Megan Fox, Photoshop Job

Megan Fox’s New Armani Commercial

armani - Megan Fox's New Armani Commercial

Above: Megan plus a whole bunch of Photoshop in her new Armani Cosmetics ad.

Below: Megan Fox’s New Armani Cosmetics commercial.

Take a look at this video, then share your thoughts!

After the jump: one more Armani ad from Megan!

armani-1 - Megan Fox's New Armani Commercial

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  • Ida

    The video actually made my heart pound. Perfect music, perfect face.

    • Anna

      Perfectly plastic 🙂

      • Charle

        I foiund it rather boring. A lot of shots of Megan’s open mouthed face. Where’s the creativity? Doesn’t make me want to buy their line at all…

  • cus

    WOW! second photo is very beautiful!!

  • Elisabeth

    Armani didn’t like her tattoos.

    • paulette

      You can´t see her tattoos from any of the angles the video is shot, AND in the previous Armani ads you CAN see all of her I really don´t think anyone minded

      • solaxia

        yea they took off the marilyn one off her arm. Also, i always find it funny that ppl think that they dont airbrush tv commercials and movies. they always look plastic in commercials and if they can make movies like avatar…they can airbrush a face and body with ease.

        • Elisabeth

          Yeah, it’s the Marilyn face I noticed, too. I haven’t seen the other ads.

          Not to say there’s anything wrong with removing tattoos for the purpose of a commercial, it’s just funny when it’s so obviously done. Also, I’m not sure I see the point from an artistic point of view; she’s famous (which is why she is in these ads in the first place), and her body art is a well-known part of her image, so why did they conceal it here? Especially if they haven’t before. Odd.

          • paulette

            Very true. It is really odd. Either you remove them, or you don´t. May be because of the angles in some pics/or video they were so evident they drew too much attention?

  • jay

    she really looks plastic in the second pic, but other than that, SHE’S STILL HOT.
    thank God they mentioned her name in the beginning of the commercial, or i wouldn’t have recognized her.

  • Nataleigh

    Her new veneers alongside those awful cheek implants make her look so unfortunate. Her mouth is starting to look like Shannen Doherty. So sad that she feels the need to get so much done 🙁

  • st

    she’s pretty, almost perfect…

  • Everytime she gets surgery I say ‘megan no! You dont want to have a big face!’ It’s not fun being known as ‘the girl who looks like Megan fox except with a bigger face.’ But she mustve been unhappy with her natural structure

    • Chi

      OKay so literally every time there’s a Megan fox post, you always comment on how you look like her. It’s getting really annoying and old. And by the way, you don’t look like her. Who would want to?

    • artemis

      i think u do look like her <3 very pretty

    • holly

      You look a lot like her i thought your picture was of megan fox lol you are edgier though. Megan fox is beautiful even with her surgeries i dont like them but i still havent seen anyone i think is more attractive than her yes she was better before but shes still pretty now.

      • Chi

        No. You don’t look one ounce like Megan. And those double Monroe piercings have to be the most **** thing I’ve seen in a while. And by the way, more makeup does not equal more beautiful. You’d be so much prettier fresh faced and natural. Removed* But then again, most girls on here are tools of patriarchy.

        • Agatha

          Totally agreed, Chi. Those double Monroe piercings look like a mustache.

        • olivia

          don’t you sound like a good judge of what is beautiful with all that zen inside of you.

          you must crave so much for someone to acknowledge you that it hurts

        • Kimberly

          Was this person rude to you in any way? Why must you be so insulting? If she thinks she looks like Megan Fox, that’s okay.

        • snoops

          Chi – get a life! Who are u to tell anyone else what piercings they should/shouldnt have or how much makeup they can or can not wear?!!! Everyone likes different things you know, some people like piercings!! Honestly, this site is to talk about CELEBS not insult other posters looks!!!!!!! Back off!!!!

        • Hay

          ” I’m actually shocked at how stupid the girls who visit this site are. But then again, most girls on here are tools of patriarchy.”

          Umm so Chi what are you doing on here then? Getting your kicks by insulting people over the net?

        • Checks


          • Anna

            Didn’t Megan Fox once use the word “retard” as an insult? Methinks she did…

        • nay

          Chi, I’m going to have to be real with you girl. I do not think bethany she looks like megan fox, but you were just plain rude. Why don’t you put up a picture of yourself so we can all comment. If you look hot, then it all make sense. I think we will all like to see how you look behind the computer screen. I’m sure you have a lot of time since you notice every single post in the site.

          • RAchel

            She doesn’t look like megan fox at all but guys go easy on chi.. Yes what she, assuming it’s a girl, said was mean but I can imagine that if I saw Bethany mention on every single megan fox post how she looks like her, it’d annoy me too. Especially since she looks nothing like megan fox, posting on every megan fox picture that she looks like her is just pathetic attention seeking.

            Fortunately most people didn’t notice bethany commenting so often about her ‘looks’ on most posts because most people have a life.

            In my view bethany should stop being an attention grabber and chi should stop being mean.

          • Agatha

            Go Rachel! hahaha You got my point!

    • lei

      You don’t look like Megan. You look more like the girl from Evanescence in your photo.

    • lc

      I think you resemble her somewhat, Bethany.

    • Anna

      Bethany, you look absolutely nothing like Megan Fox. You look like you’re TRYING to look like Megan Fox though, that is very obvious. Especially the fact that you mention it in EVERY post about Megan. Just be yourself. Why do you wanna look like such an overrated, trashy, plastic celebrity anyway?

    • fashiongirl

      I think Bethany WANTS to look like Megan…I don’t think you look like her. It looks like you are trying really hard to look like her….just my opinion.

    • Welll…That was awkward. I think you resemble her because of your coloring, but other than that, I can’t really tell from just one photo. However, I think many people got on your case because Megan Fox is known to be a “sex symbol”. It’s different then when people say “Yea, people think I resemble Julia Roberts”, because by saying you resembled such a gorgeous woman (IMO I adore megan) you are essentially saying “I’m gorgeous” and that always rubs women the wrong way. So…yes you have Megan Fox’s coloring, but you probably don’t want to keep point that out…it tends to come off as narcissistic.

      • Anna

        Julia Roberts is far more gorgeous than Megan Fox. Just sayin…

        • We can agree to disagree.

    • You do look quite a bit like Megan Fox, Bethany, and I have no idea why so many here are being so nasty to you! I don’t think I’ve seen posts that are so personally insulting to a commenter before – it’s really mean-spirited.
      I agree that Megan should stay away from the surgery – but it’s too late now. She looked a lot more beautiful and younger with her natural face – I find it very sad that she has changed so much.

      • lei

        I wasn’t trying to be mean saying she doesn’t look like Megan, but if you go around mentioning that you “look like someone” in every post about that person, it looks like you’re digging for compliments.

    • Chi your comments are unnecessarily harsh. It’s as if you have a vendetta against Bethany. Don’t worry Beth, I’ve received a few unprovoked bitchy attacks on my appearance here too. They get over it eventually haha

  • CB

    She looks stunning in the video, especially with the softer makeup. She is so much prettier when you can’t see her tramp-tastic tattoos!

  • Noelia

    Who is that person?? Looks like Megan but it can’t be her…there’s something off about her face I can’t quite put my finger on. One word: plastic.

    • k

      agree completely.

  • Balthazar

    a little silly

    • yeah, she looks good, but the add is kind of silly, it looks like she’s going to fall asleep around second 36.

      • Balthazar

        yep – there’s having bedroom eyes and then there’s looking like you took too many tranquilizers

      • Agatha

        Sharen, I laughed so hard with your comment!! XD It’s soo true, I hate these silly faces that celebrities do, like the sleppy ones and the ones that are meant to give a “fierce” look, but actually looks like there’s like a lot of wind

  • Erin

    She is really, really beautiful.

  • Pistola

    I find it so irritating that LITERALLY, her mouth is NEVER closed. I mean, obviously, she is very pretty, but her sexuality seems so forced to me.

    • Kristen

      her mouth is closed in the last picture?

    • Anna

      when i watched the video i was just thinking, when she will shut her mouth…
      anyway, she looks hot even plastic, if all those celebs who go under the knife would look like megan….

  • pixie

    She looks flawless in the video. GORGEOUS!!!!

  • BeetleJuice

    looooove the commercial… red lipstick… just wow…

  • I’d like to take a moment to worship LORD PHOTOSHOP!!

    Now, really… OMG!! She doesn’t even look like herself.. It looks like a brunette Barbie doll.. Or maybe they took a brunette barbie doll, made the photos and then said it was Megan..
    The girl’s beautiful.. Even more when she has no make up on.. But this amount of photoshop turns the adds into something even bizarre.. Why do they have to change her face so much.. To the point that she looks unnatural??
    I just don’t get it..

    • paulette

      It is beyond ridiculous. Remember the movie “Simone”? I am afraid that´s where we are heading if this stupid trend goes on!

      • Balthazar

        what also pisses me off is that they sell mascara when models are wearing false eyelashes – how the hell will just the mascara give you those kind of lashes?

        • jellyfish

          i agree. advertising is so over the top. i really can say for sure that i would never choose cosmetic products based on what i see in ads. id only get it if someone i knew actually recommended it

          • paulette

            Agree with both. No mascara will ever make your lashes look like that.
            And as for make up…I go with good brands and stuff I try on and I like…I mean seriously, if you are gonna photoshop the hell out of an ad, the model can be using any cheap brand from a local supermarket and it will not matter!

        • RAchel

          I know, it is so annoying.. they’re just lying. Lying and deceiving and the government allows it.

          In my opinion photoshop should be banned from commercials.

          No that mascara won’t make your eyelashes that big, that foundation won’t make your skin that perfect and that shampoo won’t make your hair that beautiful. We all know it, and yet they continue to lie and make money off it.

          The worst part is there are actually people out there who believe it’s real.. especially little girls. Talk about setting unrealistic standards for todays youth. I’m pretty sure those fake hair/skin commercials mess little girls up more than any ‘skinny’ model ever could.

          • guru

            the govt has better things to worry about than make up ads. you seem to be aware that they are fake, so what is the problem? if you know the ads are fake, just don’t buy the product. Common sense.

  • Ally

    lol. the face of plastic surgery.

    • nope

      My thoughts exactly. “The face of beauty, but only when we airbrush it beyond recognition.”

      • Tiedye

        Exactly what I was thinking!! ‘The face of (unnatural) beauty, after many surgeries and airbrushing’

  • flossy

    I’m sorry but this campaign is boring beyond belief yet another cookie cutter Hollywood actress pouting into camera with a “I’m gonna f*** your brains out” facial expression. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Alexa

    I love her, I’ve been a huge Megan fan for awhile, but she has really screwed her face up 🙁

  • sarah

    I just think – so I guess she’s given up on being an actress at all?….she seems most concerned with being a beauty icon – but beauty fades and it loses interest. I think she could stretch and do a lot more. She is beautiful – she doesn’t have to nurse and protect it so much. And right now – her beauty seems so fake to me – and any movies she’s been in lately suck. She’s much too safe and oversexed really.

  • I mean to offend you! I’m sorry!

  • Anne

    meh, shes kind of dead behind the eyes,,

    • Ramie

      she looks beautiful but very bored and very dead behind the eyes. Such a shame. If I looked like that, I would rock it!

  • lola

    she does not look like herself in the video,but she’s till pretty.I do agree that she looks kinda dead in the eyes,also the llast pic freaks me out!!!

  • me

    Every few months she has more surgery, and she has a different face. I prefered the late 2007 / early2008 one.

    • Tiedye

      I agree! Way too much surgery and now she looks almost lifeless and her eyes have a sadness to them, if that makes sense..

  • lc

    She’s beyond boring to me. I’m afraid I just can’t see in her what others are seeing. Hm, Armani must have wanted the new face of the brand to be plastic. I’m not going to be jumping to buy their stuff.

  • S

    Why are people so hellbent on saying she’s had cheek implants? They look more prominent, yes, but that could just be due to all the weight loss she’s gone through. Everyone’s always saying “oh she looks so different from her transformer days” but that’s because Michael Bay used to contractually tell her to gain 15 lbs for the role. She’s had a minor nose job and lip injections but seriously, her face is NOT all plastic, and she is still gorgeous beyond belief.

    • RAchel

      Yes it is, you should compare some Candis photos of her now and a year back. Weight gain/loss doesn’t change bone structure. And nice way of putting it. ‘Minor nose job’ and ‘lip injections’, if you add up all the ‘minor’ things she had, it equals one huge fake plastic barbie doll.

      If you want to see the REAL megan fox go google about 5 to 10 years back, that’s her. This is the fake and plastic megan fox. Yes she has gotten older, more mature and gained/lost weight but NONE of those mentioned change bone structure. I feel sorry for you if you can’t even see the truth while it’s so clear…

      • Rebecca

        I feel sorry for you that you have to justify how beautiful she is by saying she’s had cheek implants which is absolutely ridiculous. Minor changes to the face can make a huge difference, lip injections and having her nose straightened out are not huge operations. And any facial changes can be put down to weight loss – and probably some botox – but i think its ridiculous to claim that she’s had cheek implants.

    • Anna

      Minor nose job? Her nose is a COMPLETELY different shape than it used to be… she didn’t just remove the bump, she has an entirely different nose. Her lips are so fake they’re almost painful looking, and the massive amounts of botox she had on her face is just plain obvious. Also, her eyes look lifted and slanted, a different shape and smaller than they used to be, almost like she had a face lift. This woman has had MASSIVE amounts of procedures done to her face, it is actually deeply disturbing. To say she is a natural beauty is laughable.

      • Josephinee

        “To say she is a natural beauty is laughable.” Um, technically, she was way prettier before all the procedure, so yes, she WAS a natural beauty.

        • Anna

          Um, Josephine, WAS is the key word… it’s past tense sweetheart. She is no longer a natural beauty.

          • Josephinee

            You can look at it from different perspectives, really. She used to be a natural beauty, before she got herself all that plastic surgery. She was born beautiful, so yes, she was naturally beautiful and still is naturally beautiful. The fact that she’s ‘changed’ her face doesn’t change the fact that she was naturally pretty.

            And oh, by the way, stop being such a bitch all the time. Sweetheart.

        • Anna

          “stop being such a bitch all the time”… do you even know me? You have some serious issues.

  • PRETTY.. 🙂 🙂

  • I can’t argue with the ignorant, sorry 🙂

  • although that video is so long for all the same thing.. its good and all but its the same thing over again.

  • Ophelie

    Wow. Quite the catty commentary on here. I suppose Chi is burning her bra as we speak – or off trolling some other site. As for the ad, Megan looks good, albeit plastic and it’s quite generic, it doesn’t make me want to buy their make up. Armani blush is amazing and very natural looking though.

  • Well…Megan’s still got it! Even with all the photoshop…does it make me stupid to think it’s still gorgeous?! Gods. So envious.

  • Anna

    Those lips are sooooo fake. They’re HUGE here, like, HUGE. Who does she think she is fooling? I suppose she’s fooling some people. There are some delusional morons out there who actually believe her face is real. But for those of us with brains… does she actually expect us to believe those fake ass lips are real especially?

  • Inanna

    She looks like a 35 year old porn star that has had too much plastic surgery!

  • ilovemilk

    I think she is totally different from her first movies and public appearances…and in this video she remindes me of Italian top model Bianca Balti, even if Bianca is thousand times better than Megan.

    • Amanda

      Bianca is Brazilian and a million times the beauty that M Fox is. I love models they are the real deal.

      • MrsEllis

        No, she’s Italian.

      • ilovemilk

        Bianca is Italian, no doubt about it!

  • otilia

    What color os her hair? Sometimes is black and the next minute is brown. I never understood how that happens. Cameleon hair perhaps :)))

  • otilia

    What color is*
    That’s what i meant to say :).

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  • brainlessblogger

    You know, the only reason why you women are so vicious to point out and villainize Fox’s plastic surgerie’s is because she’s touted as this ”Great Beauty” and because she’s had some work done you probably feel that her being placed on this ”Pedestal” is unfair because in your mind you see her looks as merely surgically enhanced. So you make such a violent effort to tear her down for this stubborn reason.

    You’re all so wrong! Megan Fox was born beautiful! and granted has had plastic surgery, but not nearly as much as you sad pathetic women would like to believe. And she is STILL beautiful despite! and is still considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in hollywood, until a replacement comes along. That’s the could hard truth.

    Plastic surgery can’t make someone beautiful anyhow it can only refine and improve to a limited extent, where do you all get this stupid mentality! look a Chelsea Clinton! She’s had a ton of procedures done to improve her looks and despite all of that she still is dog ugly!!

    Please work out your own self image issues somewhere else instead of blaming Megan Fox for your insecurity.

    • Rebecca

      Agree, I love Megan and really don’t understand why some women are so so harsh towards her. I never see comments this horrible being posted about any other female celebrities on this site including those who have also had surgery and I think it’s really sad that so many women feel the need to say such horrible things about her. Even if she has had surgery why does that matter? She’s never claimed to be ‘100% natural’ and 99% of female celebrities have had some kind of surgery!

      • brainlessblogger

        Happy you agree with me! if it was Julia Robert’s stretched out face up on here, nobody would bother to comment. Even though the woman has had a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery she still wouldn’t come close to bringing the level of controvery and criticism on this site that fox does!! it makes no sense.

        It’s not really about Megan getting plastic surgery ( it’s hollywood, even Rosie O’donnel has had some work done), it’s about jealous insecure women trying to justify Megan Fox’s beauty with plastic surgery. It’s utterly ridiculous.

        Even a picture of Megan Fox in a plain T-shirt and sweat pants without makeup seems to bring over 100 negative comments on this site each time. Usually ends up being the hottest subject of the week, without the picture it’s self being remotely controversial in anyway whatsoever. And then they claim that they’re certainly not commenting out of jealousy! oh no! they always try to justify that.

        But the jealousy is obvious in that why would a girl who lives the most ordinary boring life in all of hollywood (doesn’t smoke or drink, settled down with a husband) get such an insane amount of hate! ha why would they bother with her for any other reason. They really beat themselves at their own game. Silly women.

        • solaxia

          I can see where you are coming from. But to be honest I really dont find her beautiful anymore. I used to find her ‘hot’ but i never thought she was the most gorgeous thing around. I do think girls i see on the street can be more beautiful. Her face always reminded me of a bitchy girl at school, hence why i never really liked her that much. Not saying I thought she was ugly though! Just never thought she was the best thing since sliced bread.
          I think theer are women who will say bitchy things because they are jealous. But then there are other ‘beautiful women’ in the media who rarely get negative comments i.e. Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel etc. Generally they get mostly good comments?! So why would women be jealous of megan and not the models? When i reality they are probably closer to megan looks wise than the models? I.e. body wise anyway.
          Also, not everyone will think that someone who is painted in the media as the most beautiful person ever is actually beautiful. My mum also never thought much of Megan Fox (and thats not her being jealous!) She LOVED angelina Jolie and also Miranda Kerr. So if she was jealous of Megan, why not be jealous of those too? Plus she’s not the type to get jealous and never has been.
          One of my guy friends LOVES transformers and when I said we could go and watch the second one together and something about there being a special edition where you wear 3d glasses and there are pics of megan in her underwear everywhere he was like ‘who’s megan fox?’, i told him it was the ‘hot brunette from the first movie’ and he was like ‘nope cant remember a hot brunette. she never stuck out to me.’ Yet he thinks Kristen Davis and Summer Glau are soooo hot!
          So, basically everyone has different tastes, and not all of us are jealous if we dont like the same thing. All of me exes thought Angelina Jolie was ugly and jessica alba was overrated when she was in her hot and popular stage.
          I think it’s insecure to think that just because ppl are in the media that they are better physically, or otherwise. just my opinion though!

          • solaxia

            wow! sorry really long comment! got way side tracked

      • Anna

        Brainlessblogger, removed*. Calling us “sad pathetic woman”, calling Chelsea Clinton “dog ugly”… This bothers me the most. Because she’s not as “beautiful” as Megan Fox, it’s perfectly ok to call her “dog ugly”, but God forbid we call out Megan’s surgeries? Methinks this is the real “stupid mentality.”

        • Rebecca

          Its not the fact that people call out her surgeries! Its the fact that people do it in such a harsh, horrible way and criticise everything about her face which i think is totally unnecessary; and on this site I haven’t seen such harsh comments about any other celebrity! And no one ever says why they’re so horrible towards her, they just think its perfectly acceptable to be so mean because of her surgeries!

    • koala

      while i never found megan fox to be the ‘most beautiful’ (i like women like erykah badu, catherine zeta-jones, and aishwarya rai more), i totally agree with you. the hate that women heap on her is just unreal. all of the hate that she gets for her surgeries just seems ridiculous to me. she had a lot of pressure and all women are insecure about something. if she wants to do it, it is her choice. she always seemed so down-to-earth and silly to me. i wish people would chill out!

    • Nikki

      I don’t think that’s why people are coming down on her, For me i didnt mind her being on a pedestal before, cos she was really hot. But i think she lost her wow factor cos of the surgeries. She was born pretty as u say. But she is not as pretty anymore because of it. And that’s what people are complaining about, not her being pretty because she has plastic surgery, that actually made her less pretty according to many people.

      I agree that some of the comments are harsh, but i think it’s because people think it’s a shame she changed. It’s not because people can’t stand to see a beautiful woman (just look at post of vs models and similar), so therefore not jealousy. I think people used to be jealous of megan, but not so much anymore. So it’s not about justifying her beauty because of surgeries, like u say, it’s criticizing the surgery cos it makes her *less* beautiful. That’s how it is for me anyways. And i know several guys who used to think she was the hottest woman ever, who think she looks terrible now. which is a shame…

      That being said, she looks way better here than lately (maybe her surgeries have “settled” or maybe it’s PS), but she looks stunning stunning stunning in the first pic! Those eyes!Though i hate that much PS, it’s hard to tell what’s real, but sadly it’s often like that.

  • brainlessblogger

    cold typo*

  • I actually don’t think she looks good at all anymore :O

  • Serafiina

    extremely beautiful.

  • Dani

    I don’t care who’s advertising for Armani but I would never buy other than YSL…and I don’t think they’re showing the actual results of the so called ”Armani beauty”.

  • pewpy.

    shes beautiful. but she doesn’t have the “model” look imo.

  • Eliza B

    I’m kinda burned out on Megan Fox, and I think I’ve said pretty much all I wanted to say on other posts. So I’ll break it down to a more concise formula.

    Pretty (slightly neurotic) girl with pretty eyes +surgery and injectables+Fake lashes, hair, and makeup+lighting, good angles, and photoshop= strange alien pseudo beauty =Megan Fox…..

    I don’t mean to be so negative about the girl, but all the adoration for something fake and plastic is not good,….nor is it true good looks. We should stop heading down this path as a culture, or we’re going to look like strange blow up doll carictures of human beings.

    • solaxia

      I do agree with the obsession with plastic. im not saying in regards to megan because i dont really have much of an opinion on her. but in general i agree the human race seems to not be happy with humans in their natural state anymore

      • Anna

        I agree. I think it’s extremely sad people don’t seem to be happy with their natural appearance anymore… always trying to alter, fix every slight imperfection. Imperfections make us beautiful!!!

    • Kimberly

      I agree with what you’re saying but I do find Megan beautiful. However, I found her to be beautiful before she had so much work done. I think she looks best without makeup and no tan in jeans and flip flops. She was beautiful before she altered her appearance. It’s a shame that she chose to go down that route because she didn’t need to.

  • Honestly I think Megan Fox is beautiful, she’s got a quirkiness to her looks, surgically enhanced or not. Come on, there was a time when make-up was frowned upon. I’m not a fan of going under the knife, at least yet. And I relate well to her foot in mouth disease.
    And may I say wow- that poor bethany girl. who cares who she thinks she looks like people? to each their own and if it makes her feel better then let the poor thing be.
    Some of the cattiness here is quite funny and also really sad because we tear eachother apart like this in real life too. Wish we lived in a more accepting society where people were supportive of eachother:(

    • solaxia

      wtf? this site is really freaking me out lately with all the random comments! its like all the girls and now guy? have been possessed by some evil b!tch barbie or something!? (nothing personal versus!) i think we are all just on our periods at the same time or something?!

      Megan- i agree with your comment about the commenters, and you poor thing for the comment below! lol

  • Balthazar

    versus – what happened to moderating the comments on this post?

    • Versus

      I keep moderating them, but I am not at the computer 24 hours per day and especially now, during the weekend (this was posted on Friday).
      Moreover, you have to understand that what you see right here is the result of my work and these are the NICE comments – you don’t get to see the really, really nasty ones that I instantly delete or that go into moderation directly. There’s a lot of ‘backstage’ work that you can’t see.

      • Balthazar

        sorry, i obviously touched a nerve.

        • Versus

          No, you didn’t – sometimes my words come across like that because I tend to give argumentative, detailed responses… but I don’t mind.

          • Balthazar

            ok…i really didn’t mean it as criticism; i was surprised by some of the comments that’s all. but it must be frustrating to be the babysitter all the time. i love your site.

  • Amanda

    Personally I don’t think she was beautiful before the surgery. She looked painfully average and did not look as good as she does now. SO, the surgery DID indeed make a huge difference in her life. She has fake teeth too come on. I wish she would show her REAL teeth. A smile makes a woman.

  • Rudraj Patil

    Megan fox you are very sexy

  • Rebecca

    All the surgery she’s had has just enhanced her looks and made her look better. Now her nose is straight and she has really nice lips, she was pretty before, but now she’s amazing.

  • Celine

    Why does everything have to be over sexified.?

  • neonilla

    Crazy gorgeous !

  • Amanda

    Well I don’t think she is amazing. She’s not ugly, but I don’t think she is the epitome of beauty like everyone seems to believe. I think she knew she wouldn’t be as big if she didn’t get plastic surgery.

    Look at this pic of her before!

    • Nikki

      I think that’s an unfortunate pic. And she was actually bigger before the surgeries. At that time she was always listed as the hottest woman in the world.

      But i agree, she is pretty, but she was never the most beautiful woman in the world for me.

      • guru

        oh please, those lists mean nothing. when they include people like jennifer aniston and cheryl cole as amongst the most beautiful, you can guarantee the lists mean nothing

  • Jen

    Who cares if she had plastic surgery? At least she’s ‘doing it right’. She’s gorgeous i don’t care what people say

  • Maureen

    i personally think she looks so pretty in the video! if you guys think that makeup is pretty, you should check out this amazing makeup artist’s motion makeup video. the makeup is unreal!