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Megan Fox Does Marie Claire

MF1 - Megan Fox Does Marie Claire

Here’s Megan Fox in a new spread in Marie Claire magazine looking all slim and picture-perfect while posing in different glamorous outfits.

And a little unrelated quote from Megan:

I’ve never been validated by work or fame or Hollywood or any of that. I recognize the blessings when they come – but the ultimate satisfaction for me is being with my son. I just want to give Noah as much of myself as I can. And I want to have more kids. That is where my heart is. All I wanted to do my whole, whole life was have a baby and, now, I’ve finally done it… It’s very hard for me to do this stuff, because I feel like this isn’t my job any more. My job is to be with him.

… says Megan.

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  • all those botox, injections and plastic surgeries.. well done megan now it is visible that your face can not handle it anymore. i like megan fox but her face is getting weirder day by day

    • Mads

      I don’t see the weirdness. To me, she’s extremely captivating.

      • at the first pic she look a little weird maybe because of the photoshop. i also think that they use photoshop to make her look attractive and normal. from her daily life photos she looks really weird.

    • Laura

      I agree. I think she’s pretty but I can just see all the stuff she’s had done to her face and I don’t think it’s an improvement.

  • Randi

    I think the actual photo shoot is pretty and Megan looks nice. Maybe I’m just so accustom to the work she’s done on her face. It doesn’t look like she’s had any surgery lately.

  • Polska Blondynka

    She seems like a genuine kind person. I’m not a fan of her lifestyle choices such as all the plastic surgery but as a person, she is lovely.

    • Jessie

      “I think people are born bisexual and the make subconscious choices based on the pressures of society. I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. But I’m also a hypocrite: I would never date a girl who is bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I’d never sleep with a girl who had slept with a man.”
      -Megan Fox

      “I am pretty sure I am a doppelganger for Alan Alda. I’m a tranny. I’m a man. I’m so painfully insecure. I’m on the verge of vomiting now.”
      -Megan Fox

      “I’m just really confident sexually, and I think that sort of oozes out of my pores. It’s just there. It’s something I don’t have to turn on.”
      -Megan Fox

      “… and instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?”
      -Megan Fox

      “I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, ‘Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.’ ”
      -Megan Fox

      • misscheeks

        Yikes Jessie! She sounds insufferable. I think I remember her later taking back the bisexual comments…according to her, she only said it to play up her “look-at-me-I’m-so-sexy-and-edgy-and-cool-and-fell-in-love-with-a-female-stripper” image.

        • Jessie

          Does that make it better? Hahaha I cannot stand her either way 🙁

          • solaxia

            Ha ha Jessie! I remember all of those quotes…which was a huge reason I was turned off her (including her looks) really early on.

            She always sounded self obsessed, obnoxious, and like she was trying to be a ‘hot sexy girl that all boys love, but is also one of the boys because she talks about taking a dump’ type girls. Who I just don’t find to be interesting. Or nice. Just my opinion though.

      • Stephanie

        Oh my godddddd. :l

  • aline

    It’s tragic how her eyes and nose changed in a bad way.She had cat eyes once and now her lids look so big and saggy.And is it just me or does she kinda resemble Kristen Stewart in the second shoot?

  • To me, she has lost her spark a bit and thinking about why I think she’s lost it.. Well, I think she lost her youthfulness, not that she looks old, but she looks a bit static or plastered like those real housewives or something. I still think she’s pretty though but nowhere near as pretty as a couple years ago. I have to give her some credit for the quote. I love it that she took a second to not talk about herself, but about the love towards her kid. I think she’s an awesome mom.

    • Jay

      my mom saw recent pics of megan and she said how beautiful she is.. and i realized that she is very pretty, but i just CANT stop comparing her to her 2007 self. seeing these new pics just reminds me of how shes nowhere near as gorgeous as she once was.

  • Debbs

    I don’t understand why she still gets magazine covers.

    • Kylie

      It seems comparable to Britney Spears. Each were SOOO hot in their prime, we don’t want to let go of how hot they used to be. They both sort of lost their uber hotness.

  • misscheeks

    The cover is predictably boring and very “chocolate box.” I’ve said this before but even though Megan has had a lot of surgery, she’s still beautiful in a slightly cold and robotic way like an android from a sci-fi movie impersonating Megan Fox lol!

    It’s nice she wants to be a good mum to her baby. Since she said she wants more kids, I wonder if she’ll have a girl- hopefully she won’t pass on her body insecurities to her.

  • ary

    This quote is interesting, coming from her. She seems to be such a paradoxical personal. She looks pretty in this shoot. I’m still waiting for motherhood urge… not coming yet. Guess we are all different, and motherhood desires don’t have that much to do with biological instincts. Or maybe my testosterone % is higher than average.

    • misscheeks

      “I’m still waiting for motherhood urge… not coming yet.”

      Me too heh! 🙂 But aren’t you quite young (as in early 20’s) though? I’m 23 and it honestly freaks me out that all the people I went to school with are already getting engaged/married/pregnant and I’m just like “WOAH! that is the last thing on my mind right now!” O_o I’d love to have kids some day but it’ll be unlikely I have them before I turn 30 tbh.

      • Mads

        I’ll be 26 soon and having children just isn’t on the horizon for me. I’m way more career focused…and, maybe this sounds selfish, but I really just want to enjoy life with my boyfriend. I see how children ties people down and exhausts them and I have no interest in making that kind of sacrifice. I have big plans for my career and I would hate to jeapordize that.

        • Fielding

          Women are often labelled as ‘selfish’ if they don’t become professional broodmares.

          • serena

            Yes but then if we focus on career, we’re cold harpies in unflattering pantsuits, who put money over family. I guess you just can’t win! 😀

          • Fielding


            did you know, that arguments made *against* women getting the vote were along the lines of “women voting is unfeminine and unladylike”

            unbelievable I tell ya!

          • erin

            PREACH IT ^

      • I’m almost 29 and the motherhood urge is practically absent – kids just seem like way too much hassle to me still! Even my cousin’s newborn didn’t really stir anything in me – I took one look at how tired, harassed, disorganised and disoriented the new parents were and thought ‘not for me – at least not yet!’. Men interacting sweetly with children is about the only thing that really gets my ovaries in a bunch – nothing hotter or more heart-warming somehow!

        • ary

          “tired, harassed, disorganised and disoriented”, ahah Erica, true but i actually find that cute and not terrifying at all, when i’m in love, i look at suffering, intensity and exhaustion as positive experiences. What i’m more afraid is the vacuum that seeing those kids grow up and walk away may bring. And i’m very into creating other things, my little babies will be scientific research and artistic products.

      • ary

        lol misscheeks, i’m 22 and i’m in the same situation as you. Just yesterday my best girlfriend revealed she was feeling a weird desire like I WANT TO HAVE 3 KIDS RIGHT NOW. I was shocked. She was the last person I was expecting to have such feelings so young (she’s 22 too, and she has always been quite cloistered inside her own universe). Maybe when i’m 30, yes, i hope i’m feeling the same way, but now i just have so much other things (that really fulfill me) to do! 😛

        • La la la la

          i can relate to your friend who wanted 3 kids now. i turned 23 and was ready to get married and have kids. my boyfriend who was 24 freaked out and we broke up! looking back i don’t know why i was so pushy and almost panicky. now that i’m married (to Mr. Right, the 24y.o was Mr. Right Now), i don’t even want kids til I’m in my 30s! and i keep trying to push it later and later for my career. i couldn’t possibly be a full time professional with kids, but i really want to experience that now so i can be a part time professional later when they’re young. it’s a pretty intense balancing act… i wish we were fertile til we were 50+ like guys are, wouldn’t that make things interesting?! dating would be totally different IMO

          • ary

            just goes to show how we are all (and life is) unpredictable! Hope you ll get the opportunity for career + kids, La la la la. I think it’s sad how it seems we rarely have time for doing things with calm and reason. We never get prepared as much as we wanted to get!

          • misscheeks

            Yeah Mads that would be interesting indeed lol!

          • misscheeks

            Sorry I mean La la la la

        • Hazal

          I’m 23 and really want children! Since I’m an aunt, I realize that this is what I really want. But the problem is: I’m single 😀 And I want to get married before having children. In a perfect future I will graduate from university, get married, become a mum and work part-time 🙂

      • misscheeks

        Aah you guys, glad to know I’m not the only one feeling like this! I mean, I love babies (and yeah Erica, I love seeing *ahem* sexy dads being protective of their babies too! :D) but only from a distance…the thought of actually having to raise one scares the sh!t out of me…I’m just not ready yet. Everyone who knows me irl, knows I’m very mature and responsible, yet, part of me still feels very young and seeing all my friends getting hitched and preggers just overwhelms me sometimes. I really feel like I need to be financially, emotionally and mentally sound before I can even consider having children…

        Hazal, I bet your dream man is out there somewhere haha! 😉

        • Aafje

          I like cute babies…from a safe distance…try to hand me it to hold and I will run away lol.

          • serena

            I don’t like holding infants either. Newborns look like wrinkly rats with squinty eyes, and they scream and cry away from their moms. But after a few months they become ridiculously cute; like at 6 months they’re SO adorable, you just want to squish them! I love babysitting my 16-month-old goddaughter. I love handing her back to her mom at the end of the day even more, lol 😀

    • Sandy

      I’m 28 and have been watching each and every one of my friends have children for the past ten years!

      I got married when I was 23 and always thought that I would get pregnant when I was 25 or 26. Well, my 25th birthday came and went. And so did my 26th. And so did my 27th. And so did my 28th. LOL. I just wasn’t ready and kids are a lifetime commitment. I wanted to enjoy my life with my husband, get my career together, buy a more kid-friendly house.

      I’ve been crazy about children. I always knew that I wanted them, but other peoples kids…meh. I’m sure he’s wonderful…but I really don’t need to hold him 😉

      In 2012 I starting getting all of ducks in a row (because I’m a control freak). I finished college, I got a great new job, we bought a beautiful new house…and still…kids horrified me.

      Then I got the itch, and suddenly all of the things that I was dreading didn’t seem so terrifying. My husband and talked about it and decided to start trying…and now I am pregnant 🙂

      But I still don’t want to hold your baby.

      • Sandy

        I meant to say “I’ve never been crazy about children”

  • She is definitely plastic-pretty – or like a CGI version of herself.

    What I find odd about her is how contrary she seems to be – I mean, everyone contradicts themselves sometimes, but she seems to be a walking, talking contradiction so often. She doesn’t draw any validation from her work or fame and yet she is obviously immensely concerned about her looks and also attention seeking in her appearance and words? She wants to play down her sexiness now that she is a mother and she finds that image of herself demeaning, but she is still doing lingerie shoots and cashing in on her sex appeal (granted, it’s really all she’s known for)? Doesn’t make sense to me.
    It’s annoying – but I also feel that it’s genuine, she’s just that kind of person – fickle and a bit lost.

    She does seem sweet though and I get the feeling she is a good mother – it’s great that she’s found some happiness and I hope her son will stabilise her. But I wouldn’t miss her if she did decide to dedicate herself to her son!

    • annabanana

      i agree with you erica- she does contradict herself all the time, but i feel she is being honest, and really is just insecure, lost, confused… whatever it is. If she finds happiness in her new family, then I’ll be happy for her 🙂

  • seijidan

    She’s quite matured to her role and her beauty. She looks gorgeous here, not so alien-like. She looks softer instead of hard

  • Anna

    She looks like a wax figure,I find her a little creepy.

  • lc

    When I look at Megan Fox all I see is a wax dummy, or a plastic mannequin.

  • Sienna

    How boring. Motherhood, your ultimate dream and satisfaction? Well to each their own I guess, but for me education, a career, feeling good about my looks, my personality, exploring myself and the world, a passionate relationship with a captivating man,….. are much much more important.

    • JaneParker

      I usually cringe when women say things like this, like we’re supposed to just be baby factories and nothing more. I especially hate it when women put down other women for not having kids, like they’re failing in life. Yuck! But at the same time, if that’s always been her dream, I think it is as valid as any other dream. My dream is to leave a mark in this world and travel a lot, but to each their own.

    • barbie

      Some women do aspire to be a mother and there is nothing wrong with that. Women should not be criticized because of their choices, whether it is to be a career woman with no kids or a stay-at-home mom with 20 kids. That is the greatest benefit and the whole point of the feminist movement. It is not so we can all become professionals and be independent and completely abandon the whole notion of motherhood, but that we now have the freedom to choose whichever path we want without being stigmatize. Every woman deserves respect for their goals and choices.

      • Jessie

        Well said, thank you.

    • serena

      Well Sienna, Megan has most of the things you listed. Career: she’s not a good actress but has become a household name and very successful. Relationship: a married woman who has been with the same man since she was a teen. Exploring the world: she has probably traveled and certainly has enough money to go anywhere she wants. The only thing she lacks from your list may be education – but Megan doesn’t seem like much of an academic 😉 Acting classes wouldn’t hurt though! If she could improve as an actress everyone would take her more seriously.

    • Anastasia.

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Ysatis

    I’ve watched load of before and after pictures of Megan Fox.

    What did I notice.
    – Well she is older – she is not 18 anymore and does not look like a teen.
    – She has lost a lot of weight
    – She is no longer using fake tan and her skin is very fair
    – Her eyebrows are thicker, she’s been experimenting with her eyebrows a lot.
    – Hair extensions
    – No trout pout
    – Her makeup style has changed a lot. It’s more classy less bombshell.
    -She’s changed a lot because she has access to the best stylists, makeup artists …

    Has she has something done? Maybe but if she has it is minor and certainly not the 100+ surgeries she’s regularly accused of having.

    Anyway Megan is one the celebrities who has a lot of haters on this website. Maybe it’s because she so beautiful that people can’t believe that someone can look like that “naturally”. It’s true that her looks are more classic and striking than many of the young celebrities deemed gorgeous but who are nothing but average looking girls who got lucky like Karlie Kloss, Emma Stone, Anne Hattaway …

    • Nobsnob

      “”Has she has something done? Maybe but if she has it is minor and certainly not the 100+ surgeries she’s regularly accused of having.””

      Seriously? Like, SERIOUSLY??
      Imo I don’t find her very beautiful and never understood her success, don’t take your opinion for the truth. Oh and “haters”, really??

      • Ysatis

        Yes I am serious. Tell me what procedures she’s had obviously done? It’s easy to say she’s had load of plastic surgery but it’s also very vague.

        Lana Del Rey has had plastic surgery I can say exactly what. He nose and her lips.

        • Mia

          Her nose, her cheekbones, eyes, jawline, lips to name a few

          • Ysatis

            What a load of rubbish. All she’s done is slightly change nose because she had a small bump on her nose. That’s the only difference. The rest is due to weight loss, no more fake tan, thicker eyebrows and different makeup.

            But I suppose haters will hate.

          • Lex

            I agree that all she’s done is her nose. The rest: you are dreaming this up.

        • Nobsnob

          Wow so much denial. oO

        • serena

          Ysatis are you blind, or just in denial? If we are “haters” then so are YOU for pointing out Lana DelRay had surgery. Megan is well-known for having plastic surgery. She has been acting since age 16 so it’s quite obvious. There are countless before/after pictures online that explain all her procedures. 2 nose jobs, lip injections, jaw augmentation, under-eye fillers, botox, brow lift, possible cheek implant (this could be due to makeup/contouring however). What’s sad is she was still beautiful before all the procedures. Here is a nice picture of how she looked a few years ago:

        • Anastasia.

          You think her different looking face is due to weight loss? LOL you can’t be serious…..And I suppose the fact that her skin looks tighter and smoother than it did when she was 18, is not down to some kind of procedure? She must be the only person I know who’s aging backwards. Her lips, and nose have been altered. She’s had a bunch of botox, and maybe even possibly cheek implants. Not exactly minor procedures. Please tell me just what she has NOT done to her face. You probably believe kim kardashian is all natural also.

          • Fielding

            Reminds me of the people who think that Angelina Jolie’s MUCH thinner nose is the result of weight loss. haha.

        • Nat Shermans

          It looks like she got her double eyelid surgery as well.

          She may not have had a huge number of surgeries like Heidi Montage, but cheek fillers and eyelid enhancements make for pretty drastic changes.

    • nadine

      totally agree!!!!

    • Adriana

      I agree with you, people over estimate the amount of procedures she has had.

      IMO the only procedures I see are the small bump take off her nose, check fillers, maybe some botox in the forehead and small breast implants, the rest is due to weight loss/age & a different style.
      So yeah I think people over estimate the amount of work she has had done, I mean the 4 things I mentioned are not a big deal in my eyes…

      I actually think she is looking the best she can look, the Megan Fox that everyone adored before had a very FULL oval shaped face which made her eyes look smaller and without her current thick eye bows and lack of checkbones her face had no definiton and was not that attractive to me.

      I think the only improvement she could make look’s wise is to drop the botox, I like the definition of the cheek fillers (maybe something more permanent like small cheek implants would be better) but the botox is too much…it makes her look a bit lifeless or frozen.
      I have always thought that sugery was the best option over fillers & botox ect.

      • Anastasia.

        No one’s lips as of yet, have become bigger/thicker from weight loss or aging. The only procedures she had done was get a nose job, botox, fillers, and implants? Ummm what else is left? That’s quite a list of procedures for someone who’s still in her 20’s. I’m curious just to what she would have to do for you to consider her a plastic surgery addict.

      • Raquel100

        Do you realize how BAD cheekbone implants look on absolutely everyone?? If you don’t naturally have them, DO NOT get them – not everyone’s faces are built for them! Beautiful women wind up looking like Trannys every day because of cheek bone implants! Botox is very dangerous for your body – it’s a poison!! Megan is drop dead gorgeous naturally – and in her 20’s!! She shouldn’t be playing around with her face at all!!

    • lc

      LOL yes so much denial!!! Megan has DEF. had some work done, period. Sorry if you don’t like that. Pointing out her plastic surgeries doesn’t make us “haters”, by the way. Learn to out up a better argument.

      • lc

        *put up

    • solaxia

      I do think she had her nose done…and also her lips at times. But I actually don’t think she had much more surgery than that…and this is coming from a non-liker of Megan. I think she is just too skinny and it shows on her face. I’m like that too when I get too skinny for me.

  • Sienna

    Her nose profile looks too scooped and not strong enough for her face… But other than that I still think she’s very pretty

  • Lucy

    I think I hate her because I’m insanely jealous of her good looks.

  • La la la la

    i agree with erica. she is very contradictory but at the same time seems genuine. if she says she doesn’t think this work is where her heart is, i also can’t understand why she continues to do it. maybe it’s just for the money. but she says stuff like she wants to be taken seriously (she seems to say it a lot) but then she does shoots like this where she blows steam on the glass. i mean everyone wants to be taken seriously right? i doubt even really vapid girls want to be thought of as empty. her actions and words just don’t line up. she IS really pretty though. i don’t know the level of surgery she’s had but i can’t help but think how pretty she might have been without it all.

  • jamie

    she looks lifeless and boring

  • Heather

    I think it’s wonderful she loves being a mom and that it is important to her, rather than..I want to have kids but let someone else raise them…the nanny, whoever? She isn’t this amazing actress, not to be rude, but it isn’t as if we are losing an icon if she just is a mommy and not an actress 🙂

  • Ana

    She is so beautiful. Her hair, eyes and lips. I think surgery has done good for her, she looks so much more exotic. As for her quote, after my sister had kids, it kind if made me want to have them too because she’s been enjoying so much, but in afraid it will ruin everything I’ve worked so hard for. Maybe when I’m 35 lol. Why can’t we be fertile forever?!

  • Nat Shermans

    great, another shoot where megan stares blankly at stuff. I wish she would do something different with her mouth.

  • JaneParker

    Plastic yes, but I always think she oozes sexyness. I honestly wouldn’t mind looking like her. I figured a big part of it are her brows, I’m sure they fill them in or something but I’m in love with them.

    • Chelsea

      I wonder what she would look like without her eyebrows…

  • Pixie

    Not interested in anything she has to say anymore. But, she is drop dead gorgeous and looks amazing in these photos. Megan has, imo, crazy sex appeal and a stunningly beautiful face. To me, her looks are perfection.

  • D

    I thought she wasnt going to play up her sexuality anymore now that she is a parent – that was her quote right? Where are her pants on this cover then LOL.
    She reminds me of Anderson Cooper in these pics for some reason….

  • saya

    Her face is sooo beautiful !

  • Layla Bach

    Marilyn’s disappearing! How long does it usually take for the laser-removal to fully erase tattoos?
    Anyway I still think she’s so beautiful. I like her quote because I can relate to it. When you become a mom, it changes you. It’s something only moms can understand, I’m sure. But I have a career, I get satisfaction from that as well so I don’t fully agree with her quote.
    BTW, she looks great for being a new mom.

  • Aafje

    I think she looks a lot less plastic in this shoot than the last time we saw her on here.

  • jessiep

    Yes I love Megan post! She is so sexy its crazy! She looks amazing!

  • Soph

    Ok so why are we still giving her fame and attention ? She’s proclaiming all she is is a housewife so why the f is she still famous

  • erin

    lol no1curr

  • Anastasia.

    “It’s very hard for me to do this stuff, because I feel like this isn’t my job any more. My job is to be with him.”

    Then don’t do it? I don’t think anyone’s banging down her door to cast her in any movie any time soon. No one dragged her by her hair to take part in this photoshoot either. She’s so desperate to be in the limelight again. More likely, she bored out of her mind sitting around with her baby all day, so she’ll do as many photoshoots as necessary to get people talking about her again, and hopefully cast her in some straight to video movie.

    • serena

      Agree, she contradicts herself an awful lot.

  • retrobanana

    the face shape is lovely…but somewhere a long the line the eyebrows say porn star

  • Chelsea

    Her eyes lost their sparkle–or something. They look dead. And if Megan really wanted to stay home with her child, she could. It’s not like she doesn’t have enough money.

  • A

    She really looks like she’s in her late 30s due to all those injections.

  • em

    it’s great she got her implants out because of her son. but ehh, the photoshoot contradicts her previous statements about not wanting to do sexy roles anymore. it’s great that she has always wanted to be a mother but it doesn’t mean, you just stop working.

  • Jaz

    This woman is hilarious.

    Obviously, she is doing the PR circuit to try and improve her image so that she can get better acting roles.
    She says “it’s hard to do this”..Well, why do you keep doing it? Your husband is a working actor and I assume you haven’t done too bad for yourself either.

    This is all a PR scam. Don’t you see?

    Let’s not forget, this is the same woman who has gotten a heap of cosmetic surgery and lies about it when asked.

    She is doing an “Angelina Jolie”..not that I am saying Angelina’s change wasn’t genuine.
    But Angelina did successfully change her image from “bad vixen” to “humanitarian”.
    Although I do think Angelina is a genuinely talented actress, which unfortunately(?) Megan isn’t.
    Let’s be honest, she’ll never win an Oscar. That isn’t what she is about. Megan is about image. Clearly.

    There are a lot of respectable working actors, such as Hugo Weaving who stay out of the “limelight”.

    I think Megan is trying to change her image, except she is too dumb to pull it off. Her actions don’t line up with what she says AND sometimes what she says is just plain dumb.

    If she were intelligent, she would stop giving these stupid interviews, doing stupid photoshoots, stop obsessing with her appearance and just focus on her work.

    No one can relate to her because she isn’t honest.
    She, like most celebrities, is just narcissistic.

  • anonymous

    She seems down to earth and I like her. I also like her more natural/mature style these days and her naturally pale complexion… However I hope she stops with the plastic surgery. She’s a pretty woman, but sometimes she looks odd now. She looks older than her actual age too. Her nose is so curved in and pointy now… Her original nose used to have a rounder tip and a slight hump in the middle. Her nose has changed a couple of times in a few years… Some people may not notice, but its obvious when you look at different photos of her from different years and when you google it. I think she looked best after her first round of cosmetic work back in Transformers… I always thought she was overrated, but she’s was prettier then… I still think she’s pretty now but I just don’t get the hype.

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