Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari in a Green Bikini

mena-suvari-in-a-green-bikini - Mena Suvari in a Green Bikini

Bikini treat!

This time, the tiny 2-piece is green and it’s on fit pear shaped Mena Suvari, who was photographed at Azure pool at The Palazzo in Las Vegas.

Plus points: Great abs, nice tiny waist, shapely legs and round hips!

mena-suvari-in-a-green-bikini-3 - Mena Suvari in a Green Bikini

How do you like Mena’s bikini figure?

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mena-suvari-in-a-green-bikini-2 - Mena Suvari in a Green Bikini

mena-suvari-in-a-green-bikini-41 - Mena Suvari in a Green Bikini

mena-suvari-in-a-green-bikini-5 - Mena Suvari in a Green Bikini

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  • anya

    I am not so crazy about her upper half, but that butt is amazing.

  • krystyn

    It’s such a relief to see a celeb with strong legs. As a runner I get legs like hers but am always bombarded with scrawny legged celebs… She certainly knows how to pack on the muscle, and looks great!

    • Delia

      Apparently, everybody responds differently to exercise because I am also a runner (40-60 miles weekly) and my legs are virtual sticks!

      • krystyn

        Haha I know, it’s just my body type. I gain muscle in my legs so easy, I wish mine were sticks 😛

        • samba

          i know exactly how u feel! i also gain muscle in the legs so easily! and i get sick of ppl saying that ppl with big legs could be thinner in the thigh area if they lose weight because the muscle is covered with fat! but look at Mena! she has stuff all fat on her bod or her thighs! and she is tiny! but still there is meat on her thighs! i am like that also mine barel change even when i gain weight they are the same! and when i lose wight they are the same! she has an awesome butt too! but u cant see it here

  • molly

    i just dont like her look, i can’t help it. I neither like the massive earrings, nor the tatoo in the middle of her chest or the ruffles of her bikini. she is a good actress though.

  • ha

    I like that she makes the most of having a pear-shaped body. Instead of freaking out and going anorexic to alter it, she is very fit and toned and doesn’t look remotely chubby in any way. Also, she’s in American Beauty which is one of my favorite movies ever!

  • pipi

    gross, short legs. I love my body when I look at hers. I am a runner but dont have such legs thank god

  • Kristy

    I think her upper body looks great, but her legs are just too muscular in my opinon. Not too muscular in general, but too muscular comapred to the rest of her body. Her pose in the first pic reminds me of some sort of deer or stag. Actually no, a centaur.

  • Elena

    She’s shaped as Keira Knightley and they’re both get the best of it! I don’t know why, but I’ve never noticed that she’s a pear shape. I always thought of her as a skinny ruler. I’m not a fan of a more muscular body type, but she pulls it off pretty good. Eitherway, I like this girl, she looks like she’s taking care of herself and that’s the main point.

  • anna

    It’s a good body , fit and toned minus the prison tats

  • skirmute

    Her legs are very muscular but of course such legs look much better than untoned, chubby ones! I remember her pics where she was wearing super skinny jeans and her legs really looked a bit chubby. Now it looks like she’s working on them really hard. Her abs is also great but she has no breasts, that’s sad. Anyway, I love her face, so fresh and cute.

    • Pistola

      It’s “sad” that she is small chested?! I think it would be “sad” if she felt the need to get implants because she thought her natural body wasn’t good enough without big boobs.

      • Instant

        Exactly, Pistola.

  • anabel

    I love her look! So petite yet strong, very unique and cool imo.

  • Natalie

    She got an odd torso,like Hayden Panettiere,she should wear a different bikini top to hide her lack of brest…

    • Anna

      Actually the bikini top is that way for a reason, by adding volume to the top you get an impression that her breasts are bigger. The first thing I commented on was the smart choice of bikini.

  • giggles ;))

    I think she looks perfect
    I have a total lesbo crush on her 🙂

  • Jenna

    I never knew she had this body type, I always thought she looked super slim but it is just her tiny top half that is petite.

    She has such a striking face though. You look at her features and think they are a bit strange but somehow the overall effect is really pretty.

  • ABCD

    She looks good! Like an off season fitness competitor with a little less muscle…very athletic, she looks like she has gotten pretty ripped lately.

  • Meli

    I think she has a beautiful body. i wouldn’t really call her pear shape. i have exactly the same body as her but i have fuller breasts. her legs are not even as chunky as some of the comments make it out to be. if she went down to the beach with let’s say ummm a skinny celeb like jessice stroup, i can guarantee you that she would get twice the amount of guys than a celeb with hardly any curves or muscle tone. guys like girls with a bit of meat and some muscle most the time.
    ps- i think heidi montag has even bigger legs than her in the pictures before mena. but noone hardly seems to say anything about that annoying blonde

  • Delia

    Those thighs look like two giant glazed hams….gross.

    • Ashley

      Whats with you saying people have big gross thighs? You need a mental evaluation very badly. Whats wrong with you? Those legs are sexy. Stick thin legs are absolutely repulsive. Its nasty and very un womanly. People like girls with abit of meat on their bones because its sexy and womanly. Get help please.

      • Valentina

        God you are sooooo ghetto. Isn’t that where being ‘curvy’ is considered good? See, when you don’t live in the projects being thin and toned is what people find attractive.

        • ohwowlovely

          *insert THAT’S RACIST gif here*

          • Dana


        • ohwowlovely

          also, she is already thin and toned. she’s clearly pear-shaped and very thin on her upper body, how the hell would she get her legs thinner without ending up with a SKELETAL torso? impossible to do.

          • Natalie

            Maybe with a liposuction and pilates…

          • Uma

            Wow Natalie, sure, she should really liposuct her muscles off. Wow, that’s so no ignorant and terribly intelligent from you.

    • Emma Jane

      i think her legs probably aren’t that big its just that she has such a teeny upper body that they look bigger but to call them glazed hams is really quite offensive! just because you think they’re not what you find attractive doesn’t mean you need to be rude!

  • 2nd pics looks like Angelina Jolie… and I am not a fan of this body at all .

  • Dr. Truth

    Holy Shit! She looks like a professional fitness model in these pictures! WOW!
    The only thing I worry about is her face. She seems to have aged a lot in the last few years…

  • Jaz

    I love her legs! They look sexy. Its funny…her top half is like a white girl..but her bottom half is like a black woman haha I have seen her butt…she has a very round one!

    • Rachel


  • pia

    her upper half is like a 12 years old girl.. and her legs are too muscular.. she looks wierd :S

  • Sidra


  • shana

    She looks gross… no boobs.. bony chest.. and fat thighs.. am not a fan of anorexic look but her thighs are too meaty !!

    • Uma

      That’s not fat honey, that’s pure muscle. If you can’t make the difference, it is your problem. It is perfectly fine not to like her legs, but calling them fat is stupid.

  • suzushii

    Since when did this site get overrun by The unapologetic body dismorphia society?

  • Federica

    I like her upper half. Legs are maybe a little too muscular. But she’s so cute!

  • Nkeon

    What’s wrong with being pear-shaped? There are plenty of women that wish they had figures like J’Lo, Shakira and Jennifer Metcalfe and men that crave to get a taste of such figures!

    I think She looks great. Nice toned pear-shaped body. Only negative for me is the tattoo that makes her look as though she just came out of Holloway.

    • Charlotte

      Agreed! 🙂

  • jedle

    Wow yeah I never realised she was so pear shaped in movies. She’s rather stumpy and really flat chested but she works it well its good to see she’s confident and healthy

  • Serafiina

    She looks stunning, I really do like her body.

  • xo

    Anya.. where is this alleged butt pic? im not a fan of this body type.. too flat and too muscular for my taste.. manish.

    • Nkeon

      oh she got booty alright!

      If you can be bothered google her and i’m sure they’ll come up

  • EnK love

    Personally, I think she looks too muscular. I think a little fat on her body would look lovely. Her legs are strong-looking. She seems healthy, but to an extreme I find unattractive. But that face is undeniably adorable 🙂

  • Rachel

    Ah, I feel like I’m looking at myself. Weird.

  • rainy

    the girl’s got some serious quads going on…judging from her muscular legs and fit butt, it’s easy to tell that she’s a big fan of weight training, specially squats, lunges and dead lifts. I like her. She looks all natural.

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  • Vic

    The tats are hilarious! Her body looks weird because her torso is longer in relation to her legs. Long body, short stumpy legs-hence the high heels.

  • Stannyc

    I see that all of the comments are from women – so let me add a guy’s perspective. Yes there are hotter celebs and some blessed with natural assets – but this chick is working what she’s got well!! For you women, men actually love and are turned on by fit, muscular women. Not bodybuilders who take steroids but muscles just like this. Why do you think Jessica Biel was voted sexiest woman alive? We LIKE some curves and we prefer the curves to be toned. Least on our list is the waif, model look. That was created by the gay men who run haute fashion mags. 10/10 for Mean from me.

  • Randall

    Wow people, can you get a hold of yourselves? I can see making a comment about something, but do you have to have such venom behind it? Get over yourselves and get a life. So she has everything you wish you had.. sitting there behind your computer and spitting viscous comments at her only makes you look small.
    Mena is a lovely girl. She is absolutely beautiful and her body is sexy as hell. Personally, I love all the variations of womens bodies. It would get kinda boring if they all looked the same. Try not to swallow the Hollywood mentality that everyone has to look a certain way in order to be beautiful.
    Mena, you are lovely and I wish you happiness! Thanks for some fun movies and I look forward to more..

  • Zan

    Shes beautiful I think..who cares if shes got muscley legs..there isnt a piece of flab on her! amazing body!

  • Erik

    She has always had really fat legs. She wouldn’t look half bad if her legs were a lot leaner.