Mandy Moore Brings the Quote of the Day

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“There have been times when *dieting* was the first thing on my mind all the time. I was so affected and driven by that diet and what I’m eating and how much I’m exercising.”

“I’ve just realized in time that if it’s a constant thread in the background of my life… that’s when I’m the happiest and that’s when I feel the best about myself.”

“I’m not obsessive about dieting. If I want to have a burger and fries like I did the other night in the park, then I’m going to do that because that’s okay.”

… says Mandy in People Magazine.

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30 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. I think she’s SO pretty! I saw her on tv at the AMA’s and she’s a tall and SKINNY girl! She’s always been thin and had a great figure. I really hope she starts popping up in more movies now. I love her!

    • lol. well you have to remember these girls are immersed in a world obsessed with thinness and beauty, they don’t have the chance or need to think about much else…

  2. I’ve always liked her. I don’t know why she was never as famous as her counterparts back in the late 90’s. She just kind of disappeared. I always thought she was the most sensible one (compared to Britney/Christina).

    • I used to like her when I was a kid, but then she started the whole ” I’m such a serious singer now and I am so ashamed of singing Candy”. I tought it was so disrespectful to her fans, that song made her rich through the people who liked it and bought it. Also, she was a teenager singing bubblegum pop songs it’s nothing to be so ashamed about, it’s not like she was singing about drugs or satan and have sent some bad message to teenagers.
      I always tought Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore were prettier than Christina and Britney, but their videos and songs were so boring….

  3. I never forget her in the movie A WALK TO REMEMBER and she was so beautiful when she sanged PRAY. She`s a natural beauty,no plastic surgeries,just a normal good lookin girl! I agree with her afterall we only live ones!

  4. Think Mandy looks great and healthy! Her quote is pretty accurate I went a few years on a pretty restricted diet and got down to a 110 pounds at 5’2 from 155 now I’m back at 140. I got out college, went to having a desk job and got into a steady relationship…I got way too comfortable, but my diet wasn’t working for me either when I was thinner I always felt deprived or guilty. Then I kind let go, I’m trying to be more sensible now with how I eat, it’s so hard to find a good balance for your body.

    PS have you seen Crystal Renn’s spreads in the Vogue Paris and Harper’s Bazaar? She is so thin! almost “straight size” looking…what would you say like a size 4?

  5. Wow. All these years of being photographed and she still hasn’t learned how to smile so that it flatters her face?
    Other than that, she’s a cutie…

  6. I like her! People call her boring, but she’s just a regular girl. However, so envious of anyone who can just eat a burger and friends and be okay with it… I’d probably keel over just lookingt at a fry. lol

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