Jessica Alba, Leighton Meester, Who Is Hotter?

Black Dress Cuties: Jessica Alba & Leighton Meester

Black-Dress-Cuties-Jessica-Alba-Leighton-Meester - Black Dress Cuties: Jessica Alba & Leighton Meester

2 brown haired, brown eyed beauties, both in cute black dresses at 2 recent events: Jessica and Leighton!

Who’s rocking the ‘little black dress’ look this time?

See them closer on the next page!

Black-Dress-Cuties-Jessica-Alba-Leighton-Meester- - Black Dress Cuties: Jessica Alba & Leighton Meester

Black-Dress-Cuties-Jessica-Alba-Leighton-Meester12 - Black Dress Cuties: Jessica Alba & Leighton Meester

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  • Polly

    Jessica is stunning. Leighton is very pretty. But I think Jessica rocks the lbd better here.

  • arabella

    Wow.. their make up is flawless! I agree with Polly.. both look stunning but I think Jessica wins. I like the look with a tan.

  • lola

    Leighton looks so darling here….love her dress!!!….not sure about jessica’s “edgy” look…me no likey

    • Leah

      i agree, so nice to see leighton wearing an outfit that isn’t hideous. i hate jessica’s shoes, so yeah, leighton wins

    • definitely agreed!!! All I see in Jessica is simply beautiful, very doll-alike and unbearably cute face (sometimes even annoyingly cute… Seriously, I’m not jealous, If I were a grown-up women, an actress also, I wouldn’t wish to have a such cute face). Somehow, I don’t see anything in her apart that sweet looks… Well, she has a nice body too…

  • flossy

    Jessica in one word “WOW” she looks stunning.

  • Ida

    I think that if Jessica’s dress had a more defined waist, it would look ten times better. She’s got the wow-factor, and she is stunning, I just like Leighton’s dress better. But Jessica got everything else going on for her; the tan, hair, makeup, and the list goes on. They are both true beauties.

    • agree. i was thinking the same thing about jessica 🙂

    • Diana

      My thoughts exactly!

    • aj

      I don’t reckon a tan is always something ‘going for’ someone. Leighton looks better imo

      • padme

        Yeah I was thinking how Leighton has gorgeous pale skin. I prefer that to an ugly tan. I also hate Jessica’s hair, but I do like her dress better.

  • Nikki

    For once Jessica is out-shined 😀 though she still looks stunning. But I think Leighton looks amazing! Like her dress better and the styling, hair and makeup-wise… Very close competition though 🙂

    • I thought the same :))

    • Melanie


  • cus

    Jessica looks perfect, Leighton looks NATURAL and really pretty.. somehow I prefer Leighton!

  • Nina

    Just last week I was b*itching about Leighton outfit being horrendous !

    And now, here she is, all gorgeous again from head to toe. She looks really great !!! I hope it’s not a one time thing, because really lately her style is not good.

    Jessica looks really beautiful and classy, she rocks that dress !

    • Diana


  • lizzy

    i normally do not like either of these girls, but jessica is styled beautifully, i loveee the jewelry with that dress!!!

  • sam

    wow leighton just WOW amazing!!!!

  • Hazal

    Jessica Alba looks stunning!!! Simply wow!

  • Diana

    jessica wins this time..though i absolutely adore leighton’s shoes!!!!!!!!!!

    • Diana

      Hey, namesake! 😉
      I agree with you! and Leighton’s shoes are really outstanding!

  • Julia

    Leighton wins. I think her dress is more flattering, I like her hair and the subtle accessory instead of that huge necklace alot more

  • Jessica looks boring. Leighton looks sooo adorable, like a bright eyed little squirrel or something. And so pretty! Much prefer this look to her see-through jumpsuit, it’s interesting enough but not garish or weird. I can’t quite put my finger on what’s not right about Jessica’s look – it’s like it should be interesting, but it just isn’t. She’s basically a very pretty brick, ha.

    • I think the same! In my eyes Jessica is usually overrated and Leighton looks stunning here! Of course, she’s a beautiful girl overall, but this was her moment, she looks perfect!

  • siennagold

    I prefer Jessica’s look. Love it!

  • Jessica’s dress would be so much nicer if it was either full length or tight. I wish Leighton would fix up her eyebrows. I know she’s purposely going for the ‘natural’ look with it but arghh

  • Cam

    Jessica just looks a bit awkward and boxy(it’s the bottom of her dress)
    And I don’t really like her hair back..
    But she’s pretty no doubt,I dig the makeup.
    Leighton wins for me I guess,I like her hair

  • leighton looks adorable! love it

  • Katy

    Leighton wins. I want that dress!

  • Melania

    They both look gorgeous. Love Leighton always.

  • asha


    OMG. I actually like something Leighton is wearing.

  • Sharon

    Leighton wins! Jessica just looks too harsh and proper for me, I love Leighton’s flirty look.

  • pixie

    They both look flawless. But i think Jessica stands out more.

    • How on Earth Jessica can stand out more? Sorry, I don’t want to be mean, but explain it to me!!! For me Alba seems sooooo boring!

  • maria

    Leighton looks so comfortable,natural,glowing and beautiful.
    Ten times better than ALba,Alba s just looking well…like”I have to be here”.

  • Aims

    Leightons skin is so beautiful and pale! I like her look better – I think orange is sooooo out. Tanning is GROSS. Leighton wins!

    • lp23

      Jessica is a latina.

      I will for go for Jessica.

      Leighton looks beautiful as well.

      • MrsEllis

        ooohhh, I don’t she’d like to be called a “latina”… In fact, she’s actively against being labeled as such…

        • lp23

          She has always called herself a latina. She has denied making those quotes. It is who do you believe. A tabloid magazine or her.

      • She

        I am latin and pale

    • mel

      I think tanning until you’re orange (like Geri Hallwell) doesn’t look good. But this is Jessica’s natural skin tone. I don’t have anything against pale skin, but I think if darker skin is your natural skin tone, and not a result of over-tanning, it can look equally beautiful. I actually prefer Jessica’s skin here because she just looks so radiant. Leighton’s skin looks great as well.

      • Aims

        True! They both look hawt! I’m a big fan of Jess too!

      • Melanie

        well put.

  • solaxia

    I’ve never really liked either of them…never thought Jess was all that outstanding…except her body was great when she first started out and had more meat like in Idle hands. Never thought either had great faces…pretty still! but nothing amzing to me. Leighton wins though…I think she looks cute and feminine and her skin tone is pretty and soft

    • Erica

      I agree. Jessica looks too thin now and this dress doesn’t give her any shape – it’s very straight and narrow. She has flawless skin and a beautiful face – I just wish she was fuller like in her earlier days!
      Leighton always has gorgeous hair and a pretty face, but only once or twice have I liked her outfits. This dress is so cute though and she looks great – I think she wins this by being flirty and natural.

  • seijidan

    Jessica’s skin is naturally that hue. It’s beautiful, not like the tan that has pigmentations and freckles.

    I like Leighton’s dress better. I think Jessica’s outfit would look better if her shoes were gold heels

    • Melanie

      Some people have freckles without tanning. Freckles can be beautiful too.

      • seijidan

        I know. but there are those who tan and get those unwanted spots that there skin looks so damaged and leathery, like most women from real housewives and marissa miller for example

  • mel

    I love both of them but Jessica will always win in my book. She looks so beautiful and classy, and I love the way she accessorized her dress.

  • Kimberly

    I prefer Leighton here. I really like everything about her. Jessica is beautiful but I don’t like the dress or jewelry as much. I also like Leighton’s pale skin. It’s very feminine and she’s comfortable with it. Good for her and all the pale girls!

  • MrsEllis

    Jessica Alba is sooo bad at acting that she can’t even fake a smile at an event. She looks pained and unnatural. I’m sorry, I just don’t like stupid women who are bad at acting to boot. There are plenty of educated, talented beauties who are better than her and stars similar to her in every respect (Jennifer Connelly, Claire Danes, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson). I don’t see why she is still famous.

    • Jennifer

      totally agree.

  • Casey

    Jessica has the most perfect skin ever. Even in the upclose shot, it’s flawless.

    Leighton is cute but I’m just not feeling that hair color on her. It’s a bit too warm/honey-ish. She should go somewhere in between an ash brown and this color.

  • ladyb0sss

    wow they both look great . but if that wasnt jessica in that dress that really wouldnt work at all. the dress just doesnt seem to fit . too long hemline maybe? or maybe should be tighter if it was that long. plus not a fan of the super sleeked back hair. flattens her head. somethings just off. but as always really pretty 🙂

    but gotta say leighton just looks so pretty and cute. and her dress just suits and fits her really well although kinda shows how odd her leg shape is. but i love the close up .. so cute 🙂 a tad pale though.

  • Karolina

    Jessica Alba looks pretty as always, I can’t help it but I don’t like her attitude…and she has a strange body-image too…I think she should overcome herself and accept it that nobody considers her a serious actress…she is pretty and acts a little bit…that’s all…

    leighton is not outstanding to me

  • Sidney

    Among other things i love Leighton’s skin here, i don’t understand how people manage to look so glowing and lovely rather than grey and worn out with such a pale skin. The dress is cute too.

  • Kelly

    This is Jessica’s natural skin color she’s always been naturally tanned even more so during the summer.

    • I was just about to say that. She’s partly Latina and has always had a natural bronzed look from what I can remember.

  • I don’t really like either of their outfits though they both look beautiful.

    Alba is very stunning but I think she is looking very thin these days. Back in her Dark Angel days she was thin and meaty at the same time.

  • Oh my gosh,, Leighton is just really gorgeous,, Jessica alba looks good but she ain’t got nothing Leighton :O

    • for me too! 😉

  • Jessica looks amazing! Flawless !
    Love her dress & shoes!

  • franzka


  • Gaby

    Leighton is super cute, but Jessica is the drop dead gorgeous one here!

  • Sen

    They both look amazing and there´s no deny that Jessica is pretty I like Leighton´s look a little more. It´s kind of different and she looks so happy 🙂

  • Sandy

    There´s something wrong with Leighton´s eyebrowes, like she wanted them to look natural, but it looks fake instead.

  • Jessica:
    The star trek shoulderpad thing is odd.
    Hair back to emphasize long thin neck.
    “anklet-like” straps well above ankles is maybe not common?
    A sudden shallow bend in the dress at her hip, (her) right side. I’ll guess that the dress is too tight and inelastic above the bend.

    Magenta nail polish clashes with hair dye. Finger ring looks vicious.
    Dress piecing layout reminds me of a carseat cover. The floating buckle thing at her belly looks like painted steel, except that photoflash reflections expose some irregular surface ripples.
    Teeth braces? or a mirage from the lighting?

    That’s all i spot in 2d stills. (they’re both hot, of course)

  • Ali

    Jessica looks perfect! she is stunning.

  • Sims

    Both look so pretty but I think Jessica looks a bit prettier… at least with this makeup look. If I saw them on the street side by side I probably wouldn’t be able to choose which ones prettier though. But in this particular outfit/makeup choice Jessica looks more stunning.

  • jjj

    Leighton really looks amazing. I’d have to give it to her.

  • Serafiina

    They have really similar eyes.

    I usually think Leighton has one of the most prettiest faces, but here I must say I prefer Jessicas, even though Leighton is beautiful as always. but then, I prefer Leighton s legs, waist and dress. I really like her pale skin, but Jessica has a really spectacular skin, it is glowing and a perfect shade.

    Still, as a whole, I am with Leighton.

  • RachyRach

    Wow. I love Leighton, but she is a terrible dresser. But this time, wow… She looks amazing: the dress, the shoes, the hair and make-up. WOW! Better than Jessica.