestyle? Eating a lot by my definition is not having a tofu scramble with soy cheese and a salad for lunch and dinner (although she did point out she eats pasta and whatnot, but I doubt that would be very regular). Lea is getting tiresome, but I guess she’s just doin her thang. 😛

    • Cristina

      My thoughts exactly; she does not eat a lot, she eats normally. She probably thinks that normal is a salad a day, and not eating a lot means having a cup of coffee. Yeah, i am exaggerating of course, but it just comes across as really defensive of her.

  • Issa

    I think ‘eating alot’ is the 6 meals per day plan.

    • Do you think it is eating a lot as in too much or just have many meals ? Because it’s actually healthier for some people to eat more than three times a day but small portions.

  • Nikki

    Why is everybody hating on her. If it was Candice saying this everybody would think it was awesome. I’m not obsessed with Lea or anything, she’s alright, i just don’t get why it’s always negative comments about her.

  • seijidan

    I don’t really care about her diet or how she eats. I just can’t pass that nose and her annoying voice

  • s

    I thought most of thes stars avoided pasta?

  • AnneBrand

    Come on guys! She has a great voice! Unlike all those other stupid stars like Rihanna, katy perry who can’t sing life (christina ageruila)

    • aj

      I hope the brackets with Christina Aguilera don’t mean you think Christina can’t sing, if so that is absurd…..

  • flossy

    Interesting that she became a vegan when she moved to California as opposed to primarily on health/moral grounds so if she moves back to New Jersey will become a meat eater again? Although she’s not technically a vegan as she eats fish. Honestly she sounds like she has as much integrity as the roughage she craps out.

    • nope

      Are you being serious? It’s very, very normal to make big changes when you make a big move. It’s much easier to adapt to a new lifestyle when you’re in a completely new place. I became a vegetarian when I moved out on my own. I wasn’t always the cook prior to that, I wasn’t in a position to do all the shopping. Does that make my decision any less valid?

      Grow up.

      • ajt

        I have to agree with Flossy on this one, she didn’t mention anything about animals being her reason for being a vegan. Also, a true Vegan wouldn’t be eating the pasta because of the eggs. I know it’s being nitpicky, but I know some true Vegans and it’s difficult to limit your diet because so many things contain animal byproducts. They should get more credit than some ditzy Hollywood diva who just switched to salads to get thin. This chick just bugs me. Comes off so pompous and self absorbed. Ick!

        • katrina

          there are many types of pasta that have no egg at all

          • Nataleigh

            lol seriously

      • flossy

        While I could react to your “Grow up” comment I’m gonna choose not to (See what I did there? it’s called irony something adults do!!)

        Seriously you’ve personalised a question about a celebrity and made it about yourself. Nobody asked you about you or your choice to become a vegetarian this is about Lea Michelle not you. You’ve described her move to LA as big one, How do you it was a big move for her? She hasn’t described her decision to go vegan based on a “big move” so where did you draw that from?

        She’s been in show business for years she’s done films and theatre and travelled extensively across the country for work over the years but hey you clearly know her personally so the next time you see her ask her for me!!

  • jenp

    Soy is incredibly bad for you. Why on earth would she eat it if she’s so informed about nutrition?

    • ajt

      And that was the other thing I was thinking. LOL!

    • katrina

      i was thinking that too! haha

    • Kelly

      processed soy is, but not soy in the form of edamame, tofu, etc.

      • Casey

        Depends on your body make up. To a large portion of people, large amounts of soy are very damaging to their bodies because they can’t process them, so it becomes pretty much a toxin in their bodies.

        Those who belong to cultures who have been using soy for thousands of years are able to live off of it with no problems.

        It’s always best to keep in mind your ancestry and what your culture is known for eating, because chances are those things are easily and efficiently absorbed by your body.

        Soy us definitely not for everyone, and it’s not the only vegan-friendly alternative source of protein. I also wonder exactly how informed Lea Michele is on her new diet.

    • Anna

      why is soy “incredibly” bad for you? last time I checked, japanese people were one of the healthiest people on the planet and they eat lots of soy!

      • Kate1st

        Yeah, i would like to know too. I sometimes have quorn, soya milk/yogurt and soya protein shakes. Am I damaging my body long term? I’m lactose intolerant so soya seemed like a good alternative to dairy.

      • Casey

        Japanese people aren’t healthy just because they eat soy, they’re healthy for other reasons. Soy just happens to be part of their diet, and because they have been eating soy for thousands of years, soy has a different effect on them than those belonging to cultures that haven’t been eating soy.

        There is such a thing as soy overdose which leads to soy toxicity for those who are not like the Japanese and don’t have bodies that have learned how to process soy efficiently. You can Google soy overdose/toxicity for more information.

      • jenp

        Soy can mimic hormones in your body causing multiple maladies. It’s definitely worse for men because it can increase estrogen in the body. Pregnant women and infant boys should never eat soy. Men actually start to grow breasts if they eat too much of it. It can also lower sex drive and decrease testosterone in the body.

        Japan does have a high life expectancy but they’re a pretty homogeneous nation. Life expectancy is going up in the US but your gender and race are a big factor. http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0005148.html

        If you look at it state by state, you’ll get an idea of the disparity. http://www.statehealthfacts.org/comparemaptable.jsp?ind=784&cat=2

    • Dr. Truth

      Only certain soy CAN be harmful. Eating tofu, miso, tempeh in moderation can actually be beneficial.

  • jenn

    yeah tofu and soy cheese is eating ‘really well’.
    tofu is heavily processed and soy cheese is just chemicals. that’s complete crap for your body. you would be much, much better eating some lean turkey from a farmer’s market, and even some fresh cheese.

    • Casey

      I kind of agree with this. With the whole fad “eat stuff that is not processed” that’s in at the moment, you’d be surprised how much of this vegan food is actually as processed as McDonald’s. I believe that no diet should consist of predominantly processed food…whether McDonald’s or otherwise…if you have to sustain yourself with that much processing you are probably not eating right. That’s why I usually believe those who are vegans should really start with vegetarianism first and really explore all dietary options and get to know them well before delving into such a strong commitment that it takes to be vegan. I feel like a lot of people think it’s a lot simpler than it is…just eat veggies and buy the stuff marked vegan friendly at the supermarket, but that is not sustainable nor healthy in the long run. The best way to be vegan is, like with any diet, ask the advice of a nutritionist or a doctor so they can help you meet all your nutritional requirements and make them fit your philosophy.

  • Emily

    I dropped weight when I was vegan and I ate all the time but I ate really well. I always ate vegetables and the good carbs. But with so much fiber I had gas like crazy :]

  • Katy

    I believe her. She may have dropped a little weight but I’m sure being short and petite is normal for her. Plus i usually drop weight when I work on my feet all day, like i’m sure she is doing on glee! Regardless, she is an absolutely amazing singer, such a talent her looks are hardly the point.

  • Casey

    Unless she eats big plates of this stuff, it really doesn’t sound like that much. I understand that a salad can be filling, but 2000-calorie-per-day filling?

    I’d put her diet around the 1600 mark, in which case, it perfectly makes sense why she is as thin as she is.

    • Nikki

      Yeah celebrities always have a different view on a lot of food… But isn’t 1600 fine for her. I eat that and often only 1200 or similar and i weigh too much for height.

      • solaxia

        yea 1600 would be fine for her but if she is working out on set for hours a day it wouldnt be. Out of curiosity, have you ever cut back cals for a longish period of time? Dont need to answer that but the only reason i ask is that i did that, plus was working out 2-3 hours per day. as soon as i cut my workouts down a bit and ate 1500 or so cals i would gain gain gain! then i couldnt lose even when i was exercising everyday and only having 1200 cals. sometimes would gain (and not just muscle). went to a nutritionist and she said my metabolism was temporarily screwed and we had to kick start it again, which took a while. then i would eat 2000cals per day and do 45mins cardo 3 times a week, 30 mins on the other days and weight training 6 days per week and i kept losing. Then i stuffed it again by not eating for 3 months. grrr. put on weight and reversed my hard work again. have to start from scratch!

        • Nikki

          I’m not very good at counting calories. A lot of days i only eat approx 1200 kcal, except for special occasions, but i’m not really good at keeping track.

          But i have had different eating habits for periods of time, though not intentionally. I’ve had some months where i didn’t eat that much, and some months, where i ate too much probably (maybe not for naturally thin, but for me, ive always gained weight easily). I guess these changes have screwed up my metabolism, cos i have a hard time losing weight now.
          I don’t eat enough meals during the day, usually two bigger meals (like dark bread chicken, salad etc, or a salad with tuna, or chicken with potatoes and veg) and workout 2-3 times per week, plus riding my bike everyday. I only eat cake/candy/junk if there’s a family birthday or similar. My big “mistake” is parties every weekend 🙂 Alcohol is my worst weight enemy.

          How did u restart ur metabolism? cos if it eat only healthy for weeks (with no screwing up at all), and work out i don’t lose any weight, which i used to do before.

          • Casey

            I’m not an expert on restarting metabolism, but I’m pretty sure you need to up your calorie intake to at least 1500-1600. You’re going to gain temporarily and it’s going to be scary because you’re trying to lose weight, but it’s going to set your metabolism back on track.

            Your metabolism slowed down because you’re not eating enough to feed your body in its normal state (meaning your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your brain functioning, your liver and kidneys doing their thing…). Your body has started to think you are going through a starvation period where there is no food that’s going to be coming in so it has chosen to store whatever you eat for the future.

            The key to losing weight is to eat just a little over what your body needs and working out. It’s a little different for everyone but it’s usually around 1400. Eating anything less than that will slow down your metabolism because it scares your body.

          • Nikki

            Thanks Casey.I’ve never really starved or binged though. But like i said, i have unintentionally eaten less or more for periods of time. And i did have a year when i didn’t work out enough and had to many bad things (though not entirely bad, but too often). I gained weight and decided to do something about it. So for the past 8 months i’ve been working out consistently and eating better. I still party and have treats on weekends, but i cut out all junkfood, and candy/soda/chips etc, except for maybe once a month. I know i could do more, i could stop partying, never ever eat anything but fish, fruits and veggies, but i still wanna have a life and it just seems weird that the changes i’ve made hasn’t made a difference. I’ve actually gained rather than losing, so maybe my metabolism is screwed up? It’s really frustrating.

            There really is a genetic difference when it comes to losing weight imo. I think when people are obese, it’s definitely a mix, and probably mostly lifestyle, but i know so many people who eat more than me and never work out and are super skinny.
            People on this site are so quick to defend naturally skinny, but have little understanding for people who naturally gain weight easily. It’s not always like plus sized girls sit at home eating junk all the time.

            I’ve tried this calorie counting site sometimes, which says i need to eat 1200 kcal (more if i exercise during the day, e.g. 1600 if i went to the gym for 1 hour and similar), if i want to lose weight. I tried it for a month, but nothing happened.

          • Casey

            Nikki, are you in college by any chance? In which case it can be hard to eat proper and healthy. If you are, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, the body is remarkable and you’re still young enough where its going to bounce back. I didn’t start eating proper and healthy until my senior year in undergrad. It’s just too hectic otherwise, with the parties and the exams and lack of time. I mean, I would try, and I would recommend for you to try, but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen. Very few people have been able to pull off the perfect diet under that kind of stress.

            And you are right, there are definitely genetic differences when it comes to losing weight. It’s not just about naturally skinny or naturally overweight, I think it’s more about naturally “my body is super stubborn and won’t let its weight change.” I think it’s that which then causes people to be naturally underweight or overweight. But there are some steps that can be taken to at least convince our bodies to shift a little bit up or down, depending on whether or not you want to gain weight. For naturally thin people, it would be training their bodies to store protein in the form of muscle. For naturally overweight people it’s teaching their bodies to speed up its metabolism.

          • solaxia

            Hey Nikkki, sorry I haven’t been back to this post for a while (I dont subscribe to get updated answers!)
            Casey is right, I did need to up my calories! It was very scary at first (and still is now…im in the same position again!) Also I have to say- weight training! It worked a treat for me. lifting heavyish weights with reps of 10-12. I did weights 6 days per week (you dont need to do it that much though) also doing high intensity interval training (google it if your unsure of what it is) helped a lot. My trainer said only do one day of 60 mins cardio, and the rest no more than 30mins (dont want to eat muscle away). BUT my nutritionist said that u dont burn fat til after 35mins of exercise so, i did one day of intense 60mins cardio, and then the other days I did 20-30 mins of (hiit) and then just stretched the cardio out to 45mins by walking at a moderate pace or walking omn an incline etc.
            This all really worked well for me, but it did still take a month or so to see any results and stuff. At first it seemed like i gained because I retained a bit of water etc. but after that it worked a treat and i felt a lot better. Even when I stopped working out (due to shift work) and not eating well (due to shift work and stress) it took me ages to put on the weight again. Good luck and try have fun with it! Like Casey said, try not to be too hard on yourself. Lifestyle can play a huge difference. Being a student and also shift work made it really hard for me!

          • solaxia

            wow lol how many k’s did i wanna include in your name! Ha ha!

      • Kate1st

        The amount of calories required is depending on BMR and activity level. Obviously she’s a very active girl with all the dancing and if she has any decent amount of muscle her BMR should be at least 1200-1300.

        I’m 5ft2 woman and maintain my weight on around 2000 calories a day, I’m not overweight and have a good percentage of body fat.

  • Ana

    I like her, I think she has lost a bit of weight (although i don’t think she has lost heaps like pp have said) from being so active on Glee, I don’t see why that is so hard to believe.

    • I think the reason her weight loss looks so drastic is because she lost quite a bit from her arms and her face. If she take a slim person and puff up their arms and face a bit, they look quite heavier. I speculate that I’d look at least ten pounds slimmer if I had slim arms.

  • guru

    i’m not liking the dress. it is too princessy and not elegant or sultry. she needs to tape her boobs because they are laying flat and pointing out.

  • Dr. Truth

    Ugh. Vegans like her give the rest of us a bad rap. You shouldn’t rely on soy on a daily basis, as your main source of protein.

    Anyway, she looks great and good for her for at least giving the vegetarian thing a shot, even if it didn’t last (she eats fish now?). If I were her, I wouldn’t have announced I was “vegan” until I made it a year. doh!

    • Being something for a year doesn’t mean it’s going to stick forever. I was a vegetarian for four years, and now I eat meat.

      Also, it’s reported that she eats fish now, but I don’t believe she’s actually stated it. It’s speculation.

      And if she wants to rely on soy as her main source of protein then that’s fine. That’s like me saying that red meat eaters give us omnivores a bad rap, just because I prefer eating poultry.

      • Dr. Truth

        You obviously don’t understand my point, or know much about soy. Relying on unfermented soy in large amounts, on a daily basis isn’t healthy. It is a phto-estrogen and contains anti-nutrients (research it). In a person with thyroid or hormonal health issues, it can be very harmful. There are many other options for vegans; nuts, beans, vegetables, whole grains, seeds all provide protein. Vegans who switch to veggie burgers, tofu, fake hot dogs etc aren’t doing it the “healthy way”.

        And my point on the year thing is this: becoming a vegan is NOT EASY. It took me years to actually commit and because I knew how hard it was, I didn’t go announcing it after a month or two.

  • Dr. Truth

    Also, why is it that the posts on this site always turn into forums about diet and weight loss? Aren’t we supposed to be talking about the celebrities instead of our own issues? I find it annoying.