Malin Akerman, Marisa Miller

New Moms Marisa & Malin in Blue

Untitleddd-1 - New Moms Marisa & Malin in Blue

Hotties Marisa Miller and Malin Akerman have a few things in common: they’re both tall and blonde, 35 this year, new moms (Marisa gave birth in December 2012 and Malin in April 2013) and they both looked cute in blue dresses on the red carpet at the 2013 ESPY Awards at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles yesterday.

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  • Sophia

    Marisa has the hottest body ever! Malin otherwise has such a nice glow! You look at her and you’re like: Whoa!
    Who’s the guy btw?

    First, ladies!

    • T

      Tony Gonzalez. Plays for the Atlanta Falcons. 🙂

      Marisa’s got a fantastic body, Malin’s got a gorgeous face. However, they both look great for having just had babies!

  • Fay

    I had no doubt that Marisa would look exactly as she did before. Amazing body!

  • Stace

    Marissa’a dress looks cheap, but there’s not denying she has a great body.

    I think Malin has the more striking face though – her eyes especially.

  • serena

    Both women have pretty nice bodies. I think Malin looks healthier, with glowing skin. She has a high forehead and strong chin but pulls it off. Marisa’s hair is washing her out, and she’s got dark roots showing.

  • deppfan

    The comparison of the two showed once more that height, skin/hair color is not everything. Even a 5’4″ girl can be blessed with divine proportions. For example face length to height ratio, head to height ratio, shoulder to hips ratio, waist to hip ratio ect..

    • Candy M.

      I have to admit Malin has a better face, neither are stunning facially. Marissa has a good body, why she was vs angel, but was more of a si/maxim model look and the same hype actresses use. Her face always looked out of place with the other angels and the bad hair. Her features really don’t add up to be beautiful, I think her body was really amazing though.

  • Umila

    I thought they were both 5’8”? They both look amazing and not for just having kids–they look incredibly good period. I love Malin, but her hairline just seems so far back because of her forehead. They are both gorgeous in very different ways. I love that Malin is always smiling so widely.

  • Isabel

    I don’t really like Malin’s body, I find it sort of boring, Marissa, on the other hand has a great body and los of charisma.

  • Jessica E.

    Marisa has a body to die for. Love her hair too, might have to try that. Other than that they just look like normal pretty blonde women. I think Malin is a little prettier facially.

  • Umila

    Sorry, out of curiosity, who is the cute guy Malin is standing by?

  • Winnie

    i’ve always had extreme body envy of Marisa Miller. like EXTREME. her body is my idea of perfection. i didn’t even notice the other one in the post in this case…

  • mary

    they both look good…prefer MM’s figure, always loved her tight little bod!

  • SA girl

    Both stunning women. I really love Malin’s swedish doll face, pure perfection. Alot of Scandinavian women have those porcelain doll faces, another being Helena Mattsson (666 Park Ave, Nikita).Even Scarlett Johannsson who is part Scandinavian, has the blonde dolly look, very pretty. Charlize Theron has those similar features too, although she is part German, part Dutch.

    • serena

      Have you seen Frida Gustavsson? She has that Swedish porcelain doll look down pat, so young too. What I envy about these girls is their noses are dainty enough that when they smile, the nose does not look wide or bulbous as with many people.

      • anon

        LOL. Now I’m going to be looking at people’s noses when they smile checking for signs of bulbousness.

        • serena

          haha I know I sound crazy but I feel self -conscious in pics because when I smile, my nose goes from medium to bulky :/ nitpicking…

          • anon

            Hmm… I’ll be right back… I’m gonna go smile in the mirror. 🙂

          • Emilie

            I actually used to limit my smiling for this reason. Until I realized that I looked prettier, happier and healthier when I smiled, so I deal with the bulbous nose look

      • SA girl

        They all do have very soft feminine features…and you shouldn’t be cruel to yourself I am sure you are a stunning girl. I dislike how women criticize themselves, and another thing, camera’s often don’t capture certain womens’ features quite well. Some women are photogenic, some aren’t. I have seen some woman look extraordinary on their facebook profiles, but when I see them in real life, not so extravagant dear. Love yourself, I think it’s the camera playing tricks with your image.

      • dutchie

        ha ha, I know what you mean! I used to feel self-conscious about that, too (the bulbous-ifying nose smile-spread), but I think I pretty much managed to get over that one and have decided it’s adorable to have a round nose (like Karlie Kloss or Cara Delevingne!). But FYI, Victoria Beckham has admitted that that’s the reason she doesn’t smile in photos!

      • Candy M.

        I think Ill do mo post on Frida, love her. As for the nose, I think the exact same thing. My nose looks like candices and gets wider when I smile so I don’t. It has that same sort of of weird shape as hers, I don’t really like it.

  • Candy M.

    Marissa soft? I can’t tell from these pics but on the vs runway she was more defined than most of the other angels. Ive always likes her body, not her face. I remember watching the VS show in 2001 or 2000 and Marissa had tried out but was rejected every year until maxim put her on their top 100 list. Then they fired her when the hype went down.

    • Candy M.

      I recall hearing something about how they had a promotional event and only 3 people showed up and Marissa was off the radar when the maxim number 1 hype went down. They fired her very soon after that.

      • anon

        There is nothing remotely “soft” about Marisa. Even after having a baby she isn’t anywhere near “soft” she’s lean and toned.

    • Candy M.

      Yeah, I can’t tell with the outfit right now though. My bodies very lean too, so i notice fat nobody else really does. My body isn’t like Andreas though I’m probably as lean, my abs look a different shape and i store the little fat I have there.

  • anon

    I think they’re both attractive, not particularly stunning. But they both look great for having had babies recently.

  • CK

    Love Marissa Miller, she’s has a perfect body, and still looks great after the baby. Malin’s got great smile, she’s beautiful but i think she needs a different hairstyle and dress cut, this one doesn’t seem flattering.

  • Pixie

    Marissa has a good body, but her face and hair just don’t do it for me. Malin is such a cutie and has great skin. 🙂

  • 22franzs

    Marisa has an amazing body!!!!!!! Perfection.

  • lc

    I think Marisa looks great.

  • snugglepup

    Marisa is insanely hot, the other girl… meh

  • D

    Marisa has an insane body – no denying that. Not soft at all whoever commented saying she was soft. That being said, total butterface IMO… she looks at least 45 in the face but always has… so I think its just her face/combination of too much sun. Dunno the other girl but she is cute in an apple-pie type of way, not hot though.

    • Roxy

      Yes! Marisa has aged so poorly. Her skin is so sun damaged, I have a feeling this is why she isn’t modelling anymore. She lost her Victoria Secret and her Sports Illustrated fame. She isn’t that fresh faced California girl anymore. Her hair looks fried too.

    • Goldfish

      I agree about marissa being a butterface.. I never understood her appeal, nothing about her stands out for me- and i think she looks quite short for a model

  • wonderwoman21

    I do not understand how Malin Akerman is cosidered beautiful, she looks ugly to me. Yes, ugly. Not in the way where a celebrity isn’t my ‘type’, but looking at her she has a huge forhead, beady eyes, small lips, and a round pudgy face. I don’t get it at all. Like with Jessica Biel she isn’t my type (facially anyways, her body is awesome) but i can see why people find her attractive: full lips, small angular nose, and her facial structure. Am I blind to Malin?!

    I LOVE Marissa Miller’s body, so jelly of her flat stomach and big boobies lol. I didnt realize so many people consider her a butterface, i think shes pretty. Maybe a little sun damaged, but thats it.

  • Valeria

    Marissa wins. She has sex appeal. And a much more attractive figure.The other woman is pretty but not interesting to look at.

  • Sanne

    Hello nipple.

  • Laura

    Both are beautiful women, amazing pre and post baby. Both look incredibly happy too, now that’s sexy.

  • solaxia

    Marissa is still thin and toned, but she is less so than her usual dramatic 6 pack she has going on…and you know what?! Imo she looks a million times better for it! Her face has some much needed fat and it softens it and makes her look younger. Plus her belly looks nice and feminine (granted the dress is a bit trashy looking).

  • Kimberly

    Marisa’s body is incredible. Good for her for getting back into shape after having a baby. I hate her dress though.