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Megan Fox – Floral Look in Brazil

FFN_g_51011390 - Megan Fox - Floral Look in Brazil

Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green paid a visit to the Heliopolis Urbanization Project in Sao Paulo, Brazil this week – here is the brunette star, looking cute in a floral dress matched with red heels.

FFN_g_51011402 - Megan Fox - Floral Look in Brazil

More pictures of Megan next!


FFN_g_51011392 - Megan Fox - Floral Look in Brazil FFN_g_51011394 - Megan Fox - Floral Look in Brazil FFN_g_51011398 - Megan Fox - Floral Look in Brazil FFN_g_51011401 - Megan Fox - Floral Look in Brazil  FFN_g_51011405 - Megan Fox - Floral Look in Brazil FFN_g_51011409 - Megan Fox - Floral Look in Brazil

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  • misscheeks

    As always, she looks like a really pretty porcelain doll or mannequin..her beauty is “plastic-ky” imo but still beauty nonetheless. I like her outfit- very cute and slightly off-topic, I love seeing capoeira lol…I want to try it one day.

  • Ale

    I’ll never understand why she did what she did to her face. She used to be absolutely stunning when she was natural. Why God, why?

    • georgette

      That’s why I think everytime I see her. Poor girl.

    • Tally

      Mmmmhmmm. Think how she must feel about it. At one point in time i called her one if the most beautiful girls i had ever seen! Its so sad

    • D

      So sick of the *OMG SHE RUINED HERSELF, WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO HERSELF* Yes, she looks different then she did in Transformers but generally people will look different compared to 5-6 years ago. I think people exagerate the difference in her appearance, it looks like she has had some fillers and thats about it. She still looks pretty, people just have internet standards as I like to call it.

      • cinnamon

        Seriously Internet-standards? I expect a 26 year old to look like a 26 year old, and not like a 40+ year old who cant stop using botox after just discovering it. You cant tell me that most people out there look like this! I’ll go so far and say that to me she used to be the most beautiful woman i had ever seen(~2008)
        But now? Why did she use that much botox? I bet her skin would look totally fine for her age. And without all the fillers she would still be gorgeous. But she ruined her face. I’m totally pro surgery, but this was unnecessary.

        • mia

          WHAT, i just checked and she really is 26… that cant be true, i always found her beautiful but in a “beautiful for her age” sense which i thought to be 30+

          • otilia

            I cannot believe people consider she looks 30+. Are you serious? She looks like 21 years old, definitely not 30+. Someone said above even 40.. She looks good and young boy and face with or without plastic surgery she would still look young.

          • otilia

            body and face*

        • guru

          ill tell you why. back when she was beautiful all the women were calling her fake, ugly, average etc. now she has ruined her face i feel like the line of ‘omg why did she ruin her face’ isn’t about missing her old face, but rather just rubbing it in that her current face is weird looking.

        • Ellia

          Ditto. I really thought she was one of the most beautiful women EVER. She still has photos that pop up where she looks absolutely stunning. But the first two pictures here–wth?? Forget all the other procedures she did; she still looked beautiful afterward. But it’s the fillers/botox that have made me think,”Whoa, something just looks…off.”

          The only thing I can think is that she’s actually a few years older than she claims. That would make more sense. Maybe she’s 30 or so. Definitely not the first actress to claim to be a few years younger… (AHEM, Jessica Chastain) Otherwise, why the heck would you Botox in your 20s??

        • Ellia

          On second thought, I wonder if her face just looks different here because of some medication (or reaction to a medication). Wasn’t there something awhile back about Ashely Judd–people thought she had done some sort of extreme plastic surgery, but she wasn’t she taking steroids to alleviate symptoms of an infection or something??

      • Anastasia.

        No one ages in such a fashion, and even if they did, you couldn’t possibly age to such an extent from 24 to 26 years old, and no one all of a sudden grows huge cheekbones and a really bloated face in a few short years. She looks like old woman trying to look 20 again.

      • anonymous

        She has actually had a few nose jobs. Her original nose had a slight hump and rounder tip, then she made subtle and gradual changes to it. Now it is curved in, straight and really pointy. Your nose cannot get slimmer or smaller with age. Her lips are fuller, most of her freckles and acne or chicken pox scars can no longer be seen, and there are a few other differences. No one I know has changed that much in a few short years.gan looked best around 2008, but she had plastic surgery before that. To me she was always a pretty girl, but the media hyped up and exaggerated her appearance… People fell for it coz its like a trend and there’s always a new “it” girl/guy… Some people find Megan very beautiful and thats fine, I just never saw
        it coz I guess I have different taste. Also I dont think women hated Megan any more or less than they do now. Most women I know dont care and dont get jealous easily… A few might, but generally women just have different perspectives on things.

    • A

      The fillers are SO awful!! The media/guys love to act like she still has the same face from 2008. She ruined her looks, period

    • HB

      She wasn’t natural in Transformers, which is when most people agree she was at her hottest. You’re going to have to go back to her first TV show for that.

  • Jay

    she’ll never be as striking as her 2008 self again.

  • Sandy

    Very strange/funny facial expressions. She looks good, plastic-fantastic as always.

  • aline

    what happened to her chin area she looks saggy there!The second photo leaves me speechless..WHY woman why? you were pretty once,now you look 35 and fine at best imo!

    • samra

      her face is melting thats why.This is really shocking

      • lc


  • Winnie

    i honestly think a good deal of what’s making her look vastly different than she did in, let’s say 2010, is her pale skin. imo, she looks better tanned

    • Pixie

      I agree, she looked great with a tan.

    • jenna

      Personally i like her skin natural. Someone with such pale skin probably cannot get tan without using unnatural methods anyway. I say stick with what you were intended to have – it always looks better.

      • Winnie

        i don’t dislike her skin tone, her skin looked really sun-damaged when she started out, so this is actually an improvement! but with a bronzer (albeit not naturally achieved) look her eyes and dark hair were more striking and i feel like the darker skin kept her from looking as “puffy” as she does nowadays

    • anonymous

      I dint think the problem is the pale skin. I actually think she looks better with pale skin coz natural skin is best. The problem is that she messed with her face too much… Hopefully she wont anymore.

  • Annabella

    In the second picture she looks so much like Michael Jackson it’s almost scary.

    • Emily

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  • Blair

    Why is her face so puffy, is it fillers like Lohan? She looks lovely otherwise.

  • clara

    what happened to her freckles as well?

  • Hazal

    Her hair looks great but it’s probably as fake as her face.

  • AnnieC

    Megan is firmly on the same path as Lara Flynn Boyle, but at a much earlier age. It’s a pity that she’s not intelligent enough or doesn’t have a discerning support network to step in and put an end to this nonsense of continuously altering her face.

    • Debbs

      Yup. I see Lara everytime I look at Megan.

    • Hear hear

    • True – she does remind me of Lara! She’s still a pretty girl, but I shudder to think what she will look like in 10 years if she keeps on like this. She already looks ‘off’ because of it.

  • Flora

    Gorgeous, gorgeous hair!
    Her face however, is a different story.. extraordinarily plastic-y.. and it might only be my eyes, but it looks like it doesn’t even crease as it should when she laughs/smiles. Oh dear.

  • Pixie

    Gorgeous!!!!!! I like that she went back to darker with her hair, looks much better! 🙂

  • mary

    she has fantastic eyebrows.
    that is all.

    • mary

      oh and from a distance she looks asian. talk about a pulled back face and squinty eyes. how can anyone deny this chick hasnt gotten 23897479823 surgeries.

  • Ana

    I think age looks much better with all the surgeries, and this coming from someone who’s completely against surgery. I don’t like the dress though, so poofy.

  • Annie

    Life in plastic is fantastic!

  • Casey

    The fillers next to her nose and under her eyes need to be decreased…if she did that, she would look more natural and way better. A little smile lines around the nose and eyes are normal and without them, you look weird.

  • Kimberly

    Megan really needs to lay off the filler. Otherwise, she looks gorgeous. I love her makeup and hair.

  • Natalie

    she was perfection during her transformers claim to fame. Still pretty but nothing like before.

  • Alexandra

    Good God, every time I see this girl, she looks worse. Megan, what have you done to yourself!????

  • La la la la

    fantastic plastic

  • roonie

    Even though she does still look beautiful, this is nothing compared to how gorgeous she was before doing whatever it is she did to her face. Anyways, I love Megan and Brian together.. they seem so in love which is adorable 🙂 🙂

  • Iuliana

    I cannot undestand why someone as breathtakingly beautiful as she was, prior to the transformation, would do something like that. She completely changed her face, and along with that she lost her appeal and hotness, imo. She truly was outstandingly gorgeous.×1200

  • Pixie

    She is perfection…..and they are such an adorable couple. They seem so happy, and with all the miserable people in the world, it’s refreshing to see. 🙂 🙂

  • Adele

    It looks like she can’t even smile properly because of all the work she has had done. I’m not against plastic surgery in general, but she has definitely taken it too far. It’s so sad, because she used to be so pretty and would probably age well if she hadn’t gone under the knife so many times.

  • annemarie

    She is pretty but she looks much older than 26.

  • Chelsea

    She used to be so hot! And I wanted to be her! But not anymore.

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    Her face.., I’m still not over her face..

  • lc

    Melting plastic mannequin. Not envious of this chick at all.

  • Aafje

    I think she looks much better in candids like these then when she slaps on the warpaint for red carpet. Thats when she REALLY looks plastic but it is much more toned down here.

  • Junior

    Love Megan Fox. Surgery or not, she’s a hottie.

  • neutra

    I won’t common on her face, as it’s already been said, but she really looks genuinely happy in these pictures which I think is beautiful – I especially love the second last picture ha!

  • Anastasia.

    Somebody jumped back on the botox/collagen/filler train. That second picture, wow, she ruined her once really beautiful face. And that 5th picture, I’m convinced she got cheek implants, what the hell did she do to herself?!

  • Megan

    Smart girl to sit next to a guy with more ridiculous injections than hers.

  • MissMarilyn

    She and Brian are SO cute. i actually kind of died when they ended up together… when I think of Brian Austin Green I think of his dorky character on Beverly Hills 90210 and him doing some dorky dance in the intro eheheheh

  • nessa

    I think she is pretty, but plastic surgery pretty. She definitely looked much more natural when she was 19, after that it went down hill from there. Still a pretty girl, just not naturally pretty. Like if there was a list, she would be a different list from beyonce or jessica alba.

  • Tea

    I wonder if it’s a case of the fillers pushing the wrinkles elsewhere, because her mouth/chin and her neck are really weird looking and look like they belong on someone much older. It’s weird, people often talk about how she’s ruined her face but this is the first time I really see that, up till now I thought she still looked beautiful in a plasticky way. I feel really bad for her and I don’t mean that in a condescending way at all. I cut my hair too short a little while ago and when I looked in the mirror I just felt ugly and regretful, and I can’t imagine how much worse she must feel with these structural changes because at least hair grows back!

  • jane

    In the one of her smiling, she looks exactly like Madonna. And for the same reason. They probably have the same dermatologist/plastic surgeon, lol.

  • Mish

    well at least she is matching her plastic looking husband now. she used to be so pretty. this is awful and sad

  • solaxia

    I just still don’t find her that pretty. Definately not ugly, but just an ordinary attractive girl. Lots of girls are attractiev if they look after themselves…that kind of ‘pretty’. I think she is too thin for her frame so her face looks too thin. Everyone loves her eyes, but I personally don’t like them that much. The colour sure is pretty, but for me, nice eyes is more about the shape and ‘look’ in the eyes. I think she has great cheek bones though and pretty hair and skin!

  • anonymous

    She’s pretty, but thats it for me… Ive never understood all the hype she used to recieve. Ive seen girls who look kinda like her. She should have stopped with the cosmetic work during Transformers, now she looks plastic and older than her age… She does have beautiful porcelain skin, I like her pale skin much more tgan the fake tan she used to have coz it looks more natural and suits her. However to me she’s just another pretty but plastic girl un Hollywood… I dont get the hype so for me personally she is overratee. But thats just my own opinion, and beauty is in the
    eyes of the beholder afterall…

    • anonymous


  • Aims

    Im not sure what she did either – its not a nose job. She had the same type of nose in 2008 as she does now. Regardless if weather she got one or not (which I believe she did – and is probably what got her noticed) – the reason she looks different is probably fillers and lip injections. I think thats what is giving her that pursed lip look. Same with her teeth – veneers could be an issue.

  • humanmanga

    lovely skin and hair and eyebrows look great but it’s like her face has swelled~ I don’t get why anyone would voluntarily do this, maybe it’s medications causing it? ( I would hope)

  • Jaz

    She had been messing with cosmetic surgery long before Transformers.
    I’m confused as to why people think Transformers was her being “natural”.

    Take a look:

    If you compare 2004 to now, It doesn’t even remotely look like the same person. I know she was a lot younger, but nobody changes THAT much.

  • Amy

    She looks amazing. Love her.

  • ellentjie

    I’m sorry, but her face looks terrible. It doesn’t move when she laughs and her face looks like its morphing into cat-woman’s

  • S

    She is still gorgeous. She looks different but not any of this whole sensationalized “She looks 40 and like she had everything done!!!” rampage.

  • retrobanana

    why does she look japanese to me now