Mariah Carey in a Bikini, Before and After Photoshop

July 4, 2008 in Mariah Carey, Photoshop Job by Versus

Here’s a classic case of before and after Photoshop: the pic on the left was taken some weeks ago, while Mariah was shooting her video and also posing in for a magazine and the picture on the right appears to be the final result of that same photo shoot. How so? Well, Mariah has the same belly chain on, the same hairstyle, same bikini with a little editing on the bra (probably to improve the aesthetics of the cleavage) and obviously, some photoshopping around Mariah’s body.

What’s been edited on Mariah’s body? Well, first of all, the Photoshop managed to fix what a possible tummy tuck caused: the belly button, which from long and big became tiny and cute. Moreover, the entire aspect and definition of the abdomen and waist have been transformed in this surreal and impossibly flat stomach.

Secondly, the cleavage – while on the left the breasts are in a normal position, their position in the right picture can’t be explained with natural methods) since the bra doesn’t even have straps, it’s hard to believe that the breasts were staying by themselves, without help, that high and that perky.

Here are two more pictures of Mariah from the same magazine, looking strikinkly younger and flawless:

Photo credits: I-D Magazine

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