Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey – Curvy in Black

Mariah-Carey-Curvy-in-Black - Mariah Carey - Curvy in Black

Mariah Carey was spotted in New York City yesterday, while doing some promotional work at Macy’s Herald Square.

She looks pretty curvy (and bootylicious) in this figure-hugging outfit!

See 2 more from this batch after the jump!

Mariah-Carey-Curvy-in-Black-2 - Mariah Carey - Curvy in Black

Mariah-Carey-Curvy-in-Black5 - Mariah Carey - Curvy in Black

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  • laura

    Actually she looks quite good in these pictures. Maybe it’s the whole black outfit high heels combo but she definetly looks slimmer.

  • harlow

    okay, this is definitly a something. LOOK! she’s actually wearing clothes for once! usually everything is too small, barely there, belong to a 16 yrs old sorta outfit.

    mariah should keep this up. by now she should start dressing her age and not like a teenager. i love her voice but i can’t stand her clothes. but she looks great here. curvy yet slim. healthy.

    • you’re 100% right I was thinking the same .

      • Ali

        Me too!

  • Sidney

    it’s certainly better than those too small dresses that harlow already mentioned. she looks quite a package, but i’d still like to see her in something less figure-hugging. it’s ok to flaunt your body but it’s just those skinthight pants w/ that skintight shirt + minisized cropped jacket… umh, it looks just a bit uncomfortable. But her body looks good.

  • neutra

    I’m sorry, but she is just so trashy. She has some major camel toe going on too.

  • skirmute

    Why is she always wearing too tight outfits? Come on, she is not a teenager anymore and her body changed a bit since then. Well, I’m not saying her body is ugly or sth but she’s definitely not slim enough to pull this super tight look off.

  • Kelli

    I love Mariah, can’t help it, maybe it’s because I was a teen when she was at the height of her career.

    She’s never had the best fashion sense but if she’s happy then good for her. It’s HER style whether it’s great or not. She’s never trying to be anyone else.

  • anon

    I am not a fan of mariah in any way……………. but she looks good here.
    Such an improvement to her usual too tight/too short/too cleavagey look.
    Best outfit I think I’ve ever seen on her, even though its plain it looks good.

  • I hate her bosy type. It’s just like mine! Check out my website for beauty and diet tips!

  • Amy

    Her outfit is way too tight. But I do like her necklace and her shoes.


    She looks horrible, ma donna!

  • Jill

    my rule is either
    1. baggy top and tight pants
    2. tight top and loose pants

    that outfit looks so awkward.. i just can’t describe it.

  • Charlotte

    I personally love mariah carey’s body. I aspire to look like her when I’m her age. She should keep dressing like this though, it suits her more.