LeAnn Rimes

Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes

FFN_f_51320755 - Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes

Bikini Treat to start the week: 31 year-old LeAnn Rimes, who looked happy and healthy while having fun in the water in Hawaii this weekend.

A different looking LeAnn in a bikini back in 2011:

FFN_er_50689992 - Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes

See more, of course!


FFN_f_51320717 - Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes FFN_f_51320720 - Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes FFN_f_51320721 - Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes FFN_f_51320739 - Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes FFN_f_51320745 - Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes FFN_f_51320748 - Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes FFN_f_51320751 - Bikini Treat: LeAnnn Rimes

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  • Calliope

    She looks gleeful! I’m a little jealous that she’s frolicking in the warmth and it’s cold where I am :(. Seems like she isn’t meant to be a teensy little thing, I hope she loves this body – looks great in my opinion!

  • annabeatrice

    She looks so much better. I would say this is a perfect weight for her: not too thin, not too fat. Even her face looks prettier. Did she remove the hideous fake boobs? Or is it just the new fat in the chest area making it look more natural?

    • southerngumdrops

      Nope, they’re still in but just look a million times better because she has a bit of body fat around them now.

      One of my cousins is a plastic surgeon and always talks about how hard it is to do a natural looking boob job with round implants on women with very little body fat. He said they’ll always look bolted on.

  • charlotte

    oh my goodness, she looks soooo much better! its ridiculous!

  • chrissy

    she looks much better, but i’ve never been a fan of her body type…

  • CarrieD

    She looks so much better like this. Still thin and toned but this weight suits her. She has broad(ish) shoulders and they look so much more proportionate at this weight. I hope she’s not unhappy with it because this is honestly the best I’ve seen her body look.

  • HB

    She looks like she’s lost recently. She looks good! But the swim suit isn’t the most flattering.

  • iana

    What a great plump backside! Her husband must be so unhappy! 😛

  • menta

    i justcan repeat myself: she looks better now! het body is more balanced and healthy than it was though i prefer slimmer thighs but not on her.

  • Lea

    Wow I’m surprised by how good she looks. I think when it comes to bikini she looks a MILLION times better than she used to. I’m not quite sure when it comes to clothes though, but I think she just dresses bad for her body because I thought she was chunkier than this. Overall, she looks pretty good. Her face on the other hand…

  • CK

    her body type is not my cup of tea but this is the weight that her body looks great at! And the bikini is very flattering to her, especially the top cos it covers her awful boob job.

  • jjj2

    I think her body looks more balanced only because she has those fake boobs. If she didn’t have the fake boobs, I think she looked better with the weight loss. Over all I think she looks slightly older with the weight gain though.

  • Bellerina

    She is very aware of the cameras. How uncomfortable it must be to have to suck in and “naturally” pose so the paps get a picture you aren’t embarrassed about.

  • Sidney

    She looks awesome now, much better than in the red bikini.

  • MerryHappy

    I hate to be mean because she obviously has some issues, but she has the strangest body. Her torso baffles me. I was actually surprised she still looked pretty toned in her bikini, considering her recent gain. And I hope she figured it out because yoyoing is unhealthy, and the rumors her husband ‘likes ’em skinny’ so she tries to stay super thin and got implants for him is disgusting to me.

    • Cheers

      Funny. Her torso “baffles” you, and the ease at which you’re “baffled” by a normal looking body, baffles me! OK-her body might not look anywhere like yours or your ideal, BUT her proportions are, well, normal. Nothing out of the ordinary, so please, enlighten me. What is there to be baffled about?

      • lc

        Maybe she means her high hips bones, where they “attach” to her leg/waist area? I have high hip bones (and minimal waist definition too); they don’t do what Leann’s do, but I know about them from experience. It’s her V-shaped body; mine is actually similar but I’m more of a ruler. I wish I looked more v-shaped though, I’m always trying to broaden my shoulders more through exercise lol.

        • MerryHappy

          Lol lots of lateral raises with weights? I can understand that. I don’t think there’s anything ‘wrong’ with her body. She just is kind of strangely shaped to me, like Hillary duff, who I think is cute and seems sweet.

          • lc

            Good idea, yeah I’ve done flies, bench press, it’s working for the most part! But yeah, np, I always think that the things people don’t like (that I have), I actually don’t mind at all! So luckily it works out that way for me lol. I understand about her waist, mine doesn’t quite look like that but I see what you mean. My figure looks more similar to say, Doutzen Kroes’, tbh.

          • MerryHappy

            Doutzen kroes had a bangin’ body! You’re lucky. But you also work out really hard from what I’ve read on here. I naturally have wider shoulders because I’m an hourglass. I like to think of myself as Candice with a bit more weight and huge boobs hahaha, but I’m probably more of a halle berry pre babies. I definitely appreciate a lot of different body types, I admire athletic v shapes, and rulers and even apples have their long thin legs. But sometimes I wonder if I’m completely socialized into loving tiny tall thin curvy women with cleavage because it’s society’s fixation? Like Candice is the dream to me, you know, even though I know half of its misdirection and a quarter illusions? I love working shoulders, back and arms, I feel it’s mostly what people see of you, and then squats, squats, squats! But I recently hurt my back and am on the mend, I hate not being able to exercise and to have to ask for help to lift things! Hahaha

          • lc

            Ugh I wrote out this like huge message and it didn’t post!

            Anyway, thanks! I love Halle Berry’s body, she looks amazing! I’m sure if you are a mixture of Candice and Halle you look awesome also!!

          • MerryHappy

            It posted!
            I definitely feel like you like more body types than certain detractors like to give you credit for and, even when you don’t like them, you’re very gracious.

            I had a boyfriend once tell me I had a ‘broad back’ in the shower, and it devastated me. And, now that I’m not 19, I love having shoulders that ate relatively strong and match my hips and I really enjoy being small and curvy and athletic. I feel the kinder we can be to ourselves, the kinder we’ll be to others. I agree about Kelly brook vs Halle. I feel like Kelly had a better body a few years ago, but it’s really not my place if she’s happy and obviously many other people love and strive for that body. I really appreciate your contributions 🙂 just to let you know.

      • MerryHappy

        Well aren’t you a pleasant one? It baffles me because she is odd looking to me. I don’t actually owe you any real explanation, so perhaps you’ll just have to be Zen about it and think, what enlightenment?

      • jjj2

        I hate to say it, but fake boobs does not compliment, promote, or create a normal looking body.

        She has a larger then normal torso. That it self isn’t an issue, but when she was very thin and with fake boobs, it created an abnormal look. Fake boobs look really odd on thin, fit, and women with low body fat. When you have a larger torso, they really look odd.

        • MerryHappy

          Yeah the fake boobs are a turn off for me. I’m all for whatever it takes to be happy within reason, but I feel she is trying to reorganize her body for her husband and it makes me sad for her and hope she’s okay.

    • Cat

      I think the slightly strange look to her torso in many of these pics is due to her sucking in her stomach. That tends to give that odd look.

      I don’t really think she gained that much weight . . not enough to make her look particularly untoned, anyways. She was slightly too hard previously, imo, and the slight fat gain alleviated that.

      • MerryHappy

        Yeah she just looks kind of puffy, like it’s from medication or alcohol rather than weight gain, and I agree she was a tiny bit too thin before. I miss the leann of yore, she was cute and seemed sosweet

  • emilia

    dont like ths body shape its not so feminine,its represents activity,vitality and strong sexy woman,but not petite,femine,cute

    • Ajla R

      Since when is petite = feminine?? Being feminine has nothing to do with your body size. So Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé aren’t feminine because they’re curvy? I beg to differ.

      • emilia

        noo i dont mean this,but this body shape is like not like audrey hepburns or marylin monroes,its new one,since the 80 when women staretd to do fitness and all this,its a new ideal t be healthy active and strong like man,and thats the perfect body for that,doesnt mean ur not feminine anymore then

  • Mjay

    I think she would looks awesome in between these two weights. Her face is beat though.

  • Jenny

    She looks amazing! She should stick to this weight and not be as thin as she used to be.

  • lc

    Not gonna lie, I love how lean and toned she is in the red bikini in the before pic. She does look fine at this current weight though, must be her set-point.

  • Sandy

    Her shape is a difficult one to dress. She has broad shoulders and narrow hips, which can look somewhat masculine in the wrong clothing. Her upper rib cage is even broad from the side; like she has a barrel chest. She’s the opposite of women like Jennifer Love Hewitt. JLH looks curvy from the front, but typically has a very thin profile (when she’s not pregnant). LeAnn has a curvy profile (busty chest, curvy bum), but is very straight-up-and-down from the front.

    Nonetheless, she is a pretty woman with a beautiful and healthy looking body! I hope she’s happy. She really seems to be struggling and her husband seems like a creep.

    • AlyssaMoh

      Bang on. 100% comment win

      • Sandy

        hahaha, thanks!

  • retrobanana

    she looks pretty good…I said bad stuff about her the last few posts but since her eyes are open the entire way and she looks relatively thing GOOD FOR HER:)

  • Mel

    This is definitely the best she has looked in a while. She looks pretty toned and still has a nice, round butt.

  • anonymous

    I dislike broad shoulders when paired with very narrow hips. But she is looking much better with this weight gain.

  • Leandro

    Perfect weight for her body. Best I’ve seen her look in a long time, she looks nice facially too.

  • jill

    nope. much better before.