Madonna Has Seen Better Days

madonna-has-seen-better-days - Madonna Has Seen Better Days

I’m not gonna joke on this one, cause there is obviously some serious issue going on, whether stress-related as many tabloids and gossipers say or of another nature, as the harsher gossipers tend to imply.

madonna-has-seen-better-days-2 - Madonna Has Seen Better Days

All I’m gonna say is that Madonna is not the picture of health these days. From the overly-tired look (granted, she was coming out of the gym) to the weirdly-shaped cheeks (that raised yet another batch of suppositions), way skinnier body that can now be labeled with “scary skinny” and (save the most dramatic one for last) the arms, Madonna looks like she needs some help.

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  • daniel

    i would be tempted to say she is ugly, in fact she was never beautiful… But right now, she’s nothing but a becoming monster.I don’t understand how can we possibly get around in the media with fake beauties like these celebrities, money spent by us on fake information and magazines .. And when you think that some of them are models to youngsters an not only…Everything is so fake, just profound lies!

  • Paula

    She makes me think about the blond old woman dressed in pink in pink’s video “stupid girls” =))

    In my opinion she could retire after so many years of career. What’s she waiting for? Not being able to walk but still sing?!

  • KillMilla

    She’s like the female version of Iggy Pop now.

  • Nicki

    Her hands and arms look like that of a 90 year old. Ease up already on all the weight training. She’s totally lost femininity.

    She was better when she did La Isla Bonita. Granted she was 20 years younger but if she didn’t train AS much she could look much younger than she does.