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Megan Fox: “I’m always second-guessing myself.”

megan-fox-w-021510-4 - Megan Fox: "I’m always second-guessing myself.”

On her insecurities / lack of trust :

“I have no confidence, and because of that I’m always second-guessing myself.”

“I especially don’t trust girls in this industry, because it’s incredibly competitive, and I’m just not interested.”

On her lingerie Armani ads:

“There are some women you could put in underwear and photograph them, and it looks really classy and it doesn’t necessarily provoke a pinup image. But with me it does, immediately, as soon as I’m in underwear. I’m a Vargas girl. I feel intimidated by fashion. I hate doing photo shoots.”

… says Megan in W Magazine.

What do you think about her statements?

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  • Mirabela

    What is a “Vargas girl”? I’m sorry but i don’t know what that means. 🙁

    • Sidney

      A pin-up girl, Alberto Vargas was a painter famous for his pin-up pics. I agree with Ana Megan contradicts herself a lot.

      • Mirabela

        Ahhhhha! Thanks a lot! 😀 I remember now. I see some pictures on youtube, but i not memorize that name.

    • layla

      I’m guessing her pubs put her up to this because people were starting to get annoyed with her concieted and/or thoughtless comments.

      • Mirabela

        It is very possibile.

  • Dr. Truth

    Maybe she’s not as full of herself as she seems.
    She looks gorgeous in those colors…

  • Ana

    She contradict herself way too much, it’s kinda funny…I like the shape of her eyebrows, is that strange? Like they are so precise!

    • I Forgot

      Oh my gosh Anna I felt the same way. I always though her eyebrows made her eyes stand out more or less..

  • jenP

    I think that everyone feels like that sometimes especially when they’re young.

  • megan ….calm down niggy// uve made ur point and keep makin up we love hearing gd bs.

  • kayla

    she is gorgeous and i absolutely love her….people need to hop off because you only look jealous…..(here they come)…….keep being beautiful megan and you will always have people to say things

    • chechebelle

      clearly you love her solely for her beauty. because as far as “acting” goes (that’s the career she signed up for, no) she’s far from the greatest. doesn’t seem to be that awesome at talking, either, but maybe that’s just my opinion. but yes, a pretty face. don’t pity her, kayla, she makes more in her sleep than most of us do in a decade.

      • sola

        im sick of the ‘you cant say you like her because it means your jealous’ bs. I used to think she was stunning. now, not so much. she is attractive but thats it. I never was a huge fan of her body when she was stick thin but her personality and conceitedness has made me think she is not so pretty on the outside either. My view on people is not so superficial. If they are gorgeous on the inside they can become breath takingly stunning on the outside (even if average at first glance). BUT it also works the other way, can be pretty as hell, but once that self obsessed personality shines through you will no longer look so pretty to me.

        • Mia

          Thank you, sola! this connection between jealousy and criticism is sketchy at best. You can think someone is super hot and not be jealous of them while still not liking them. Plus, why do we always assume that the only reason women hate each other is because they are jealous of each other’s looks?? Personally, I am much more jealous of people who are smarter than me and have accomplished more than me in terms of their intellectual pursuits.

          • sola

            lol i TRY not to get jealous of people that are smarter or nicer etc but sometimes i do! Like, its not jealousy i guess cuz if they are lovely then i am glad to have them in my life, but sometimes i just wish i could be so selfless. I am jealous of people that are really confident and sweet as well (but not a bitchy jealousy but more envy)…also i was recently jealous of my friend who is just AMAZING at her job and uni…but i just told my self to shut up and be happy and feel LUCKY to have her in my life!
            Surely we are not that superficial that we get jealous over looks! Sure, i have been jealous over peoples looks but it doesnt cause me to bitch but rather say ‘wow! i am jealous!’ =p

  • B.

    She constantly makes contradictions. Constantly.
    I would find her attractive if she seemed like an intelligent person but she doesn’t. She seems very, very airheaded and ungrateful.
    Some people think she’s “clever” and “a genius” for making these kind of statements, but that’s complete bs in my opinion.
    Artificial beauty; yes. But no brains.

    • K


      • sola

        yea i agree, and i said above (before reading your comment) if your personality sucks it can also make your outter beauty not look so perfect either

  • Mandy

    A truly walking contradiction.She seems very stupid.Thats why most of the woman cant stand her.

    • chechebelle

      personally, i just hate her for having weird stubby thumbs…


  • sassy

    mee love youuuuu megaan

  • ashley

    GO AWAY.

  • Mel

    no self confidence? yeah, right. i guess that’s why you’re constantly posing for pics….

    most people that lack self confidence do not willingly put themselves in the spotlight.

  • selene

    yep she totally contradicts herself in every single interview.
    “I hate doing photo shoot’s”
    She is either lying or so fame and money hungry she will do anything to be rich and famous.

    I hate that she says she has ‘no confidence’, she must has some otherwise she wont be able to act or pose in front of 20+ people for the world to see.
    I have no confidence what so ever, I cant even look people in the eyes and talk at the same time let alone do what Megan is doing.

    • Cory

      same here i have a hard enough time just talking to strangers i have such bad self confidence. if megan has zero self confidence like she says then how i she able to do all the things shes doing? i think shes just lying to get sympathy and hopefully win back some of the fans she lost by making other stupid comments.

  • Casey

    To be honest, being the subject of so much criticism and plastic surgery accusations, I can see how her confidence would be low. If I liked my lips and every day strangers would tell me how fake they look, I’m pretty sure my confidence wouldn’t be able to stay high for very long. Not to mention how many people criticize her acting skills and intelligence.

    I also agree that it’s very hard for her to look classy. There’s something about her that always more pin-up model than classy.

    • Alias

      I agree with pretty much everything you said, I can’t even imagine being judged by the entire world and still being confident 27/7. She is a normal human, she has her days when she feels confident and others when she is unsure of herself. I think she’s raw and honest, I like her a lot.

      • Cathy

        Agreed. Plus you have to take into account that most of her interviews are managed by her PR assistant who usually very nearly dictates her what to say. I doubt she’s airheaded or dumb in any way she just tries to fit into hollywood as good as possible and lets herself be made into whatever people want her to be. That way it’s a sure deal to earn the most money and anyway don’t we all like to bitch about soemthing once in a while ? Megan gives us the perfect chance to do so and oh … don’t we all comply immediatley ;).

        Posts that feature Megan are often those with the most comments. Go figure – the strategy her Manager uses works, she absolutley has the attention of press and society. Doesn’t matter wether this attention is possitive or negative , it sell’s well.

  • katie

    I think people give her too much crap. It seems that she says what shes thinking, sometimes what your thinking isn’t always what you truly feel. Shes beautiful, honest and real. So what if she talks about sex and her body? Men can talk about sex without it being a big deal and everyone always asks why she’s always talking about her body but its an interview! Shes asked questions about it and she answers them! This world is obsessed with beauty, the “beautiful” women are expected to model in little to no clothes and be a sexual figure but once the women themselves make a statement about sex or even their confidence, its a huge deal. Also, it doesn’t matter how many times you’re told you’re beautiful, that doesn’t mean you believe it, so people need to stop pretending like they know whats going on in her head. Just chillllllllll!

    • Natasha O

      clap clap bravo

    • Alias

      Agree!! Well said.

    • amen to that. guess no matter what a woman says about her looks and whatnot, she never seems to win. if men talk about sex it’s nothing but if a woman chooses to do it, she’s slutty, nasty, trashy and whatnot. talk about double standard. i’m no megan fan myself but i do respect someone that’s honest about what they talk about. people can say you’re beautiful all the time but doesn’t mean you will feel that way all the time. in order to feel beautiful, you need to see that you’re beautiful instead of people telling you that because they say that to your face but call you ugly behind your back.

      • sola

        its not her talking about sex that gets me. I also hate men that do it like her, they sound like they have small d**ks imo. lol. what gets me about her is all her contradictions and conceited sounding things. I hate the ‘bad ass’ try hard image. just be yourself. dont try be bad. i am sick of hearing how bad she is. how different she is. how secure she is and how insecure other women are. if you have to tell the world how bad and different you are, my guess is your not quite what you say.

        • Casey

          Don’t we all contradict ourselves though? I’d like to find one person that doesn’t contradict themself on a weekly basis. It’s in our nature. We feel different from day to day, and experience different situations. It would be quite inefficient for us to stick by one thing. At the least, her contradiction just shows how honest she is and how little she tries to bs her responses. I rarely like what she says, but it’s not because she contradicts herself…that’s just honesty.

          • sola

            maybe we do…and i can see how we can more so when we are insecure. a simple example would be (not my example just a random one we can probably relate to) when we feel skinny and sexy we may say ‘oh i love skinny bodies’ when we feel like we have put on weight but feel sexy ‘oh i love some meat on the bones’ when we feel icky skinny with no curves ‘ooo i love skinny skinny bodies. i hate fat. yuk. that girl looks big.’ and when we feel icky big ‘ooo i love meaty thighs. yuk that girl looks sick with her skinny thighs’. but for her, i just think she is playing up to an image and she comes across as immature and stupid in my eyes. as i said, you can walk into a club, or even round the mall and hear hundreds of teeny boppers talking like her.

          • Casey

            Exactly Sola, your example sounds like Tyra! 😛

            I admit, contradictions can be irritating because you’re trying to grasp what the person actually thinks…and with celebrities we only have what they tell us because we don’t know them. But, contradicting yourself isn’t some big evil that should be eliminated, it’s natural. People feel differently from day to day.

            I’d like to say, I’m contradicting myself right now. On Tyra’s post, I was like, “Why is she contradicting herself? Stop it Tyra!” But now, I don’t care. Should I have lied and fake-hated on Megan? No, I don’t feel like it! My opinions have changed since the Tyra post. Clearly, Megan’s opinions change as well.

  • ann

    Yawwwwwwwwwwwwn Megan.

  • mim

    Katie haha your so naive. beautiful honest and real? beautiful is obvious. But how can you call some one honest or real when every single one of her interviews contradicts the others. I agree she may say what she’s thinking and it might not be how she feels. But then why say it? because she is trying so hard to create controversy by what she says. She obviously thinks it’s a smart strategy but what can you really gather about her from the interviews she has given is they are all dramatically different. One minute she will be saying “i ooze sexuality, it comes from being naturally confident” (paraphrased but she DID say how confident she was) and then in this interview “i’m not confident” bla bla bla….
    is she was that uncomfortable with herself she wouldn’t be doing so many photo shoots and ad campaigns. I know you have to do it for publicity, but how will this help her acting career. She has said she wants to be seen for something more than her looks before so why is that all she talks about and draws attention to is her looks.
    i know i will get responses saying silly shit like your jealous but truthfully i am not.
    she is beautiful and i haven’t said that she is not. I just think that the way she comes across in interviews is bad. She seems like she’s trying so hard. Thank god she’s gorgeous because if she wasn’t people would notice how boring and fabricated her personality comes across..

    • katie

      I understand your point and I can respect it but I’m not naive, I just have my own opinion.

    • Natasha O

      Dear Mimi please get your facts straight when it comes to quotes she actually said before you call Katie out and call her naive. I don’t even know where to start with your comment. First of all Megan always says she’s confident in TERMS OF HER PERSONALITY AND HOW SHE PROJECTS IT!!!! NOT ABOUT HER LOOKS!!!!!!She’s always said she has been quite neurotic and self loathing. ONCE when she was blatantly asked about her looks she said CLEARLY I’M NOT UGLY!!!!!!!! Coming from someone that beautiful you know she has to have some confidence issues. ALSO you said that she says she oozes sexuality and she has said that also she says that she is very confident of her sexuality and that sexiness is a gift given from god! My point is just because you are confident sexually doesn’t mean THAT YOU HAVE TO BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR LOOKS!!!!! How many times have women had various sexual partners to compensate for their shortcoming because they don’t feel beautiful good enough etc. Their is NO PARALLEL BETWEEN THE TWO. I’m not exactly saying this is the case for Megan because I’m sure it’s not. How many of people are doing extremely sexy spreads yet aren’t exactly screaming out that they are attractive ETC Beyonce, Amanda Seyfried, Adriana Lima and the list goes on. The only thing I do agree with you on is that she’s kind of a blabber mouth but then again she has always said that she was obnoxious and never well liked!!! How can you say she is fabricated you don’t even know her hahahhaha!!!!!!

  • omg this is SO annoying! she SAYS she second guesses herself but honestly, she seems pretty stuck up and conceited. you’ve heard about what people say about her, right? they say she’s rude and snobby and that’s exactly what she shows in this interview! a total lier is what she is! just to get people to feel bad for “poor” megan fox who has no self confidence. get a life!

    gah you know she knows she’s pretty yet she still tries to sound all innocent. to me, it’s all a JOKE.

  • Dayna

    Mannnnn, this girl is all over the place. One second she’s all, “I’m soooo confident and such a sexual being and blahbalbhalbhalbhlabh” the next she has “no self confidence”. She gorgeous, but she’s a mess.

  • rach

    I think megan is amazing looking, anyone would kill to have her body/ face, even if it is artificial. What i cannot stand is her attitude. She isnt a like able person.

    • sola

      i dont like her as a person either. i USED to think she was stunning, and i thiknk she is attractive. I would like her face over mine (in parts) BUT there are other faces i would choose over hers! way more actually! also, i have never loved her body…i prefer mine =o) they are quite similar i guess but she doesnt look as toned and i like my tits and butt better =oD
      so, there is no need to say anyone would prefer to have her face/body just so you dont sound jealous. im sure ill get called jealous but whatevs!

  • foilhat

    as a straight woman, i quite liked her when she first showed up on the scene i appreciated her marilyn tattoo, her bad-girl attitude, she was stunning, and i couldn’t get enough of her. then she spoke. and then she spoke some more. and then she wouldn’t shut up. and then i saw her act. and then she said another very stupid thing. then i happened to see her on conan. she is entirely without charm, brevity, and her smile is a rare thing. i cannot stand to listen to her or her vapid, shallow comments any longer. i’ve never seen anyone wanted to be taken so seriously, only to turn around and do nothing but appear in magazines… so she states she doesn’t like doing photoshoots, but isn’t that all she does?? fine megan, try acting then, but be sure you don’t shit on whoever puts you in a role….

    • sola

      well said.

    • lala

      Could not agree with you more!

  • somuchhate

    i don’t really think she sounds dumb. sometimes she says things that are unconventional and kind of “out there,” but not really stupid. i think some people react badly to it, since they either don’t get what she’s saying or are not used to people talking that way.

    • sola

      i dont even think she sounds ‘unconventional’…i mean ‘i love sex’ and ‘i have lesbian liasons and loved girls before’ and ‘i love dope’ and ‘i am bad ass’ (paraphrased quotes)…are not really unconventional. they are attempts to SOUND unconventional. walk into any school yard/ club these days and girls under the age of 20 are spurting things like that out here there and everywhere. not uncommon. these days its more unconventional for women to just be themselves and for femals under the age of 20 to just say ‘you know what, i like men. i dont like chicks.’ ‘i hate drugs’ ‘i hate tatts’…she sounds like a 17 year old to me half the time.

  • sydney

    i like her but vargas girl?? i don’t see that at all

  • Natasha O

    Hahaha you women who bash her are the reason why she’s as neurotic and introverted as she is. You further perpetuate the stereotype about women being bitchy,catty and spawns of the devil!And then you wonder and don’t get women who are tomboys and aren’t interested in associating with our own sex! I understand that everyone is entitled to her opinion but damn!!!! Every time I click on a megan fox post all I see is negativity 🙁

    • any woman that talks about what she feels about herself always get negativity. i bet none of them would say this to her face but so quick to go on the computer and call others names. i’m all for opinions but i don’t waste my time bash on someone on the internet everyday. i don’t agree what kim says but i don’t spend my time bashing her on every post. and just because she does photo shoots doesn’t mean she likes it.

      • sola

        i dont necessarily bash what megan says, but i get sick of women saying ‘oh your so jealous’ ‘oh she’s so unconventional and different’ when really you can walk into a club and here most of the girls saying the crap she does. i get sick of people bashing people because they do have a negative opinion of her. you have a postive opinion. they have a negative. we dont all have to agree.

        • well i never said you were jealous but because she says she doesn’t feel beautiful or have confidence doesn’t mean oh she’s looking for attention and yes there are plenty of women who bash her for the things she say. i’m all for opinions but damn every time a woman says something what they don’t like about themselves, they’re doing it for attention, blah, blah. even if she was confident in herself and says she is then she’s arrogant, stuck up. like i said you can’t win on anything you say.

          • sola

            oh no soz i didnt mean that you said i was jealous…i was just saying that many girls say that if they come across someone who doesnt like megan. That wat annoys me the most. I dont HATE megan, i mean, i dont know her! But from what i see i dont necessarily like her…I also agree just because a woman talks down on herself doesnt mean she wants attention…i think that kind of view can be bad because so many women do have issues with their body no matter HOW GORGEOUS they are (and it is subjective too!) so having that view can be damaging because they may not want to talk about their issues for fear of being labelled an ‘attention seeker’…then if they dont talk them out, they never get sorted out. we all know, many women that see ‘flaws’ in their bodeis are not even flaws! I.e many women may hate their bubble butt and think its huge, whereas guys may LOVE it and other girls may WANT it…i think SOME girls do it for attention but i think its sad to say all girls do!
            Natasha O- i think my comment was just misinterpretted because i didnt explain myself properly!…or i put it in the wrong place! I was just reading both the comments and meaning that the thing that does annoy me with the Megan Fox thing is when girls say ‘you must be jealous’ etc. Like, i agree we shouldnt bash these people. and there will always be people that love her and people that hate her. BUt for me, i get more annoyed with the girls that do say that kind of thing like ‘you must be jealous’…thats what gets me irked with the megan fox debacle =p…i was kinda trying to add to both your comments but put another perspective on it…like you guys get annoyed with people that bash her and that bash people for loving her and i get annoyed with people for bashing people who dont love her (but dont necessarily bash her)…lol! now get your head around THAT! =P

        • Natasha O

          I don’t think she necessarily unconventional but I do think she is different in the sense that she doesn’t try and put on a front like half of these trife a$$ actresses. And thus I never said you weren’t entitled to your opinion I just really doubt that half of these people talking all that shit on here wouldn’t say anything to her face and there is no really no sense of camaraderie between girls anymore most of them are fake. I have nothing against you Sola #imjustsaying

          • ann

            Camaraderie? I don’t know this girl. I have nothing invested in her. I don’t wish anything ill on her but, in truth I don’t care about her anymore than she cares about me.

            Feel pity for those who truly cannot help themselves. People like Fox don’t need my help.

          • Natasha O

            @ann obviously you DON’T KNOW HER and I’m saying in general there is no sense of camaraderie between girls hahaha if people just READ SMH

          • mim

            you have a lesbian crush on her

      • Natasha O

        @mim hahaha yes I do have a girl crush on megan your point being?????????? Thanks for trying to come at me when 2 people already disagree with me but you sure couldn’t reply to my comment I left you womp womp womp lol

  • Sarah

    People are quick to call her a hypocrite for saying the things she does, then committing contrary actions. While she’s gorgeous, she does strike me as a bit insecure with the things she says. Whether it’s a call for attention or just the honest truth, I don’t think Megan is lying necessarily. After all, she did have all those surgeries to enhance herself–why go through them if she wasn’t entirely content with herself? That aside though, I think she’s a funny person. And gorgeous.

  • Vanessa

    Personally, I love Megan Fox. She’s hot. So what if she is not the greatest actress?? She isn’t the worst by far. She does say some silly stuff but nothing near as dumb as Jessica Simpson. At least Megan has a brain of her own. She likes sex, she likes crass, she has spunk. She’s the hot girl that can hang with the guys and be one of the guys while all the guys want her and that is why women hate her. Women tend to hate women who men love.

    And so what if she has contradicted herself, things change… maybe that confidence that was once there has left because people stopped calling her beautiful and started calling dumb and fake. I’d lose my mojo too….

  • padme

    I like her, I think she’s funny!

  • lp23

    Megan is a nightmare but she always been like this.
    Megan Fox’s 50 Best (& Worst) Bon Mots–worst-bon-mots

    She has been making crazy comments like this for three years now. I like that she is not like any other Hollywood stars. You can tell she either doesn’t have a PR team are she doesn’t listen to them lol!.
    She is for ever saying the wrong thing.

  • lp23

    Some of the daft things Megan has said lol
    “I’m not going to be married – I’m not the marrying type. I know people will say, ‘Why are you engaged if you’re not the marrying type?’ I am impulsive and I love my boyfriend, but I have no plans of getting married any time soon.” Extra, April 2009

    “I’m actually frightened of [Angelina Jolie]. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her and I try to avoid that because I’m afraid. Angelina’s a powerful person and I bet she would eat me alive. I guess that is why I’m afraid of her.” – FHM, June 2007

    “I was joking [about Angelina]! She always seems otherworldly in her power and her confidence. I’m sure she has no idea who I am. But if I were her, I’d be like, ‘Who the f**k is this little bullsh*t brat who was in Transformers that’s going to be the next me?’ I don’t want to meet her; I’d be embarrassed.” – Entertainment

    “Well let me tell you what [High School Musical] is really about. High School Musical is about this group of boys who are all being molested by the basketball coach, who is Zac Efron’s dad. It’s about them struggling to cope with this molestation. And they have these little girlfriends, who are their beards. Oh, and somehow there’s music involved. You have to get stoned to watch it.” – Esquire, June 2009–worst-bon-mots

    • lp23

      OOPS! Take out curse word.
      I should have read it all before i posted it.

  • raluca [artemis]

    i believe her….she could be a histrionic person: excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and inappropriate seductiveness
    SUX, anyway
    oh and i don’t trust girls either…most are jealous brats

    • raluca [artemis]

      i guess ppl assume im dumb too sometimes 😀 i feel her. then maybe she really isnt dumb. she’s just a big contradiction herself

  • She has a pretty face, but that’s it. No personality, no intelligence. She’s constantly talking BS.
    She just doesn’t seem to be an honest girl.

    • sara


  • Valentine

    I still don’t like her. And no, I’m not jealous. I’d much rather be me than this BS-spouting nutter. It is definitely not illustrative of low self-confidence to liken herself to a Vargas girl, they are iconic. Megan is most definitely not. I don’t think it is honest or real to refer to yourself as ‘provoking a pin-up image’ because, if you say that, you just provoke the image all the more. It doesn’t really work.

    Also, there are ways to show ‘spunk’ and an ability to be ‘one of the boys’ whilst making all the boys want you that do not involve being crass and spouting rubbish. I’m not about to deny that she is attractive, but whatever she does, she looks conceited. Maybe her face just looks that way. But to me, it seems that she always looks as if she thinks she’s above pretty much everyone else. Whilst she looks good, she does not look friendly or approachable, and I really don’t like that.

    • sola

      yea i did have the same thought actually about the Vargas girl. Man, i wish i could have the confidence to relaly believe it and to say it! sometimes when im locked up in my room i may THINK it lol…but then the lights of reality come on and im like ‘oh no, I couldnt compete with THOSE ladies!’ ha ha. And they are the reasons i have said that i dont really like her either. I had friends like her when i was 16-20, not hot ones tho! eh…i guess some were…but not as pretty facially as her…but thats besides the point. the point is, while im doing my best not to bash her, i find her quite ‘cliche’…and thats why i dont love her…but there again i dont know her…its just from what i have read

  • alicia

    I cant usually find somtin “bad” to say bout megan cus shes stunning and each time i look at her photos i think “damn i wish i had some of her features etc”,,, but in this pic i dont get the “envy” feeling.

    I kinda agree when people say she contradicts herself,,,,she does that i know.

    anyways the only comfort we can get is that her plactic surgon made her this “perfect”, and blabla i know she was a pretty girl from before, but lets face it SHE WASNT this pretty.

  • Rachel

    I’m sorry but I just don’t believe her. If you don’t have confidence in yourself you don’t parade yourself around scantly clad and making ridiculous statements about how sexual you are. I can’t stand that she is just saying this for attention. She is really just minimizing the pain of the people who she already makes feel bad about themselves.

  • sara

    im so sick of Megan Fox… she’s not attractive at all b/c she’s always complainging about herself. its almost like she says she thinks she’s ugly and doesn’t like herself just so everyone else will say “oh no you’re not… we love you” im so sick of it.

  • Nkeon

    I don’t get why celebs say these things to the media.
    Most people wouldn’t share this sort of info publically unless theyr were drunk.

    You read it and you may think ‘aww poor thing’ but then what can you do about it? Nothing. It just becomes a useless piece of information.

  • Alexia

    I would never call this girl beautiful. That word has such a big meaning to me, i wouldnt waste it on someone who had so much plastic surgey. Its not her beauty, if i say shes beautiful i dont mean “she” is, i mean to say that the surgeon did a very good job on her face. Like she wasnt born this pretty, did anyone see her old photos? looked like an average girl to me. Its all Fakee,

    • lp23

      Sorry we have. High School picture.
      I cannot see all this work she has done. Insecurity is not healthy.

      • Jan

        God damn, she was hot back in school
        Come on lp23! Megan would make any girl envious. She does look the same only older. She did used to have a bump on her nose. She has had that took care off. I am sure Alexia is hot herself. But i agree she was certainly beautiful back in high school.

  • M

    okay so let me get this straight…she hates doing photo shoots right? YET she still does like a thousand of them. she needs to stick with something if she doesn’t like something she shouldn’t do it for instead of complaining about it since it seems is the only thing she really does.
    is like what she said on rolling stone magazine she wants people to know her for her “acting” not her sexy photos.


  • jenni

    if you don’t like doing photoshoots…don’t.

  • sarah

    Honestly she talks sooooooooooooo much shit …one interview she says she has no confidence and then in another she says she wouldnt get any jobs if she wasnt good bitch u know ur hot its okay! no1 hates u for it! but dont go talk shit!

  • truthdefender

    to everyone who thinks megan fox is air headed. read her quotes–worst-bon-motsand than read this.

    of course she is not a retard and people who think she is are not retards either. The fact is that most of us (regardless of how smart or open minded or edgy we are or think we are) we act in a different way we express our ideas (specially written expressions of them).

    Let me put it this way. we live in 3D but we generally write our opinions in one or two dimensions at most.
    None of us are perfect we are always evolving, our opinions in most subjects will change as we grow older and that fact doesnt allow everyone else to tell us to shut the fck up if we dont know what we are talking about. Cause we do know!!! They might know better if they are more experienced but that doesnt mean we dont have the right to express our ideas at our expirience level.

    Megan is just talking about what she knows, she has made up her mind that way and she is being told to speak it out, in every interview, with every question.
    And i don´t think she is trying to be offensive when she says girls dont like her, cause as far as she had experienced it , probably they dont!! may be is her fault but she is nos a shrink she just know it is difficult to relate or interact with other women.
    She is just not following the accepted social taling protocols. Like i bet someone out there has a friend who they think they always speak trying to show off their literacy (as megan thinks about sclarlett) And that friend (or scarlett fot hat matter) may not be doing that on purpose. But since when opinions are banned!!!

    And yes, women are sexualized in the media thats the way they merchandise women. This is a fact. And if someone doesnt want to struggle to change it she has the right of at least taking advantage of it. Closing our eyes at a fact does not vanish it.

    she is a regular person, with a sense of humor, with flaws and mistakes being honest.

    and for the ones who point out that she contradicts herself, of course she does, we all do that cause we have the capacity to change our minds, and also to feel some way about something and otherway about something else and suddenly someone tells us we are being contradictory but somehow in our minds it make sense arent we all contradictory???

  • truthdefender

    sorry for the typos

  • me

    Well, i have read many interviews with her and unfortunately i consider her as very shallow person :S (this interview proves it again )