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National Enquirer: Mariah Carey Gained 57 Pounds and Is Close to the “Deadly” 200!

FP_4849591_Carey_Mariah_RAM_41510 - National Enquirer: Mariah Carey Gained 57 Pounds and Is Close to the "Deadly" 200!

Remember when National Enquirer did this unjustified “death”-loaded article on Lisa Marie Presley’s weight gain? Take a look here! Well this week, they are targeting no other than Mariah Carey.

Has Mariah Carey turned herself into a foodaholic – just a few calories away from hitting a deadly high of 200 pounds?

“Mariah looks like she has really let herself go,” revealed a source close to the singer.

Mariah has packed on a whopping 57 pounds just in the last two years, says a concerned source. And her ballooning weight – now approaching an all-time high of 192 pounds – has brought her to the brink of life-threatening medical problems, warns an expert. But pals say the hardworking diva is under tremendous stress and is resorting to food binges to relieve her frustrations.

“Turning 40 was a big thing for Mariah, and she’s been trying repeatedly to get pregnant. Combined, the two things have hit like a one-two punch and stresses her out. She is turning to food for comfort.”

To make matters worse, Nick Cannon is sending the wrong message – telling Mariah there’s “just more of her to love.”

For the past several weeks, Mariah – who turned 41 in March – has been dropping hints she may be pregnant.

“Mariah’s been coy about the whole pregnancy thing right now to deflect attention from her weight gain,” said the close source. “She doesn’t want to have to address it. And Nick keeps telling her how beautiful she looks.”

When Mariah and Nick got married, she weighed 135 pounds. But over the past two years, Mariah has been cooking mac & cheese, fried chicken, pizzas, et cetera. “Nick has even suggested that her food is so good, she should think about writing a cookbook.”

Where she once was rumored to have undergone liposuction (in the fall of 2008), now “she has turned to high-calorie late-night snacking and she’s at her heaviest weight ever. Her attitude is not to fight the weight gain, but just to go with it.”

LOL or… possibly true… or plain sad?

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  • Esther

    deadly? come on she’s 5’10 or something. So that’s not deadly. On the above picture she looks good. Weight wise, not style wise but that’s another thing lol.

  • “…has brought her to the brink of life-threatening medical problems, warns an expert”

    Ha. Hahahahaha. HA!

  • From Belgium

    Even if she is 5’10” she still doesn’t look anything close to 200lbs. Versus do you know how tall she is? I think she’s about 165lbs/170lbs. This article is ridiculous to say the least. She’s a thick girl with meat on her legs and a big butt. So what?

    • amazon

      i heard she was 5’6. she wears big heels all the time which might put her up to near 5’10.
      clearly not a big fattie. just curvy, and naverage ish weight. she goes up and down quite a bit.

  • Sidney

    Ok if she was 170 cm (5 ft 7 i think) and 90 kg (198 lbs), her bmi would be over 30, which is quite overweight, but i’m not sure about her height, and she doesn’t look like bmi 30 to me.. Even if she was, weight doesn’t directly link to health, and more importantly, the article is disgusting and stupid, imho.

  • kate

    Well she is obviously not nearing 200lb in that pic!

    Also at 5ft10, 200lb is overweight not obese.

  • Well, she’s still hot anyway!

    But honestly, she doesn’t look like she’s unhealthy overweight anyway, just a fuller hourglass.

  • viktoria

    come on, she´s not THAT overweight…
    I think her face is pretty, looks like 30-35 y. old to me, not 40 in any way

    but still, if she eats unhealthily, she should stop it

  • Ana

    I wonder who this “sources close to singer” and “experts” are?! She is a little chubbster , but c’mon now. I think her face would be AWFUL if she looses 30 lbs…all skin would be sagging, she would look like shar pei puppy. Oh and, so “Esquire” has fat police now?

  • tee

    omg over exergarating deadly problemsss too me she looks normal :/ hollywood is crazy seriously i mean im from britain and to me she looks like most women do here i wouldnt be able to get that curvy but i think extra curves suit her she looks healthy

  • ivakanka

    If you are to skiny…BAD
    If you are overwight… also BAD
    I mean people only live judgeing other…
    Ahhhhw we aint perfect ether
    Maybe that makes them feal a little better of themselves

    I beat you critize how I misspell skinny, overweight and judging ..

    • Hailey

      too skinny = bad?
      I never hear anything about it. Media doesnt shine the same light on the 5’10 100lbs models walking the runways everyday and i bet they’re far closer to dropping dead than MC.

      • Casey

        Eh this person is clearly a troll.

        • Tia

          I’m gonna start calling people trolls. And Ivakanka yes we will judge you if you spell words incorrectly. You can’t rant and get your point across properly if you can’t spell. We’ll laugh at you. Hahahahaha

      • hm

        untrue, we’ve seen the articles about anorexic models . so many people even assume they eat nothing due to their thinness. there was even an article a model who was size 0 and stilll rejected. (really a size 2, but they changed it just for that article to attract more attention -.-_

    • I don’t think the purpose is to make the journalists feel better, but rather the readers, to make them buy this crap. And, sadly, i’m sure it works damn well

  • Is she an hourglass? She does not look like one to me.

    • kate

      She’s more of a cello, still curvy though.

    • Rachel

      Hourglass = big bust, smaller waist, big bottom. That is EXACTLY what she has… Her bust is big, so is her tush and bottom, waist relatively small compared to bust and bum. you’re freaking blind if you can’t see that.

  • Natasha

    the national enquirer = reliable *laughs* puhhlease rolls eyes

  • Bullshit. She can’t be 200 lbs, she obviously weighs less. Ok, she’s not skinny but still got nice hourglass shape with curves in the right places. She’s lucky because not everyone looks that good if they’re heavier.

  • Dave

    She should fatten up even more until she has no career XD

  • ann

    They are just giving the people what they pay for.

    She’s not close to 200 though. And she’s not 5’10 either. She’s a bit shorter than that.

  • Rachel

    uh what? first of all she doesn’t look like she’s even near the 200 let alone in the ‘danger’ zone…

    Yes she is quite chubby but they should just stfu about her already and leave her alone. I don’t get why they give her sucha hard time, she has a great voice and lovely songs and she looks great for someone chubby. If they want to bitch about someting they should bitch and people like demi more who pastes her head ontop of a models body.

  • Polly

    192 pounds?! Yeah right. She’s probably 5 foot 8 and 160 lbs. She looks good. I just wish she’d be more comfortable in her own.

  • Casey

    No way is she 200, I don’t believe it.

    She is a little chubby, but most of her weight seems to be muscle so I think it’s just her body type.

    God forbids she loses some weight because than the Enquirer will publish the story: “Mariah Carey, Deathly Ill, Anorexic, Approaching 100 pounds!”

  • melissa

    point taken= getting fat is apparently the end of the world.

    these people who write this are irritating. she’s happy. that’s all that matters. if she was unhappy or unhealthy to the point her life is at risk i think she would have already done something about it. these people are just trying to sell something that isnt true and hurting someone in the process. they need to leave her and lisa marie alone is their life their body not theirs and we can’t criticize their way or life or body. the every day woman isn’t criticized like that neither should them. they are famous but they are people too.

    stupid article>:[

  • Lilian

    Mariah Carey is top heavy, but she’s the best top heavy example I ever seen.

  • I agree she is top heavy. It was rumored a while back that she had breast implants and liposuction. I still don’t see the hourglass shape. Her waist isn’t that small and she does not have a big “tush”. She doesn’t look big; she looks like she is at a healthy weight.

    • Lilian

      Yeah, but with the correct clothes she can look hourglassy, maybe not like a hourglass, but like a cello.
      She’s lucky, cause there are some top heavy women that not even with the correct clothes can look like a hourglass.

  • justme

    She could totally be around 190-200 pounds… I hit 190 at 5’6″ a few years ago, and was wearing a misses 14 – big yes, too big for sure, but I didn’t look 190. If she’s 5’10”, or even 5’8″, I could absolutely believe the weight guess. But then again, I think most people weigh about 10 pounds more than you’d expect if they have some muscle. It looks like shes wearing some shaping garments in this (beautiful) picture, but remembering the swim suit pictures from her video shoot, she ain’t no tiny lady.

  • fiona

    I don’t buy the whole health risks in this case she carries her weight on her hips and bust and Arms not around her middle. Significantly lowering her risk of heat disease and stroke. She is lucky to have this shape. She looks good. She was never the most attractive celeb in Hollywood, but for real life she looks great and has a good shape to match. Go her.

    • koko

      I agree. She carries it in her hips and that she looks good 🙂

  • koko

    Uh, if she was 135 when she married Nick, she would have been thinner, especially if she was between 5’6-5’10. She was never that thin when she got married.

    I’m 5’0 and 120, and I don’t even look as close to the large body she had at 135. HECK, when I was 155, I didn’t even look as large as she did and I’m short! And no, it was not muscle I lost. I went to a gym where they clamped my fat and everything, and worked along side a personal trainer to lose the weight I did.

    For her height and weight, she is probably heavier. People think 200 is some scary number, for tall people it’s not.

    My friend is 5’8, and about 180, and looks smaller than Mariah, and my friend has about the same build too. Smaller waist, large chest and hips.

    I will never believe any “reports” on celebrities weight, because they never tell the truth. More then half the time, they’re always saying they weigh less than they really are.

    • koko

      “Uh, if she was 135 when she married Nick, she would have been thinner, especially if she was between 5’6-5’10. She was never that thin when she got married.”

      My bad, she was thin, but I don’t think she was as low as 135, especially for her height.

      • mEEEE

        She was thin back then…..but she was exercising alot and was on a super strict diet.

  • size0??

    She was 135 when she first started singing not when she married Nick. She looks to be around 200 she carrys it well. Not obese though.

  • madeleine

    i think she is kind of fat now….but definitely not 200lbs….tabloids always makes up crap

    and when i say she is kind of fat, that’s on the scale of what i consider fat. I don’t mean to offend anyone

  • Leandro

    Can’t people put 2 and 2 together? Mariah is obviously taking hormones, possibly undergoing IVF to help her get pregnant (she’s never been able to have a baby). One of the side-effects is weight gain, but I’m sure a child is more important to her than being skinny for another year.

  • mermaid

    PLEASE! she is not 200lbs. i would say she is about 5’6″ and about 155/160lbs. she is thick, and has a little more weight on her than we usually see, but she still looks great – youthful, curvy, and pretty. she has a great natural build which distributes weight well. she can carry the extra lbs and still look really hot.

    • koko

      Not even. At 5’0 and 155, I was never even that large in comparison. If I was short and 155, I would have been HUGE if Mariah is 5’6 and about 155. Seriously. If she was 155, she would be on the very edge of “overweight” almost in the normal range. She would not look like she does.

      I’m not saying there is anything wrong with her being the size she is, but why is it so hard to believe that maybe the celebrities are larger then we think?

  • Maria

    pathetic! whoever wrote that article should turn to fanfic.

  • Babyfarts McGeezacs


    • koko

      What a rude and immature comment. She isn’t skinny, but that doesn’t mean she let herself go. She looks beautiful and still is taking care of her appearance. Someone who let themselves go, will not look like Mariah.

  • Naomi

    ”To make matters worse, Nick Cannon is sending the wrong message – telling Mariah there’s “just more of her to love.” ”

    I’m sorry… I didn’t realise having a supportive husband who doesn’t care if she gains or loses weight was a bad thing.
    Oh that monster! How can he be so cruel?

    I’m hardly thinking she’s at risk of a ‘deadly’ weight.
    That’s only 13st 10lbs. I’ve seen people waay bigger.
    But I’ll agree it’s not good to turn to food for any stresses she may have in her life.

  • AlexD

    i dont think she looks nearly close to death here, common
    but heres a new pic of her with nick a couple days ago where she does look bigger
    i dont think her health is in danger yet, but shes getting close to where shes starting to look pretty bad

  • Nic

    I’ve read in most places that she’s 5’9 which I think would make her around 180lbs (she looks the same size as my sister who is also 5’9). She definitely doesn’t look much bigger than any of the plus size models that are so fashionable right now.

  • iry

    According to an internet source she is 5’9″ which would result a BMI of 28.4. Overweight, yes, but not dangerous. I love exaggerations!

  • the ev-(A)-d

    Mariah at 200lbs is gonna look hotter than… anybody. A 5’10” girl at that weight ain’t gross. News flash!

  • MCluver

    MC has said it herself she’s 5’9. In 2005 when TEOM dropped she was about the same weight 160-175 lbs. She just looks bigger cause she’s getting older and gravity is a bitch so her skin is starting to sag which happens to most women at 40+. For her height she can have weight on her but if she were short that’d be bad. Even if she was 200 which I doubt she’d be overweight but not have extreme health problems and her husband is a monster for being supportive. I know she’s much bigger from 2 yrs ago but she was lookin a lil unhealthy that weight wasn’t the greatest bout 10 more pounds would have been good but she is a legend.