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Lily Allen Brings the Quote of the Day

lily2 - Lily Allen Brings the Quote of the Day

‘When I was on tour earlier in the year, I’d be on stage for one-and-a-half hours a night, so since the tour finished in March, I’ve put on about half a stone. But I do Pilates three times a week. I am still body conscious, but I’m not so concerned with it; I don’t care as much.’

… says Lily in Elle UK.

See one more picture from this spread after the jump!

lily1 - Lily Allen Brings the Quote of the Day

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  • Nate


  • artemis

    i like her hair and make-up

    • Ali

      me too, she looks so good in this photoshoot.

  • snoops

    lol major photoshop – she is no where near that thin, I know she is a pear but her upper body is still way bigger than this.

    • Kate

      I’ve seen candids of her last year and her upper body was very small at that time. She’s never been big on top even when she was heavier.

      • snoops

        here is lilly back when she lost weight (which she gained back) ttp:// even in these pics where she was at her smallest her arms never looked like that. Pear or otherwise lilly has always had meat on her bones, she has never had arms of shoulders like this. You can’t seriously believe in this photoshopped image.

        • Kate

          I don’t really see that much difference to be honest.

          The photoshopping here is tame compared to some others I’ve seen recently…..

          • snoops

            dont disagree with you it isnt as bad as some PS, just think its kind of a joke they take a girl who isnt about being skinny, and make her look like every other chick on a magazine cover.

    • april

      of course photosop, that’s why she doesn’t care! lol!

  • aimdawg

    whats her tattoo?

  • formerly Sam

    Isn’t she pregnant?

  • Polly

    Anyone see Kate Moss in the second picture?
    Not too much photoshop, looks flawless yet recognizable.

  • emma

    i love Lily!
    & in love with the dress:p

  • Princess

    I really don`t` like nothing of this girl,start from her face,her body,the way she dress and her songs are terrible

  • Ay

    For some reason I like her. She’s flawed and definitely cares about her weight but tries to not show it and overcome it, kind of like me I’ll admit (I try to seriously keep myself from this website lol but my weight obsession is not completely over yet).

  • macy

    dun photoshop lily

  • jjj

    Could be some photoshop, but they are also carefully taken pictures. Thus she’d look great body-wise photoshop or not. She isn’t showing her body.

  • Burckybear