Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan in a Golden Dress at Milan Fashion Week

Lindsay-Lohan-in-a-Golden-Dress-at-Milan-Fashion-Week - Lindsay Lohan in a Golden Dress at Milan Fashion Week

Lindsay attended Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2010 festivities yesterday… and she looked pretty hot!

Her hair and skin have definitely been improved!

How do you like Lindsay’s golden dress look?

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Lindsay-Lohan-in-a-Golden-Dress-at-Milan-Fashion-Week-3 - Lindsay Lohan in a Golden Dress at Milan Fashion Week

Lindsay-Lohan-in-a-Golden-Dress-at-Milan-Fashion-Week2 - Lindsay Lohan in a Golden Dress at Milan Fashion Week

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  • michelle

    she would look so much better without that damn fake tan and those extensions.
    although she is looking a lot better than in recent months.
    great legs =]

    • jenna

      definitely agree! you stole my words. the tan is terrible but she looks great otherwise!

    • K

      You summed it up perfs!

    • elpoep taf ynniks teg

      She looks better than usual. But, she needs to cut the extensions about 7″, quit tanning, and moisturize that ashy body.

    • sheener

      Does anyone else feel like Lohan’s trying to do the whole “Megan Fox look”? That greasy long hair, smokey eyes, and dirty looking skin…. Very reminiscent to Megan. Ick.

      • cami

        I totally agree..I actually think they sorta resemble eachother, but Megan’s a fake way.However, as far as i know, lindsay hasn’t had surgery like megan, which gives her more points in my book.

  • Meia

    She looks really good!!!

  • Flowers

    AMAZING! Love the dress , hair, skin, mak-up and smile BUT i hate the shoes with this dress, a strapless golden sandal would made this look perfect.

    • Agree on the shoes comment I was just going to say that and saw you’d said it lol

  • Looking much better! But she needs to calm down with the fake tan, ruins the look with that dress!

  • CN

    she looks so much better!!

  • liza

    she looks better than shes had in months. although if she does want to spray tan, at least do it evenly. why she is selling spray tan is beyond me.

  • kate

    She does look well and happy too. I think perhaps she is getting help for her personal problems and it really shows in these pics. Nothing is more attractive than confidence and a healthy state of mind.

  • livefree

    What is this… Lindssy Lohan actually making a GOOD fashion choice?
    She looks better than she has in the past couple of years. Ever since she has gained some weight back, she is finally restoring the sex appeal she once had.

  • trisha

    she still looks trashy to me.

  • Polly

    I hate it when I see her looking like a mess, because I know how beautiful she once looked. Here she looks alright, but still I’m longing for the day when i see her and go WOW (in a good way, of course).

    • livefree

      Unfortunately I doubt that day will ever come we we go WOW again.

      She reminds me of Tara Reid now, she can look “better,” but not amazing like she used too. It’s sad, really but the truth.

    • Léa

      I utterly agree with you ! she used to be a talented and nice and lovely young lady and now…

      but in these pics she looks quite hot although I would love to see her with her natural red hair ! and I love the shoes

    • Léa

      I utterly agree with you ! she used to be a talented and nice and lovely young lady and now…

      but in these pics she looks quite hot although I would love to see her with her natural red hair ! and I love the shoes

  • kim

    shes such a beautiful girl, she just needs to embrace her natural look and go a few shades lighter!

  • vkat

    except for the orange skin, ashy knees, white shoes and too-long extensions, she looks good 🙂
    Or should I say, that’s a nice dress!

  • AAA

    She still looks pretty bad to me. She just darkened her hair and extensions, which of course would make her look healthier than she did with peroxide blonde hair. And I don’t think she has addressed any of her problems. In order to address them, she has to admit that she has a problem.

  • v

    i think she looks a lot better!!!
    at least spray tanning is better than suntanning!!! (she doesn’t have to worry about skin cancer)

  • xo

    I think she looks good for once!

  • Jordan

    wow she actually looks very good for a change

  • Dr. Truth

    Aw…I think she looks good here, just needs to work on either moisturizing or tanning her knees. The dress is stunning and I love her dark hair. Hope she’s sober.

  • terri

    she needs better fake looks patchy.i think she looks better than she has for a long time.

  • Lucy

    Looking good for a change. Good for her

  • Tinna

    she looks amazing !!

  • Natasha O

    I said I’ll eat my words if I ever see her looking remotely pretty again and shes proved me wrong! She doesn’t look phenomenal but this is a a baby step in the right direction! She looks good and kind of hot!!!! Now if she laid off the fake tan and started using creme de la mer or some anti aging stuff for her face she could look pretty hot again!

  • mermaid

    she doesn’t look half bad! love the dress and she is looking almost healthy in general! make up is cute and i don’t think the spray tan is too awful here.

    terrible extensions, though. i think she is trying to do the megan fox thing with that black hair. its def not my fav on her (like her best with dark auburn hair)…but i wish she would at least match her eye brows to her hair!

  • Kitten

    She looks awesome. This is the first pic I’ve seen of her NOT wearing black! Seems like since she dyed her hair dark she had permanent funeral-attire.

  • Dayna

    All I have to say is…THEM SHOES!!!!! WHY?!!?!??! I was like, “oh, okay! get it girl!” then I saw those white shoes with that outfit. No hunny…no.

  • Tia

    The dress is nice but why are her knees ashy? Lotion Lindsay!

  • ash

    I never in a million years thought I’d say this, but she actually looks pretty good.. She’s not overly skinny and doesn’t look like a 40 year old version of Donatella Versace..

  • Uma

    Well maybe this is a sign that she is somewhat on a better track. She looks good and hopefully she can fix her life now. She is still young, her life is still ahead of her.

  • Hellonhighheels

    Hey look! Someone’s had a flea dip.

  • artemis

    finally looking good! 😀 pretty brunette

  • Melina

    I think she looks pretty, but the make up is so..i don´t know..

  • I’d give her a good shower.
    Apart from her disgusting fake tan, she looks much better. Dark hair is more flattering but she should look even better with her natural ginger shade.
    Not a fan of the dress or the shoes but it’s fine.
    There’s still room for emprovement, though.

  • pppccc

    I think she’s coming back. She just has to not use that self-tanner for a year(and then forever),wear suncream and bring herhair back to their red color.

  • machmalow

    she looks GORGEOUS !

  • G.

    Should give up that tan and go back to red hair – why escape from what you naturally have and makes you look best? Moreover, her freckles look ridiculous with this fake hair and skin color. Being redhead myself, I’ve never understood girls like her. Appreciate what you have and learn how to get most of it 😉

    • pppccc

      OMG, I’m so jealous of you-red hair is awesome!

  • CK

    she does not look good, but the dress is Gorgeous!

  • Aims

    She looks good actually. Much better than before. Maybe she’s off the meth. lol. Well she’s still slim which is good – sometimes people ballon huge when they cut off meth (aka. courtney loves weight gain).

  • Mirabela

    Looks good! The dress make her taller.

  • O

    I like her. And im really glad she’s getting better! i think she looks really pretty but her real hair and natural color with her natural skin would be perfect! lets see what she does

  • She really looks healthier and what beautiful legs ! But definitIy I hate her dark hair.

  • Jj

    ok miss spray tan. you missed the knees and just above your ankles down. this isn’t a new thing you’ve done this before. please apply evenly.


  • miaowface

    The fake tan is awful. When you have really pale skin, fake tan almost always looks rubbish, it looks like a layer of orange sat on top of your skin rather than actually being your skin, but if she insists on using it, she could at least do it right and make it even. Not a fan of her makeup either, she seems to have been going for the smudged-day-old eyeliner look a lot recently, and I don’t like her hair extensions, BUT, despite all that she’s looking pretty good. Her body looks so much beter with the weight gain, and her face is actually looking pretty again.

  • sola

    looks a million times better. almost back to her old self