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Megan Fox – Red Lips, Dark Locks, Thin Legs

Megan-Fox-Red-Lips-Dark-Locks-Thin-Legs - Megan Fox - Red Lips, Dark Locks, Thin Legs

Hottie Megan Fox was spotted next to her husband Brian Austin Green  at the Emporio Armani Womenswear Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show in Milan, Italy today – and Megan decided to give us a leggy view, red lips and a low-cut cleavage.

Megan-Fox-Red-Lips-Dark-Locks-Thin-Legs-2 - Megan Fox - Red Lips, Dark Locks, Thin Legs

How do you like Megan’s look on this occasion?

See some more!

megan-fox-092410-6 - Megan Fox - Red Lips, Dark Locks, Thin Legs

Megan-Fox-Red-Lips-Dark-Locks-Thin-Legs-41 - Megan Fox - Red Lips, Dark Locks, Thin Legs

Megan-Fox-Red-Lips-Dark-Locks-Thin-Legs-3 - Megan Fox - Red Lips, Dark Locks, Thin Legs

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  • Ashley

    Something happened to her, I used to love her facial features and now she looks weird, especially around her mouth (not just the lips but the way that area is protruding-maybe that’s because of the over-pouting-) and cheek bones. She was such an exotic/sexy beauty with mesmerizing eyes and now she’s just a Hollywood clone. Too bad she’s changed so drastically in just a couple of years.

    • Mia

      Funny enough I actually think her cheeks look really puffy now, which doesn’t make sense because her cheekbones looked more prominent when she was a little heavier.

      • Kezia

        That is actually true.. funny and strange.. doesnt make sense.

        I was seriously her biggest fan. I had a big girl crush! Than I found that she had had plastic surgery: “Well if anyone can pull it of, its her!!” And I still adored her.
        But COME ON girl. Now you have gone tooooo far. Gosh!! I mean.. can´t she see, she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!?? why the heck does she keep on destroying herself??

        • ladyb0sss

          i know exactly how you feel. i had such a hugge girl crush on her. but now she just looks off but i mean pf course still good looking but just not the same. like in
          ‘love the way you lie” video. the moments where i thought she was soo pretty was when she looked like her old self.

  • minimi

    whats happened to her..look at the picture where she sit in the car in her breasts… its like some skin after surgery brrrrr
    nose jobe,cheeks job, eye lift, ………………………..F A K E

  • ooops… what about her skirt??

    I think she’s fabulous.. even if her legs are too thin now

  • Natalie

    At least she’s wearing underwear 😉

  • neonilla

    Lol paparazzis can be quite disgusting…

    Anyway i think she looks really hot, but i believe that ever since she had her lips done she abandonned her status of timeless beauty to embody the vision that we have today of physical perfection. i wonder if people feel the same way about it..?

    • ccc

      i agree. personally i’m not a fan of the plastic surgery look, but i do think she looks good. light eyes/dark hair can look so pretty.

  • k

    Her face is plastic-looking IMO…also, her chest is getting a bit boney. To bad she doesn’t spend her time/money on acting classes instead of surgery.

  • Bella

    To me the second photo here, she looks more like her old self(facially). I think she looks really good! Love the outfit too. God she has good leg muscle tone and no cellulite! lucky duck 🙂

  • nannou

    why is she always pouting? love the shoes btw

  • viv


  • M

    I’m not saying Megan Fox is anywhere near ugly, but something is wrong with her face in these pictures. She looks weird. What happened?

  • She looks gorgeous, as usual. Loving the shoes.

    • notserious

      agreed!!!!! omg I am so envious right now!

  • Em

    Her brows are too thick/dark for this look. I think a softer brow would have been more elegant. She and Brian are both looking awfully dark and serious.

  • emma

    those two as a couple <3
    she's so pretty & i'm so glad that she ditched the self-tan. i love her pale look. and such an amazing body!

  • lola

    love the outfit and the shoes are to die for…she is obviously a pretty girl but something about her face is just…off. she looks old in the face for some reason….And I agree her legs are a little bit too thin

  • lana

    i love her so much. i keep a picture of her on my fridge. i think she’s beautiful. perhaps a little too thin and a bit distorted now but shes very beautiful none the less

    • AlexD

      i have a picture of her in lingerie on my door. i lost 30 pounds since its been up

      • You guys do what now?!

        For fitness motivation…?

        • AlexD

          lol yes for me its like the first thing i see in the morning when i wake up is my door in front of my bed with half naked megan fox. next to her is a record sheet of my weight. every week i write down what i weight. lets just say the number only goes down as the time goes by 😉
          if anyone is curious about what i do, here:
          for a while, i just watched what i ate without a specific eating schedule. but i almost entirely cut carbs out of my diet. and small portions! no giant chilis salads that have more cals than a burger! and gym every day i can go (usually 4 days a week) for an hour of cardio – 200 cals on treatmill running/walking and 400 cals on eliptical at a high setting.
          now i changed it to eating 4 small meals a day,
          typical meals: coffee + activia light yogurt, sometimes with quaker oats mixed in, 4 hours later coffee and cereal bar like speciak k or fiber one, 4 hours later a salad with fish or chicken, 4 hours later tea or coffee with a yogurt or another small snack. lost 3 lbs in past 2 weeks on that without gym because im too busy with school right now.
          im 5″4 almost 5″5, went from 142 lbs to 113 right now.

  • she is gorgeous! love the outfit, I probably wouldn’t wear such a low cut, but everything else looks amazing!

  • Melania

    She looks better than she has lately, barring that shot of her chest. Ew. He is such a doofus BTW. I can only imagine the stimulating conversations these two have…

    • Ryan

      Haha that’s a good one!

  • snoops

    I do think she is still really pretty even though she looks fake, however she looks way older than she is. I think its the tanning/surgery combo. I mean she isnt too tan here but she often is, if I didnt know better id guess she was like 29. Well actually my sister is 29 and looks fresher than megan even…why is she looking so old? Still pretty though.

  • Lauren

    I used to be soooo jealous of her.
    She’s still incredibly beautiful, but nowhere near as beautiful as she used to be. It’s a shame she can never go back to the way she used to look.

  • Eliza B

    Megan Fox’s face is one that can look very very different as she’s grown, at different, weights, with different makeup, different angles, and most especially with the plastic surgery she’s had done (how much is up for speculation). I think she is naturally a hot/pretty girl with a nice figure. But nothing special. I’ve seen plenty of pretty barbie sex doll esque girls that, with all the propaganda, etc, that Fox has, would be equally as hot.

    I think she looks less sultry/sexy hot mostly due to less eye make up. Now that you can more clearly see her face, she looks more average than her usually sexual chocolate smokin hotness.

    Give me unique and/or timeless beauty, both inside and out. I spose the phenomenon of Fox speaks to superficial plasticity of our time. The plastic porn star hotness is worshipped.

    • Melania

      Totally agree.

    • ladyb0sss

      im curious to who you think is hot because i totally agree that with her natural look she can look like just any other HOOTT girl. but point is i think people just look similar to people all the time.

      i guess what i mean is im yet to see what “special” looks like.

      and i totally agree that her face can look different as she wears different makeup. part of the reason why i adored her. seems like in every photoshoot she can look so different.

  • holly

    she looks gorgeous. way more beautiful than the average everyday girl/woman. She doesnt look fake either just has had botox and which celebs dont get botox these day.

  • pula

    Megan looks good, is very neat girl. Although presented by me, she look better in the days of film Transformers. Then weighed 5 – 7 kg more. She had a more shapely legs and her cleavage presented better.
    Girls are not needed so maniacally slimming ;/

    • pula

      small mistake : Although presented by me, got better better in the days of film Transformers. 🙂

      • artemis

        wtf are you romanian? 😀 numele tau :)))

        • pula

          “numele tau ” mean “your name” ?? I’m not Romanian, I am a Pole, who speaks English poorly ;]. Pula isn’t my name.
          Bună (?) 🙂

  • melrose

    lovee her!
    nothing about her is fake
    shes the realest girl in the buisness

    • lc

      Was that a joke?

    • Emma

      Haha you are hilarious!



      She started having surgery in 2007 when she was just 21. Every year since her face has looked different.

      3 nose job, lip plumping, dental work, chemical peels, botox, boob job, chin augmentation, cheek fillers, mini brow lift.


  • ellentjie

    She’s turning into Catwoman and her cleavage in the 2nd photo is not nice!

  • Nessa

    pretty face, but her legs are way too skinny.

  • Samantha

    She is a beautiful girl but in my opinion, she’s gotten too thin. I much prefer her body in her Transformers day, had a very nice hourglass/skittle shape that was really feminine and sexy. In the picture of her getting out of the car, when you look at her chest, you can tell that this is not a “natural” weight for her, or an attractive one either. Love the hair, make-up, and outfit here though.

  • Kimberly

    I think she’s gorgeous, minus the unneeded surgeries. Love her hair.

  • No tits! Ugly wannabe! Your no Angelina, Megan! Her chest sinks in:(

    • artemis

      i always thought she’s prettier than angelina duck-lips

  • God her thumbs are ugly too!! Ugliest thumbs in the world!

    • thumbs?

      Now you’re digging for something to criticise. Who the heck cares how someone’s thumbs look?

  • x0x0

    doesn’t anyone notice a similarity with someone else.. i’ve read a milion times people compairing megan to angelina jolie and i’ve always disagreed.. but this is the first time i’m actually seeng it.. she’s making the same face(or trying to) and i’m not saying she still doesn’t look great because i’ve always loved her but i just think that if she were a bit more smiley she would look better

  • Annie

    Whatever she’s done to her face has taken away an appearance of youthfulness. There’s no glow, no spark. If she’s looking this flat at such a young age, how is she going to look in 10 or 15 years?

  • Princess

    Her face is so beautiful and red lips suits her with her pale skin.I even like her hair but her figure is not sexy anymore,she`s far too thin.Look at her knee it popped out with bones and her bony chest doesn`t look food either.Her husband looks hot

  • Lang

    Poor Megan. She has fish lips in these pics.

  • MNG

    she’d look great if she weighed a little more and didn’t act as if she were sipping from a straw
    i like her hair and make up and outfit

  • Melina

    I love her, but I think plastic surgery was an huge mistake

  • artemis

    she looked better heavier
    pretty <3

  • Candy

    She looks gorgeous but she exagerated with all the plastic surgeriesc..

  • Candy


  • trisia

    she looks beautiful
    not too keen on the shoes personally though

  • She’s an ugly dog with no tits!

  • jaisah

    I think she looks pretty! Her chest area is a little scary skinny but her legs look healthy. Not sure why there’s such a difference.

  • tink

    She looks weird. She looks better without so much makeup.

  • She looks more native in these pictures facially. I have no idea why.

    Also she is too thin for her frame. You can tell she is built to carry some extra pounds in her hip and thigh area. Without that weight, she looks quite frail.

  • benice

    I can’t understand why someone as hot as she WAS would get plastic surgery, im not against surgery at all, but what motavaites someone who looks like her to get so much work done.

    • Eliza B

      No matter how you look. It’s all about how you feel on the inside….and I suppose the incredible pressure of Hollywood, and the double incredible of being the mythical Megan Fox, doesn’t help.

  • Minik

    I think she looks classy and very stunning, I like the ways she dresses and I think her face is really attractive.
    But I think she looks more like 29/30 than 24…
    Nevertheless, i love the way she looks.

  • vivina

    oh my god..she was stunning and now looks like a man with red lipstick…she ruined hershelf

  • pinacolada

    i actually like th elook here and it is weird as mia pointed out that shes lost weight but her cheeks look puffier, i know that is soemthing that happens to eating disorder victims. however, though she looks great the fakeness is getting to be apparaent and too much, there are so many way prettier girls naturally on my college campus. shes insecure and trying to live up to her sexy reputation its getting pornish though and less of a classic beauty

    • Alright regardless of the plastic surgeries Fox has had, she still doesn’t come across as looking “plastic“ or “overdone“ in my books. I’d never place her in that “Jenna Jameson“ plastic whore category at first glance. Fox had a tasteful amount of plastic surgery, the only thing that even looks remotely off about her is maybe her upper lip. Protruding a bit too much, still some residual collagen left in there I’m sure.

      There are of course more beautiful women, but because she’s well known fox gets put at the top of the list…or close to it.

      • Alex

        sorry but Megan has not had a tasteful amount of plastic surgery… she’s had far TOO MUCH plastic surgery! If her goal was to look like a trashy plastic porn star, she succeeded.

  • x0x0

    she’s never been famous for being a classical beauty.. she got famous for being hot

  • Emma

    Ugh, she is way to thin and her face is messed up it’s a shame, she used to be so pretty.

  • Alex

    Her face has become completely lifeless. No emotion whatsoever, just a cold face. She’s always had a bitch face to me, and she never dares to smile. But the plastic surgeries have made it even worse. She ALWAYS has to be pouting or making sexy face, always trying to be “hot.” She just looks like a frozen mannequin to me now. Creepy.

    • How can one person be hated so much! I mean I know her personality wreaks of constant bitterness and she’s absolutely gorgeous.. and knows it, to make matters worse. But that alone doesn’t qualify her for the ridiculous amount of hatred she gets from the general female population. I mean the girl has been faithful to the same man for seven years or so and is even assisting in raising his young son. I would say that’s some what admirable actually, she’s not totally selfish as we would think her to be.

      Much worse people out there that deserve our contempt, Kim Kardashian alone is vain, despicable, useless and almost certainly stilted intellectually.Yet she gets a whole horde of female fans over haters. When really she should be a Hollywood Pariah.. like Fox has become.

      Our society is quite backwards.

      • Alex

        Calm down. I’m not staying awake at night thinking about how much I hate Megan Fox. I couldn’t care less about her. My energy is not focused on either loving or hating her. So relax.

  • Louise

    I love her outfit very chic and sophisticated. Not a fan of her pouty look, she seriously needs to smile more. Ever since her lips got done, all she does is look as if she had something very sour or is smelling something yucky

    • Mary

      Haha. It’s true.
      Anyway, I just ADORE her (I mean, her physical perfection in spite of some surgeries).

  • Is this hair all hers?? it’s sooo long and full!!

    • x0x0

      she has great hair..

  • Is Brian Austin Green has ever notice her plastic surgery????????
    SHE’S FAKE!!!!!

  • Danielle

    The only bad thing I can say is I can see all her chest bones in the second pic. I do love megan 😉

  • wannabe

    She looks all FAKE!!!!! =P

  • Tom

    Yeah she’s had quite a bit of tweaking done. Nose jobs, small breast implants, lip injections, eyebrow lift, and quite a lot of botox recently she looks kinda like a wax figure or a mannequin more so these days.This girl has had the works done. Check her out before.



  • bronzedbela

    she is hot but her thumbs freak me out…