Megan Fox, Then and Now

‘Vintage’ Collection: Megan Fox

FP_1500732_RIJ_EAGLEEYE_74_091609 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

Since Megan Fox’s appearance at the Grammy Awards, I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for ‘vintage’ Megan photos that show if and how much the actress has changed her looks in the past years.

Well, here’s your treat: this is a wide range of pictures from 2007 and 2008, all featuring a then-not-so-skinny Megan in lots of hot dresses on the red carpet, sharing smiles to the cameras or filming Transformers in white pants that showed off her curvier figure.

FP_1444046_DMX_Labeouf_Fox_36_082108 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_882851_FP_VMA_SET2_090907.JPG - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

Check out THIS post to see how Megan looks now in a Then & Now comparison!

Many, many more pictures on the next page!

FP_862946_FP_TEEN_SET1_082607 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_1444150_DMX_Labeouf_Fox_36_082108 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_766691_FP_2007MTV_SET2_100_060307 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_1444162_DMX_Labeouf_Fox_36_082108 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_1500688_RIJ_EAGLEEYE_74_091609 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_3180967_RIJ_TRANSFORMERS_37_12v4 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_3085548_RIJ_2009MTV_SET1_053109 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_1006384_FP_JUNO_66_120307 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_1444070_DMX_Labeouf_Fox_36_082108 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_1444118_DMX_Labeouf_Fox_36_082108 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_766699_FP_2007MTV_SET2_100_060307 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_793403_FP_TRANSFORMERS_76_062707 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_882827_FP_VMA_SET2_090907.JPG - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_882835_FP_VMA_SET2_090907.JPG - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

FP_1298816_FP_MTVMOVIE_SET1_57_060108 - 'Vintage' Collection: Megan Fox

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  • shed

    it doesnt matter what megan looked like before or what she looks like now she still beautiful so who cares as long as she’s healthy

  • woooo

    she looks much better now

  • artemis

    she looked so much hotter before 😀

  • Chloe

    I think she looks better curvier. There is a sex appeal about her in these photos which I just don’t see now.

  • When she first came out with transformers in 2007, Megan was gorgeous. Especially during the MTV video music awards in 07 in that pink dress. She does not look the same now, maybe body wise but not the face.


    She looked so much better before she had great curves and her face looks better fuller….. I also think she had her nose done again after 2009- you can clearly see the tip is alot shorter now-her nose does not project out as much….Her nose was sexier before also!!!!

    • me

      I agree. I have studied all photos of her, and she has definitely had lots of work done over the past few years, just each time it was minor so that no one really noticed the changes. But yes, she did have her nose done again, it’s not as “flared” as 2009, it looks like an arrow now or something.

      Since 2007:

      3 nose jobs
      lip plumping and 20 2010 an upper lip implant
      dental work (veneers)
      chemical peels (freckles and acne scars are gone)
      Jaw augmentation (her face is much longer than it used to be)
      Cheek fillers / implants (in 2010)
      a boob job
      mini brow lift (to make her eyebrows stand so high)

      there is no denying that every year she’s had a different face.

      • FRECKLES . totally forgot about that . first time i noticed megan fox was that movie she had with lindsay lohan in teenage drama queen as “carla santini” thought she was soo pretty(esp compared to lindsay in that movie ) but jsut had too much freckles for the close ups

        which proves she was pretty even before surgery. unless of course she had some done even then. LOL.

  • Wow, this just illustrates how much weight she has lost! She looked so hot back then – now she looks almost scary! I’m tempted to say that anyone who actually thinks she looks better and healthier now has some serious body image issues – but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what I see is not necessarily what everyone sees.
    But she looks seriously gorgeous in these older pics – now I barely recognise her: her face is different (aged by at least 10 years) and her body is a shadow of it’s former glory.
    As long as she is truly happy and healthy now, it doesn’t matter what I think – but I think she looks much younger, sexier and happier in these older pictures.

    • there are some who do prefer her body now so does that mean they have body image issues? i think that is unfair to say. i like her body then and now. just not her face.

      • CurvesRule

        @bigv – Erica clearly stated and qualified her position by using the phrase “tempted to say”. But of course, here you go again, getting defensive when you really don’t need to.

        • i wasn’t defensive. i say something and it comes off defensive? tempted or not, why can’t someone find megan’s body attractive now? because she doesn’t have the body like she used to? if you read my comment i wasn’t trying to attack her or get all defensive.

          • I also stated that I understand not everyone would see things the way I do! I don’t believe she looks better now because I look at her face and rail thin body and it doesn’t give me the impression of health and happiness. That may be different for someone else – that’s what I meant, if I wasn’t clear the first time!

        • She didn’t really qualify it though. It’s like when people say ‘no offence’, and then insult you. @alcyone (Erica) it really it unfair to say that. You can show your appreciation for someone’s figure without saying that those who think differently automatically has body image issues. If you didn’t mean to be offensive then you didn’t have to include that in your comment. You just seem to hate on skinnier figures most of the time on here tbh.

          • I thought I made it clear with my choice of words that I knew it was not entirely fair to say that people would have body image issues if they thought she looked better now – that’s why I wrote after that sentence that I realise that people may see things differently to me and that is okay. I personally don’t like it when I see women go from looking healthy, happy and normal (to my eyes) to looking frail and almost like a different person.

            There are plenty of comments on Nikki Blonski’s post which put forward people’s points of view on overweight women and I don’t think what I said was harsh at all in comparison to some of those. Yes, I prefer fuller figures to thin ones – many people prefer the opposite and that is fine. It would be a boring world if we all had exactly the same ideals!

            Again, I am sorry if I have really caused offence, it’s never my intention and I try to be careful in my wording – maybe I slipped up this time. The way you worded your post about me makes you sound like you kind of have it in for me because I have a different point of view – that’s a bit offensive to me too! I don’t think I write hateful comments about anyone and I’m kind of sad to hear you think that of me.

          • solaxia

            Erica- I see what you meant! It’ not the fact that she looks thin and frail now (to some people), but more the fact that she has dramatically changed over the years and that gives the perception that it isn’t healthy for her and she isn’t necessarily happy. I didn’t think you were insulting. If she came out thin to start with, then maybe you wouldn’t have the same idea. But its the change that ilicits those thoughts. I feel the same way. I mean, now she is as thin as a VS model but you didn’t say the same thing on the VS posts so its not like u are being weightist

    • Anne

      i dont think its the weight people are worried about theyre disapointed that her face got over injected

      • ya i like her body either way, if i had to choose i liked it better before, but the face is just odd.

  • cfp

    I don’t think that we need to comment on these: she has clearly had a lot of work done since these pictures were taken…and body preferences aside, I think that there is no debate here: she looked just plain healthier in these pics than she does now.

    • Emily

      cfp, I couldn’t agree more. She looked absolutely glorious here, like a goddess. Her skin glowed from the inside out. Now she’s almost frail, and no amount of bronzer or luminizing serum can hide it.

  • wonderwoman21

    Megan Fox is beyond beautiful!!

  • N_S

    better face before..
    better body now..

  • annee

    Now she looks like a scared little bird..a white bird who needs to be protected. And some way that’s kind of attractive. That’s the best way how I can describe her.

    Then she looked like a cool sexy woman with a big attitude. Much more glowing and enjoying life!

    • I completely agree! What strikes me most is the difference in attitude and charisma! Regardless if you consider her prettier from the outside now or back then, back then she was certainly prettier from the inside out. (This sounds completely weird. I hope I made myself clear. :-))

      • Halle

        I agree. Her personality was so bubbly and lively, I’m not sure what happened. She’s kind of disappeared.

        • solaxia

          all of you put that so well. I agree. I feel like she has become even more obsessed with her looks now because of all the attention she got for them in the first place

      • yeah i like how she seems so perky well happy.. and now it seems like its all about her “sex appeal” maybe its because all i see our ads of her now?

  • (commenting because that’s the purpose of having ‘comments on’ for posts)

    I’m glad you listen to the people Versus 🙂 She has changed so much and this emphasizes her makeunder.

  • What the creepy! If i was her height she used to have my body!! D=

  • alia

    She look much much much better before!
    she was very slim fit and curvy. Now she jsut looks like a teenager( very young, childish) not a woman anymore.
    i cant belive what she has done to herself

    • That’s ridiculous, she still looks like a woman (a young one, but that is what she is), there is no way I would confuse her with a child.

      • ppp

        yeah, i hate it when people say, oh she’s so thin she looks like a boy, or a child! WHO would mistake someone that looked like her, famous or not, for a teen? nobody.

  • Silver

    Wow, I am definitely not a Megan fan, but even I can admit how much better she looks here. I have to say she looks particularly great in that pic with the bangs and motley crue t-shirt, I can barely recognize her!

    • Zeka

      Yeah I am not a fan of hers at all, but she actually looks like she’s glowing in these pictures. Now she looks almost like a shell who’s trying so so hard to be sexy. Some girls can be super thin and still look glowing and healthy. She isn’t one of them.

    • may

      no kidding….i want bangs like that now haha

    • that motley crue t-shirt picture made me want to look like her so badly haha i want those bangs too!! i think some of what is making her look so different now is her coloring though…she is very tan in all of these pictures (or at least moreso than we see her now) and that can help make her look healthier/more fit.. either way i remember being super jealous of megan fox and thinking she was gorgeous and now i don’t see any appeal whatsoever

      • Randi

        I thought the same thing about the picture of her in the Motley Crue tee! So beautiful!!

        • solaxia

          Jessica – I was the same when i saw her…but then her attictude ruined it for me personally. I sued to love her face, and i can admit she was far better here than now. But even here i dont like her face anymore because her personality (what i could see about it from the media anyway) put me off and made her face unnattractive! its wierd how that can happen. She reminde me of this btchy girl i went to school with (who wasnt very pretty) so now i cant stand her. It’s a shame though if the cattiness and stupidity was all just media hype!

        • neonilla

          yep, that one caught my attention, she’s amazingly beautiful there !!

          and i agree about the tan too… you notice it when people tell you how great you look and you know it’s because you are tan even if you’ve been partying and drinking and eating bad stuff, and then a few weeks later they tell you that you look super tired when you’ve really just forgotten to wear concealer and you’re much healthier than a few weeks before…maybe it just happens to me anyway idk lol

  • Kenza

    THIS is the Megan I love! She looked so much better a few years ago. Now she just look frail and sickly and had way too much work done on her face!

  • lola

    she used to be soooo sexy before…there’s something gross and weird about her these days and I can’t figure out what it is.

  • Casey

    I like her somewhere in between her now weight and the weight in these photos.

    I hate how every time a celebrity drops weight, it is assumed that she is starving herself and is miserable, even when that celebrity (Megan) has specifically stated that she was asked to gain weight for Transformers. So really, if we’re going to talk about natural and most maintainable weight, her Transformer weight is not it. You may prefer it, but don’t act like she is starving herself or she’s sooooo unhealthy just because she dropped a few pounds after she stopped doing Transformers.

    • Lili

      I totally understand you. I was told by my boyfriend to gain some weight countless times. I remember a time when I finnaly put some 5lbs and I was looking hot. But then I lost it in, like, three months without dieting.

      • What kind of boyfriend says that? You don’t have to gain (or lose) weight because he says it…

    • Nikki

      Agree, Casey. I don’t mind the weight loss (imo it looked better before probably, but i don’t care about that. It’s about what’s comfortable and natural for urself, nobody else), but i mind the plastic surgery. Of course it’s her choice, i just think it’s a shame…

    • i agree.

    • Emily

      She was at her Transformers weight in 2004, long prior to Transformers. She appeared in Two and a Half Men (it’s all on YouTube) and looked like this. Then she lost the weight for whatever reason, but I’m inclined to think it’s because, as she admits, she doesn’t take care of herself. She barely eats. So she was asked to gain weight for Transformers, but that just put her back at her normal weight from before she got frail.

    • If you go back farther, I think she was even a bit heavier than she was here. Although, that was in her adolescence so we can’t really judge on that.

      However, if I’m not mistaken, she was asked to gain weight for Transformers after she lost weight to play a man-eating popular girl in that terrible, terrible movie.

      What I don’t understand is why it’s okay for a girl to have a low natural weight, but someone like Jessica Simpson is “a cow” because she’s a bit on the heavier side. Casey, I’m not directing this specific comment towards you because you’re always rational and reasonable, I’m simply stating it in general.

      Personally, I think Megan Fox looks great – slimmer or slightly heavier. It’s really her face that I have a problem with at the lower weight, and I don’t know if it’s because she’s had more work done, or with the weight loss in her face, the plastic surgery didn’t look as intended.

  • Ophelie

    I like her better now. And no I don’t have body image issues.

  • Serafiina

    Oh my so beautiful!

  • lizzy

    omg i absolutely LOVE her in pictures 1 & 8, she is so beautiful, and styled to perfection.

    also love 14, 15, 16, 18… gorgeous. before she started putting crap in her face, bleh.

  • Jo

    You should do the same for Blake Lively!

    • lizzy

      true blake has trimmed down alot since the start of her career.

    • yeah, that would be interesting 🙂

    • Julchen

      great idea, i’d love to see that too

  • I prefer her current body but would keep the old face. She looks to surgerized nowadays

  • vanessa

    I gotta say she looks 20 times better before!

    Megans figure was slim but curvy which is very sexy.Now her body resembles a child her thigh/legs are so child like its unreal.

  • Kiki

    She used to looks so so so beautiful! Now she’s just another Angelina Jolie

  • Kelly

    wow. you can tell she got implants. In the picture up there with the pink straps her boobs are very saggy.

    • Halle

      Yep, you can also tell because when she lost weight the implants became very rounded and far apart.

    • Wow, I don’t see saggy! I think her boobs and everything else looked much sexier then than now – I think I must just like the natural look. Now she looks gaunt, hard and plastic – it really makes me sad to see how beautiful and natural she was before and how creepy and fake she looks now. It also makes me sad that so many people here really prefer her now – normally I can see where people are coming from even when I disagree – but with her, I just don’t understand it!

      • Kelly

        it may be natural, but 24 year olds don’t typically have saggy breasts.

        • Well, they don’t look saggy to me – they look like normal, small breasts with no bra support. I guess all women with breasts that are not large, high and rounded should either hide them away or get implants – but if they are that shape without a bra, then they are most likely not natural! Her breasts look better natural than they do now, imo.

      • Halle

        Just to note, I didn’t mean her boobs were saggy, I just meant they were much smaller than they are now, which makes it obvious that she got implants.

  • Rebecca

    i know its ridiculous, but when i saw the first photo i actually thought she looked large/fat just because of how thin she’s got now and you can really see the difference, when actually the first pic is a totally normal weight!

  • juju

    So much better before….The reason she looked better curvier is ESTROGEN. That hormone is directly related to a womans body fat and is what gives the glow everyone is reffering to. It also makes eyes look brighter and skin more luminous…She lost all of that the skinnier she became…Not to mention the health risks associated with being too skinny such as osteoporosis and premature menopause.

    • Emily

      That’s so true!

  • Halle

    I remember whenever I saw a picture of Megan after Transformers came out I’d just stare at it for fifteen minutes. Her body was really amazing, she had such nice curves, and her face looked so youthful and bright. The implants worked back then because she had enough weight on her to disguise them. I really admired her because she had found a medium between being slim, muscular, and curvy. She had great muscle definition in her legs and stomach without being over the top. Now, she’s a stick. I’m sure if she was unhappy with her current body she would do something about it, but it seems like she wants to shed her image or move away from the Hollywood scene. I’m not entirely sure, all I can say is I was very surprised when I began to see her change, both physically and in her personality. She was quite outgoing and outspoken back then, and I loved that. Now, she seems to have faded away. I knew she wasn’t the most talented actress in the business, but she was SO popular. I guess she’s just one of those actresses who couldn’t maintain her fame. I do hope she comes back, though.

  • Nikki

    Haha i just looked at the first picture and not the headline, and thought: yay! she looks like her old self again! I thought the plastic had “settled” and she looked as hot as always… ah well, silly me. She looks amazing in these pics. She has never been my fave beauty celeb, but i can certainly see she is hot.
    She has that wow factor with the light sultry eyes and dark hair, i hope she gets it back. I just saw a video from Golden Globes, she looked more like Heidi Montag than her old self… It’s really sad 🙁 Hope she’s had enough of the plastic surgery now..

  • brainlessblogger

    In my opinion her face looks no different now, only sublte changes like minor Rhinoplasty (It’s not like she had a Barbra Streisand nose before), but her gorgeous bone structure is still the same– I actually think she looks much better these days, truth be told. She removed*, that picture with the tight white jeans and pink tank makes her look about 145 pounds! give or take. Now she has chiseled her body to paramount physical fitness; her abs are to die for.

    Stinken JEALOUSY!!! you women are like a pack of hungry wolves.

    • ellie

      145 is still normal for 5’5”, so stop being pathetic and making it seem like it’s obese? Okay then.
      And she was not 145, more like 130 in the white pants. She is probably 100 pounds now.

      • brainlessblogger

        Okay, okay maybe it’s still in the ”Normal” category, but that doesn’t make it attractive. It’s still a semi high weight for a woman of that height, especially when you’re pear like Megan and the majority of your weight is carried in your hips and thighs. It just doesn’t look right, and personally a little bit sloppy.

        100 pounds is a better weight for her anyway.

    • Halle

      Actually, in her latest bikini pictures her abs aren’t as strong and defined as they were before she lost all the weight. Her legs also don’t look muscular, they look like sticks. The biggest change in her face is from the weight loss, but there are other definite signs of plastic surgery. I think she looks lovely and healthy in all of these pictures. She looks womanly, not fat. I was a fan of Megan’s for a while, so please don’t overgeneralize with the “jealous pack of wolves” comment.

    • I am far from jealous! I would honestly rather have my somewhat overweight hourglass body than Megan’s current one any day!
      I really am finding it hard to understand why so many comments are positive about her now and I normally can see the positives in what I disagree with. She did not look fat before and she looks too thin and frail now – I just find it sad and scary that anyone could look at the pictures above and see anything but a healthy sized, sexy, fresh young woman!
      And if she is 100lbs now she is seriously underweight – that weight is only ‘normal’ for someone around 5 feet tall!

      • solaxia

        Erica, I think that a lot of people on here have a very different view to those that dont frequent these kinds of websites (I’m not saying I’m any better! I mean, I do too!) But just saying if I take a step back and look at this objectively, I think people in my life would find her way too thin. There were times when i lost a pile of weight, yet wasn’t necessarily underweight by hollywood standards or standards for girls on here (I was 5’2 and 49kgs) however everyone told me i looked sick and gaunt. Because thats not how I was naturally! II had to cut out exercise to lose muscle mass, and i ate very little. And its not even because i have a big frame (its quite small) its just that the people in my life dont have such a different way of looking at things. I even had random people telling me i looked too thin, customers at work! I didnt know them from a bar of soap! I looked like megan does now but with bigger boobs and legs and wider hips due to my frame (so one would think i looked bigger all over) yet people were like ‘gosh. you look ill.’ So dw, i do see what you mean in your comments, and I really do think that on here there would be a different perception of normality regarding weight and surgery. Not saying it’s ‘wrong’ per se, but I agree that it is kind of scary at times.

        • I agree with you solaxia – you sound very sensible and I always like your posts!

      • Bonnie

        Yeah… I actually don’t think Megan looks ‘underweight’ (speaking as an underweight person from an often underweight family with bird bones) now, I just think she looks too thin FOR HER. I would estimate her as 110-115 lbs now which is right on the cusp of underweight/normal BMI if she is 5’5″. At the same weight, my sisters look curvy and healthy, but Megan looks drawn and unnatural. Hell, I know women that lost ‘too much’ weight and looked and felt ill, but were nowhere near being technically underweight. Pounds mean so little. To me Megan looks 100x better at this weight, than now.

        • I agree Bonnie – I guess I meant underweight for her frame. I understand that plenty of people could look fine at her current weight, just as plenty of people would look a bit chubby at her previous weight – but she does not look ‘right’ how she is now.

  • Natalie

    I think she looked like a porn star and now she is a bad wax figure of Angelina.

    • solaxia

      lol i thinkn she did too…but a pretty one. usually i dont find them pretty

  • flossy

    She looks amazing with bangs that haircut really suits her.

  • Brittany

    her body was sooo enviable before (as was her face) slim but curvy. some people look better super skinny but she is not one of them. she use to be a head turner and now she’s just an average super skinny actress.

  • leslie

    am i the only one who thinks that she looks kind of “trashy” in these pics?

  • i really can’t understand how people can think she looked better before. She was amazing looking before

    • Silly me! I meant I can’t understand how people can think she looks better now! haha.

    • I don’t understand it either. She was a knockout before, now she looks frail and kind of pitiable.

    • Hazal

      Same here.

  • seijidan

    She’s tanned in these photos as well. Megan doesn’t tan anymore since she’s out of the Transformers franchise. Hence, that’s why she appears more sultry and exotic here. I do believe she looks better with a bit of weight on, esp on the face. Her face looks a bit gaunt to me, just like Jolie. But whatever makes her happy then she should go there

  • Ophelie

    Honestly, I think she looks better now but I am very easily swayed by clothes and I feel like her red carpet dressing is less trashy now. I think her body looked great before but I prefer way she looks in candid pictures now. I also prefer her without the tan, as her tan never seemed naturalbti me. I think her body was at it’s pinnacle in Jennifer’s Body. Out of those above, my favourite is the tight pink dress with long straight hair, both face and body are lovely there. And no way she was 145 in any of the pictures versus posted.

    • Emily

      She starved herself for Jennifer’s Body, Ophelie. UGH. You people…

      • Halle

        From what I remember, even in Jennifer’s Body she was at a higher weight than she is now. If she had to starve herself for the body she had in Jennifer’s Body, then what is she doing to maintain the weight she is at now?
        I also don’t understand why you had to reply to Ophelie that way. She was just stating her preference and opinion.

  • hays

    She looks astonishing in the 4th and 6th picture

  • Nessa

    haha when does she not look trashy? I think that’s apart of why people like her.

  • Peach

    I think she looks better before.

  • soooo gorgeous before.

  • i really don’t get the whole “glow” thing.. i just think her skin looks plastic and like she has waaay too much face makeup on. or is it just me?

  • I liked how her face looked before all the work she had, however, both her before and after body I like. It’s her before face that made me find her gorgeous. Her body was hot then and nice now, so no complaints from me.

  • ajt

    These pics were taken 3-4 years ago, alot can change in that time. While Megan could stand to gain 5-10 pounds and still look great, I think here current appearance is a lot more fit looking. She looks like she works out a lot more now. Even she said that she was told to gain weight for Transformers and it wasn’t her normal size. Everyone has to remember that when you workout a lot, especially a lot of toning you look much more lean and compact, but your weight isn’t as drastically low as it appears. That being said I do agree that her face was definitely sexier before.

  • Ana

    She looks really pretty in the motley crew shirt, I ve never thought she was that gorgeous. But i do like her.

    I think she looks heaps better with some volume in her hair, not dead straight, and i wish she would go a little bit lighter with her hair, I wonder what her natural colour is.

  • Lang

    She’s really a very fair, freckly girl with dishwater hair. Standard pretty girl-next-door type done up to look vampy.

  • Påö

    She looked soooooo much better before! Now she looks like a 7 year old little boy and her hair looks bad too. She’s lost too much weight.

    • Halle

      If a stunning woman like Megan Fox looks like a seven year old boy, I think we’re all in trouble.

      • guru

        not really, when people say she is stunning, they mean her face is stunning. she has lost a lot of weight now and she does look more boyish, she was stunning before the weight loss. you are talking about the way she looked then, Pao is talking about how she looks now

  • serena

    she gained a lot for transfrmz 2 because michael bay the director wanted her to. he didn’t want a skinny girl for the film. After that she seemed to lose that weight and keep going a little

  • Alexa

    She is so gorgeous “Before”. Especially Transformers 2 Days. I think those were her prime.

    • guru

      she had surgery in T2 but

  • I actually think she was kind og plumpy before. And she has the most annoying face, so porn-like and so operated. She could never do a serious role.

    • Jane

      She is so slutty in some of those expressions — the stuff she does with her tongue and mouth open is gross.
      And I agree that she looked chunky before. She looks better now. Same hourglass figure, just made of muscle, not fat.

  • neonilla

    I prefer the face she had before but I prefer her body now…

  • tink

    I don’t find her pretty at all. The sex-kitten thing doesn’t appeal to me.

  • Brit

    I met a lot of people from Transformers 3 last summer when they were filming in Chicago (ie the stunt men, assistant director, rosie whitely, shia’s stunt double, etc) and they all (with the exception of Rosie and Shia’s stunt double) said Megan was absolutely drop dead beautiful for the first film but for the second film she had already begun to get too thin and for the one or two days that she filmed Transformers 3 before getting replaced they had said she lost all of her sex appeal due to losing so much weight. She’s lost even MORE after that. I love her, though.

    I do have to say, in no offense to anyone here, but I find it funny that everyone insists that she looked sexier before BUT when these pictures were current and on this site commenters would say she needed to lose weight. Ha. It’s a lose-lose situation for practically all females in Hollywood.

    • guru

      she was her fattest in revenge of the fallen. she said so herself and you can tell from her pics. she looked much thicker in T2 than she did in T1 . she was slim in the first movie, but that wasn’t her biggest. im starting to think you made that story up

  • ali

    SHE LOOKS Soooo much better before!!! Body and face wise! I don’t understand why she’d change, she was perfect

  • tina

    That one picture of her in that grey t-shirt .. oh my god. Such a beauty.

  • Nina

    i love the transformers outfit!

  • k

    that first picture…stunning. Wow..

  • aj

    Wow… she glowed or something, she was breath taking. It’s so sad that she probably doesn’t realise how beautiful she was and how unnecessary the weight loss/surgery was. Sad.

    • guru

      but she had surgery on most of these pics

  • guru

    you guys are being kind of thick. the majority of these pictures are of her AFTER surgery. she juts took the surgery too far. abit of it made her look better though. she was plain before the surgery

  • guru

    3.4.6 14,15,16 and 18 are the only natural ones . what are you guys on about? in the pics where she is on set revenge of the fallen she had surgery then, she also had surgery in the last pic. most ppl are saying the last pic is the prettiest. i am getting confused

  • Anonymous

    She look so much better back then – a few years ago (in those photos). She is too skinny now. She looks better wit the curves that she had before. In those photos her body looks healthy, now her legs/thighs are too thin (that’s probably the biggest change I’ve noticed in her body). The thing I like about her now is that she doesn’t wear so much fake tan & makeup like she used to. A natural look suits her better.

    But yes, you can tell her face has changed a fair bit these past few years.

  • Camille

    Hey there guys… I was such a fan of Megan’s look before – I mean, look at her! Gorgeously divine and goddess-like… Just everything about her, her body, face and hair. My oh my. But then something happened… She got skinnier and skinnier, and then her nose changed a bit and her face went all bumpy and swullen (implying botox…).
    I like her the absolute most back in her curvy days.
    But then here’s a question… On the photos from the Transformer scenes and the red carpet ones, where she wears a black dress and turqouise necklace, what size do you think she is?
    Please be specific on whether you talk US or UK sizes…
    Love from Denmark

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