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Finally, a Picture That Shows Just How Skinny Lindsay Really Is – UPDATE

finally-a-picture-that-shows-just-how-skinny-lindsay-really-is1 - Finally, a Picture That Shows Just How Skinny Lindsay Really Is - UPDATE

… and she’s really, really skinny.

She had to wear a strapless dress in order to make her super-skinniness clear. Oddly enough, she’s still got a full cleavage.

What do YOU say? Could anybody get this skinny “unintentionally” (her words)?

UPDATE – Access Hollywood says:

“I eat. I had my Big Mac yesterday from McDonald’s,” she told Us at the opening of Matthew William’s store in New York City. “I eat just as much as I always have.”

While Lindsay’s frame looks noticeably slimmer, the actress herself has no idea how much weight she’s shed.

“I’ve never weighed myself in my life,” she told the magazine.

Lindsay added that her weight loss could have been caused by “working a lot,” “stress,” and “lack of sleep.”

“I think it’s all the stuff that adds up,” she said.


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  • elena

    OMGOd..that is toooo much I think she was never at that level…she looked still acceptable in the bikini pic with samantha last year..already in January there was no difference between her upper and lower legs..but now the chest and arms..are scary no?..less than that she is going to die…

  • Holly

    Whether she did it on purpose or not the result is still the same: she looks terrible! (but I’m sure she thinks she’s smoky hot now, sad…..)

  • kinomar

    don’t you think she looks awful? she’s got an ugly face… it’s melting like an ice-cream..

    • missy

      “melting like ice cream”…. you said it.
      And no, she DID not do this unintentionally.
      Bony + big boobs = porn star look.

    • crys

      She is soo skinny you can only see her teeth in this pic!

  • K.J.

    Why do you think you can’t find work, girl? You are a mess. There were reports that Angelina Jolie was a hassle to deal with on the set of Wanted because she kept fainting; to be cast in a role for a different movie, she was asked to put on 25 pounds. This is NOT healthy, and film makers know that.

  • VK

    Wooah!! That’s disturbing. Her breasts must be all breast tissue though because she doesn’t look like she has any fat left on her body and yet they’re still quite big. Maybe a boob job…?

    • crys

      Last time she got skinny her boobs melted away what happened this time mega stuffed bra or boob job?

      • Sarah Lin

        I reckon Lindsay gets some work done on her boobs whenever she sees fit. The last time her boobs melted away seemed to be a smart move on her part to have her boobs reduced to match the weight loss.

  • janna

    I literally gasped when I saw this. Talk about the lollypop look! She looks awful, and she’d look even worse (think Rachel Zoe) if she wasn’t lucky enough to be well-endowed in the breast department as her boobs stop her chest from looking super-bony.

  • runner_girl

    I always say she doesn’t look that bad, and different people have more or less prominent collar bones (America Ferrara would never be accused of being skinny – she looks great these days, though, but definitely not skinny, and she has very prominent collar bones), but this is definitely BOBBLEHEAD territory. I stand corrected, Lindsey needs to gain some weight, she looks frail and unhealthy, not thin.

    • Instant

      About the prominent collar bones. Lindsay’s have never been that prominent, just look at “Bikini Battle Time! Old Versus New Lindsay” from back in Oct., and you will see that even then, when her weight loss was starting to become evident, she didn’t have collar bones that stick out like they do now.


  • charlotte

    That is so nasty. She’s really screwing herself up, it looks horrible. She looks like a coke addict, and a freaking lollypop head. Who told her this look was attractive? If i could give her advice i’d say; ditch the DJ girlfriend, ditch the blonde locks, go back to red, gain some weight, get your career back on track and stop trying to get famous for all the wrong reasons. I feel sorry for her, but at the same time thinks she needs to grow up, major.

  • Olivia

    A person could get this skinny unintentionally, like wanting to be skinny but not fully comprehending how exercise and foods can really change your body. And then if the person got xtra stressed and couldn’t keep food down because of the stress. Or of course if they had a disease. However, I don’t think this applies to Lindsey at this point. Maybe it would have when she first started loosing weight a few years ago because she wanted to look a little leaner, but now it seems that the sick part of her wants her to be skinny.

  • emily

    Oh. My. God. There are no words!

  • Miki

    This was photoshopped

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    • Instant

      I don’t think it was. If you look at other recent pictures, you can see there really is no difference. It’s her pose that is making it seem unreal, if she wasn’t pulling her shoulders back, pointing her elbows behind her, and keeping her arms close to her body, it wouldn’t look as bad.

      • ellie

        no, i’m pretty sure it was. it looks like just her face and maybe her shoulder area were shopped though. from the waist down looks in line with images of her lately.

      • ellie

        here are some images from the same event. you can see that she is still quite skinny, but her face is less….awkward.

        • Instant

          She looks the same in all the pictures, even her face. If this one that Versus posted was photoshopped, not very much was done to it.

    • Versus

      Thaks for your words!
      And as far as I know, the picture was not photoshopped.

      • Katie

        Those pictures look the same as this one. It’s just that straight on the looks even more terrible than from the side…

  • pia

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! is that real? omg she is so skinny :S but she has full boobs :S i dont understand…i hope she gain a little weight!

  • Hayley

    the boobs are the only bit making her look like a woman, imagine if they werent there she’d look even worse!
    her face is horrid yuckyuck

  • mazzoo

    Of course she had a boob job. Boobs are primarily made of fat. When you lose weight, you lose fat from everywhere on your body including your breasts. Natural breasts go up and down along with your size. There are plenty of pictures from when she was 17 which show a mysterious growth spurt in the boob department, just like her little sister’s recent ‘growth spurt’.

  • cloclo


  • Suzy

    I totally agree with you. When I went anorexic, my boobs went too. Now that I’m recovered, they grew back to their original size. Your breasts are mostly made up of fat (or adipose tissue). And when you lose weight, you lose the fat FIRST, then the muscle. So since Lindsay hasn’t lost her boobs but her muscle definition is now non-existent, it’s obvious that they are fake. She definitely had a boob job, no doubt.

    • anya

      seriously that is nonsense. Its not more than a couple of days ago where a picture of her with no bra on emerged, and they were really saggy but still big. You don’t have to loose you breasts just because you become skinny, some people only loose volume(like Lindsay) and then when you push them up like in her dress they become huge.

      • delanna

        don’t you remember when she lost weight a few years ago, and her boobs shrank? she even admitted later that she had missed having boobs (once she started gaining weight again). so obviously that was her body’s pattern, when she got too slim–to lose her boobs too. now that she’s even skinnier, they’re just magically remaining c-cups? yeah right

  • dewi

    Unfortunate photo. In the other images from Getty, the girl looks much meatier, however all the press has chosen this photo to represent what she looks like right now whether or not it is an accurate depiction.

    Even so, this girl’s history of weight yo-yoing and her party habits make it unlikely that she’s lost weight accidentally.

    Imo, if she’d drop the tan, drop the breast implants, and start hanging out with a calmer crowd… maybe— just maybe she’ll start appealing to the people who have the power to cast her, lest she wants to never work as an actress again.

  • belladee

    I LOVE THE DRESSSSSSSS!!!!! would look soooo sexy if she looked happier, had nicer hair, and just a lil bit more flesh on herr

  • e

    I just can’t believe that she is eating “what she normally eats”. Her weight loss is very dramatic, IMO, and I, personally, always notice when I eat more or less than usual. I just don’t buy that this weight loss is anything but intentional. She has nothing going on career-wise…this is for attention. Period.

    • Lindsay was always desperate for attention, but last year she was looking healthy, so I don’t think that’s it. I have a feeling that the dramatic weight loss might be caused by her relationship with Samantha. Maybe Sam’s super-skinniness triggered Lindsay’s eating disorder.

  • elean


  • morgan

    i can say that i lost about 15 lbs out of nowhere a couple years ago. i never changed my eating habits or anything. i am 5’8″ and dropped down to 105. I was just as skinny as Lindsey, minus the boobs 🙂 I still think shes on drugs though.

  • pOtAtO

    painful to see

  • Summer

    The stuff nightmares are made of.

  • emme

    she must have worked realy hard to look like this!!
    no way this happend unintentionally…

    I wish I could be that skinny too!
    I like her very much…except the face

    • Instant

      Why would you want to be that skinny?

    • Her face has that horrible look that most hardcore anorexics have: sunken cheeks, big teeth… I really feel sorry for her and hope she gets better soon!

    • Katie

      You shouldn’t wish malnourishment on yourself.

      • mnm

        Ha, that’s a really great thing to say. I think to many girl are going to look at this and think, ” i want to look like that”, However it may not be the healthiest thing for anyone! 6 simple words and I love it!

  • ilovesugar

    her body is wayyyy outta proportion!!!
    bobblehead, HUGEEE chest for an alien skin body!

  • Lola

    Her face shows that this is an un-natural weight for her and she looks sad and unhealthy..but that body is bangin!! On someone who is naturally tiny, it’s a great body, for fire crotch..not so much!

  • Sarah Lin

    holy sh–! I thought this picture was photoshopped; that’s how bad her image and weight is. Damn.

  • ala

    i think she is REALLY skinny, still, i have seen worse cases! come on, it is her way of posing that makes her look so skinny. i am not saying at all that she has any kind of acceptable weight, but she could be much worse..

  • Aaron

    I honestly have thought she was crazy, but this is way beyond that! She exceeds that, and it’s dangerously scary. I don’t like this. I’m afraid she might actually kill herself if she isn’t stopped. HOW is she still getting movie deals?!?!?

  • Fashionista

    The way her lips have been pursed lately, I would say she’s doing cocaine to lose the weight.

  • Savanah

    I love the dress! However, her figure worries me. I hope she gets all the help she needs before it’s too late.

  • MELA


  • Elena

    Please Lindsay, EAT!

  • Mirabela

    OMG! I can belive it! 🙁

  • jjj

    She really isn’t that skinny, it is a bad photo. There are other sites that show the same event, she looks very proportionate to other guys she is standing next to. If she doesn’t look super skinny next to a guy who isn’t super skinny, she is not super skinny. The problem here is the dress and the boobs. She is wearing a dress for an A cup or B cup but she has a D+ cup. So obviously they look terrible and it throws off the whole look because the dress doesn’t fit her.

    • Instant


  • Freedom

    Her body looks WAY worphed and morphed ..and photoshoped. And it isn’t ,which is more alarming!see guys, who needs phtoshop, when reality could be more shocking.
    boobs,real or not, they look ridicilous with her head thats way to big her body. her head loks pasted on to someone else’s body.She is a life sized booble head.
    **All this being said, She would look good if she got rid og the bobs and had a more corpelance to her .

  • its so sad to see her like this.. i just wish that she will see how sick she looks asap and get herself sorted and back to her curvy self.

  • Bulana

    She doesn’t look good at all, really unattractive!
    And this really just proves she had a boob-job, if anyone still had doubts.

  • Bulana

    O, and no noone could become this thin unintentionally, normal people eat when their stomach grumbles.

  • Leanne

    This is not good, not good at all.

    So sad she would do this to herself.

  • Annie

    i hate this to come across meanly….but i laugh to myself when i see these comments…. this is an overly photoshopped picture lol… you can find the real one one google… they show the real picture right next to the photoshopped pic… plus her breasts would never be that big looking that thin… sorry to disappoint everyone.