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Skinny Lindsay Lohan Is Back

skinny-lindsay-lohan-is-back - Skinny Lindsay Lohan Is Back

When I say Skinny Lindsay Is Back, I mean that she is literally back on the site, since she’s been missing for wow, more than a week – and trust me, it was hard ignoring her, considering the humongous amounts of paparazzi pictures out there.

Even more, when I say Skinny Lindsay Is Back, I mean that the Lindsay that appeared to have settled at a healthier, more natural weight for her body seems to have changed her mind and her stats on the scale and went for a skinnier look. And if the picture of Lindsay showing off her belly (thin waist and flat stomach more like it) didn’t prove the fact that Lindsay is headed towards the pin thin zone yet again, the above picture of the recently slimmed down Lindsay might do the job.

What do you think?

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Yeah, she lost. Slowly, but definitely lost a lot of weight.

She looked better with a plumper a– on her. That was her best part, I bet her back curves are gone.


why can't she stay at a healthy, normal weight?

why do all these calabs have to lose weight all the time?

why is everything more than 120 lbs a problem?

this is a really difficult world to live in.