Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Does German GQ

Lindsay-Lohan-Does-German-GQ - Lindsay Lohan Does German GQ

Lindsay Lohan appears in the German GQ this month, where she shows off her bikini body and famous cleavage in lots of minimal ‘outfits’ and as always, delights us with her smoking face.

Here’s a little unrelated quote from the interview:

GQ: Why are they reporting that you are always partying?
Lohan: The media take their shots in only a second, and use that to interpret reality they way they want. when I sneeze, photos are published and it is said that I would cry. When I put my hand in front of my mouth and nose it is said that I have a terrible hangover after a long party night. It is unbelievable how bad it got.

Lindsay-Lohan-Does-German-GQ-2 - Lindsay Lohan Does German GQ

Many more on the second page!

Lindsay-Lohan-Does-German-GQ-3 - Lindsay Lohan Does German GQ

Lindsay-Lohan-Does-German-GQ-4 - Lindsay Lohan Does German GQ

Lindsay-Lohan-Does-German-GQ-5 - Lindsay Lohan Does German GQ

Lindsay-Lohan-Does-German-GQ-6 - Lindsay Lohan Does German GQ

Lindsay-Lohan-Does-German-GQ-7 - Lindsay Lohan Does German GQ

Lindsay-Lohan-Does-German-GQ-8 - Lindsay Lohan Does German GQ

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  • Polly

    There’s no denying she looks good here, body and face wise. But looks aren’t everything… shame about her personal life.

    • suzushii

      She looks good here because of the MASSIVE amounts of photoshop. In the first pic she looks like an alien in the face, and in the second you’d think it was Julianne Moore not Lindsay.

      As for her body, it has never had that shape, whether skinny or not.

      • Anna

        I agree, suzushii:

        She does not have that body shape – she has more of a boy shape, not the [skinny] pear/hourglass she has going on in these pics.

        Lindsay just cannot stay at a particular weight for long! One day she’s way down, then the next week she looks 10 lbs. heavier!

        I wonder what JAIL will do to her weight-wise. It didn’t look like Paris lost a ton when she was in prison.

      • Trisia

        i thought it was sophie monk when i first saw…
        is lindsay still seen as hot?
        i didnt think so, but apparently so.
        she’s lost all her appeal in my eyes

      • Hayley if you follow this link it shows the unedited pics, huge difference, she looks very bloated and unhealthy in the unedited pics. A reflection of her personal issues i guess?

        • mel

          is she missing her belly button in the first pic?

    • MM

      It’s easy to see just how much she’s been photoshopped just by looking at her face: look at any candid pic of her and her face is riddled with wrinkles and lines that you wouldn’t even expect to see on some 40-year-olds. They made her skin (which sadly has lost nearly all of its luster because of her drug use) lok like it did six years ago….

      • MM

        HEY!! I just realized they photoshopped that freckle off her lips!

    • thebestguest

      Wow, she looks really hot, face, hair & body! I know she was helped by makeup and lighting ect…, but these pictures look good!

  • emma

    “For every dream, there is a price, in Hollywood”

  • CK

    i recall some magazine called Sarah Jessica Parker the world’s “Unsexiest” Woman, well in my opinion Lindsay fits this title better
    her body is not my cup of tea…its like a marshallow with freckles

  • anonymous

    there’s no denying she looks great here but we all knoiw she looks nothing like that in real life

  • Mia

    I Think she looks really good, love the hips and
    her waistline ..
    But isnt photoshoop supposed to make you look good?
    she has obviously changed her face in a matter of what, 1 year? of all the drugs and alcohol, its like she aged 10 years in a matter of months really.
    idk, i think if they are going to use photoshop to make you look perfect, they might as well have changed her face a little .. you know just saying, i actually love lindsay, but its for the magazine’s own sake

    • artemis

      she isnt a hourglass

  • jay

    How high up is her belly button in the bikini pics!

    • Nina

      you’re so right! it’s weird !!!!

    • Ash

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • hahah, i was thinking the same 😀

    • Leah

      me too, her body in the 6th picture looks slightly creepy, actually

    • Rachel

      Yeah, in the second from last picture it looks really high. Hmm

    • livefree

      I HATE her belly button placement! IT has always disturbed me and I have always noticed how freakishly high up it is!

  • amy

    ugh, hate her. she always always looks like a cracked out coke w***e. you can definitely tell the toll her lifestyle is taking on her by looking at her face. terrible skin, weird expression in her eyes. and the only reason she’s skinny is because she’s on DRUGS/parties too much to eat.

  • snoops

    We all know this is not what she looks like, honestly I don’t know how she still gets work. Lindsay makes me feel sick, she’s the kind of person who makes you feel like you need to take a shower just from looking at her. She acts like such a victim and its pathetic. She is not a victim, and there are much harder things in life than being rich and famous.

    On a side note, I hate the pic with the cigarette, I dont like when cigarettes are used in photoshoots like this, as if to glamorize smoking. I am a smoker myself, and no plans on quitting, but lets get real, smoking is a bad habit, its not sexy.

  • lina

    I know it’s all photoshopped but she still seems to be better now – body-wise. Although I wish she’d get her red hair back!

  • ?!?

    wow, even though these are way photoshopped.. they did an amazing job. the face closeup is beautiful!!!

    • Chrissy

      it’s the only pic that they allowed some of her freckles to show!

  • ash

    She looks good. I wish the best for her.

  • kelli

    i love the photography. she did really well posing for these pictures. i love the way it looks. she looks great body-wise.

  • Mizzy

    nice photoshopping. she hasn’t looked this good in at least 5 years!

  • Brittany

    her face looks beautiful here but she just disgusts me. I HATE how she ALWAYS plays the victim and won’t accept even 1% of the responsibility for the train wreck her life and career have become… it’s all someone else’s fault right Linds?

    I don’t think she has anyone in her life to tell her to snap out of it and get real. Her friends, assistants and most of all mother are all SUCH enablers and when she dies at like 31 (which of course I hope she doesn’t but that’s where it’s headed) it will be partly their fault for continuing to tell her that everything is ok when it’s clearly not.

    and MUST she has a cigarette in her mouth/hand in EVERY photoshoot?? we get it Lindsay… you’re a smoker and you’re “cool”

    Ugh, sorry rant over.

    • Brittany

      *HAVE and cigarette… not “has” lol that’s what you get for ranting and typing I guess.

  • size0??

    She looks really gorgeous in the photo shoot. In real life not so much. She looks young and pretty here. In real life she looks old and haggard. Drugs willl definitley do that!!!

  • She looks nice, I’m looking forward to the day she returns to red hair.

  • nannou

    I’m tired of her slutty look, no one cares about what comes out of her mouth, just go back and make good movies…

  • Throughout the years I have gone from liking to disliking to pitying her. But I admit they made her look good in this shoot. The make up is really nice and the photoshop is also quite good for a change. It is GQ so the whole sultry thing is expected.

  • She looks great…good job photoshop!

  • Ikram

    She doesn’t look THAT photoshopped… She looks pretty much the same in real… Poor darling, her personal life is so sad 🙁

  • Kt

    love the second pic, sadly she doesn’t look quite like this in reality

  • Katy

    if you’re going to photoshop someone, it’s best to make them uniformly photoshopped to look alike, otherwise it’s a bit obvious. She still looks a bit drugged out though..

  • livefree

    Still can’t get over those lips.
    The doctor who put those fillers in should be shot.

    • Melinaa

      haha, so true !

  • Niknikniken

    Lol, her belly button looks extremely high in the last pic

  • Dave

    I just can’t get over how sluttish she looks – like she just can’t help it!

  • RAchel

    Woah, i think this one might take the price for worst photoshop ever, it is so unrealistic. We all know how she looks why bother and turn her into a person shes not?

  • She looks great, photoshopped or not, i luv Lindsay and i hope after her jail and rehab stint she gets back on track. She’s a beautiful woman.

  • Naomi

    She looks..okay. I really prefer her as her natural ginger colour though.

    ”When I put my hand in front of my mouth and nose it is said that I have a terrible hangover after a long party night. ”
    Sure, the media make up any story they want.
    But she’s off to jail, so she’s not completely innocent.

  • Priscila

    I love those pics!
    The 3rd picture is amazing!

  • ellentjie

    She brushes up nicely if only she attempted to clean herself up in real life. Just randomly her belly button seems to sit really high in that last photo

  • Lisa

    I really LOVE the floral bikini, does anyone know where it is from? I think she looks nice in the pics, but we all know it’s not how she look IRL. It’s a shame, she used to be so pretty..

  • Simona

    What is wrong with her belly button in the last picture?
    I think it’s too hi situated.

  • Yasmin

    omg did you guys notice her belly button ?! its set way to high, looks weird !