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  • vibes

    Middle look definitley.

  • ar

    She has aged sooo much from all the fillers ….she looks like shes dealing with a premature mid life crisis …when she smiles you can literally see that her face is too plump to crinkle properly, so it just looks so strained ..its ridiculous
    I was in love with her face for years , even after the so called “surgery” phase , whether or not she actually got them, she was still beautiful to me ..and now she’s gone and messed her gorgeous face up even more ..I want to believe it’s just the makeup , but anyone can tell it’s not…what was she trying to correct anyways ? She was perfect to begin with ..

  • hjdshjkad

    she’s a beauty, but her skin looks really exhausted…give it a break megan

  • L

    The baseball shots are super cute!

  • Agatha

    Come on, guys, she looks great! I don’t see the “destroyed beauty” here. Yes, she has done things to her face but I think she still looks beyond beautiful.

    • Kathryn

      I completely agree! Megan looks gorgeous in the 2nd picture. I looked at clips of her from 10 years ago, and she looks the same. I think she looks better because she stopped tanning. Sometimes, she looks puffy & the lips look overdone. But, over all, she is beautiful & if she looks bad it’s likely due to bad lighting.

  • Alyona

    I honestly dont think she looks as horrible as people say in regards to her ruining herself with fillers, etc. Yes, there is a difference from 2005 when she first hit the map… but its now 2014, OF COURSE THERE WILL BE A DIFFERENCE! Yes, she has gotten filler that she likely didnt need…but she still looks pretty regardless…

  • Briana

    The belt on that sheer dress is all kinds of wrong!

  • DaniH

    She’s a pretty girl but I did think she was prettier naturally before she had the work done. She always looks a little too waxy for me

  • ar

    The weird part about all this is she came into the Hollywood scene with people going gaga over her looks , not her acting…. she was picked for roles that could only be played by very sultry , beautiful young girls. So for her to change that very face/look/reason that made her famous , it really is a mystery why…

    • anka

      I think you just explained the reason. She’s still young, but precisely that, STILL young. She’s not, you know, young young, which is the look she’s unsuccessfully going for. It sounds pretty ridiculous to anyone in the real world but in Hollywood that’s the way it goes, especially if you’re only in demand because of your looks. The sad thing is that “fixing” something that doesn’t yet need to be fixed only makes you look older. There was a pretty interesting article in Glamour a while back, where it said that using Botox and fillers makes everyone look like they’re frozen at 35. I think that’s a fairly accurate statement. Maybe that’s great if you’re 45 but why would a woman in her mid-twenties want that?

  • skkq

    Her face looks better in the middle photos because she’s smiling so much that she looks like her old self more. I didn’t realize that she had such short legs until now, probably because she always wears heels. Her body looks good though, especially after 2 kids back to back.

  • seeer

    that hair looks ridiculous on that baseball field. Why does every single thing they do require 2 hours of hair and 2 hours of makeup?? #ugh

  • She looks gorgeous in the last outfit, I like casual outfits. Megan is absolutely gorgeous anyway.

  • ingrid

    i know everyone is saying she looks older and her skin looks bad, but to me she still looks great. yes , she aged, but that is normal, i guess, time is not going back, so it is normal to age, and she has 2 kids! for some women having kids is not doing better… i’m saying this from my personal experience…after my first child ( was 20) i didnt gain to much weight, but the birth was complicated, after my second child (at 25), i cant shed those stubborn 10 kilos, and i dont know, my face looks just so different from how it looked before..maybe its the same with Megan?…it is not just you push a kid and its over, sleepless nights also counts…
    p.s. sorry for bad english!

  • C

    Looks ok def not 5″4 105 lbs like everyone thougt in the last post. More like 5″4 120 ish and looks great!!

  • Snugglepup

    She looks so unnatural I want to believe it’s not our Megan at all, just some wax figure having a adventure posing as her… Her face looks so uncomfortable, such a shame. And she seems to have some scarring on her face, very surprised that she hasn’t peeled, scrubbed and melted them off…

    • CK

      “she seems to have some scarring on her face” – i’ve noticed that too and i found it weird cos i remember when she only started she did have those acne scars but then she didn’t anymore and there were rumors, she, like many Hwood stars did some laser procedure to remove them, so now she has them again and i’m confused, the only thing i can think of is maybe during pregnancies her hormones gave her another acne bouts so now she’s with scars again, i don’t know. I agree she looks unnatural, and the hair is bad, though usually her hair looks gorgeous, and the “hair behind her ear” style doesn’t suit her, i always loved her body, whether she’s heavier or thinner, and after two babies it still looks great (at least in clothes), it shows that she works on it.

  • Morvren

    This girl is so beautiful she can wear anything. She´d look gorgeous in a potato sack.

  • lc

    I love the dresses, especially the second one. But I find her so unattractive and scarily plastic in the face.

  • Ellia

    First picture = knockout. There’s the Megan that took the world by storm. Can’t believe she’s had 2 kids!