Audrina Patridge, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid

Star Magazine’s Best & Worst Winter Beach Bodies

star-magazines-best-worst-winter-beach-bodies1 - Star Magazine's Best & Worst Winter Beach Bodies

What do we have here? Bikini overload!

Star Magazine decided to inspect the bikini bodies that were revealed this winter and to put labels on them… they got a little creative while doing so, which explains categories such as “Best Rehab Body”, a title owned by Lindsay Lohan.

Also, they proved a lot of “creativity” when they declared that Audrina deserves the “Best Cleavage” title – umm, what?

The other categories on the cover:

Most overexposed: Jennifer Aniston

Worst Tummy Surgery Scars: Star Jones

Cheesiest Butt: Tara Reid

Best Beach Bump: Brooke Mueller

Hottest Hunk: Josh Holloway

Let’s comment!

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  • Sarah

    EEEW. Audrina doesn’t have the best cleavage, she doesn’t even have an acceptable cleavage on the average scale. It’s so gross looking!

  • anya

    Who in the world gave Audrina the title as the best clevage? Holy mother of god, its disgusting.

  • Elizabeth

    Yeah, two silicone lumps floating miles apart on a bony chest.
    Best. Cleavage. Ever.

  • giving lindsay “the best rehab body” is reasonable… (cause i actually think she looks pretty good now… but a bit more tone would be better) but giving audrina “best cleavage”? yeah… same thought… umm… WHAT?!

  • teaweed

    If Tara Reid would gain a little weight, those’d be curves instead of sags. Sadly, delusionally underweight.

  • stella

    Oh come on, Hottest Hunk is Josh Holloway? Please, that title(for beach bodies anyway) will always belong to Matthew McConaughey 😛

  • Barbie

    very true stella!

  • zachetnaya tema!

  • Serafiina

    Best cleavage? Not meant to be mean, but more like THE WORST cleavage… Sorry Audrina.

  • change.

    i feel so bad for tara…. thats a horrid butt =/

  • Minnie

    Who has got that
    tights (little picture)?

  • Juanda

    Star Jones body looks pretty good. If the only thing they could find wrong are a few surgery scars, then so what.

  • these are a joke. audrina has horriable cleavage and the baithing suit she is wearing doesn NOT help! hopefull they will get some better ones next year. ugh..

  • Vera

    No WAY is that the ‘best cleavage’. It’s disgusting. They should at least big someone with real breasts, or find fake ones that look good!

  • Leigh

    Audrina’s pretty and slim and toned and all, but she doesn’t have best cleavage IMO D:

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