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Lily Allen on Skinny Women: “Every man I speak to always says they find that kind of woman gross”

lily2 - Lily Allen on Skinny Women: "Every man I speak to always says they find that kind of woman gross"

On skinny women and insecurities:

I don’t think men are the enemy, I think women are the enemy. I know that when I’m sitting in a restaurant and a really beautiful woman walks in, who’s skinny, I instinctively think, “Oh she’s really skinny and beautiful and I’m really fat and ugly.” Every man I speak to always says they find that kind of woman gross, and they prefer a bit more meat on their ladies. So it’s more of a competitive thing. It’s weird. It’s just really unhealthy and we’re our own worst enemy. We should stop being so horrible to each other.

… says Lily.


lily - Lily Allen on Skinny Women: "Every man I speak to always says they find that kind of woman gross" lily1 - Lily Allen on Skinny Women: "Every man I speak to always says they find that kind of woman gross"

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  • retrobanana

    ohhhhh, come on lil that’s not nice! however, it doesn’t really mean anything either it just means she hangs around with men that don’t like skinny women….lets not all get upset. I like lilly allen. men like all kinds of women. big women skinny women. they mostly like women with vaginas…

    • wendy

      yes! agreed. she did not have to say that, and it actually sounds like quite petty and jealous.

      • weakforchic

        Why is it she has to be jealous? She’s being honest, and I bet many women feel the same way.

    • chrissy

      vaginas are key. sometimes, they even like titties. but to each their own.

      • jscarr

        Hahaha haha nice one

    • Zoe

      Yeah, I was kind of disappointed hearing this quote from her- I thought she was better than that and I actually think Lily’s on the slim(mer) side of the scale so I’m not entirely sure why she’s chosen to label herself as ‘fat and ugly.’

      While it may be true that she ‘hangs around’ with men that like don’t like skinny women, I also feel like at times men who voice sweeping generalisations such as stating that *all* ‘skinny’ women are gross aren’t being 100% honest. I think that’s what men feel they’re *supposed* to say- for example, if a man says he likes ‘curvy’ or ‘bigger’ women, more often than not, he’ll be celebrated. On the other hand, if he admits he prefers ‘skinny’ women, most likely he’ll be reprimanded for it, and people will make rebuttals such as “real men love curves, real women have curves” etc.

      In the same way, if a man is talking to a curvy girl, he’s highly unlikely to admit that he likes ‘skinny’ women. I feel that people often overcompensate for the social idealisation of being ‘skinny’ by going to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, saying that they find women who fit this ideal ‘gross’, when actually the truth of the matter is, if a girl has a pretty face, boobs, bum and is generally in shape, I don’t think the majority of guys would write her off for being ‘skinny’.

      • Guest

        Very true.

  • retrobanana

    I think she is pretty

  • MerryHappy

    Horrible to each other, like saying skinny women are kind of gross and basing one’s opinion on what the men in their lives say? Men vary in wants, needs, and desires too, Lily.

    • Scotty

      Yeah, she kind of set herself up for eye-rolls there.. Plus,

      “Every man I speak to always says they find that kind of woman gross, and they prefer a bit more meat on their ladies. So it’s more of a competitive thing.”

      Sure, women are competitive, and that’s exactly what it seems like she’s being here. It just looks like she’s trying to convince everyone that curvier/non-skinny women are the best while trying to mask it as encouraging women to be nicer to each other.

      • MerryHappy

        Yeah, provoking statements coupled with “why can’t we all just get along” just comes across as so disingenuous. She definitely set herself up for failure there.

  • Annie

    I don’t think men find skinny women gross, maybe just the ones who look really unhealthy. However, I think there’s a “market” (for the lack of a better word) for every type of man or woman. Ideally, we would just stop comparing ourselves to others all the time. I wish I could.

  • HB

    “We should stop being so horrible to each other.”
    Let’s get on that– we can begin with you never saying that men think skinny women are gross again.
    And of course they’ll say that to her, because she’s not skinny! I think she’s got a nice figure.

  • Shailene

    I don’t think she meant to be offensive, and she’s probably telling the truth, based on her experience… I’m saying that because mine has been the same. But obviously that does NOT mean no men like skinny girls, that would be a totally vapid and cruel conclusion to make. The perhaps cynical, but more likely conclusion is that the men who prefer skinny girls probably wouldn’t find much incentive to talk to Lily in the first place, so this isn’t exactly an unbiased polling she’s been doing.

  • Gues

    She says something horribly insulting about a woman’s body type and then says “we need to stop being so horrible to each other”. Such a contradictory statement. She should realize competition and blaming other women isn’t the answer. The people to blame are those who furthering rapidity expectations of women and beat on women’s body types calling them “gross”. Whatever man she is talkin to is clearly a jerk and doesn’t respect women unless he finds them particularly attractive

    • Juju

      I know right??

    • louis21

      you are so right. her comment is thoughtless.

  • M

    Yes men find Adriana Lima gross. Look if I see a beautiful gorgeous perfect person I am jealous too, but I’ll admit that I’m green with envy and not lie. Exercise and diet instead of whining.

    • neutra

      Yes but Adriana is slim, not skinny 🙂

      • Juju

        People tend to be fooled by Adriana’s boobs implants and her straight waist but when you follow her on thefashionspot you see she has become skinny, she was softer when she was younger.

      • K


    • Artemis

      Except she isn’t. maybe only her eyes are pretty

    • tequilla

      i would say adriana and candice are slim with nice small curves.. but man lily is angry lol!

  • Cami

    Skinny shaming alert! What an agressive comment! I expected more from Lily…what a b*tch! It’s no different than saying ” every man thinks fat girls are gross.”

    • Shailene

      Since that awful “parody” music vid she did, and the following excuse/apology, I really haven’t expected much. She doesn’t seem able to fully grasp racism, feminism, sizeism, or whatever issue she speaks up against. I kinda like Lily, so it makes me sad… She’s always SO close, but can’t quite get there.

      • lc

        “She’s always SO close, but can’t quite get there.”

        Makes me feel that she’s insincere with all the “equality” stuff, like she’s all talk. She has her own agenda going on imo, clearly, and tries to thinly veil it behind all of the “progressive” ideals she tries to promote. This comment (and that vid) show it a lot.

        • Shailene

          You’re probably right. Seems like her views are kinda self-centered, so I suspect her agenda is more about upping her own confidence than really caring about anything else.

        • MerryHappy

          She’s definitely insincere–“lets all just get along” and also “well all of the men I (long exaggerated I) know think skinny women are gross”… Really? It’s completely disingenuous.

          • lc

            Agree with you both completely.

  • Camila

    She sounds like someone with self esteem issues who needs men validation to feel better about herself. ” we should stop being horrible to each other.” Hypocrite much?

  • Anne

    I hate the thin-bashing. I am slim, and like the weight I’m at. My boyfriend tells me as long as I am making healthy choices, he loves my body. His best friend tends to prefer curvier girls. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m tired of the back and forth shaming.

    • Polska Blondynka

      Feel the same way.

  • Cari

    Yep! It’s true…men look through the Sports illustrated swimsuit edition, and are grossed out. Just disgusted! That is why that magazine barely sells!
    *inset massive eye roll*

    • green

      Except that Sports Illustrated doesn’t feature skinny high fashion models. They feature curvy girls like Kate Upton who is bigger than Lily Allen. The SI models are typically bigger than catwalk models who are pin-thin. Anyway Lily Allen is hardly fat, she is like a normal weight, thin compared to many ladies.

      • lc

        Idk, Kate is not pin thin, but she is def. thinner than Lily.

  • Taylor

    But she’s on the thin side herself…

  • Trinabelle

    She never said she found skinny women gross. Just the men she hangs around with. Most men I hang around with don’t like skinny women either. It’s not like men don’t like skinny women just the ones I know.
    She is actually saying that she beats herself up about her body not men. She thinks that to be beautiful she has to be skinny but, in fact, she doesn’t because the men she has known like more meat on women’s bones. So she doesn’t have to worry about how she looks because there is always someone out there for somebody.

    She isn’t saying ALL men like skinny women or that she thinks they are gross!!

  • Eve

    Actually I find people who refer to other people as “gross” due to looks quite gross…I don’t really care for what men think, I am at the weight which is comfortable for me and get involved with men who like me the way I like myself. Not trying to fullfill someone’s expectations. Seriously, there are so many other interesting things in life, aside men, although they are quite fun…

  • neutra

    What a stupid comment – she sounds so vindictive. I do think she was a bit careless here, but I think she means skinny as in that boney, obviously depriving themselves kind of way. There is a huge difference between skinny and slim.

    From my experience, though, the guys who like the super skinny bone (ie Nicole Richie) look are often quite insecure themselves and are the ones that date women far their junior (they go for girls, really) – I think, in a mans ideal world, they just want a slim, healthy woman with curves in the right places. I think a face is far more important than a body however. And at the end of the day, it’s the personality that determines our ultimate perception of someones aesthetic and if we want them in our lives for more than a few hours.

    • I have a guy friend who tends to date really thin, petite, small boned girls like nicole richie. he says he finds them feminine… they have a delicate fragility about them and he is attracted to that. I think at the end of the day, there is someone for everyone and we shouldn’t worry so much about our appearance, because like you said, its the personality that really matters 😀

  • Sabrina Vaillancourt

    I think quotes like these sound worse than what they actually are and she could have reworded it to be a bit more universal in the sense of not upsetting “skinny” women.

    I think some skinny women look great because that is the way they are built so to speak as in bone structure etc but then there are women who starve themselves and do not look good. Healthy is what people should strive for, for some that is thin and some that is “with more meat on their bones”

  • green

    I think she sounds terribly insecure. Saying that when a thin woman walks into a restaurant, it makes her feel bad about her body, that’s crazy to me, and then she feels the need to bash thin women. And speaking about health but she is smoking in her pictures? Women often smoke to curb appetite. Also in her “Hard Out There” music video she stated the reason she was more covered up than her backup dancers was because she didn’t feel thin enough. Anyway I think her body is very nice but she lacks the confidence of a mature woman.

    • Cat

      Yeah, that’s what I got from her comments as well. She seems to be incredibly insecure, and puts other people down to make herself feel better, I guess.

      • green

        Even her body language gives me the impression of being insecure. See how she is perched on the stool in an awkward uncomfortable way to make her legs look as long and lean as possible (plus black tights with 6″ stilleto’s help lol) and she can’t relax her arms, she always puts a hand on the hip to make them look thinner. In reality she is pear shaped with a longer torso and shorter/thicker limbs. A feminine body but I think she feels uncomfortable, idk. Maybe I am over-analyzing.

  • louis21

    what a mean comment! the only thing that’s gross is skinny-and fat-shaming. yes girl, you are sooo much better and more attractive to men because you are not skinny…it’s not ALL about men and their opinion, YOU should feel good about your body. gosh, what a naive quote -.-

  • kateuk

    Maybe some guy used the words ‘skinny’ and ‘gross’ in the same sentence, but that doesn’t mean she needed to repeat it. She could have just said that the men she speaks to aren’t into the super skinny look without using the word ‘gross’ because some people can’t help being skinny or they may be unwell, either physically or mentally.

  • Sophie

    oh boohoo, you incredibly immature human being! This sounds obnoxious and is clearly contradicting herself – dear lily it is statements like the one you just mentioned ‘every man I speak to always says they find that kind of woman gross’ that make other woman hostile towards you and you perceive them like the ‘enemy’. no one is out to get you, grow up!
    Secondly, there are people in the world who actually have proper enemies and are in freaking wars so before you make yourself out to sound tormented because a woman walks in and she’s thin, please make sure to use a more appropriate terminology – language is there for a reason.
    Finally, it’s your own fault for constructing this whole imaginary women vs women thing in your head. don’t blame the slender girl who walks in but the fact that you start viewing her as an enemy without her ever uttering an insulting word to you.

    • Zoe

      “Finally, it’s your own fault for constructing this whole imaginary women vs women thing in your head. don’t blame the slender girl who walks in but the fact that you start viewing her as an enemy without her ever uttering an insulting word to you.” Completely agree.

  • isa

    we should also stop using male opinions as confirmation for what is beauty, which is basically what she’s spitting out. Anyone/everyone can be the enemy, men or women. Just do what makes you feel the most comfortable, healthy, and sexy for yourself. You will feel your best, and it will show.

  • Guest


  • amsterdam12345

    “gross” is definitely not a word to describe someone who is either naturally or unnaturally slender….btw was Lily not the gal who wrote the lyrics “Everything’s cool as long as I’m getting thinner” …..?

  • Lisa

    Huh, she wasn’t kidding when she said other women are the enemy.

  • Mazoo

    Sometimes people say what they think you want to hear, she has lost weight on numerous occasions and most recently for her comeback, proving that she strives to be skinny anyway.

  • J

    “It’s really unhealthy” -says the woman holding a cigarette.

  • emilia

    its just that he would like to be skinn,and cant handle it.shes always jojoing and i think shes just really jealous

  • Mel

    I agree that what she said didn’t come out well, but I think the gist was that while a woman may be extremely self-critical and hard on herself, not everyone else, and particularly men, would share that negative view.

  • lc

    Ugh, then they’re insecure pigs.

  • kennedy

    LOL AT HER I can easly remember ten guys that have been asked how do they like girls they always say well ” skinny , pretty eyes……” blablabla ” skinny is the first thing that they say , i think that men only like 3 kinds of women ” kim kardashian” “super skinny” and the mix of both ” emily rata…”

  • Kaia

    White Feminism on display. I can not stand Lily Allen and her wannabe feminism ways. If you are not for all women regardless of size, race, ethnicity or sexuality, YOU ARE NOT A FEMINIST. she needs to educate herself.

    • Feminism is a (mentally) masculine woman who brings disgrace upon her sex just as the homosexual does to his by fu**ing their males partners up the butt hole.

      Accept feminism is even worse in a way since they actually CHOOSE to be feminists by all means.

  • Tonyee

    ಠ_ಠ …I really don’t like this chick.

  • She’s said things like this before. She’s tactless and tries to come across as every girl’s best friend who knows no privilege, etc. I’ve always found her annoying and kind of fake, tbh. She’s not very talented or interesting to me.

    (Straight) men like women, that’s the only real fact! Men like women for all sorts of different reasons, both physical and otherwise – sure, most people do not find incredibly thin people attractive, just as they don’t find very fat people attractive – but there are tastes that run to everything! Some men have very specific ‘types’ and many leave it at: ‘female, nice to me, lets me touch’! All this ‘most of the men in my life like…..’ is BS – you might not even know exactly what the men in your life truly like – maybe they’re just trying to please you so you won’t ask them ‘is that woman too skinny?’ ‘Does my butt look bigger than hers?’ and so on! ‘Most men I know’ are really not that bothered – not half as much as women are. Lily is right in that way – women are their own worst enemies when it comes to tearing themselves and each other apart for not looking ‘right’ – but she’s participating in it, just as much as the ‘women’ she’s talking about!

    • Zoe

      “Many leave it at: ‘female, nice to me, lets me touch’!” Ha ha- perfect comment, Erica! 🙂

    • lc

      Great comment again Erica!

    • MerryHappy

      This 🙂
      You’re spot on, Erica.

    • Myriam

      great comment as usual!

  • inevercommentonhere

    Wow… This really annoyed me. Trust me I’m not a “skinny” girl, with my ginormous muscular legs haha. Who cares what men think? In fact, who cares what other women think? It’s YOUR body that YOU use, no one else can walk with your fat/skinny legs, no one else can carry groceries with your toned/untoned arms… Ya know what I mean? Yes we all try in life, we all like impressing people, it’s just in human nature. However, just eat as clean as you can, moderation of course, and be active and enjoy life… whatever. Sometimes she says stuff that really irritates me. She’s not “fat”, but she’s not as small as she appears here, evidently they used photoshop, but she’s very pear shaped, I believe. Lastly, you know what’s unhealthy? That cig in her mouth… UGHHH hahah.

  • mystic

    Sorry but most men I have met prefer women on the thinner side of thin, not curvy at all, yes they would sleep with curvy but be seen with thin..

    • Shailene

      I’m guessing you are on the thinner side of thin yourself then? My take is that men usually don’t set out to meet women they don’t find attractive, so the anecdotal “all men tell me they like X and Y” doesn’t really mean much.

      • mystic

        No I am not thin, I am a regular uk size 12 at 5’1, in my experience with men I am always overlooked, and my taller thinner friend is worshipped even though she is much older (her thinness is down to colitis) men are really that superficial.

        • Shailene

          Aw, that sucks. You’re right, most are really superficial, though I still think tastes vary a lot. But men do seem to like tall girls, that’s for sure! I’m 5’2, and always getting overlooked when I go out with my tall friends too.

          • Jay

            don’t worry, there are guys out there who adore shorter girls! i’m 5’7″ and my boyfriend definitely prefers shorter girls. he says i’m the upper limit in height for a girl he’d pursue.

          • Guys don’t like women who are so short they level with children age 13-14.

            Guys who like small women probably think around 5’4 and 5’3. No smaller.

            No adult wants to be really short and midget height and that is a fact.

        • 5’1? You’re very short – the height of a child. Most girls are that height at age 13. The average woman is 5’4 for the UK/US.

          You’re a midget lol

  • menta

    i agree with that part that women are really bitchy sometimes to each other, this is exactly what she is doing when she dumps on skinny girls..

  • Miki

    I found her extremely self-conscious. She talks about that kinda things a lot. Every interviews, her songs… I bet she wants to be skinny so bad.

  • tequilla

    well, she said it herself..she always had an issue with food.. i cant take her seriously cause she basically told, in other words, that she is kinda jealous..

    annyways i liked her very much at the beggining of her career.. she was so refreshing and so kewl! 🙂 but i agree women can be so bitchy.. as i am older i tend to have more male friends is easier..

    • yup, male friends are where its at… no hurt feelings due to stupid things, no grudges,,, gah, so much easier.

  • linda

    Men who like women, like women. Period.

  • Erin

    What bothers me the most about her statement has to be that she is basing everything off of what a “man” thinks is attractive. I guess Alexa Chung, Manreppeler, and I are the only ones who could care less. I dress and look the way I see fit- regardless of what ANY guy thinks. Ugh aggravating!

    • kennedy

      yeaaaah i love alexa and leandra !

  • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

    ” … and everything’s cool, as long as I’m gettin’ thinna … ”

    There is truth in jest – and the fact is, she looks thinner than ever.

  • Panda

    Some men like skinny. Some men like fat. Some men like curvy. Some men like athletic. Some men just like women in general. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there is some guy somewhere who will think its amazing… and some who will not. Who cares? Can we stop using “what men like” as the guideline for what our bodies should be, and as an excuse to make other women feel inferior? Its great if you love your curves, or if you rock looking like a runway model, or you have a little pudge and think its cute. Why does accepting your own size have to mean knocking anyone who doesn’t share it? She seems really insecure – seeing random women and comparing herself to them in a negative way, putting herself down and then seeking male approval and assurance that this “other” is not what they want. Sad.

    • “Why does accepting your own size have to mean knocking anyone who doesn’t share it?”
      And this applies to everything, not just size – any viewpoint, opinion or lifestyle. I really wish we could all internalize this and stop bashing everything that isn’t the same as ourselves.

  • Uma

    I just imagine things going like this: Lily and a male companion in a restaurant. She is munching something she doesn’t like and meanwhile looking all green eyed around for any skinny women. The male companion happily enjoying his steak or whatever. All of a sudden, Lily spots a skinny women. “Victory!”, she yells inside. Then, to the man she is with: “OMG! She is soooo skinny. That’s kind of gross, don’t you think? I mean, real women should have curves. She is just too skinny. I would never want to be that skinny! etc” (this goes on for a few minutes or so) “DO YOU AGREE WITH ME?!” The male companion, raising his eyes from his steak, kind of frightened and not understanding why he can’t just eat in peace, looks at her, assesses the situation, than mumbles something: “Yeah, sure, you are perfectly right!”, then goes back to eating, thinking to himself he merely got out of this one. Lily is all happy inside, she has been confirmed right, “ALL MEN THINK SKINNY WOMEN ARE GROSS! I KNEW IT”. To the waiter: “May I have a cheesecake please? I am a real woman, you know!”

    • lc


    • Soph

      Looool there is definately some truth in that! I am on the curvier side and my boyfriend often says things like that to appease me (could be lying, who knows) and it DOES make me feel freer in my food choices. So I unfortunately kind of align with your comment haha, but I’m working on being less insecure, I think it’s a weakness and keeps us girls from focusing on more important things in life we could be doing.

    • Lily has been skinny before at one point and she chose to go back to being fuller again.

      So obviously not.

  • melanie

    now were getting to the point where we are insulting skinny women, not just larger women. this women is the one promoting the enemy which is hate towards others.

  • Cricket

    It’s a fact backed up by a lot of evidence. In general Men prefer curvier women. Female supermodels, who are tall and skinny with no tits or ass, are the exact opposite of what most men desire. Men prefer women that are closer to average height with curvy bodies, with tits and a great ass. Like Christina Hendricks for example, has a great body. While Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie are too skinny.

    • Yes, besides being painfully thin, the high fashion model, generally-speaking, has long, monkey arms, broad, manly shoulders, narrow, manly hips, manly stature with very long legs, and flatted breast and bottoms.

      Her body type is the ‘ideal’ because she’s picked by homosexual men who are attracted to masculine features.

  • Sheri

    I don’t agree with her comment that men find skinny women gross, i think each man has his own taste.
    I do however agree with her comment that women are our own worst enemy. I think many women see so many flaws with their bodies that no one else would even notice or consider flaws, and we compare ourselves to other women and compare the differences instead of focusing on the good things about our bodies.

    • A LOT of men find painfully skinny, frail, bony women gross as they look unfeminine and even old beyond their years. Not enough fat to look soft, smooth and youthful. That’s the problem. Even a slightly chubby girl is going to look more pretty than a very thin girl, and that’s the irony in it.

  • weakforchic

    Let’s not confuse skinny with healthy.

  • E.

    Every man that I speak to says they find Lilly Allen gross.

  • Marie

    Maybe the men she was talking to were thinking about like anorexic or bulimic skinny…that is ‘gross’

  • This woman IS overweight.

    That is NOT traditionally curvy like Marilyn Monroe.

    Curves are full, rounded breasts, bottoms, and hips. That is all.

    That woman is full and rounded all over. She is simply fat.

    She’s at the first stage of being fat I think, you know, chubby!

    • Traditionally Curvy: Slim, somewhat curvy.

      Rounded at the breasts, hips, and bottom.

      • Here is another young lady who would be classified as traditionally curvy –