Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Explains Weight Loss

lindsay-lohan-explains-weight-loss - Lindsay Lohan Explains Weight Loss

Lindsay talked to OK! about another topic that’s had her in the headlines of late – her recent dramatic weight loss.

“I did’t [lose it] intentionally,” she said. “I’m eating as much as I always eat.

The actress chalks it all up to having too many things on her plate, career-wise at least.

“I think I’m just working a lot and the stress of that and lack of sleep and my travels,” she explained. “I think it’s just all that that adds up.”

Source: OK! Magazine

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  • runner_girl

    I have to be honest, I don’t think she looks bad, I know I am going to be crucified for that, but it is my opinion. And if I were her, I would just tell the truth and own it. Because I don’t believe that it wasn’t intentional and what the heck does she have going on career wise?

    • Freedom

      I totally concur with you.
      Stars always blame it on stress.but what stress, lindsay?
      I don’t think its drugs though. she would look dirty and disgusting like amy winehouse.
      But she does look good you guys; I mean you can’t deny. her legs and thighs aren’t twigs. However,I miss her face from when she was in the mean girls phase.
      And DID she completely go red yet?

  • missy

    She is full of it… its the DRUGS!

  • jennah

    well while i dont agree with the fact the she looks good i do have to say i indeed once lost weight 25lbs off off 135lbs due to stress….so it is possible…. i have since gained it back but who knows if lindsay is indeed telling the truth

    • Instant

      I would believe that part of it is due to stress, look at all the *beep* she went through when she started hanging out with/dating Samantha, especially from her father.

  • minnie

    Celebrities always claim it’s all either due to stress or “eating healthy and exercising”…yehh right.
    She looks really skinny and untoned. But that dress suits her so well, she looks fabulous in that pic.

  • mEEE

    “I think I’m just working a lot and the stress of that”

    Maybe its the LACK of working and the stress that comes from no one wanting to hire you anymore that may have helped her shed some weight. I also think it may have something to do with dating someone that has the body of a praying mantis; I have read that sometimes women in same-sex relationships may develop hang-ups about their body because they may compare themselves too negatively with the body of their partner.

    • missy

      I agree with mEEE….. especially about same-sex relationships….. yeah, just… agreed 🙂
      and the praying mantis bit was funny, even though I like Sam.

  • CountryGal777

    I agree 100% with mEEE above.

  • K.J.

    what work, linds? 😉

  • Sarah Lin

    I call bullshit.

    • Fashionista

      Agreed. She definitely liked being skinny. I mean, she looks good, as bad as that sounds.. she does look good skinnier.

  • k

    Ummmm, lack of sleep makes you gain weight.

    I agree with minnie, celebs *always* says it’s stress! Unless stress makes her throw up, I don’t believe it.

    She looks great in that pic, but not as she probs should look for her body type. Remember when she was slim/healthy in “Mean Girls”?

  • Caroline

    She is waaay to skinny and the sad part is that in the pic’s she doesn’t ook that bad. But I really think it’s drugs and not “stress” or “work”. I mean what has she done lately??

  • Elaine

    I believe it’s stress and maybe a bit of drugs. When I’m stressed the pounds drop and in the past when I enjoyed a recreational drug or two, my appetite decreased.

  • Aaron

    “I didn’t lose it intentionally”, my butt. She must’ve pulled that one out of the same bin where she keeps her drug-denials.

  • nin

    I didn’t read this article. I just want to say that Lindsay looks hot in this photo.

  • To be honest, in this picture she looks pretty normal. At least where I am from (Eastern Europe- Romania) most of the girls loock like that and I think her bone structure is tiny. But than again, maybe I’m wrong…

  • supergirl

    i like her in this picture, she doesn’t look scary skinny, maybe because her upper body is covered. i like her skinny, rather than soft

  • e

    Such bull, IMO. Coke forces your appetite out the window. I honestly wish she would disappear. Why is she even famous anymore, seriously.

  • hhh

    Li.Lo is looking like a sex bomb.