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  • Kay

    Her face looks better, but that might be due to age, idk. I also think…her boobs look nice! Like, I have about the same size, and I’ve always kind of wanted implants or thought I might get them at some later date but small boobs that are perky are starting to look alright to me. It seems to be really all about what you wear. Like, her body was obviously heavier at this time in her life, but in certain outfits, her shape is beautiful.

  • M

    She used to be so freshfaced and beautiful! Looking at a recent photo, you can tell how much work she’s had on her face – looks ugly.

  • Hazal

    Very sheer top in the 6th pic…

    • lc

      Omg wow I didn’t catch that haha. Yes it is!

  • She really hasn’t aged very well and the bad boob-job hasn’t helped – her boobs were perfectly good for her figure before. I’m glad she’s not as thin as she once was – but it is sad that she went through all that when she used to look slim and healthy.

  • lc

    Typical style from that time, lol. Her face was actually a lot prettier then, idk why. I like her current thin/fit body best, but her figure looks okay here. I don’t mind her body shape, V-shape. That and column are my favorite body types.

  • amelia

    I’m sooo on the fence with her. In 3 or 4 of the photos she looks really good.. but the rest of them? she just looks sort of.. .well… frumpy… or dumpy… not sure of the term. certainly NOT polished.. sexy… or “star like”… she kind of comes across like one of the farm girls I used to go to high school with. Not terrible.. but not great, either…

  • Lisa

    Is that seriously only early 2000s?! It looks gaudier, even by my memory… I thought 1998. I miss her country days, when she sang in front of the Full House house in the video for One Way Ticket. She looks better now, but she wasn’t posting every second of her life on the internet back then. (Not with dial-up… who’d want to?!)

  • MissMarilyn

    In some of these photos she looks gorgeous and some are less flattering, but I guess that’s part of the magic of candid shots haha!

    I can’t really like ReAnn Limes after she had an affair with a married man but whatever. Like if you do something knowing that it will destroy someone else… you shouldn’t do it. Ask for him to get a divorce first, save her the shame of being cheated on.

  • she already had boobs, why did she have to get fake ones? they look fine here!

  • Alyona

    I think she actuallly looks great in the picture with world series jacket/mic outside. Looks healthy, at a good weight…fresh faced.

  • Juju

    Great boobs and butt! I don’t know her much but I read on here that she lost a ton of weight. Why?That’s a killer body.

  • solaxia

    Her face looks cute. and her body is lovely here! She has nice slim curves. Not emaciated like she has been with fake curves. I prefer her here. I know I’ll likely get scolded but I like the 90s clothes as tacky as they are. At least there was something left to the imagination back then (There. I said it. I know! Guilty as charged lol)

  • Grazibel

    her teeth were soooo yellow!!

  • Kealia1974

    I don’t find her attractive at any weight but her weight back then suited her features better and these pictures demonstrate just how bad her decision was to get breast implants.