Lily Allen, Take a Guess!

Who’s Wearing Blue Stockings?

whos-wearing-blue-stockings - Who's Wearing Blue Stockings?

And the pantless trend strikes again!

Whoever she is, she’s got a nice curvy figure and tons of confidence!

Who’s performing in blue stockings?

Turn the page, see and deliberate: Is this a good look?


whos-wearing-blue-stockings-2 - Who's Wearing Blue Stockings?

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  • Mia

    I find it funny that she spends so much time hating on Katy Perry and them goes and wears an outfit that is an exact replica of something Katy Perry would wear..She looks good in it, but Im just sayin.

    • change.

      soo agree. except katy perry probably wudnt wear stockings since she has thinner legs.

      • FREEDOM

        I double that agree. I knew it was lily. she loks very good here, she’s working with what she has. 😀

  • Robyn

    I totally agree! Not to mention she would probably not dare to wear this if she hadn’t lost that weight. But, yes, I love her and think she looks awesome, whatever her size 🙂

  • aimee

    lol katy perrys a twat
    this is lilys costume 😎

    lily looks great anyways!

  • Ellen

    She looks really cute! 🙂

  • sandra

    its adorable, im not sure about the shoes but i love this outfit.

  • change.

    OMG. i thot it was kim kardashian!!!!
    kim has got competition for the ultimate curvyy bodyy ;]

  • Luke

    wow, she looks drunk! I knew it was Lily, but I honestly thought she was drunk at a bar in this shot! Tell me it doesn’t look like that. Now, her style is simply horrendous. Her stylist must have been drunk, too, when they created this monsterpiece. She’s wearing a onesy with buttons in the front that screams, “Here I am, come and get it!” And secondly, although the color certainly does look good on her, why so much, and WHEN will it stop??

    • Luke


  • Hahaha I agree with those of you who think the outfit is so Kate Perry!
    When I first saw the picture.. based on the outfit.. I was like “that must be Kate Perry” but when took a closer look at figure.. I was like nah.. the legs are too big and the body isn’t hourglass-y enough (Versus, Kate Perry is an Hourglass while Lily Allen is a pear right?) so after a little deliberation.. I decided it must be Lily Allen due to the hair as well. Yay! I got it right! (^_^)

  • Mirabela

    not bad 😉

  • Sarah

    Lily’s been looking pretty fabulous as of late!

  • Valentine

    Her legs are looking great – I’m so jealous! But then again, it does give me hope, that even girls (like Lily, and like myself) who have heavier legs CAN slim them down. I think she looks fabulous, actually 🙂

  • blake

    she looks really sweet and hot :o)) i like it!

  • paul

    I thought it was katy perry

  • Elena

    I thought too it was katy perry. But no, it’s lily. Oh, she looks very good! This outfit really suits her. I liked her since the first audition of “Smile”. She’s awesome!
    ps: Just see how those guys in the back look at her:D

  • Fabulous

    why is she trying to be Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. I feel sorry for her!!!
    she needs to be more original.
    Lily get a life! the outfit is horrendous!

    • standing here

      who cares, ant u got better things to do than write garbage like that, why don’t you go for a jog or something! she can’t be compared to kate perry.