Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Her Birthday in Bikinis

lindsay-lohan-celebrates-her-birthday-in-bikinis - Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Her Birthday in Bikinis

Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 23rd birthday at Wet Republic this weekend… and she did it while wearing a bunch of bikinis – check out the red one’s interesting cut!

Her skinny figure stayed the same, while her hair got a little redder / darker.

How do you all like Lindsay in a bikini this time?


lindsay-lohan-celebrates-her-birthday-in-bikinis-2 - Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Her Birthday in Bikinis

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lindsay-lohan-celebrates-her-birthday-in-bikinis-3 - Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Her Birthday in Bikinis

lindsay-lohan-celebrates-her-birthday-in-bikinis-n - Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Her Birthday in Bikinis

lindsay-lohan-celebrates-her-birthday-in-bikinis-5 - Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Her Birthday in Bikinis

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  • anya

    I think she looks disgusting. I’m not only talking about her weight, but she just looks greasy, dirty and unwashed.

    • Kaiser

      Hard to say, but it is true.

      I would not date her in thousand years.

    • DT

      She is probably wearing sun tan lotion…

  • lindsay looks awesome shes just so pretty

    • Yes, so pretty and sexy…

      • Kelli

        Agreed. I think she looks great and I LOVE the bikini’s…especially the red one!

        • Micaela

          i think she looks a mess, not has bad as i have seen her in past but she needs to gain weight and take better care of herself.

          and you can totally tell her hair is thinning due to her unhealthy lifestyle.

          she use to be my role model. its sad really.

  • samba

    i love the bikinis!
    but im not a fan of the way she looks- and im not a fan of that body type either sorry! why cant she stay how she was when she first came out in her teenage years, like not when she was in her young movies lol- cuz she looks like that now just a taller version lol but when she was about 18ish i think- more fuller figured

    • toobz

      i agree

  • lala

    she looks really old

    • DT

      You are right…… she looks at least 23… much older than her real 22… ( for a few more days )

  • Rosita

    Yeah, her face looks “off”, I can’t quite put my finger on it though…

    • Cnote

      i think the term you are looking for is “strung out”

  • Uma

    She looks better than in previosu bikini pictures. Not so sickly thin anymore. And she’s smiling – that must be good, i guess. And i love the red bikini and those freaky shoes.

  • Miranda

    Yeah, even some of my friends who are die-hard fans of this woman say she looks like crap in these pics. She looks soo run down! And you can’t see it in these pics, but her stomach looks swollen from the side, like it comes out a little like she’s malnourished (which I’m sure she is).

    • Miranda

      Also wanted to add that these are all the best pics out of the bunch that were taken on this day, so imagine how bad she *really* looked. it’s sad, she used to be cute!

    • Celia

      her stomach looks “swollen”?? wtf?! it’s a normal belly. not hyper flat, but who on this planet really has one? have you ever seen malnourished children? their bellies are HUGE compared to their skeletal bodies!

      • ohwowlovely

        It would be a normal belly if she were a normal weight. She isn’t, she is very underweight, and probably has a BMI of 16. For someone with that low of a BMI, her stomach is a bit distended/swollen/bloated – whatever you want to call it. Not as drastically as a malnourished child fortunately. She probably just needs to take some gas-x.

        • ohwowlovely

          meh actually now that I am looking at her body more carefully, I think her BMI is probably 17 – 18, not 16, however her stomach should still be flatter for that low of a BMI.

  • helena

    i like what i see in the pics.i dont think she looks disccusting,i like her body in the 1st pic,i love the bikini as well and she doesn’t look as an anorexic it so bad to be very thin?

    • Instant

      “is it so bad to be very thin?”
      If that’s not your natural body type, yes it is bad to be very thin(and we’ve seen Linds with more meat on her, so I do not think that thin is her natural body type). She’s not looking as thin as a few weeks ago, but there is still something a bit off about her face, looks drawn and almost skeletal 🙁 (sorry, I can’t think of a better way to describe that)

      • helena

        i see your point,she probably gets high all the time and i don’t like her face either..but i’m talking about the body,she doesn’t look skeletal here and i think she looks good,although it’s not her natural body type..but sorry,i didn’t like her when she played in the movie confessions of a teenager,she was chubby..that’s my oppinion..i’m a fan of thinness,whether is your natural body type or not.and in this case,just with 3-4 kilos more lindsay will look great

        • Instant

          I haven’t watched “Confessions of…” yet, but I don’t remember Linds ever being “chubby”. If you like thin that’s fine, but please DON’T label people who don’t fit your preference with words that do NOT describe them, especially when it alludes to them weighing more than they should, when they actually don’t.

          • Maryna

            I also happen to think that Lindsay looks good in these pics, maybe not her hair and make-up, but her body looks super. I don’t really understand what you mean by someone’s natural body shape, beacause where do you draw the line?, When someone is overweight, and decides to go on a diet, will you still say that they are fighting their natural body shape? There is no such thing as this “naturak body shape”. I would rather say that according to the medical society there is a healthy weight that can be calculated for people according to their length and bone structure. Don’t want to fight now, it’s just my opinion

          • Maryna

            I meant natural, oops, oh and I also don’t think that LInds looks anorexic in these pics

          • Miranda

            Instant I agree with you, but Maryna you make a good point. I used to be overweight, and then I got off my ass and lost over 70 lbs and now I always get little jokes about how I’m anorexic or doing coke, like it couldn’t just be from hard work and dieting. Because it’s not my “natural body shape”, people think that I did something extreme to lose weight. Anyway, just wanted to say that’s a good point.

          • Instant

            Lindsay Lohan’s natural body shape is NOT what she is now, she is thinner than what she used to be, and she used to be a nice healthy looking weight, now not so much. If a person is overweight and suffering from health problems associated with their weight, eating habits and exercise habits, that is not their natural body shape. If a person loses weight because they are unhealthy, they are not fighting their natural body shape. Lindsay lost weight when it appeared she didn’t need to, so IMO, this is NOT her natural body shape. If a person is overweight but are healthy eaters and get a healthy amount of exercise and then they lose weight for no health reasons what so ever, yes they are fighting their natural body shape.

      • Uma

        Instant: how can you be so sure that having more meat on her was her natural shape? You keep saying this, but you have no proof. Our teenager shapes are not the same with our full grown woman’s shape. I’m sorry, but it’s clear that Lindsay is not so sickly thin as some weeks or months ago, so maybe you could leave her and us alone with “that it’s not her natural shape cause she was fatter”. Yes she was. Does that make that original shape her natural one? We cannot actually know. You are making assumptions, just like everyone else. Her face is not like that just b/c of the weight loss. Again, you acting like being thin is a crime is just as offensive as the jealous and huge comments. Excuse me if my tone is rather harsh, i am not in the mood for a fight, especially not with you who seemed to have your head in the right spot, so i’m counting on you to understand what i mean. It’s just a different opinion.

        • Instant

          I agree, she isn’t looking as sickly thin as a few weeks ago, and I do think that’s a good thing, but I also think she still has a ways to go before she looks healthier to me. But how can I say she isn’t naturally like this? She’s 23 and she looks like she’s in her mid to late 30’s. Just about what, a year ago, she had more meat on her and she didn’t look like she was over a decade older than what she is. I don’t think hard partying is the only thing that caused to her to age so dramatically, I think drastic weight loss did it too. And, um, sweetheart, when she had more meat on her, she wasn’t fatter, in any sense of the word, and that is not something I EVER said about her. More weight/more meat is NOT a nice way to say “fatter”. If I thought she was “fat” before, I would say that, I wouldn’t be trying to say it in a “nice” way by using “more weight” or “more meat”.

          I find it hilarious that you are getting on my case for making assumptions about her when you are doing the same exact thing in your argument to counter mine. What ever Uma. I think she’s too thin, she needs to wake up and see what she’s doing to herself, and I am NOT going to pander to it at all just because there are people out there that think it’s wrong to comment on this kind of crap. Linds is too thin. She’s not even in-shape thin, she’s just thin. She does not look like she got this way through good diet and exercise, she’s flabby looking with no muscle tone anywhere. Her face looks almost skeletal. Not a healthy look, IMO. Bitch at me all you want, but it’s not going to make me change my mind about it.

        • Instant

          Oh, and where do I ever say that it’s a crime to be thin, whether they are naturally so or not? So I have a strong opinion about this, but that doesn’t mean I am making this out to be a “crime”. Drama much?

          • Uma

            I’m sorry you’re reacting like this. I thought you would understand my points. Apparently i overestimated you, thinking you were intelligent and capable of understanding different points of views. Whatever you say.

          • Instant

            What did you think would happen when you twist my points and put words and ideas into my posts that were never there? I understand your points, but I disagree with them, and Linds is looking better, I can see that, and I’m sure there’s a happy medium for her between my view and yours. But it also irked the crap out of me when you put words and ideas to me that I never used.

            “Apparently i overestimated you, thinking you were intelligent and capable of understanding different points of views. Whatever you say.”

    • DT

      Wow are you opening yourself to the many here who equate unhealthy with a nice attractive thin figure…… you will now hear from the ” experts” in BMI, the meaning of a flat stomach, the look of a 10 year old.. and that’s just the beginning…

      • Instant

        DT, I’ve seen quite a few attractive slim figures that I do believe are very healthy at their size. Unfortunately, Linds isn’t one of them.

        • DT

          Hey Instant… fair enuf coming from you. Hope everything is OK 🙂

          • Instant

            Everything is fine, just have a cold 😛 Hope you’re doing good 😀

          • DT

            Thanks… working a lot.. so things are good. I started taking Acai supplements.. seems to be a great anti oxide and immune builder for resistance.

          • Instant

            Cool. I’ll have to try the Acai sometime 🙂

  • Jenna

    Wow we have had bandage dresses and now bandage bikinis? I wonder what they would look like on someone with curves.
    Poor Lindsey, I watched confessions of a teenage drama queen last week and she looked gorgeous and fresh… equally as attractive as Megan Fox in the same film. But now? There is no life in her eyes at all.

  • anna

    yeah… strung out is right. but that red bikini is sooo cute. i’d hate the tan lines from it though. i also like the second black one too with its higher waist.

  • Kristy

    Think her bod looks very good but she does look either stoned, drunk or just very, very tired.

  • anna

    She always looks in desperate need of a shower

  • She looks bangin! Love the outfit in the last pic, looks effortlessly casual!

  • Emmily

    Her body is so awesome! Love it!

  • jennifer

    Love the red bikini but c’mon she definitly looks high in at least three of these pics….I wonder when she sleeps?

    • pppccc


  • Carly

    Just shows what a good bikini can do! in the red on she looks quite good(for her) but the black one looks terrible, She is such a attention seeker why 6inch heels with a bikini. She needs a good scrub, she alway’s looks so dirty.

  • VM

    I think she looks great. I love the red bikini!!!

  • Layla

    Lindsay is only celebrating her 23rd birthday? It looks like she’s celebrating her 33rd birthday. Her unhealthy partying habits have left her looking years older than she really is. And she would look better if she had 5-10 more pounds on her, like she did a few years ago when she was an actual working actress.

  • dennise

    umm, theres nothing wrong ewith her body. just a skinny girl. thin yes. ugly, disgusting? no way!!! peopel are retartedd

    • chechebelle

      she’s not “just a skinny girl”; she is a naturally thicker girl who has whittled her figure down to nothing in some unhealthy way (my money’s on cocaine.. or meth).

  • anna

    the red bikini looks great on her,
    i don’t really like the black one.

    the fourth picture makes her look healthy, IMO.
    the first looks really good, i like that body type.

  • I love those bikinis I am a bikini colector lol so trust I barely see lilo there and to be more honest I am sick of her she is everywhere ;s

  • ms_benes

    No waist but that’s not within anyone’s power, otherwise she looks good. She’s put on a few much needed pounds, great legs.

  • julia

    loving the herve leger monokini in red!!!!!

  • Kae

    She looks exhausted and high to me. And she probably is…

    Her body is nothing special to me at all. The best thing about her is her legs. Everything else…not to my liking.

    The red bikini I like but on a better body. Perhaps maybe someone with hips?

  • Ben

    Natural body type may be true but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay the same weight. I believe that most teens go through a heavier stage. I did. I assure you that although people might have a shape ie where most of their fat goes it doesn’t mean that you can’t be the smaller version of that shape ie small hour glass ect. I think Lindsay looks ok in these picture and what I want to know is how can anyone assume she is unhealthy. UNLESS YOU ARE A DOCTOR AND HAVE PERSONALLY EXAMINED HER. P.S to all those LIndsay fans her want her to look the same as before it’s not going to happen. She is older and wants to be thin now. She may get healthi-ER but come on do you think she wants to be as volumptuous as before. Geese if she is happy with the way she looks give up already. How would you feel if people were telling you your body looked crap??? I think she looks fine.

    • Ben I completely agree.
      And in all honesty she is probably healthier now (strictly diet-wise) than she was before when she would eat McDonalds and crap like that. Obviously now she watches what she eats and probably only eats vegetables and lean proteins, which of course is going to slim you down and keep you very healthy.

      • om87

        eating good food does not result in you being that skinny. Also a diet in vegetables and protein is not healthy, a well rounded balanced diet including good fats, dairy and carbs. She looks awful, tired and haggard if thats what you think healthy is then i am worried! PS i am a med student i know what im talking about!

        • That’s specifically why I said DIET-WISE.
          If she lacking sleep then obviously that is not healthy, but who are we to judge? And of course a well rounded diet would be beneficial, but my point is that overall what she eats now days is much healthier than when she was heavier and ate McDonalds, junk food, ect.

          • Kae

            Hmmm….because she’s thin YOU are assuming that she’s healthy! Her favorite thing to consume, REDBULL. She admits it and she drinks coffee all the time. These drinks keep the appetite at bay. She consumes a lot of alcohol and does a lot of drugs. I’m not sure why people are still trying to deny this. She has a history of it and she’s obviously not well.

            I seriously doubt she’s this thin because of her diet. She lives HARD and we all know it. The fact that she’s 23 and looks like she’s in her 30’s says it all. She looks older than me and I’m 35.

            These are the best photos of her. Go to another site and you’ll see her bloated tummy and her skin looks awful. Her eyes are the eyes of an addict. Cokehead is the word that comes to mind. So sad…

        • anna


          • anna

            and I ment my amen to om87

      • ohwowlovely

        I want to know how you can assume she is healthy. Unless you are a doctor and have personally examined her. However that wouldn’t even confirm it to me, because I have had an ED for the past five years and have managed to hide it from my doctor without fail. Even when I was emaciated and had a BMI of 14, I convinced him it was just from jaw pain.

        Lindsay Lohan is not a girl who eats healthy. She drinks red-bull & full sugar sodas pretty much every day, plus does drugs and alcohol and was just pictured yesterday at a fast food place eating pretzels or something. So, really. Maybe it’s not McDonalds but it’s also not organic roasted chicken breast with olive oil & green beans that she’s eating.

        I find it hilarious how naive some of the people are. Trust me, if a girl goes from being a normal healthy weight almost her entire life to being too thin suddenly at the age of 23 SOMETHING IS WRONG. She isn’t consuming enough calories to be a normal weight and she distracts her appetite by chugging liquids all day long. Yes, that just screams healthy doesn’t it?

  • Ben

    By the way since everyone else is having their opinions I think hips are gross and I bet that people who comment that she needs hips probably have huge ones and are super jealous ……

    • Instant

      LOL Was wondering when the “You are probably huge and jealous if you don’t like her body!!!!” “argument” was going to pop up in this discussion.

    • Ben

      Reading back I see this was a very negative thing to say. I don’t want to sound pro anna. Im all for a healthy BMI. I guess hips on some people can look ok. I just mean’t I wouldn’t want huge ones that all. On a positive note a have some huge friends who look stunning. Its all a matter of personal opinion. Sorry if any or my comments further down the page or anywhere else on this website upset anyway. I don’t want to be that type of person. I will try think before I open my mouth next time. I just like for people to be more open minded and not to assume so much that is all. 🙂

      • Ben

        *I mean bigger friends.

        • Ben


      • Instant

        Question, what do you consider “huge” and “bigger”? You don’t sound so good saying things like that, makes you sound as if you have a stilted view of women’s bodies/bad body image.

        • Ben

          My definition of huge is obese and my definition of bigger is overweight and how am I supposed to view womans bodies or mens bodies when I am surrounded by people constantly judging other figures or people critisizing their own figure. Like I said im all for a heathy BMI but do not believe in natural shape.

    • Kae

      Hips are gross??? I don’t even know how to respond to this comment, it’s so ridiculous. You must not understand female anatomy Ben.

      And no, please don’t assume that other posters have huge hips and are jealous, we just might be well educated regarding health matters and don’t subscribe to other peoples’ obsession with thinness:)

      And considering this young woman’s long history with unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, I don’t think what we’re writing about here is out of left field. I personally would hate to see Lindsay go down in flames but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

      • Ben

        Well I have a lot of female friends who share their body issues with me. I think if lindsay is happy being really thin so be it and I would say the same if she was that of a plus size model and was happy. Um I beleive I do have the right to comment because I used to be a lot bigger than I am now and when I lost heaps of weight people were just waiting for me to put it back on but I refuse to stuff my face with garbage like I used to. I was never fat but had looked pretty rounded but still a healthy BMI even though I never exercised and ate take out. I did get a little too thin but it evened out but still I feel like people are just waiting for me to gain even though im healthy and my doctor says so. Thats why im defending her. I know what it feels like and it’s a living nightmare.

        • Kae

          I think you are missing my point but that’s okay. I wasn’t stating that you shouldn’t share your opinion with others on this website, I was simply stating that I disagreed with you regarding the “hips” comment. I was also writing that I think Lindsay’s thinness are a result of her unhealthy lifestyle.

          I have lost 70 lbs since having my son, so I do understand what women AND men have to say about body image and issues:) My point is that I think every person should be healthy and fit. If thinness is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle, then more power to you!!!

          • Ben

            Kae you are right. It’s kind of strange that people are still looking for a magic solution to be thin and stay thin but to be thin and stay thin you need to be healthy. I think that if you deprive your body of too much then it will catch up on you….eventually. It sux but the reality is we need to eat a balanced diet, exercise and get plenty of sleep. I just get a little emotional about this stuff cause I was always heavier than all my friends and they picked on me for being bigger. It may sound funny but it wasn’t funny to me as a kid. I was teased about almost everything for years and it’s left me with no confidence. I may look different now cause of my weight (due to a healthy lifestyle) but I still feel like there are things I will never be able to change. Im 19 and never leave the house anymore……

  • Ben

    By the way I have a friend way skinnier that Lindsay and she chows down on BCB rolls (baccon, cheese and BBQ sauce) so no one can assume Lindsay is unhealthy. Just cause she was bigger before didn’t mean she was healthy or that she is healthy now. NO ONE KNOWS.

    • Leanna

      Because that makes your friend sooo healthy. Skinny people who eat nothing but junk are at risk of all the same problems obese people face, i.e. high cholesteral, diabetes, heart disease.

  • Ben

    om 87 how do you know she doesn’t eat that and then burn it off by running a few miles after ? You don’t know do you. Do you know her BMI in these currewnt pic’s I bet not. Man im sick of commenting im so over this.

    • chimney

      you mean like exercise bulimia? SWEET!

  • JES

    It is obvious that Ben is an underweight woman posing as a man.

    • anna


  • sara

    i HATE those black shoes. omg… ugh. thats all i have to say.

  • claire marie

    she looks great to me… yeah, super skinny but she doesn’t look sick or disgusting. in my opinion her body is so much better than kim kardashian’s curvy-all-over figure. most people will disagree, i know. i’ve suffered from anorexia and at the beggining of this year I was just as skinny as Lindsay, and still thought I had to lose more and more weight. Just for you to see that if she has got something like this, it’s not easy. It’s not only gain some weight, you need some psychological help, and need to want to recover. I’ve gained alot of weight after getting help of course… i’m around 106-110 pouns and i’m 5’3”. I know it’s a slim and healthy weight, but I think that monster(the eating disorder) is coming back. I still have the wish of getting thinner and thinner :/
    I think Lilo looks great, but if she doesn’t FEEL good, she should get some professional help and yes, gain some weight as well… get my point?

  • Ben

    Actually no I am a guy…who likes to share an opinion. Btw I am not underweight. I am 169cm and weight 62Kg and am a healthy fit guy. I eat a well rounded diet. I even drink full cream milk (gasps). I know alot about healh and fitness and just don’t like assumptions. I never said Lindsay was healthy or unhealthy I just said she looked ok. Im not assuming anything cause im not her doctor lol. That is all. I think its ok to state an opinion on her looks but you seriously cant judge her health…too many factors.

  • becca

    lindsay is always going to be beautiful and she does look much more healthy than the last few times her pics have been posted here…
    i just hope she’s taking care of herself. she’s talented and has tons of potential and a bright future in her grasp…

  • Not the most flattering bathing suit picks… and those shoes look ourageously stupid with them too – but I do like her hair – I am glad it’s not that BLOND she once had it! Yikes!

    • Gigi

      Hello there, other Gigi! lol

  • Gigi

    If I had no clue who she was, I would say that she has a pretty good body, albeit, it looks a smidge too thin. However, since I DO know who she is, and that this is nowhere near being her natural body type, its undeniable that she has some sort of health problem and she looks TERRIBLE.

  • someone

    ugh she looks skinny and so out of shape. gross.

  • Gigi

    Also, is it just me, or does she have that bulimic look about her? Usually when someone is bulimic the space between their nose and their mouth becomes red and swollen, their skin becomes yellow and sallow, and they get sort of a chipmunk look about them. Its especially obvious in the fourth picture…

  • jo

    she looks awesome!
    dont know why some of you are complaining…
    she looks as thin as those VS models that you all love and adore so much…

    • Instant

      Funny that you mention that, I only like one of the VS models, Doutzen K.(is Bar R. a VS model?), and Lindsay is no where near her in looks, body wise. Doutzen is in shape and looks natural and healthy.

    • Uma

      JO: Actually, she is “fatter” than some of them. I don’t give names so the fans won’t kill me or smth, but you’re comment strikes the perfect spot.

      Instant you are an exception and even though you think i attacked you, i still admire you for how faithful you are to your believes and how argumentative your speaches – usually – are.

      • Instant

        hehe, thanks 😀

  • JES

    claire marie,

    You are of course entitled to your opinion, but I take your opinion of Lindsay’s physique with a grain of salt since you were once anorexic. I would have the same opinion if someone once suffered from obesity and claimed that Beth Ditto looked great.

  • Sarah

    I would never have classified Lindsay as chubby. Ever.

    People amaze me; it’s astounding what some people consider chubby.

    I don’t think this weight looks good on her; she could do with a few more pounds on that frame.

  • Sorry to disappoint you all but she’s not that skinny anymore. She’s still very thin but she took 5 pounds for sure, you can notice it in the thigh area and on her face, she’s much better now, i think her body looks great. Her face is ugly but it’s always been like that, she’s a redhead so she’s pale like she’s dead and her skin is just plain gross.

  • biarose

    love the herve leger bikini

  • Ramie

    her body looks great!

  • Nkeon

    she seems to have put on a few pounds since the last photos i saw of her, hence why her arms and legs look so much nicer!
    the bikinis are quite cool.

  • sandra

    IMO a persons natural body shape is that they would look like if the ate the recommended amount of calories based on the activity level of their lifestyle. the more active you are the more calories you can comsume. Lindsay seems to have gained a lil weight but i think she still doesnt look good. As “anya” said she kinda looks trashy, unkept, and no put together. You can have the best stylists but true beauty starts with the person inside and for her she seems to have lost it. She looks like she aged 15-20 years. Its kinda sad.

  • Sarah

    Oh my, Chloe, do you have some pent up anger towards pale redheads? It would certainly seem so.

    I’m a pale redhead (strawberry blonde actually) and I don’t think there is anything wrong with my skin. Just as I don’t think there is anything wrong with tan skin. Or dark skin.

    I certainly don’t look dead, and I don’t appreciate the implication that those with pale skin have gross skin, or that they have something to be ashamed of.

    I have hardly any freckles or moles, and I have no wrinkles. My skin is as clear and unblemished as it was when I was a kid, and I thank my German-Scandinavian heritage, as well as proper sun care, for that.

    Can’t we all just be happy with the skin we have and not disrespect others because of the skin tone they are born with?

  • Chika

    Every time I see this girl, I just think she looks coked out. I keep hoping she’d turn it around and get cute again and get good gigs!

  • Lindz

    Her body looks like a 12 year old boys.

  • jjj

    She does look cute here.

  • christine

    ohh, she looks really pretty..and her figure is very pretty..she´s skinny but not so much…love that…