Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan – Tummy & Legs at Coachella

Lindsay-Lohan-Tummy-Legs-at-Coachella-3 - Lindsay Lohan - Tummy & Legs at Coachella

Lindsay Lohan was all smiles at the 2010 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio this weekend, where she showed off her healthier-looking figure, nice tummy and long & slim legs.

How do you like Lindsay on this occasion?

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Lindsay-Lohan-Tummy-Legs-at-Coachella-2 - Lindsay Lohan - Tummy & Legs at Coachella

Lindsay-Lohan-Tummy-Legs-at-Coachella - Lindsay Lohan - Tummy & Legs at Coachella

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Hailey

    I like the outfit, she’s looking better.

  • Beans

    She’s still skinny so she’s ok.

    • Jemima

      She has to be skinny in order to be “okay?”

      She looks trashy, yet again. She needs to get healthy, she’s aged so much already.

    • Angela

      She’s not skinny anymore. She’s just healthily slim, kind of toned, she looks good and better than she has in months.

  • sam

    Oh dear God. Can someone say TRAINWRECK?

    • camille

      haha that is exactly what i was going to say! she needs to disappear.

  • Yves

    Well, gotta give it to her. She’s looking much healthier these past few days! I’m hoping a full recovery is right around the corner!

  • Schnucki

    She`s definitely looking better. But she should really learn how to use self-tanner (look under the knees…) or just stop using that stuff.

  • CK

    she looks like a carrot…

  • Ayu

    Her body looks ok. I wish she would ditch the orange tan and dark hair and go back to red.

  • madeleine

    go back to red hair….body is ok…i prefer her thinner

    • loveit

      u r insane she IS thin…when she was thinner she looked and WAS sick! she looked best heavier actually when she was at a normal weight.

  • Ashley

    Pleas, please, please Lindsay, stop using self tanner and go back to your natural hair color. I really think that if she did that and worked on her mental state she could make a comeback.

  • Casey

    Size wise she is good, but why does she always look so bloated? I see less orange which is also a good sign. Now if she would fix her hair and fix her face (meaning, stop drugging and partying it up all the time), she might be attractive again.

  • summerrain88

    I like the outfit, and she doesn’t look as deathly skinny as she has, but judging by the recent pictures of her coming out of clubs at all hours stumbling around, I doubt she’s healthy. It’s heart-breaking because she was such a talented actress (and I’m sure still would be if she’d get it together). And she was incredibly beautiful, naturally. I was in high school when “Mean Girls” came out, and my friends and I loved her because she looked like a normal girl. She was beautiful, yes, but she had a healthy looking body that wasn’t emaciated like some of the other teen actresses/celebs at the time. It’s amazing how quickly she went downhill. I want to see her get better because when she’s healthy, she’s amazing.

  • AlexD

    her body type is strange. i wonder what it is?

  • Melina

    she gained weight but still looks awesome!

  • ‘Edgy rocker’ is a look, but this ain’t it! Lindsay, you could be so beautiful! Stop it! Just stop it! 😀

  • BOOM!

    She looks so much better now that she has gained some weight. Now she just needs to lose the orange skin and go back to her beautiful red hair she once had.

  • Lia

    She should stop the orange tan!
    The outfit would have been cute if she paired it with some sandals or other flats instead of those boots, weird.

  • Natasha

    She’s looking okay……The fake tan is looks hella streaky and I like the outfit but the shoes gotta go she should have wore some Minnesota moccasins boots with the outfit

  • Padme

    I don’t think there is anything trashier than belly shirts. Other than that she doesn’t look as unhealthy as usual here.

  • Pistola

    Besides the obvious enhancement of her lips, it looks as though she’s altered her face. Her eyes/eyebrows look odd. Something’s been tweaked, and not for the better.

  • Ugh, I’m so over her. I never thought she was very talented, she looks like an orange with a black wig, and she looks 30… It’s like, in my opinion, she never looks good to me, I just can’t place why she can’t get it right…

  • Minnie

    She looks so much better face wise!

    Her body, eh…but her face! Wow!

  • lola_ferrari

    Finally she’s starting to look better weight-wise, and actually I like the outfit, despite it looking like she just rolled out of bed. That fake tan’s an eyesore though. It’s acceptable to be pale now and personally I think the pale look suits her far better than that awful orange fake tan.

  • Kae

    What happened to her face? It looks as though she’s had more work done. Maybe it’s the angle but her chin looks really odd to me. And that hair…she is not Megan Fox, she cannot pull off hair that dark. Her natural red hair suits her much better than blonde or black. Why do so many women mess with their hair color when they usually look best with what nature gave them???

    One more thing. That fake tan is so awful. She looks ridiculous.

  • sandy

    oh my god, shes looking ok-ish!!!

  • machmalow

    ooow Lilo she always looks great, she doesn’t need this fake orange tan and weird pout 🙁

  • woopidoo

    think she gained a little weigh lately! i saw a picture of her in cannes, her thighs got pretty strong! good thing for her!