National Enquirer: Mariah Carey Gained 57 Pounds and Is Close to the “Deadly” 200!

April 24, 2010 in Mariah Carey by Versus

Remember when National Enquirer did this unjustified “death”-loaded article on Lisa Marie Presley’s weight gain? Take a look here! Well this week, they are targeting no other than Mariah Carey.

Has Mariah Carey turned herself into a foodaholic – just a few calories away from hitting a deadly high of 200 pounds?

“Mariah looks like she has really let herself go,” revealed a source close to the singer.

Mariah has packed on a whopping 57 pounds just in the last two years, says a concerned source. And her ballooning weight – now approaching an all-time high of 192 pounds – has brought her to the brink of life-threatening medical problems, warns an expert. But pals say the hardworking diva is under tremendous stress and is resorting to food binges to relieve her frustrations.

“Turning 40 was a big thing for Mariah, and she’s been trying repeatedly to get pregnant. Combined, the two things have hit like a one-two punch and stresses her out. She is turning to food for comfort.”

To make matters worse, Nick Cannon is sending the wrong message – telling Mariah there’s “just more of her to love.”

For the past several weeks, Mariah – who turned 41 in March – has been dropping hints she may be pregnant.

“Mariah’s been coy about the whole pregnancy thing right now to deflect attention from her weight gain,” said the close source. “She doesn’t want to have to address it. And Nick keeps telling her how beautiful she looks.”

When Mariah and Nick got married, she weighed 135 pounds. But over the past two years, Mariah has been cooking mac & cheese, fried chicken, pizzas, et cetera. “Nick has even suggested that her food is so good, she should think about writing a cookbook.”

Where she once was rumored to have undergone liposuction (in the fall of 2008), now “she has turned to high-calorie late-night snacking and she’s at her heaviest weight ever. Her attitude is not to fight the weight gain, but just to go with it.”

LOL or… possibly true… or plain sad?

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