Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Goes See-Through

Lindsay-Lohan-goes-See-Through - Lindsay Lohan Goes See-Through

Lindsay Lohan hosted a party at The Pool in Harrah’s Atlantic City this weekend – and with this occasion she revealed her full bust in a see-through dress.

Are you fans of this look?

See Lindsay head-to-toe on the next page!

Lindsay-Lohan-goes-See-Through-2 - Lindsay Lohan Goes See-Through

Lindsay-Lohan-goes-See-Through0 - Lindsay Lohan Goes See-Through

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  • Egle

    Only one word – terrible!!!

  • Rede

    It’s ackward to say that when talking about Linsday, but I think she should lose some weight. I must admit that this outfit doesn’t do her any good, but neither do these extra lb.

    • Hazal

      no way! she looks way better with extra weight…although her outfit is really disgusting.

      • jenna

        she doesn’t need to lose weight she just needs to tone up a lot!

    • Hydrangea

      I don’t think Lindsay Lohan needs to lose any weight. There’s no rolls in these pics. No handles, no spare tires. She bends over, her tummy bunches a bit, which is normal even for fitness experts. She finally has breasts again, after they shrunk down to size when she lost all that weight. She doesn’t need to lose a single pound IMO.

    • Casey

      The last thing Lindsay should so is lose weight. Her weight is the main thing that makes her look decently attractive nowadays. She just doesn’t look good skinny and breastless.

    • kate

      Lose weight? Again! Why???

      Was LILO your thinspo or something………..

      • b

        lol @ Kate. Ack, kind of sad, really.

  • Melina

    she should lose some weight?
    I think she´s still skinny!
    but the clothes look terrible ..

  • Sidney

    I’d lose the hat and the jacket, also i thin the lace-kinda fabric (which to me looks like panties, but idk), that comes up to her navel cheapens the outfit imo. I love the shoes and i think the dress is cute too, but her boobs are maybe a bit big for it, meaning a small cheasted woman could get away with it without looking too sexy or baring much more easily. She’s still looking better than she has for a long time. The weight is perfect imo.

    • Sidney

      *think, not thin

  • molly


  • mermaid

    to be honest, i actually really like the dress itself. but really hate the jacket, hat, leggings, shoes, hair, and especially the top of the legging/tights showing through the dress. her face doesn’t looks half bad and her body looks healthier.

  • B.

    Not pleasant.

  • Lisa

    Um… might look better if her leggings were visible through the abdomen section. You can put a nice dress on trash….but it’s still trashy.

    • Lisa

      weren’t… obviously haha

  • Aunty Jackson

    idk shes not as … vigorous as shes been. The dark hair makes her look weird with all those freckles, she should dye back to red
    And also – you’ve got a bigger bust than the thinthin models. Please wear bra.

    But i kind of like the idea of the cloth. But not on Lindsay
    And throw away the jacket and stuff.

  • dwp

    she should not lose any weiht, she is perfect the way she is, however the dress does nothing for her boobs. She better hire a stylist again, become that fashionable girl, make herself in demand, maybe that way she’ll get some a list jobs again.

  • angelwing_0486

    As much nudity as this girl does, it’s obvious that she thinks she has a great body…and…well…she doesn’t, in my opinion.

    P.S. Since when does bra-less, chain smoking, hooker look good on anyone?

  • Gigi

    she looks good for 47.

    • Animaniac

      LoooooooooooL 😀

  • Mauge

    I never have nice things to say about it, she always looks horrible. Today I can say her face is looking slightly better, she looks pretty in the first pic.
    But the outfit…. nonono linds!!

  • ashley

    Her outfit is awful but she is igetting WAY better weight wise. I only wish there was someway she could erase the haggardness that all the partying and drugs have done to her face. She is never going to be as pretty as she was 🙁

  • Sarah

    I’m not crazy about it, but I kinda like it. It reminds me of Bar’s black mesh dress. I just wish it wasn’t see-through at her stomach.

  • casey

    If she hadn’t done all of this to herself, how beautiful she would be. I can see from the structure of her face (high cheekbones) that she would have been striking!

    But she is looking a lot better now than before, so hopefully she’s getting her life back on track.

  • Rosina

    Well, concerning the weight, I think she is still thin. But the see-through part of the dress makes look superflabby what lies underneath! I am quite sure the dress alone is to blame for that. Secondly, Lindsay Lohan was born as a natural beauty. It always surprises me how she manages to look so different now. Anyhow, I do not believe that she really lost it.

  • Uma

    Maybe i’m going crazy, but i swear i haven’t seen Lindsay looking this good in ages! Her face looks not dieing for once, her hair is not a total mess and her body is hot. However said she needs to lose weight – check your head 😉

    • Uma

      whoever* not however

    • gen

      Totally agree with you! She looks good! Especially for being Lindsay Lohan…

  • lelooloo

    she looks good…

  • crumbcake

    Sick of this girl–she has totally wrecked herself and seriously looks haggard and used. I have an idea–maybe she should take the “see-through” look to the next level and just disappear.

  • Aims

    Clothing is gross but I must admit her face doesn’t look as messed up as it usually does! Anyone else notice this?

  • Sady

    People will always say bad things about her. Her face is looking really pretty here, the outfit may be bad, but her face is gorgeous. I think everybody is used to make her the “punch bag” of media. Girl is doing fine, staying out of trouble, making benefit events, working (host a party is work…), going to India, but nothing changes the way people talk about her.

  • Joe

    Here is this absolutely stunning young woman who hasn’t a clue about how to dress or behave in a manner to capitalize on her beauty. In an obsession with showing off her body, she persistently presents it in unflattering if not downright ugly clothing that negates its desirability. She needs an adviser she can trust who can show her how to capitalize on the natural assets of her face, hair and skin (freckles and all) to do credit to her incredibly vital sensuality. At the same time, she should realize that she isn’t Marilyn Monroe – she’s Lindsay Lohan, and that is something to embrace and enjoy.

  • Annika

    She looks like a mess. Her tits are so hideously saggy, I don´t get why she keeps showing them off.
    Besides, she´s a pretty girl, she should get a grip on herself, hire a stylist and buy herself a bra.

  • Kitten

    She looks pretty. Not wild about the outfit but peeps need to lay off about her weight. She looks a million times better at this weight and it seems like the natural weight for her.

  • Natasha O

    TRAGIC *fans self falls back into chair* I thought dying her hair would save her career and looks but she still doing the same shit R.I.P. May her career rest in peace 1998-2007.

  • beckers!

    Its a funny one when chattin about Lindsy Lohan because her version of “Looking good” means not stumblin about with a haggard looking face, cheapo dress and greasy hair. Here, she has sort of pulled it together, facial features in all the right place, looks sober, dress relatively well made. So yeah I’ll say shes looking good but only by the standards set by previous pics of her. If anyone else looked this un-groomed i’m guessin they’d get a grillin and rightly so.

    On a side, she really needs a make up artist. Lately she’s been going for the more eye liner the better which is just not working.

  • miaowface

    This is the best she’s looked in ages. She’s a lot less haggard and she looks a good weight too. I don’t like the dress on her though. I don’t like to dictate what people wear and I’m all one for personal style, but generally speaking, I think bigger boobs look better when they are well supported. Still, 2 out of 3 is pretty good!

  • elephantneverforgets

    she’s not fat-the clothes are just unflattering. But on the bright side her face looks normal 🙂

  • anna

    She should have worn a bra…under no doubt!

  • Jane

    The dress is too skanky. Her face looks good and I like the hat.
    When will women with big breasts (natural or fake) learn that you CAN”T show your boobs when you’ve got big breasts, or else you look cheap and trashy?? (The exception is Queen Latifah, Oprah, etc — they can show all the cleavage they want b/c it makes them look matronly)

  • SER

    Ok, first pic I though, “Hey, she’s looking a little healthier these days.” 2nd pic came up and I was like, nevermind…”Lookin’ like a 40 year old meth addict again.” Poor girl. I hope she doesn’t end up like Dana Plato.

  • Coconut Slush

    Fedora hat, woo!!!!! Michael Jackson influence? <3

  • Jj

    Too much going on!!

    I say no to weight loss but YES to better posture!

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