Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester: ‘I hate working out for the sake of working out’

allure2 - Leighton Meester: 'I hate working out for the sake of working out'

“I hate working out for the sake of working out-it’s a chore. I hate going to the gym, and I don’t really care to do it. The one thing I love is yoga, and I do it at least four or five times a week. It’s pretty fast-paced. I never get bored.”

… says Leighton Meester for Allure Magazine, while posing in lingerie.

See the other 2 shots!

allure1 - Leighton Meester: 'I hate working out for the sake of working out'

allure3 - Leighton Meester: 'I hate working out for the sake of working out'

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  • cammy

    Not a fan of the first pic, but she looks beautiful in the other 2!

  • Daniel

    She is so ordinary… I don’t even understand why she should be on the cover of a magazine, and why is she in underwears? I mean, I don’t want to see this girl in lingerie… She has nothing special to offer or show, her body and face are pretty average… I am pretty sure than 80% of you are hotter and more beautiful than her…She’s not even that talented…

    • ladyb0sss

      lol because shes blair waldorf (Gossip Girl). sadly someone u watch is someone u tend to grow into liking which is why i love her. its exactly how i felt when people thought jennifer aniston was pretty back when friends was running because i never watched it then.. theyre face just grows on you lol.

      • Nik

        Agree with this. I know some celebrities, whom others are crazy about, but i’ve never seen in movies/tv who i find completely dull/uninteresting. Someone’s personality/character can really make a difference as to how physically attractive they are! Leighton has really really grown on me while watching Gossip Girl. I don’t think she untalented (not counting her “music career”), i think she’s charming and hilarous as Blair, and very beautiful. I think she’s a real classic beauty, with the pale skin and dark big eyes. Loove the third pic of her!
        And btw i don’t think it’s sad as u said 🙂 I think it’s great that personality (even a fictional one) can make u more beautiful! 🙂

    • Kimberly

      Everyone has different tastes. I think she’s a stunner! Very feminine….

    • Ellen

      Hahaha, sorry, but I’ve never heard a GUY say that they “don’t want to see a girl in lingeire”… at least someone who looks like Leighton. Give me a break.

      • Kimberly

        Snort. Good point.

      • hahaha, so true!

      • Nik

        haha agree too 🙂 I mean it might not be ur taste, but it sure as h**l can’t hurt ur eyes to look at 😀

      • snoops

        You hit the nail on the head! Lol – dont want to see a pretty girl in her underwear….hahaha.

      • RAchel

        and magazines like allure and glamour are meant for men? Didn’t think so 🙂

        Must be a sad world you live in if you think all men want to see girls naked, whether she’s ugly or pretty D:

        • solaxia

          yea i have to agree…all men are different

        • Ellen

          Most men enjoy seeing women naked. It’s not a sad world, it’s a fact of life. And anyway, I mostly posted that comment because a lot of people who frequent this site have a pretty good idea that “Daniel” isn’t who he says he is. Wasn’t trying to offend anyone, but it’s kind of the truth.

          • true, and even if the don’t like the girl, it wouldn’t actually bother them.

      • Ashes

        If he says he doesn’t want to see her maybe we should just take him at his word. If she isn’t to his taste maybe he really doesn’t want to see her scantily clad.

        • snoops

          if you’ve seen “his” other comments before, this why people lol a bit now at the things “he” says

    • She’s one of the main characters on a very popular television show. Considering those are the types of people that generally grace the covers, why shouldn’t she?

    • AlexD

      I’m pretty surprised you say that. I always found her to be so gorgeous and would imagine men would adore her and think she is uber hot. how funny that you dont..

  • jjj

    I disagree, I think she is very beautiful. She has a very nice body and a pretty face. At least she keeps healthy by doing yoga and it appears she has a good diet.

  • ladyb0sss

    i love the quote just because i feel exactly the same way. hate the gym. its so boring to me.. but i gotta do what i gotta do to say fit..

    but like she said if you can find something you love to keep you fit then go for it.. because for me its definitely playing sports. but not as easy to find other players to play with all the time.

  • brook

    She has a very pretty face.classical,not changed by nosejob,fillers,botox,whatever.
    She seems like a natural beauty.

    And judging her talent etc…I think there are people who at least have the knowledge to do so.And calling her ordinary?Sorry,blake lively looks ordinary in comparison.Lively has no mouth,eyes or cheekbones,nothing you remember.Meester has big,beautiful eyes and very nice facial feautres.

    • Kimberly

      I agree. She is classically beautiful. I also agree about Blake Lively.

    • neutra

      I couldn’t agree more. Lively is so blah, and is something you’d see overly airbrushed on a mens magazine cover. Leighton is far more beautiful and intimidating.

  • Kimberly

    I understand her quote but I don’t feel that way. I love working out. It’s one of my favorite things to do. If I don’t, my day won’t feel complete.

    • AlexD

      me too 🙂 love the gym. its my sanctuary where i come in peace with myself and have all sorts of epiphanies. heheh..

  • I think she is naturally beautiful!

    I don’t LOVE working out, but I don’t mind it. I find it really depends on my day at work, if I’m running around a ton I don’t bother with the gym. If I’ve sat most of the day, I’ll make it a point to get in a few miles at the gym. I don’t hate working out…what I hate is not moving enough…if that makes sense? 🙂

    • flossy

      It makes sense it took a while before I found the activity I enjoyed doing which is running. Exercise just for the sake of it isn’t worth it. It’s finding the activity you enjoy so that it feels like fun as opposed to a chore, I love fencing but I hate weight training so I don’t do weight training. I exercise but it never feels like it.

  • Andra

    She’s pretty alright but she is not so natural as you think. She had a nose job and there are pictures to show it. Just google it.

  • Ida

    I really dislike it when celebrities says they don’t care for or bother to go to the gym, when we all know they do to look like this!

    • Josephinee

      And I really dislike it when people can’t accept that some women are just naturally good-looking, body-wise. Leighton has a beautiful body, but it’s not that toned.

      Besides, she does yoga four or five times a week. It’s not like she said she didn’t anything at all. Clearly, she stays in shape.

    • nope

      If you actually read her comment, it says she hates working out simply for the sake of working out. Not only does she say she goes to yoga several days a week, she could also enjoy an active lifestyle outside of the gym — maybe she has dogs she takes hiking, maybe she rides a bike to get her places, perhaps she like surf boarding, etc. Who the hell knows? The point is, you’re taking her comment out of context, assuming it says something it doesn’t. I know plenty of people who never step foot in a gym, but are far fitter than 99.9 % of the people who do.

      Case in point, my friend is training for her second marathon — she needs to knock 6 min. off to qualify for the boston marathon. She’s never run on a treadmill and she’s not a member of any gym.

    • I actually like that she’s honest about not enjoying the gym. Most celebs talk about how much they love working out and how fit they are – I find that a little boastful. Some people need to exercise a lot or they feel quite stressed out – some people find working out stressful! There really is no one right way to live that fits everyone.

      I don’t like working out either, but I do it 3 times a week because it’s good for me. I also do pilates every day. Unfortunately I am not blessed with slim-body genes, as Leighton seems to be, and I love food so working out three times a week and doing pilates keeps me fit and strong enough, but not thin! Genetics play a big part and some people are naturally slim even whey they don’t work at it, others are naturally bigger even when they eat well and work out – it’s not all that fair, but that’s the way it is!

      • karolina

        blabla…the genetics excuse, here we go again…girl you probably eat too much, that is it, fact is, you don’t burn that much calories when working out, especially when you don’t have an active lifestyle in general.

        why does everybody say he/she is overweight due to genetics…it really bothers me…do you really think people 50,60 years ago had better genes??? because obesity was no problem in this time…you people just eat too much….!

        while I agree that being skinny without an effort is due to also, but not exclusively genetics or thermogenesis, being really overweight is NOT due to genetics, except you are among the 1% who suffers from a metabolic-disorder.

        just eat less and be on the run all the time and you will be slim, I know it is not that easy, especially in the US.

        I have an BMI von 17,18 and I don’t work out at all, but I am still very toned because I run around like crazy because of my hectic lifestyle…I never use an elevator and so on, in summer I ride my bike to get from A to B and I walk a lot everyday. This is 3times more effiecient than doing a little bit of pilates or a little bit of running 3times a week. I eat 3 times a day, and not only salad, I eat everything what my body desires, and I don’t think about food that much because I am just to busy with studying and working and so on.

        • lovelylou

          woa, chill out. you should not judge other people like that and insult them. just because something works for you does not mean it works for others. how would you feel if somebody said that because you have a BMI of 17-18 you obviously eat too little/starve yourself? everybody is different.

        • mmartin

          Actually, genetics can play a huge part in weight and body shape. Obesity is usually caused by a combination of a sedentary lifestyle and overeating, yes this is true. However some people could be eating the same things and doing the same activities as you but a different body frame, metabolism, muscle mass, etc. could leave this person with a higher weight/bmi than you. One should not immediately assume that someone who is “chunky” is a couch potato who eats mass amounts of food, just as one should not assume a woman who is very slender is anorexic or excessively obsessed with exercise.

          • mmartin

            That was in response to Karolina’s comment, by the way.

          • karolina

            of course genetics are resposible for your “happy weight”…but they are not resposible for a BMI above 30!!!!

        • Alex

          Genetics is a completely valid excuse. I’m not saying genetics is a valid excuse for someone who is obese (in some cases, yes, but in most, no,) however, the way that someone gains weight, and how much is absolutely partially determined by genetics.

          And, if you look at women in the sixties, many were softer and larger (and by larger I still mean below todays average of a size 12) than women today.

          If you’re going to say that genetics plays no part in weight gain, then you’re going to have to call BS on body-types, too, which I don’t think anyone who frequents this site will, as it is such a perfect example of how many different body types there are.

          Genetics determines where you are most likely to gain weight and also how much. My best friend weighs 100 pounds and I weigh 150. She wears a size 00 and I wear a size 6. I would say we excercise about the same, but as far as eating goes, she takes the cake. The food she eats (while she eats probably as much or maybe slightly less than me) is much less healthy and has many more calories, yet there is a 50 pound difference in our weight. If you look at her mother, she is a slim ruler as well, even as she grows older and her metabolism slows. My mother is slim but bottom heavy – clearly a pear. My body is more balanced but when you look at my legs you can tell that they are the offspring of my mothers, because it is one of the first places I gain weight.

          • karolina

            the women in the sixties were maybe soft, but had at max a size 38-40 (don’t know the US-sizes)…so they were still average/slim and not overweight…and as I stated, being overweight or really overweight is in 99%not due to your genes, it is due to your lifestyle. and I also stated that being skinny without an effort is due ALSO to genetics, or better thermogenesis, but if these people would sit around the whole day and binge they would also gain weight…it is simple math! I do research in this field and I stopped counting how many patients how are obese really overweight claim it is because of ther genetics, because it lays in the familiy…blabla….it is a comfortable excuse, you put the responsibility somewhere else, because clearly, you are the victim of your genes, what can you do about it! and because you are such a victim you change nothing…

          • Alex

            This is to karolina:

            A size 38-40 would put them at about at a size 8-10, which is slightly under the average size for women in the U.S. today.

            As for the rest of your post, I was agreeing with you. I concurred that in post cases with obese or overweight patients, it is not actually genetics. But, for some people on the upper range of their healthy weight, genetics does play a part in them not being able to lose the weight or causing them to gain the weight in the first place.

          • Versus

            @ Alex,
            Size 38 is around a US 4, not 8 by far. Of course, it depends on the European country: In Western Europe, maybe a 36 is a 4, but in Eastern Europe, a 40 could easily be a 4 (eg: Russia). This is my own experience.
            I don’t want to confuse our visitors from the countries where size 38 is the smallest size (so clearly thin, definitely not ‘slightly under average’).
            Also, I don’t think that size 8 qualifies as ‘slightly under average’, considering the average is size 14.
            Sorry, I had to respond… in the past I got emails from European girls who read comments on my site and thought that size 38 is big (after inaccurate conversions).

  • Oh Daniel. Don’t bother looking if seeing leighton in lingerie is a problem because there are other guys who find this woman attractive. She looks beautiful here and it’s great to see a woman who isn’t filled with surgery on her body. And I really love the second picture.

  • Sidney

    Yaay, i hate the gym too. I do plenty of different things though, i can like weight training too if it’s a part of something else, like for boxing. Training just to look good is a drab. Or to only feel good afterwards, not during. But i believe some people genuinely do love the gym, i just wonder why so many whine about it and don’t think of other ways to move. To me she looks thin and there’s some tone there, but not that much so it wouldn’t be hard for me to believe she does yoga but not that much of anything that would create more definition or muscle. Not that yogis wouldn’t be toned, it’s just i think with that merely it’s harder to get there.

  • Rebecca

    she has an amazing body

  • Katy

    If this girl is average, I want to be average. She’s got a beautiful face, big eyes, thin body with a nice little waist and lovely pale skin. I’m sure she does workout and I admit it can get a little boring but that just means you have to change it up.

    • Rayne

      Yeah, I agree with you beautiful face. She is plain faced and that’s okay. Everybody isn’t nor do they have to be stunning. I feel the same way about Jen Aniston, I just don’t see the big deal never will.

      • Yes I agree. Not everyone can have an interesting or exotic beauty. She is very pretty and considered plain-faced because she doesn’t really have anything wrong with her face if that makes sense?

        • Yes, I get what you’re trying to say!
          Her face is just flawless.
          She’s the opposite of Adriana Lima, for example, who you wether like or don’t, with those strong features.
          But, personally, I think Leighton’s face IS quite memorable. I think she’s one of the most gorgeous girls out there.

  • Ophelie

    I think she is very pretty, not exotically so, but quite adorable. I actually really like her body in that it is delicate without appearing frail and feminine without being “curvy”. It’s also refreshing to see someone in lingerie/bikini without the skin colour of an oompa loompa.

    • adorable is the word i would use too 🙂
      i think she looks good body wise..but sometimes she can look a little bit chubby (example in the new season of gossip girl)…if she toned those arms a bit more shed look more than good.

  • Maggie

    she looks stunning in the last pic…doppelganger of Gemma Arterton:)

  • kat

    I dont know what is it about her, but I just dont like her, I dont find her pretty. She’s not ugly, but I dont see anything special on her.

  • mary

    I think she is quite pretty. Definetely well above the average girls I see on the streets. However I am so sick and tired of the word “toned”..why is it soooooo important to be toned? I think she looks very good bodywise and doesn’t need any “toning”..an atractive body is an atractive body, toned or not. In absolutely every single post comments apear about how that person needs some toning..I have never heard of such a defect in real life until i followed this site, neither coming from women or men. It seems so strange to me..

  • Snigdha

    she looks like kate winslet in the first pic to me.. i think she’s beautiful.. n a better actress than most of her co-stars.. but i dont like most of her photoshoots..

  • Sanne

    Watched Gossip Girl the other night and she’s really pretty and has a real good body.

  • sostupid

    i like her energy and confidence

    but personally,i dont like it when people especially celebs, say they hate going to the gym.

    a lot of young girls look up to them, and this is not a smart thing to say!

    i love going to the gym, it makes you feel strong, fit, concentrated, confident, boosts the immune system, HELLO? pff..

    • Josephinee

      Read the entire quote 🙂 She didn’t say she didn’t like physical activity, she says she doesn’t like working out for the sake of working out. There’s a difference.

    • Alex

      There’s nothing wrong with not liking the gym. (And, also as Josephinee said, she never said she didn’t get around and move. In the quote she says she does yoga, which keeps your body strong and fit.

      Personally, I HATE going to the gym. I have a very busy lifestyle and like Leighton, I feel like it is a chore and really takes time out of my day that could be better utilized doing something else.

      Not to mention, while it may make YOU feel fit, confident and concentrated, it may wear others down. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to go to the gym, especially when there are more healthy ways to excercise.

  • Cristina

    There is nothing wrong with hating to go to the gym. I personally love sports but i hate the gym, I do not consider machines and so on a sport. I hike, walk, run, swim, mountain climb, do pilates, play basketball, lots of stuff, even some tae-bo, martial arts, but you will never catch me in a gym, lifting weights and admiring my muscles in the mirror. Go Leighton, I say.

  • lizzy

    i hang out at a bar soaking wet in my lingerie all the time too!!!!!

  • asdfkjh

    well its pretty obvious she doesn’t go to the gym. she is thin and cute, but has zero muscle tone. i also doubt she does yoga 4-5 times a week or she would appear more toned. unless of course, she’s taking basic, slower paced classes. she should add some weight training to her routine.

    • Cristina

      No she shouldn’t; healthy does not equal toned. Exercise does not equal weight training.You might prefer a more toned look, doesn’t mean everyone prefers that and it certainly does not mean that is the only way to be.

    • Kat

      I really don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about. I do intense yoga 4-5 times a week, and I don’t necessarily look toned. I have a thin/soft frame and don’t build muscle easily, so if you looked at me, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell anything about my activity level, besides the fact that I look fit and healthy. If you saw me in a yoga class, you may be surprised how strong I am. Anyway, I completely believe that yoga is a great, fun way to stay active and in touch with your body and soul. Body-wise, Leighton looks like a lot of girls in my classes. It’s hard to be scary skinny and do intense yoga — those people tend to take the more gentle classes, from my personal observations.

      • Cristina

        You make me want to take up yoga classes 🙂 I have been considering it for a while now – i like trying out all kind of different exercises – and you make some great points. I personally am on the skinny side, but i am strong and i do not like the overly toned look on me. As long as my stomach is flat and my thighs look decent, i am happy. It’s more what sports give me mentally and spiritually, to me.

      • asdfkjh

        well i am a certified pilates instructor and now working on my ryt (yoga certification). so yes, i do know what i’m talking about. you are right, there are lots of women who appear untoned but are very strong. leighton just doesn’t strike me as one of those girls. she looks rather anemic and weak. she very well may be superwoman, i don’t know. i just prefer a more toned physique. and if she were really taking intense classes 5 days a week, i’m sorry but she wouldn’t look so soft.

        • Kat

          I know I’m a bit late on the reply, but I practice at YogaWorks and other great studios in LA, and I would say the majority of teachers do not necessarily look toned/muscular. I think that’s something you’re more likely to achieve if a) your body is naturally inclined to bulk up or b) you’re strict with your diet to the point where you lose a lot of fat, thereby revealing your muscles.

          We clearly have very different opinions because to me, Leighton looks very healthy — not anemic or weak. Your comments make me very wary of your pilates and yoga experience — I can’t say I’d want to take your classes.

  • She’s a goddess, but I could tell she didn’t really work out. Her body looks like it’s 90% due to genetics, I don’t know, I think because of the soft texture it seems to have, with some almost invisible cellulite.

  • captaincarolina

    My wife did yoga, perhaps even a bit excessively, at least 5 days a week. I can confirm that she really was exceptionally strong in many ways and definitely very healthy. Like everything though, she benefited much more, I think in terms of looks (more muscle tone) and health (cardio ability), when she started mixing it up. Now she does yoga once or twice a week, runs once or twice and also does something called crossfit. Crossfit is unbelievable. It involves very functional but heavy weightlifting and bodyweight exercises. I swear that I have to start doing it because she is literally stronger than me now – but looks even hotter than when we met fifteen years ago. On the other hand, it is a giant turn on that she can throw me down in bed.

    OK, I am not sure how i just turned this thread into my own personal catharsis but this info was too personal to share anywhere else and at least it is on topic…slightly. In any case, I think Meester is beautiful but should add something in, anything, to her all yoga routine. Cross training is the way to go.