Makeover or Makeunder?, Megan Fox, Then and Now

Then and Now: Megan Fox at the Golden Globes in 2009 and 2011

Then-and-Now-Megan-Fox-at-the-Golden-Globes-in-2009-and-2011 - Then and Now: Megan Fox at the Golden Globes in 2009 and 2011

Left: Megan Fox at the Golden Globes in 2009.

Right: Megan at the Golden Globes 2 years later, in 2011.

g - Then and Now: Megan Fox at the Golden Globes in 2009 and 2011

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FP_6549437_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Then and Now: Megan Fox at the Golden Globes in 2009 and 2011

FP_1796825_FP_Golden_Globes1_011109 - Then and Now: Megan Fox at the Golden Globes in 2009 and 2011

FP_1797326_FP_Globes_Press1_26_61h - Then and Now: Megan Fox at the Golden Globes in 2009 and 2011

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  • Dookie

    She looks SO much better with the extra weight on.

    • its not even extra weight, its much needed weight

      • Bonnie

        So sadly true.

        • agreed. i prefer a thin figure but she looks much prettier with some weight on.

    • Mello

      No kidding. In a world where everyone can be thin but not everyone can have an amazing hourglass figure, why on earth would she opt for thin?????

  • Teresa

    Waaaay hotter before. What happened to her? Now she looks old and frail and ill. Proves that thinner does not necessarily equal prettier.

  • lily

    she used to be sososo stunning. what the hell happened???

  • alia

    I have the feeling that before she lookes like a mature woman now she looks like a gril.
    im sure men will find her more appealing with extra weight

    • otilia

      I totally agree! This was the first thought that crossed my mind when i saw the pictures. She looks teeny now, and used to look more mature before, with the extra weight on.

  • Eve

    Now she looks like Mr. Burns from Simpsons (Sorry, Megan’s fans!). Used to be pretty before

  • Rebecca

    Her face is basically the same it just looks different because of the make up and her eyebrows have been shaped different but she still looks amazing in both pics.
    I actually prefer her figure in the pink dress she’s so nice and slim/toned!

    • brainlessblogger

      Exactly! now let all those jealous fools claiming she has had a truckload of plastic surgery eat their words! jealous, jealous, jealous stupid women!

      Yes I know she got a nose jobs and lip injections, but that was back in late 2007! she has NOT had any major work done since then , other than some botox back in June, but now that has worn off. I can’t believe people believe she had cheek implants! nuts.

      • Could people PLEASE drop this jealousy thing – it’s getting old! And it’s been said by others than me before…

        Yes, I was jealous of her before, still jealous of her body, but not jealous of her current face! I think it is such a shame she looks like this now, she was more beautiful before. And it’s not because I’m jealous, and I doubt everyone else who have commented something similar to me are jealous!

        People should be allowed to their opinions without being accused of this.
        Can’t we just agree to disagree? U like her face now, I don’t… There are so many way more beautiful celebs than Megan, IMO. Where I am actually jealous and willing to admit as well!

      • SlicknSexyfied

        “Botox in June”? Only a family member or friend could know this about someone. Are you either, or speaking out of mere conjecture?

        • brainlessblogger

          Yes, I was giving a guess. I say it was probably botox or Juvederm beause the effects have already worn off.

          Whatever it was, it wasn’t permanent, as her face looks less frozen now compared to the Jonah Hex premiere.

      • jess


        • Anne

          its cuz she lost weight so of course she lost some of the weight in her cheeks too dont people get that?

          • Nik

            I don’t think there was any surgery done to her cheeks, i think that’s just the weight loss as u said. But her face looks really really strange. Like i said, it reminds me of the way Heidi Montags face changed – it doesn’t look natural. Her eyes, lips, and something else i can’t quite put my finger on looks like it’s been altered with.
            And i don’t think it’s the makeup, cos i’ve seen her look like this several times, and i’ve never seen makeup do that to everyone…

            This is just my opinion, i’m no expert. But i think it’s such a shame and feel sorry for Megan. To alter that much to ur own face u have to have some major body and confidence issues ๐Ÿ™

            This is not just a comment to u btw, but also to the general debate about this ๐Ÿ™‚ Agree with Halle below…

      • Halle

        She looks very different now, so I’m sorry, I have to disagree with your entire comment, brainlessblogger. She has obviously had plastic surgery done recently. And please don’t play the jealous card or overgeneralize. Not all women who say she’s had plastic surgery are jealous of her. I loved her back then, but now I find she looks much different, due to both plastic surgery and weight loss.

        • Rebecca

          The reason she looks different is because yes she’s lost weight and she’s done her make up completely differently as well as having her eyebrows shaped differently which changes your whole face. Anyone can make themselves look completely different with a face full of make up, she’s had surgery but i dont think she’s had much recently – her lips aren’t’ swollen and if you compare her to how she looked at the Jonah Hex premier you can see her face as gone down a lot since then.

        • Jamie

          I agree with this, Halle. I dont think she would look so starkly differnt, and stiff/frozen now if she had, such little work done. Yes, weight los can change a face quite drastically. Look at Hillary Duff, superskinny and now..but you could tell that it was from weight loss..aside from those veneers she had..her facial features looked as they had before. Just shrunken. I myself, have lost weight to a skeletal point, and gained it back. My face looked different. Gaunt, slimmer, ect…my my FACE itself, it features..characteristics..stayed the same.
          I am certainly jealous and admire her body..both now and then bodies, actually. She’s still pretty enough, but not nearly what she used to be. She is just a shade of herself now. It’s sad. She doesnt look happy. But that’s just my opinion.

      • padme

        I’m not jealous. I actually really like her. It’s obvious to anyone who has eyes that’s she’s had plastic surgery though. Her face doesn’t look much different here because she’d already begun the surgery. The main difference is her skin. I’m guessing too much botox. It just looks dead and too taut.

      • lela

        anytime women criticize a beautiful woman (or gloat over her looking less beautiful) people will think its due to jealousy. it might not actually be jealousy, or it might not be conscious jealousy, but unfortunately that’s the first thing that comes to people’s minds.

  • hope

    she looks different somehow fake and too skinny

  • hope

    wow she looks evil lol

    • Inanna

      That’s so true!

  • Deborah

    She looked sooooo much better last year with a few more pounds… Her face, her body, everything was better looking.

  • jane

    She’s like Hilary duff in the sense that her face changes so dramatically with weight loss. She doesn’t look bad body wise, but I preferred her face before

    • Coo

      Ya’ll need to stop with the “she’s like Hilary” weight loss thing! Hilary Duff has had plastic surgery as well. Nose job, chin implant, and probably cheek implants (which are as common in Hollywood as brow lifts and nose jobs). Megan has had a 2nd nose job to “fix” her flaring nostrils from her first nose job (I personally prefer the from after the 1st nose job), she does use botox (which is obvious from watching the difference in the very way her face moves). She has always had some amount of cheek bones so the stiff swelled look from the Jonah Hex premiere doesn’t necessarily have to be from cheek implants, but *might* instead be from the 2nd nose job (the swelling typically goes out into the cheeks) which was then accentuated from the overfill her lips had just gotten. Either way, I don’t care. I think she’s gooorgeous, but as I said, I prefer her 1st nose job nose, and also I’m a big fan of curves, soo.. I’m not “hating on” Megan for having had plastic surgery; it doesn’t bother me in the least. I think she is fantastically beautiful, and I don’t care that she’s had surgery at ALL! What does bother me are the delusional fans insisting that she hasn’t had “that much” done; she has. After the first transformers movie came out, and people talked about this “hot girl” Megan Fox, I looked her up and was like “are you kidding me?”. I didn’t find her attractive at all. Lo and behold the second Transformers movie and I was dumb struck by her beauty. She has also grown fond of lace font wigs (for red carpet appearances at least). Again, this is not “hating”. I find her just as beautiful even with all this. I don’t care *where* beauty comes from; I’d rather be a fake beauty than a natural ugly.

  • Sidney

    Looked better before to me too. In addition to her body her face looks somehow weird to me now, but i can’t pinpoint it, so i think it might be just the weight loss.

  • Deborah

    It is amazing how much younger her face looked with more weight, the second and third pictures almost do not look like the same person, but like two sisters. And her body also was great before, the whr was very good, and she had a very good butt. Way better before!

  • jooleeo

    OMG, megan whats going on, stop the diet! gain weight again, when you are so skinny you look sick!

  • minรƒยค

    she looked way better two years ago
    now she’s too skinny in doesn’t suit her

  • Priscila

    Well… she said the Transformers director told her to gain weight for the movie.
    To me it seems the bigger difference it’s her skin tone. In the after pics she is wearing too much make-up. And of course the weight lost.
    Also, she is dressing much better now…

  • she looked so much better before ๐Ÿ™

  • woah!
    she looks so much older-i wish her “people” would tell her to stop!

    • Bonnie

      If I were her husband I’d be freaking out.

  • Anna

    God, she looks so creepy now. Like a Zombie…that freakishly mouth and those empty, weird eyes. Even those look different. Really, in the first picture she looks downright creepy, like some monster in a Horror movie, but I can’t remember which one…

    • Anna

      Just remembered- the Clown from “It”.

    • Valerie

      In the second “now” picture she looks really scary!! She’s so dead in the eyes… She actually reminds me of a friend that lost a lot of weight and became absolutely skeletal .. both of them looked much better before!

  • princessdi

    wow, way better before…although I think her hip/thighs/arms look better now, her ass/boobs/face looked better in 2009! Maybe she could settle between these two weights? thats hard to do though…she looks plastic in the second pic too and older.

    • pg

      in which pic did u see her hip./thigh??

  • Nik

    So much better before! Good one for posting these Versus, we’ve been debating so much about this ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think she still had lip injections in 2009 cos she looks different than in the beginning of her career. But although i prefer her au natural she still looks really hot in 2009! No Real Housewife face ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Her body is hot in both pics, but again i prefer the 2009 Megan body with more curves…

  • lizzy

    she looked so beautiful before, the extra weight does make her face look more lively and her curves are wonderful, but i think she still looks good now regardless.

  • snugglepup

    she looks like a different person really. I loved her fuller face, now she looks very hollow from the cheeks. Very sad. I sure hope that she doesn’t starve her self anymore or we’ll be reading “megan fox died of a low weight”

  • Kiki

    It looks like she aged 10 years

  • sara

    her face is completely different, it’s a shame

  • Mรƒยฉgane

    I think she used to look more vulgar a few years ago than she does today. That must be my french side talking

  • Daniel

    She was so hot… that’s sad. She looks like a total mess now… She’s lost all of her sex appeal… She was one of the hotter in Hollywood back then…

  • Evelina

    So much better before.

  • arina

    she was so hot and pretty…now she looks shrinking

  • Lila

    she is losing her beauty:(

  • Faith

    She looks better with a bit more weight but that Marilyn Monroe tatoo makes her look I dont know how to put it comman maybe or vulagr? I am not sure but it just dosn’t look right.

  • I personally prefer her look in the gold dress.

  • Brittany

    She’s definitely had even more plastic surgery/Botox/fillers etc since 09. She’s ruined her face. When I see pictures of her from 05 or 06, she was so naturally beautiful and exotic looking. She also looked a million times better with more weight on her.

  • hays

    I think she looks pretty darn good in both photos. I do prefer her with that little bit of extra weight though

  • Flaky

    Hope it’s not wrong to post a link here:

    I think she had A LOT of plastic surgeries, even before Transformers. This picture is from Mean Girls… she’s beautiful but nothing like in Transformers and now.
    Now she looks like a doll…very beautiful, but much too thin and like a little girls.
    Her nose now looks different from 2009.

    • Nik

      Exactly the Megan I liked the best ๐Ÿ™‚ She was naturally beautiful here!

    • vi

      wow she looks like a different person in that photo. so much prettier too. it’s sad that she felt she had to get so much surgery to be pretty and she’s ended up looking weird and fake

    • Jane

      She wasnt in mean girls!

    • Calro

      OMG, she was a natural beauty before. She didn’t need to inject all that sh*t in her face! She is too thin now, it makes her look haggard, hence it not being a natural weight for her. She’s in her early 20’s yet now looks to be a decade older. She should gain a little, stop injecting stuff and let her natural beauty shine through.

    • br******

      She wasn’t in Mean Girls. Maybe you mean Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? Both had Lindsay Lohan

    • Ashes

      Thanks for the link! She looks like a totally different person and she looks SOOO much better without all the work she’s had done to her face. Sometimes people should appreciate their natural beauty instead of gradually ruining it. I personally think that her looks have deteriorated quite rapidly over the years.

  • jenp

    Awwwe, you can really tell from the side picture she’s thinner now. Her arms and shoulder look bony. I hope she’s taking care of herself. She always says how self conscious and insecure she is. Her husband needs to step up and make sure she’s healthy (she doesn’t look it).

  • Serafiina

    Her body (wow!) looks better with more weight, but I find her face still striking, at least in these pictures.

  • she was thin but curvy in all the right places before. Was never a fan of her face, but now, her face is so sunken in and skeletal. Makes her look a lot older

    • Evelina

      Totally Agree with you Amber.

  • catc

    gorgeous two years ago and gorgeous now. it seems she always carries most of her weight in, of all places, her arms.
    she is about ten pounds thinner now, which isn’t a big deal. i know everyone is saying ‘oh she looks so much better heavier’ but i think they just want to say that about every case, as a sort of justification.

    • *

      Completely agree – I think she will always be a stunner. IMO: People seem to be so afraid of thin these days because it represents hard work and self-control, and a lot of people can’t manage that, so saying the heavier one looks better makes them feel better, and seems more acheivable, and they won’t have to work as hard for it. If you get what I mean.

    • Well that’s not really a fair, assessment, is it? I think her body looks great in both photos. I’d much rather have her current body, but her face looks not so nice, now, in my opinion.

      Sometimes, a few extra pounds is a trade off for a nicer looking face.

      You know, it’s just as frustrating when people imply that anyone who champions a larger body is jealous and lazy as when people imply that only girls with larger bodies are the only “real women.”

  • Ophelie

    She did look better in 2009. There is something off about her face in the 2011 pictures.

  • ladyb0sss

    this at least cheers me up a bit. because i thought she looked creepy now because of all the surgery shes done (im sure thats still partly it) but i guess its more because she lost so much weight on her face.

    her old self was so good looking. although i do think her arms are bigger than my ideal one but a trade off between losing that much weight just for arms is not worth it.

    and can someone tell me if the before picture was still before lip surgery? because it looks like its been done already but im not sure.

    • I think she’s had lip surgery in the before pic.. Look at the link Flaky posted, her lips look different. She looked like that in her Hope and Faith days…

      • brainlessblogger

        lol You sure aren’t the brightest bump on the log! how can one have ”surgery” on their lip. Oh, don’t you mean collagen injections… which is not surgery in any shape or form but the injection of a foreign substance in the lip, an incredibly easy procedure. Surgery requires being cut open dummy.

        jesus christ! get your facts straight.

        • Balthazar

          whoah. cranky? maybe you should take a nap and come back later.

          • Kimberly

            chuckle, agreed.

        • Eliza B

          Of course there’s “lip enhancement surgery”, many different types of procedures in fact that alter or insert something into the lip, just like anywhere else on the body…..

          It’s funny, but completely appropriate, how often the people that belittle, hurt, and try to make others look stupid and foolish, are often themselves the biggest fool.

          • Balthazar

            RIGHT ON.

          • Ashes

            I LOVE this comment!

        • OH MY GOD. Why do u always have to be so angry when u comment. I’m sure others have made grammatical errors on the internet before. First of all – I’m not really using hours spell checking. Second – English isn’t my first language… So I’m really “sorry” that I made a mistake.

          And btw I was just answering a question, and wrote: I think, not stating that this is the absolute truth, I’m sure u disagree, so why do u have to go and attack me?

          And I apologize in advance for any errors there may have occurred in this post… Jeez…

          • I know it’s not exactly a grammatical error I made, but simply a bad choice of word, so please don’t attack me for this as well.

            I always think it’s really low when people use grammar or similar to insult each other on this site – thankfully there are always a lot of supporters when this happens… Thanks Balthazar and Eliza B ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Eliza B

            No problem, just speaking honestly. I actually don’t think you made any type of error or bad word choice, “lip surgery” is completely viable and completely real.

        • celine

          wow, sorry teacher, we must really get our facts straight before we post our thought on this educational plastic surgery forum of a university.

          i can’t stand people who think they an shut others off with their snooty comments.

          • And thanks celine ๐Ÿ™‚

        • LC

          Nikki could be referring to lip augmentation surgery,silicone implants in the lips.Which does require being cut open,dummy.

      • Eliza B

        I have to agree Nikki, even though she was already getting injections in her lips in 2009, there’s something that looks different, especially in her top lip. It could be an implant, but it could also be simply mishapeness from too much plumping for a long time, or it could have something to do with her veneers.

        • Eliza B

          Oops misread your comment a bit Nikki : ). I think in the before pic it just looks like plumping but now, possibly an implant.

  • Daniela

    I donร‚ยดt agree at all with the “sheร‚ยดs soo skinny” comments!She has lost weight but is far from looking emanciated or skeletal!
    As for her face, it looked better before.

    • Anna

      agree, her body looks good now, but her face was better then

  • Hazal

    She looks like removed*.

  • celine

    somebody mustve put a jinx on her, group voodoo

    her and angelina

    sometimes when women are too beautiful they go crazy and mess it up for themselves

    • essa

      I agree – when a woman is “known” or “valued” only for her looks/sex appeal, she tends to end up focussing too much on her appearance. I’ve watched many celebrities tarnish their body and/or face in attempts to achieve perfection. Hardly ever do they look better with all the work done/ weight loss/ drastic measures taken. Tragic.

  • Melissa

    Her face looks better back in 2009. I like skinny bodies, but on her she looks weird

  • Jen

    I am in minority but think the 2011 looks better

    • I think so, too

      • lela

        totally agree

  • She definitely just lost about 20 lbs. Her face is the same, she just changes up her eyebrows (i do the same thing and some days my face looks different because of it) I never realized how much of a pear she is! Looks good on her, though. =]

  • Annie

    The back shots are so revealing. She looks almost skeletal now, compared to two years ago. I much prefer her figure in ’09. Now, she looks brittle, like she would break if you hugged her too hard.

  • Chelsea

    I liked her better before – she has lost too much weight and it shows on her face. Her face looked better before… she looked healthy before. Now her face looks too sharp… I think she’s beautiful but would be even more beautiful with even 5 pounds to her figure.

  • Lux

    Wow, she looks beautiful and fresh faced in the earlier picture. Now she looks unhealthy and her face looks gaunt and old.

  • mystic

    She was glowing and healthy back in 2009 now she looks too thin and dead eyes, sad.

  • This should silence all the people who claimed in other posts that she hadn’t lost much weight – it’s quite obvious she has lost a significant amount of weight!
    She looked young, fresh and healthy in 2009 – she now looks 10 years older, frail and worn out. I really hope she puts the weight back on – I don’t see how anyone can look at these pics and truly feel she looks better now than then! To me she looks less healthy now and way less sexy! Of course, we all have our different opinions – but it’s good to see that I’m in the majority here!

  • Megan

    She looks 10x better before, with more curves. Now she looks frail and dull.

  • artemis

    she looked way better before ๐Ÿ˜€ sexy curves

  • Dani

    I don’t like Megan Fox now because she is very skinny,shrinked and like an old woman who made a lot of operations to remain young.Her whiter skin reminds me of a ghost,her face is just not the same,she might be pretty but not like she used to be…

  • Mondezzio

    I am a fan of skinny, and I like her body.
    But – I don’t think it’s right for her. She would look much better with a bit more weight on for the sake of her face! She was gorgeous, still is pretty, but in in an alienish/weird plastic dollar store barbie kind of way.

    • solaxia

      it’s cool that even though you have a preference for skinny you can still see that some people just don’t suit it and that it’s not a bad thing! Nice to have a not so black and white comment =o)

  • BeetleJuice

    i think she looks little “weird” ’cause of her new teeth… the same thing happend to Hilary Duff back in a days ๐Ÿ™‚ also, the hairstyle has 2 much volume on the top of her head for her face shape…maybe it’s a hairdoo too mature fore her age… and the third, she did lost some weight since 2009…

    • missy

      Good call!… she definitly has a bit of horse face! You nailed the cause!

      She has ruined her good looks… still striking, sure, but she looked better with meat on her bones and more natural features. I’m not jealous (Im a fan of skinnY) but her face and curvy figure suffers… especially her face. She looks like a goddess in that gold dress, and she looks hungry and wane later. Nothing sexy about it.

      In other news, why does she wear soooo much makeup all the time? She must have terrible skin! Do her and Christina Aquilara have the same painter?

  • Nina

    Here are pictures how she looked when she was in high school and on the premiere of Confessions of Teenage drama queen:

    I think she didn’t have a lip injections, I also have such lips that sometimes look fuller and other times no.
    She just lost too much weight.

  • I think she looks better now. But she’s sooo much narrower. It’s a bit weird cause her hips seem to have shrunk. :S

  • Megan

    I actually think her face colouring (i.e. makeup) looks better in the 2011 photo. I think she looks pretty.

  • Please, don’t do that! T_T
    She is gorgeous and will always be, but she has been a godess. Even her face looks a little gaunt here, now I can see. Bah. =/
    What’s happening??

  • Versus, would you, please, do a post on a tennis player? Just any one who you think that would make an interesting post these days, can you? =)

    • Versus

      I would love to, but my photo agency doesn’t carry many pics with tennis players. I’ve done some posts in the past, though!

      • Um, I understand. But will you remember my request when there are some? ^^ Thanks!

  • I don’t think Megan has any major surgery done (maybe her nose) but lip plumping and botox seems more likely. She did confessions of a teenage drama queen when she was 18, she’s 24 now, do you guys expect her to retain all her baby fat? I don’t think she had cheek implants either, because they’re still shaped the same, just more angular due to weight loss. But I do think that she needs to gain maybe 5-10 pounds. She was just so damn hot during transformers….though out of jealousy, I think I rather her not be that hot ever again……..

    • DainaLi

      yea losing the baby fat was what i thought too. i mean we just mature at different rates. so it’s not unlikely that her face & body have a bit quicker, & with the roles in movies that she’s had [Transformers, Passion Play, Joanah Hex…] have been more action-ish based. So i think that she’s lost weight & gained the muscle because of the training for those roles. the teenage drama queen movie didn’t really require that.

      • solaxia

        yea…i dont really like Megan…and I do think she has had surgery in some form…however, im not sure that she has had THAT much. I mean, your face can change a lot from when you are 18 to 24. I am 24 now and all the 18 year olds i see are just babies! When I see pics of myself i also think i look like a little baby! wierd how much can change i reckon

  • Cleopatra

    By far,she can be hot.But she is not beautiful.Nor is her face pretty.

  • Air^N

    She’s 5’5 ish…So before I’d say around 125-130. Now she more like 110.

  • I think she looked waaay hotter before but I love her hair now!

  • i like them both. great looks each year, hot. good for Megan.

  • Katy

    She looks better before but I still think her face was slightly trannyish. Her body was better.

  • snoops

    omg stop advertising please, ur the same one from theskinnywebsite arent u?

    • Versus could you tell Carrie to stop advertising please?

  • DainaLi

    i think she looks fine now. i mean i also like thinner bodies so that’s just me. i’m not a fan of boobs, since it’s just a personal thing. I have smaller ones so i guess i prefer smaller ones. So i don’t think hers are fake, as i know some people have thought in bikini shots. they were obviously larger before when she had more weight.
    with her face, i think she’s just aged a bit, matured really. the eye make up is more intense in the newer one thus it makes them appear smaller. so i don’t think she’s had any work done. it’s like Kim Kardashian, they just make her up in such a way that seems to look like she’s had work done [though in Kim’s case i think she has…]. I dont think her lips are bigger. they look the same, just more glossy which might make them appear more plump. i think she looks great, always has. she’s just more toned/muscular now, which we’ve seen in the bikini shots. so i guess it’s personal preference. i would still kill for her hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anca


  • i actually liked her without the extra weight…. until i saw these pictures! she has no sex appeal and looked really old at this years golden globes. too bad. and she looked so radiant in 2009 now she is just— odd looking.

    btw congrats to natalie portman for winning!!
    .. and awesome that denmarks susanne bier won for best foreign; hรƒยฆvnen. way to put us on the map ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • This actually made me sad. She was so glowy and gorgeous. I mean, wow at her 2009 pics.

  • aj

    So much better before ๐Ÿ™ she was positively gorgeous. Now, a little less. But still very pretty of course.

  • Kimberly

    I like her face so much more before. As for her body, I’m on the fence. I think I like both.

  • Casey

    I agree that she looked better before but my God, why does everyone assume that any time a celebrity drops a pound that she is doing it intentionally? And then the ever annoying and completely meaningless phrase ensues: “She’s giving into Hollywood pressure.” What does that mean? All of Hollywood knocked on her door and told her she was too fat and she had to lose weight, despite the fact that she was Hollywood thin already and thinner than most actresses…in fact, she was THE Hollywood beauty ideal, so I don’t see how exactly she’s giving into any pressure since she what Hollywood was pressuring others to be.

    Unless she herself has a warped idea of what’s beautiful and is starving herself, in which case, she’s not giving into pressure, she’s pressuring herself due to mental issues.

    But it’s very annoying. People lose weight for a million reasons. Stress. Laziness (ie, too lazy to go and get/make food). Lack of working out (some people who are inactive drop weight…see Cameron Diaz). Appetite changes. Medical reasons. Yes, some celebrities do lose weight intentionally, but I find it very hard to believe that someone who has been praised as having THE best figure in the media decided to lose weight because of the media, unless she has an eating disorder.

    But really, I don’t think she has an eating disorder. I think she may have an emotional disorder that makes her not care to eat regularly or work out so she gets a little scrawny.

    • Casey

      As for her face, I really see no difference. People go on about how much her face has changed in the past few months alone due to alleged plastic surgery, but I don’t see it.

      However, the hairstyle…with all of her hair on one side, has never suited her, especially makes her facial features overly prominent and unnatural, and I don’t understand why she keeps doing it. Like I said on another thread, it must look better in person.

    • i agree. people always get mad when someone lose weight and assume they are giving into hollywood pressure. i do prefer megan’s look in 2009 because she was all natural and so gorgeous. but i do think she has some work done to her face because it does not look the same when she first came out.

    • I don’t think she gave into Hollywood pressure as people like to say. She was asked to gain weight for Transformers and she talked about how difficult it was for her to do that. Personally I think she has emotional issues, as you also mentioned. It’s the impression I get from seeing her interviews and such. Also, if there was any pressure involved, it was pressure on herself rather than from others.

      • I agree. I think in the past she has spoken about fluctuating a lot in weight because of emotional issues and a bad diet. I don’t think she’s given into pressure at all – but I hope she doesn’t lose any more weight. It’s really not healthy to fluctuate so much and she is looking too frail now. Sounds to me like she just doesn’t have a healthy relationship with her body!

        • Casey

          Yeah that’s what I based my opinion on…her past interviews.

          She strikes me as a person who may have an emotional disorder, like depression, and like most people from that disorder, they don’t really take care of themselves all that well. Because they are suffering on the inside, they can’t be bothered to take care of their bodies. She doesn’t strike me as someone who eats regularly…not because she likes being thin, but probably just because she has no appetite and doesn’t make sure to eat regularly and healthy. I think she’s even admitted to something like that in the past and then people started saying she had an eating disorder, when what she was describing was clearly a symptom of an emotional disorder.

          • Cristina

            Exactly; she did mention it, but fact is she also mentioned she hates working out and never does it – or something along those lines – and than she showed up last summer with the infamous six pack (which was gone in the last bikini set, even though she didn’t gain weight). I am quite sure her weight loss doesn’t have anything to do with hollywood pressure, because she was considered extremely sexy and she was really praised for her body. Moreover, she lost weight for that teenage movie, someone’s body or what was it called, and she gained back immediately, due to pressure. But her face is different. I cannot pin point it, but it is more than mere weight loss imo.

  • Jemima

    Like her styling more now but her actual figure was so much better before.

  • She was so gorgeous. She was glowing! Now her face is sunken in and she looks older and lost that youthful glow. She’ll always be beautiful though.

  • Lynna

    wow, she looks like Janice Dickinson now… and that is definitely not a compliment.

  • Y

    Hey gals (and guys) I have a question, do you think they had Megan Fox present a clip of Angelina Jolie’s movie the Tourist on purpose? For her to see who she’s copying, vice versa? Do you think Angie was creeped out at all to look at this 20 something year old who is obviously getting surgery to look like her?

    • Polly

      I thought it was ironic that Megan presented the movie clip…but then I think they just wanted a bad actor to present a bad movie! If they had some prestigious actor, it might have been taken as an insult! ha.
      She was gorgeous on 2009, the tweaking is apparent but it does not distract from her beauty. Now it can be clearly seen and totally ruined her naturally good looks. She looks 38 years old.

  • jasmine

    She’s pretty. I’m sure she’s not gonna age well.

  • pixie

    i like her in both pics. But prefer her look now. To me, it doesn’t look like she’s had much surgery, just the weight loss made her face alot slimmer. I stil find her gorgeous.

  • mel

    I never found her beautiful, so I still don’t now – she isn’t very attractive in my opinion either way.

  • Bianca

    So THIS is why I’m so uninterested in her now. I used to think she was the most babin’ thing ever… but lately I’ve just been like “eh”. I couldn’t quite understand why. I thought maybe I’d just gotten tired of her… but no, she has changed a lot!

  • Frances S

    Oh gosh…she was so gorgeous then!!! ๐Ÿ™

  • anna

    stupid creature.she was the most beautiful woman in the world,the plastic surgeries had make her really beautiful and now she destroyed should know where to stop.why so ugly

  • nessa

    Why does she look so old in the pink dress. I feel like these pics were taken three to five years apart. I think that’s what being skinny does… makes you look older.

  • Ghandi

    Megan Fox is one of those celebrities with such potential, she seemed like a sexy badass who just wanted to be herself. She has destroyed her face with plastic surgery, she doesn’t even look like a real person. Her nose is a FRACTION of the size it once was, her eyebrows have been pulled up and her lips have been filled so they are practically bursting. Her shape is naturally curvy, but she has NO fat on her and she looks gaunt, plastic and ill. I don’t think this has to do with hollywood issues, she is clearly dealing with deep emotional problems. She always states in interviews how she is merely “trying to survive”. It is sad that nobody sees how she is destroying herself because she is still thin and pretty, so she must be happy according to the standards of most.

  • Chi

    MEGAN there was NOTHING wrong with you :(. Please stop, I’m sure even all the haters don’t want you to ruin yourself this way!

  • Deea

    removed* she’s prettier now

    • Fat? You have a scarily warped view of the female body if you think she was fat in 2009!

      • looloo


        • Versus

          Deea and looloo, you can not post under multiple names. Kindly pick one.

    • Kimberly

      Well, at least you worded it correctly. You “think” she was fat before. But being fat implies being overweight and she clearly wasn’t.

    • Trace

      Oh my, the world is going crazy.

    • Jay-lisa

      I wouldn’t say “fat” but I agree I think her body looks better know. But again, she wasn’t fat before!

  • riotgrrrrl12

    the sad thing is, she was probably already a 0 in 2009, and a 00 now!..just my assumption.

    • Kimberly

      I think she was a 4 and now she’s a 2. She carries weight in her thighs.

  • Emily

    SO much better at a heavier weight. She looks almost frail at the lower weight, which is what people were commenting on her bikini pic and others were proclaiming how healthy she looked. But I think the comparison is stunning and speaks for itself.

  • Annie

    I don’t think it was just weight because if you’ve seen Jennifer’s Body she was down to around 100 pounds but maintained her gorgeous features. here…i don’t know…something is alien looking.

  • laylah

    waaaay hotter and prettier back in 2009.

  • Trace

    I had completely forgotten that she used to have such a lovely shape! It reminds me on Katy Perry.
    I’m not saying that her current body isn’t bangin’. Because it is. She’s really slim, but doesn’t look sick or emanciated.

    It’s true that she looks a lot older in the newer photos, but I think it has more to do with the bad make-up than her size.

    • Trace

      *It reminds me OF Katy Perry.

  • Kt

    I would have thought these photos were taken 10 years apart if the years weren’t written down.

  • Georgy

    A PERFECT EXAMPLE of a woman who looks Waaaaaaaaay better with extra meat on !!! damn she didn’t even need to lose any weight ! she was stunning !

    all of her looks have faded ! ๐Ÿ™

    sad !

  • zeta

    absolute doll.She looks better year after year.I am a woman who has had a lot of plastic surgery,i should know.

    • m

      I didn’t see anybody looking better after plastic surgeries, you can’t buy beauty, you born with it. Ppl who are addicted to plastic surgeries have a distorted view of beauty and themselves, personal issues with their face and body.

  • m

    Yes, she can gain weight again and she should, she’s not naturally skinny, she’s never been, so she doesn’t look good with this weight but her face is ruined, she’ll never be naturally beautiful again as she used to be. Her mouth area looks plastic and weird due to botox and lip injections, the vein pops out on her forehead, all those are damages of botox, permanent damages.

  • me

    Dont forget that in 2009 she had already had a lot of plastic surgery.

  • cindy

    Oh my god, what happend to her beautiful body?! What a waste!

  • Ophelie

    Her body looks better and she looks more vibrant in the 2009 shot but I think saying she looks frail and ill now is grossly exaggerated. She looks fine.

  • now i know why i didn’t like the dress, its not the dress thats weird, its her body in the dress thats ugly… she looks so different its scary what happened to her!!!

  • Im probably going to get alot of shit for this but i think that she looks great now.. she looked great before though to… Although any more weight loss and she will just look a mess….

  • Nelly

    She just looks really normal.. ultra plastic and way too thin. I don’t like at all. i’ve never understand why people like her beauty soo much.. it’s FAKE !

  • Nelly

    she almost look like an alien in the first picture !

  • CurvesRule

    I am happy to see that the majority of posters think that she looked better in 2009. I am also a bit surprised that the “anti-curve crew” was not more vocal on this thread as they have been on others.

    The older pictures simply encourage prolonged staring and drooling. She is still a pretty girl today, but that her look is just not as striking.

  • bethany

    To the people who say she has ‘fake’ beauty? are you really that clueless? Haha she’s just as gorgeous without makeup so how is it fake? (before or after any kind of injections) I’ve had many the facebook attacks on my looks saying how fake I look..then I post a pic of me with no makeup and people eat their words. Just because someone is different than you doesnt mean their beauty is fake..

    • Chi

      Narcissistic much?

    • WM

      @bethany- I’m sure you’re gorgeous without makeup (no sarcasm at all) but people are probably saying she is “fake” because of her lip injections, nose and other procedures. I mean she wasn’t exactly “the sexiest woman” before all those procedures.

  • citygirl

    She looks way better thinner.

  • shannon

    im not even look @ her weight, what happened to her face? can i say too much plastic? ๐Ÿ˜ก

  • wow she turned ugly.

  • Liz

    actually, i dont like her much. but i prefere a megan fox with the much needed weight on.. her face looks like a skull in ’11… and i hate her botox-addiction! it looks awful. dumb girl..

  • Kat

    Wow, just 2 years ago she looked really great — beautifully unique, vibrant, sexy.

    Now that Megan has lost weight, she now looks like she’s nearing her mid-30’s and sickly. She looks like an underfed actress who’s obsessed with her image. Very generic. Girl, stop looking in the mirror and focus on things outside yourself! Volunteer like Angelina rather than just trying to look like her!

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  • Perri

    i honestly dont see a difference in her figure… i dont get how people are like “oh she’s so much skinnier now…” i do, however, see a difference in her face. she seems more “hollywood-ified”. its more defined is all i guess… but thats the only thing that i think is different about her, besides her obvious new tattoo:P

  • Anonymous

    Where did her boobs go? lol

  • ALC

    people are being incredibly stupid right now… in the picture with the pink dress she does not look toned, she looks starved. she looked way better before. and as for the supposed surgeries she has always had high cheek bones, with the two pictures they use to compare the before and after lips, in the first one she’s pursing her lips, which shrinks them, and in the second she’s pouting which makes them look bigger. as for the nose, in the before picture, she was 16, and everybody knows that you outgrow your nose when you hit your late teens- 20s, yeah it keeps growing, but in proportion with your face. The only surgery she has had are the boobs.

    • SHE WASN’T 16 IN 2009!!! that would make her 18 now!!! REALLY MARRIED AT 18!! REALLY?!… she was 23 in the picture in 2009 and she is 25 now IN 2011.. which means she was “full grown” and she did funny stuff to her face!! OBVIOUS!!!

  • holly

    she can never be ugly different yes but never ugly if she walked into the grocery store and i was there i would still be floored at how pretty she was.

  • She looks a lot older now, and a lot more unhealthy. So much better before, she looks quite mean and harsh

  • R

    megan do not loose any more weight u look georgeous right now, keep it healthy!

  • Lily

    In the first pic she looks more like she is being her natural self and that means she was extremely insecure. The second pic is the same thing except she altered her appearance which in my opinion can be seen as a woman to caught up in the hollywood stereotype of perfection. What’s sad is that she isn’t prefect. My idea of prefect feminine beauty is Kemp Muhl, Bianca Balti, Irina Shayk, Isabeli Fontana… because they were born bombshells and natural is the essence of true beauty. Megan can fool the horny men of this world but people with class and a grounded perception of venus in her true form know better.

  • Manna

    It seems the most of the weight loss happened in the bust for her… I’m stunned… the change is enormous.

  • I remember her ’08 appearance at the Golden Globes…she had just wrapped up filming Jonah Hex I believe and she commented on how everyone should wear corsets. She them claimed that she had a 23 inch waist!!! How could she get any smaller???? I think that she may just be wearing different shapewear…maybe a bit trimmer in the hips? But her face has definitely changed…for better or worse, I don’t know. As long as she is happy with her looks thats all that really matters.

  • Celine

    She looks soo ewwwyy…..

  • Stephanie

    Omg, she looks like a cocaine or heroine addict. Her bones are protruding, and her face looks so sketeal, her whole body is disgustingly skeletal. Don’t get me wrong. I think skinny girls are cute, but this is just disgusting. You guys must be crazy to think she looks good now! She’s lost at least 15 lbs.

  • Samantha

    She was skinny in 09 and now she looks skeletal. SHE LOOKS SICK. That thin is how people in countries who are starving look. We have such a warped perception and it’s appalling. She was a gorgeous girl in 09 and now she looks terribly unhealthy. I hope whatever it is that is causing her to feel she needs to be so thin gets worked out because THAT is not what a healthy grown woman wants to look like. I understand some people are built very thin, however this is not the case. There is no doubt some mental anguish and more than likely eating disorder mentally going on there.


  • Dawn

    She used to have such a gorgeous body! I still kinda like her look now, since she looks pretty delicate, but she was definitely hotter before.
    Otherwise, I can’t believe she has ruined her face like that. She truly had a stunning face before she got surgery (even in the pictures from 2009, her face looks weird).