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  • Molly

    nothing is a make-over on her

    • Polly

      If I wasn’t kind of revolted by her personality I probably wouldn’t say this but she reminds me of Arthur the Aardvark. So yes, no makeover can mask the seemingly ugliness of her personality.

      • MissMarilyn

        agree. icky personality.

        starving herself for a man AND having an affair with him while he’s married? no no no no no.

        • marliellala

          makeover- is better to see less of her face.
          she is not attractive for me and as a european I missed her lovestory but IMO is his marriage his responsibility. We don’t know what he told her and what she knew.
          A married person can always say no! no matter how big the seduction is! we are able to make decisions! but we have admit that adultery is daily business everywhere cuz. I guess somehow it’s human.

      • Morgan

        Really? whenever I see bangs like this I think of the female lead in Planet of the Apes (the 1968 one). I know none of the apes had bangs, but the way their hair was slicked back…. yikes.

    • Eri

      That’s what I wanted to say. Nasty home wrecker. She is ugly insecure and a loser. No matter how skinny u get Leann ur still Gross!!!

  • Lucy

    Haha like anyone on this site is gonna say she looks good.

    • cloud9

      well she DID look ‘better’ not good, so unfortunate that her face is now even more horse like.

  • Jillian

    Personally I think she looks cute. The bangs make her look younger.

    • Dani

      I agree. I think her bangs look cute on her. Make-over

      And she isn’t my favorite person on the planet but she slept with a married man! Who in hollywood HASN’T??

      • lucy

        i agree with you, almost every celeb have done that! but the thing that i dont like is the fact that she acts like if she was the victim and even crying in every interview talking about the super hard time she went through when eddie and her got together.

        i mean you’re a homewrecker, leave the tears for the pregnant wife of the man you slept with while he was marry married!

        • Dani

          I agree with you, cry because you feel guilty but not pretending to be the victim. Yes she was harshly judged BUT she made a terrible decision in a very public way.

          I still think it’s a little crazy for people to hate her solely based on that when so many other celebs do it too. Maybe she should just NOT do interviews lol

  • Polska Blondynka

    Who is she? And I agree with the person above. The bangs freshen her up compared to the picture below.

  • Addie

    Haha at least they hide that vein

  • Pixie

    The bangs look better.

  • What?! Is she 30?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?

  • snoops

    Under, without her brows to semi open-up her eyes, they look smaller/more closed than ever. Her and Eddie both look like they are forever squinting into a bright light.

    • swissmiss

      HAHA! So true!

  • Jenny

    Makeover. But, she still looks like a man.

  • It somewhat counteracts the remarks regarding Sophia Bushe’s makeover, that only not-so-pretty girls need bangs. To be honest, if someone is not so pretty, no bangs in the world will help.

  • MissMarilyn

    She’s only 30!?!!?!?!?

    i never realized. she definitely doesn’t look it.

  • swissmiss

    I just don’t like her and the way she creates her media image, so I find it hard to say something nice about her. She comes across as a total self-centered, insecure b*tch. Hope that she really is a nicer person in private than she seems to be.

    • jenna

      So true. Ugly inside and out.

  • Hazal

    Still very unattractive -sorry!

  • babyvincer

    NOT flattering at all. She’ll be hating it in a few days……But I have to say she’s not ugly. She makes the most of what she’s got— or just buys what she wants like the boob job. But so many woman do that, so who can blame her. She made a huge mistake with the cheating, but that is the past and she’s moved in a positive direction and is making progress in her life. She just needs to make peace with the baby momma and respect her.

    • cherrybelle

      Worst boob job ever though. You can drive a truck through the gap between those things. Her insecurity is the thing that shines the brightest about her, unfortunately, slavishly conforming to the blond bimbo image for a douchebag like Eddie Cibrian says it all.

  • Casey

    I think she’s average facially. Honeslty, that’s what most people look like, with people being worse looking or better looking.

    I think the haircut makes her look slightly younger, so it’s an improvement.

    It’s unfortunate that she can’t make her personality match her age.

    • April

      I certainly wasn’t aware that most people look like this. I’d say she’s below average.

  • annemarie

    Well, I guess I like the bangs, they make her look like she’s in her early 30s. Before she looked like she was in her 40s.

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    She isn’t pretty anyway

  • Bellerina

    Did Brandi just get bangs or some thing? I don’t like this look on her, seems to make her nose look longer now that her forehead is covered.

  • Winnie

    total make-under…yikes.

  • Nikki

    The fringe made me realise how awful her nose is.

  • Nobsnob

    Still don’t know who she is to begin with (and still don’t care).

  • paola

    nooooo! makeunder!!
    p.s.don’t know who she is. less celebs’ names I recognise the luckier I feel.

  • Alana

    Hmm. Looks like a homewrecker either way. Makeunder.

  • roonie

    I saw this picture on another site and I just immediately though EWW WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. Anyway, I don’t like her (can you tell 😉 😉 ) I don’t think she’s is attractive in any way whatsoever.. neither looks nor personality.

  • lc


  • Adele

    Makeunder! Her bangs make her nose look bigger and cover her eyes.

  • mary

    Bangs, no bangs…she still looks like a donkey. unfortunate.

  • Junior

    Everything’s a makeunder with her.

  • La la la la

    it’s a make under… but almost everyone is so ruthless about her! she can look pretty sometimes. she just doesn’t in this pic. as far as her morals go… she’s in hollywood and its not like there are any morals there anyway and brandi seems crazy too. homewrecker is just a silly insult i think in general bc it takes two (or three) to wreck a family. her, her husband, and brandi all wrecked that family together and continue to do so

  • Adriana

    Eveytime I see her I think why did Eddie leave/cheat on Brandi.
    Not only was she the mother of his kids but she seems like a nicer person than Leanne (Leanne slept with a married man) plus Brandi is 10X hotter even though she is 10yrs older but with those years comes 10yrs more maturity.
    The only reason I watch the RHOBH is because of Brandi.
    She seems fun and is quite amuzing.
    I guess things happen for a reason, Brandi deserves better and Leanne got what she deserved.

    • Adriana

      Forgot to add. MAKEUNDER!
      The bangs make Leannes nose look bigger.

  • Dorothy

    She looks younger, makeover.

  • amber

    On the plus side, they cover up her ugly forehead veins. Are forehead veins genetic or is her body weight just too low to have enough forehead fat to cover them properly? On the other hand, they aren’t long enough to cover her god-awful breast implants, which must be made of magnets, because they look as if they’re repelling each other and no force on earth could push them together.

    Mean, I know. I’ll blame the PMS. And the fact that I don’t know what she does anymore, beside tweeting and famewhoring.

    • Adriana

      Leanne’s body fat is not super low anymore. She has gained a bit of body fat since those beach photos, the ones with her tong-spelling? hanging out. IMO her body looks great now. As for the veins i think they are hereditry like when you see very heavy people with cheek bones. Some people regarless of their body fat will have them.

  • Natalie

    I don’t personally find her attractive at all.

  • D

    The bangs hide her face so yes, improvement

    • Liz

      You beat me to it. At least it covers up some of her face.

  • Anastasia.

    Could her eyes be any squinty-er?

  • binks

    Meh I used to think LeAnn was cute back in the day now….

  • Claire

    the ugliness of her personality and appearance match perfectly…. she is disgusting

    <3 Brandi

  • kate

    She is just not pretty, to me. But who cares

  • Milo

    Chipmunk FACE!
    OMG.. ive seen trannys better lookin

  • Annabella

    She is terrifying to look at always .
    Her face is just so reptilian…and she is a vile individual.
    she should get chin length bangs. the longer the better!

  • kateuk

    I know she’s just a hideous person on the inside, but the bangs make her look so young and cute. She usually has this hard look about her, but this is a massive makeover IMO.

  • Aims

    Homewrecker indeed. She really should turn over a new leaf – and not by getting bangs.

  • Carly

    i agree with most above. i find her personality detestable, and cannot find her physically atrractivfe.