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More Blonde Leighton Meester

more-blonde-leighton-meester - More Blonde Leighton Meester

We liked to debate on “Leighton’s New Blonde Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?” a few days ago, and part 2 of the debate just arrived. 

So, here’s current blondie Leighton Meester on the set of her new movie Roommate – maybe the new hair nuance is simply a professional choice? AND then there’s Leighton all dolled up at Star Trek’s premiere, where we get to admire her complete figure (and where her hair color looks slightly different):

more-blonde-leighton-meester1 - More Blonde Leighton Meester

How do you all like this dress on Leighton’s figure?

2 more pictures on the next page!


more-blonde-leighton-meester-21 - More Blonde Leighton Meester

more-blonde-leighton-meester-4 - More Blonde Leighton Meester

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Definitely looks better at the Star Trek premiere, but either way: GORGEOUS! Blonde or brunette.

  • hey ! did she stole those shoes from Spiderman or he designed them for her lol actually I loved the shoes and the dress I don’t know her so who cares !!!

  • Betsy

    uh i hate the dress…it does nothing for her figure. makes her look like she has a belly (which she absolutely doesn’t) and no waist (untrue as well).

    the sleeves don’t flatter her either. overall, a very unflattering choice for an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous girl.

    • Mirabela

      i agree! 😉
      quote: “makes her look like she has a belly (which she absolutely doesn’t) and no waist “

  • Liz

    agree.. Leighton is drop dead gorgeous.. but not loving her choice of dress.. alot of the celebs at Star Trek premiere wore ill fitting dresses.. Im confused as to why?

    • jenny

      to look like aliens 🙂

  • Zuwee

    The dress gives the illusion that she is a little pudgy in the middle, which she def isn’t. I think she shoes are awesome =D

  • ms_benes

    dress makes her look chubs

  • Winsome

    She had to dye her hair blonde for that role.

  • mp

    i love leighton. i think she looks hot no matter what she wears or does to her hair 🙂

  • Imster

    I think the problem is that being a brunette brings out her amazing brown eyes, whereas being blonde just makes them look smaller, hard and cold.
    Not keen on the dress either- but she does have an amazing figure!

  • Juliette

    No, no no. The Blonde makes her look so plain jane, the brunette style suited her to a tee.

  • stephanie

    leighton is beautiful no question there. as to if she should go blonde or brunette its up to her but she looks just gorgeous as a brunette:) that dress is so fab, nice heels