Leighton Meester Suits Up

FP_6173115_GothamAwards_SOF_112910 - Leighton Meester Suits Up

Leighton Meester left at home the short minidresses, miniskirts, the lace and the frills last night, when she showed up at the Gotham Film Awards in NYC in a gray suit with a matching tie.

How are you loving this masculine style on Leighton?

See her closer next!

FP_6173114_GothamAwards_SOF_112910 - Leighton Meester Suits Up

FP_6173480_GothamAwards_SOF_112910 - Leighton Meester Suits Up

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68 thoughts on “Leighton Meester Suits Up”

  1. I like it a lot though i’d maybe opt for navy or something instead of grey, she looks nice in it but it’s sort of daring imo, the masculine look AND a rather masculine/old lady color. But she’s so cute and feminine that she’s pulling it off. Don’t like the make-up though, from up close it looks good but from afar i think her face just looks grey and dirty.

  2. I adore how she is willing to mix things up.

    It may not always look great ( a la jumpsuite a few weeks back) but still, she is playful with her style and that I like.
    Its what fashion is all about, having fun, being playful and mixing it up.

    She is unique.

    • I agree. She seems to just have fun with it. She constantly tries something new, yet it never seems too “planned”. Sometimes it doesn’t work out but who cares? We all know she’s pretty!

  3. I think she is a gorgeous girl but I hate this look – the hair, the make-up, the suit, all of it is just wrong! I agree with the above comment about her looking like a young johnny depp in make-up here. As hot as johnny depp is, its not the best look for a girl lol.

  4. I think she’s totally rocking it!
    I’m not feeling the green snakeskin clutch, but everything else looks perfect. I love celebrities, who are willing to take some risks when it comes to dressing up for occasions. I’m getting pretty sick of the standard strapless-starlet-mini-dresses.

  5. i don’t lke the way most girls look in suits. I think it makes em look stocky… so not a big fan of her figure in this

    but not saying it’s awful!

  6. with that hair i would never guess she’s a spokesperson for herbal essence πŸ™

    that being said she can pull off the suit really well

  7. I honestly think she looks absolutely stunning. The more i look at the pictures, the more i like the look. As someone already said, maybe it would have been wiser to choose some other colour, maybe even a bit more daring, because this is very masculine. But, nonetheless, she is rocking this.

  8. She can pull off a suit! Although, something is strange about her makeup .. And hair .. Feel like something isn’t as it should …

  9. Question: is it a common make-up thing to put dark-ish eyeshadow under the eyes? I know people do it with highlighter colors (dew-ey pinks and whites) buuuut…?

    In regards to the outfit, cute in theory (being surprising of her style) but something about the fit is off, like it is too big or not feminized enough…idk only diane keaton can pull off this look well

  10. I feel she needs more balance to the outfit. I am all for the “man” look but this is to man and not enough woman. Maybe if she didnt tie the tie so close up it would look more feminem.
    Just what i think, the pants and and heels are right on but the top part around the neck just a little too much like you’re are wearing your dads suite.

  11. She looks great in this suit…very fun and cute…I like the color and the fact that the suit is fully masculine but she pulls it off nicely…and I love her shoes

  12. aw. i love leighton meester. i think i wouldnt mind the suit and all because im all for masculine pieces or outfits but i really despise her makeup. so im too distracted. i mean she looks so ugly πŸ™ sad to say. i know shes not ugly. but this make up is horrible.

  13. She looks sophisticated ! It’s a great disgression from her usual style, it still VERY feminine though ! Leighton has a great sense of style !

  14. Love her look here its gorgeous and she shows how you can look confident and sexy without your arse hanging out the back of some tiny dress.

  15. makeup makes her look more like a guy. if she had done a pretty ponytail, and soft makeup, it would have complimented her outfit.

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