1 Girl 2 Outfits, Megan Fox

Megan Fox – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

ee - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

Left: Megan on stage during the 70th Annual Golden Globes Awards Nominations at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

Right: Megan at the premiere of Universal Pictures’ ‘This Is 40’ at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

How do you like these outfits on Megan?

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158291750_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158291796_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158291817_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158291835_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158296588_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158314499_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158314504_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158314632_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158314658_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158319896_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits 158319897_10 - Megan Fox - 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

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  • vosoo

    I think she looks amazing!

    • girl21

      She looks prettier than pre-pregnancy!! I think the extra weight sort of softens the surgeries and she just looks a lot more natural now. Pretty!

      • Ali

        Completely agree!

  • Vhyjul

    Her face’s really vacant and zombie-like. Hair’s gorgeous, though

    • Anca

      Yes, I also think that her hair is gorgeous..Is it her real hair?

  • lila

    I actually think her face starts to look more natural again, there were times when she didn’t even resemble herself anymore, now I think the beauty experiments are still visible, but she seems to have stopped doing whatever procedure it was.
    And her body looks amazing, she seems to take things slowly, in recent bikini pics you can see that she looks healthy and thin, but she hasn’t starved or tortured herself to get back to her old body.
    And WOW for the hair. Jealousy, hellooooo 😛

  • La la la la

    she looks really fierce in that red. that is such a great color. i don’t think she pulls off the other outfit though simply because it’s so “sweet” and i don’t think she is sweet at all! she is looking less plastic, definitely. her body looks great. looove her hair color, style, everything!

  • Megan

    She looks the most gorgeous when she’s not trying to pose.

    Not sure how I feel about the nude tights + nude shoes.

    • JN1976

      Agree…not loving the makeup or styling of either set of ppics. And she’s def more beaut in candids for sure.
      I hope she leaves her face alone now…that close-up shows a lot of btox and fillers still (note: I did botox…and only did 1/3 the dose bc was just testing it out, and I have allergies and wanted to assess the results etc…it took a FULL YEAR to get full movement back in my forehead and brows – fyi. I’m not saying dont do it – just do a trial so you know the effects and how often you need to do it bc doc will say ___dose every 3 months….again 1/3 dose took a yr to get outa me….AND we dont yet have long-term studies…)

  • seijidan

    there were pictures of her with Ms Jessica Alba and she looks slightly “bigger” cause she just had a baby. But face-wise, its not even close. Megan Fox blows Jessica away. Not feeling the peep toe with the stockings. Shouldve went with strappy heels

    • violet

      You need glasses! Jessica is much prettier – Megan looks like a $2 ** with her fantastic plastic face!

  • Casey

    One of the few women who actually can pull off the dark lipstick look (I hate it on most celebrities, but her face shape and hair color make it work).

    After seeing these pictures of her, it is obvious she has had fillers (Restalyne or Juvaderm, NOT Botox) under her eyes. When she was younger, she used to have a little bit of an undereye shadow…not anything to be considered undereye bags but noticeable. And that completely disappeared as she got older (usually, it becomes more pronounced through age).

    She may have also had fillers in her cheeks next to her nose but I’m not sure.

    Either way, if she didn’t do that, she would look really pretty and natural. That alone is the sole reason why she looks plastic; not even the rest of her work (like a nose job) makes her look as fake as this.

    And I don’t know why she did it because the undereye line is kind of cute on most people.

  • amara

    Everything looks great! exept her nose the tip is too thin and pointy now, almost looks like a micheal jackson nose.

  • elida

    I really hate how women keep bringing up her surgery on every post, okay we get it, she had surgery! I think she looks gorgeous, and very fit for a new mom! Both are beautiful dresses but im in love with the dark lipstick, im gonna try it someday!

  • Neri

    Plastic fantastic…

  • wonderwoman21

    Looove the burgundy dress! But haaaate the makeup! Darks + dark lips = a makeup DON’T. Plus, I hate dark red lipsticks, they’re aging and the color doesn’t look good on anyone’s lips IMO. She should a classy makeup look.

  • snoops

    Hate both looks she usually dresses better/has better makeup/hair. Both the outfits are ageing and random, the dark lipstick/heavy eye together looks horrid, her face looks powdery, and her hair looks like she is wearing mismatched extensions with a different texture and colour than her real hair. Whoever styled her must have been on crack. All that aside i like the extra weight on her but think she looks so sad lately, i wouldnt want to speculate why. I still think she is pretty despite the surgerised look to her face, she always has been and always will be pretty, unless she gets more surgery.

  • Pandora

    fan of the outfits, just not on her. Looks like a mannequin.

  • Hazal

    I hair looks amazing! It’s fake, isn’t it?

    • Hazal


  • Anastasia.

    Nope, still don’t get the same wow vibe from her that I did a few years ago, before she went overboard with the botox. Her face looks extremely tight, and she looks like a 36 year old trying her best to look like a 26 year old. Only good thing I can think of is that her body has not changed at all since giving birth.

  • happygolucky

    I can’t see any beauty any longer. She is unable to move her face. And Anastasia is right: it ages her.
    On a happier note, I love both dresses.

  • aalyceh

    god she looks like taylor from bold and the beautiful.

    Beautiful women on this site, movement in the face just makes your smile shine. When she smiles she does look zombie like. Megan, please, relax on the botox and fillers!

    • Ysatis

      Yep she looks a bit like a young Hunter Tylo. I think Megan Fox is gorgeous. Can the people who always go on and on about her numerous plastic surgeries tell me what she got done? When I see her face it does not scream plastic surgery like Lana Del Rey obvious trout pout and fake nose. I think Megan looks so different because of drastic style change from the teenage girl into a young woman and mother. IMO Megan is one of the very few true classic beauties currently in HO. Most actresses are skinny cute girl next door beautified thanks to clever makeup application but very few are real stunning classic beauties. The ombre hair really suit Megan.

  • saya


  • Pixie


  • Winnie

    she looks gorgeous in the burgundy dress! i love her with vamp-y looking make-up

  • lc

    Scary. I’m not impressed at all.

  • Nobsnob

    Never found her appeal even when her face wasn’t completly done yet. Bleh.

    • violet

      Me either, she’s really not that attractive, her face looks way overdone with the make up!! TOO MUCH!! Must be an inch thick!! The red dress is OK, the other is disgusting! She’s so flat chested! Where’s her boobs? Breastfeeding she have atleast assisted in those bee stings of her getting a little bigger! She never had much up top anyway I guess 🙁 Overall, not an average looking woman, so many more prettier!! Including me 🙂

      • saya

        Megan looks better thank you,trust me.

        • saya

          than you* 😀

        • violet

          How can you make such an absurd comment abut someone?! You rude person, its not hard to be better looking than her, I’m slimmer, bigger boobs, prettier hair and long slender arms 🙂 I’d say you are the opposite – quite overweight and unattractive with a comment like that! Funny 🙂

          • saya

            Bigger boobs and slender arms will not make your face look pretty.Yes,in your dreams im overweight and megan is unattractive.

          • violet

            A more womanly chest with slender arms, a pretty face and a petite figure HAVE OBVIOUSLY made me attractive otherwise I wouldn’t have an agent and work as a model – you idiot!

          • nicole

            having a larger chest doesn’t make you more attractive. and whoa you have an agent so do many average looking people as well as below average looking. you can be beautiful or not I really don’t care but it’s unnecessary to write something stupid like “oh im prettier cause I have bigger breasts and thin arms” i’ve never looked at anyone and said whoa she’s ugly look at her arms!

      • b

        You guys are really disruptive. Will you just quit?

        • violet

          How about you just quit instead? What are you? Are the moderator? No, well take your teacher attitude somewhere else!!

    • lc

      Me either.

      • violet

        For your information, you fool, most average looking so-called “models” DO NOT HAVE REPUTABLE AGENTS! Agents will not sign a fat wannabe! Crawl back under the rock you came from!

        • nicole

          crystal renn. bam. pretty famous and she isn’t spectacularly beautiful. and again which you fail to acknowledge, bigger breasts do not make you a better model or more prettier than a flat chested person. and you could be the most gorgeous person but your childish and frankly bitchy attitude make you unattractive.

          • violet

            I dint say bigger breasts automatically make you more attractive you idiot!! They do help if you have both the face and a fit and petite figure though. You need to go back to go back to school and learn to read!

  • Loo

    She looks like a middle-aged botoxed queen! I fail to see her as beautiful – she looks far too plastic for my liking. She’s younger than Jessica Alba but standing near her at the Golden Globe nominations -she looked about 10 years older. Sorry, but I just can’t call someone who has had that much work done ‘beautiful’. Jessica Alba on the other hand – stunning.

    • violet

      Yes, jessica alba is so much prettier and more youthful looking 🙂

  • violet

    whay are her arms always so untoned and chubby looking too? Its odd since she’s not fat 🙁 Must be a genetics thing!

  • Anastasia.

    I’m surprised though, I thought she’d have big lactating boobs and be flaunting the hell out of them by now. She actually looks kinda flat.

    • violet

      I agree she’s flat as a tack!! Rather odd 🙁 I guess its because she was very very flat to start with !

      • Cristina

        I always thought Megan had a noticeable chest given how thin she is (especially when she was super skinny). I actually think she may have had implants at some point and recently had them taken out.

  • evie

    I think her skin looks great and would love to know who her facialist is and what makeup she uses!

  • anonymous

    Pretty woman, but plastic looking. Her pale skin suits her and I like the high lights in her hair. Her makeup also looks nice in the green-floral dress. However she’s always been overrated for me personally. She’s a pretty woman, but without makeup she looks like other pretty women I see. She also went a little too far with the surgeries or injections… Sometimes she looks great but then other times (depending on the angle or on her makeup), she just looks weird and her face looks frozen. She should have stopped whatever she was doing to her face back in Transformers 2. Good luck to her with her new son though!

  • Olivia

    She looks great all vamped up. That color does wonders for her. She’s looking better now after the pregnancy. Let’s hope she doesn’t mess with herself anymore.

  • Cristina

    I love her skin. It is always glowing and looks so nice pale. I try to stay out of the sun so my skin is super pale but it just looks dull and tired. I wonder exactly what procedures she’s had to make her skin look like that.

  • she’s removing her tattoo… good, I never liked it

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