Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan at MTV Movie Awards 2010

FP_5151133_RIJ_2010_MTV_SET1_060610 - Lindsay Lohan at MTV Movie Awards 2010

Lindsay Lohan looked pretty… pretty at 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at The Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City last night. Her face looks prettier (and rounder), her skin looks better, I’d say this is a little makeover.

How do you like her outfit & styling?

FP_5151132_RIJ_2010_MTV_SET1_060610 - Lindsay Lohan at MTV Movie Awards 2010

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FP_5151129_RIJ_2010_MTV_SET1_060610 - Lindsay Lohan at MTV Movie Awards 2010

FP_5151130_RIJ_2010_MTV_SET1_060610 - Lindsay Lohan at MTV Movie Awards 2010

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  • chels

    wow! big difference!! her skin looks better, and the rounder face makes her look young, to me she’s a lot prettier at this weight.

  • aliss

    what happened to her boobs? they look very saggy. other than that she looks good.

    • camille

      i think her implants have settled, thus the sagging, “natural” look…

      also that jumpsuit is a bit too much for my liking but her face and hair look better for a change.

      • has it been confirmed that she has implants? cause they look pretty natural and I’ve always seen her with big boobs.

        • camille

          well i always thought they were fake because no matter how thin she got, they were still huge. but that’s my opinion.

          and yes implants do eventually settle.

          • AlexD

            im exactly same body shape as her and we used to look the same when she was in freaky friday/mean girls. now we are both thin(i lost 18 lbs) and I still have my natural, double, almost triple Ds. and yes they sag. cause they are huge! lol 🙁
            for women with naturally extremely large breasts losing weight usually does not make them smaller

          • Eliza B


            I have naturally large breasts as well, (DD’s) and when I lose weight or my hormones fluctuate they do get smaller, but stay large in proportion to my overall body. However, Lindsey has been emaciated at certain points, but with still large breasts. It’s not impossible that her boobs aren’t fake, but I think, based on the shape and everything I’ve seen with her (no I don’t stalk her) that they aren’t real.

          • vivi

            I think they are real.
            At BMI 20 I wear a 30F, at BMI 18.5 I wear at 30DD/E and at BMI 16 (due to illness) I wear a 30D. As I`m a skinny pear I gain on my hips and tummy area so the back size stays pretty much the same. When I was 15 I wore a B cup. After going on birth control they sprouted.
            And yes, the girls are def. not as pert as they used to be; sadly.

      • lea

        Fake boobs can sag ? What’s the point of having fake boobs then ?

        • Eliza B

          Well their not “saggy”, but they don’t have that too high, bolted on, half orange, big pec, obviously fake and ugly bad boob job look that a lot of implants have, especially at first. Over time implants “settle” into the body, into a more natural way (if you’re lucky) achieving the hang of a nice natural breast (which is what you’re aiming for in the first place).

          But yeah, although rare, I have seen fake tits actually saggy and hangy, not attractive, especially when too big ( Audrina Patridge in 5 years, Heidi in 2). It’s rare to get a really good boob job to where it looks natural, symmetrical, and a nicely shaped; that balance of not too saggy and not too high or spread too far apart. Lindsey IMO, does have a fake rack, though she didn’t go too huge, and they actually look pretty good and natural.

          • kate

            I agree, think she had her boobs done when she was like 15 or something ridiculous.

            He rboobs do droop a little, you can see in the second picture they hang over the crease a little. She probably had ‘overs’ which are more likely to sag than ‘unders’.

          • Sidney

            I’m thinking they’re real too. I think her chest has shrunken a bit when she’s gotten thinner, but if she still has naturally big boobs, which is fairly common, not a utopie, they’re not gonna vanish no matter how small she might get.

  • snoops

    makeover? Only if you consider going from looking like a 50 year old alcoholic hooker to a 40 year old alcoholic hooker a ‘makeover’. She will never look good again. She’s ruined her looks and her career.

  • sarah

    wow. just….wow. thats a lot of sparkle for one women.

  • kate

    Look much better, healthier and younger.

  • Jay

    I think that she juts look a lot… happier.

  • Sidney

    I think her face looks great, certainly a “make-over” whatever it is that she’s done. The blond hair even looks ok now that it’s clean and all (i’d still chop off a good 4 in or more). The jumper is hideous though.

  • Asia

    Lindsay Lohan and good do not go together! Sorry, but I do not find her even average looking. She’s plain fugly. That orange skin-just blah

  • Starfish

    She needs a bra. Badly. She’s looking healthy, though. The outfit is…..well….slumber-party worthy.

  • Eli

    She has gained so much weight in the last year

    • Jane

      Wow, you’re right!

  • Priscila

    I love this look, it’s so 70’s.

  • solaxi

    i dont like her hair blonde…i wish she would go back to her natural warm, sexy red! its sooo sexy that way! only certain ppl can pull it off and she is definately one of them! her weight looks a lot better too…her body looks more appealling and i think her face is absolutely cute and gorgeous here! i never used to like her face much but she looks stunning here…i think if she stays healthy and at a weight like this then her face is one that will actually look better over the years

  • Clio

    Wow! She looks great! And happy for a change 😀

  • Princess

    She looks lots better,her face especially but i really don`t like that blonde hair on her,it really doesn`t suit her and i really prefer her with red locks,The cat suit is cool and sexy but what on earth happend to her boobs?? they look saggy like a 6o year old and there`s a big gap between 1 boob to another

  • Eliza B

    Well she certainly looks better, hope she truly is feeling better. For some reason her face looks off to me, like her cheeks are swollen. I know she’s been getting the lips plumped, I hope she’s not traveling down a road of bad plastic procedures that will forever destroy and alter her face….

  • MaryBeth

    Wow, she’s positively radiant. She needs to stay on the scram bracelet and weekly drug testing.

  • lc


  • lea

    I like her better with red hair, its suits her the better

  • O

    that cleavage is not working for her! could she PLEASE dye her hair back to red already?!?! she has talent! i hope she gets better and gets back out there!

  • J

    Her face is puffy and round because she just had her wisdom teeth pulled and two root canals or so she claims

  • suzushii

    The make-up is horrendous.

    *Blush enough for a clown, and the area is so defined, obvious circle.
    * There’s concealer on her jaw/chin that’s 2shades lighter then her forehead. Which has no concealer and displayes her many freckles. The result? Ghostly white jaw, and freckly tanned forehead. Looks like a horrible mash-up of two faces.

    But she does look healthier.

  • AlexD

    something is very wrong with her face. some sort of plastic surgery gone wrong. looks like cat lady. i dont think she will ever be the same again. i just dont understand why she wont give in and listen to EVERYONE already and dye her hair back to red. I can already see it, people would begin to accept her back.

  • olivia

    i wish LiLo would return to a redhead she looked stunning as a red head but now she looks like a washed up old stripper

  • Mirabela

    I adore natural women who dare to show the world that how the human femal body evolve! And, yes, i love women how dare to not wearing a bra. 😉
    I like her outfit too. Probably, she made that choise because of her SCRAM (court-appointed ankle bracelet).

  • Nay

    I used to LOVE her but she looks like a porn star.. Sorry =/

  • miaowface

    I think she’s overdone it with the eyeliner, but other than that her face is looking so much prettier. Terrible outfit, wear a bra for goodness sake, and as for the (badly applied) fake tan, is she ever going to learn that pale skin and fake tan just don’t mix?! All in all a massive improvement though!

  • I think she looks much healthier and I do agree that her skin looks better. However, I feel like the blonde hair washes her out, and the make-up job makes her look cheap. The heavy eye make-up is too much.

  • I don’t like jump suits

  • Em
  • becca

    Her face looks great and healthy. I’m rooting for a Lindsay comeback, personally.

  • Anonymous

    The whole sparkly jump-suit thing isn’t so grand. She’s a bit of a barrel (shape wise), so something that she can wear a bra with – give the illusion of a more hourglass figure would be far more flattering. I get that she’s trying to hide the scram bracelet, but not sure if this was the best choice. I guess if she’s trying to distract from her court-mandated ankle-accessory – sparkling jumpsuit & visable boobage is one way to do that!

    At least having it lighter colored at the bottom than the top goes some way to balancing what is otherwise a “top-heavy” physique…still wish she’d toned it down a notch…or ten. 😛

  • Anna

    her breasts are not saggy. where are large breasts supposed to go? they can’t just point directly out and not hang at all, that would look silly. I don’t think she has fake breasts. she always had breasts like that. being skinny doesn’t make them small. I know this from experience. I’m 6ft tall and at one point was a small size 10uk (which essentially meant I had no ass and legs and arms like sticks) and still had 32E breasts.

    • kate

      Well if someone have large breasts then they really need to wear a well supporting bra. Obviously Lyndsey’s outfit does not allow for this hence the slight drooping.