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Michelle Trachtenberg in Jeans

fp_3189161_trachtenberg_michelle_moe_062409 - Michelle Trachtenberg in Jeans

Here’s Michelle Trachtenberg running some errands in the city, while wearing a pair of casual jeans and some interesting sandals.

How do you all like Michelle’s figure in this pair of jeans? What about her whole look?

Her hips look really curvy in the second pic, but that might be just the angle.

fp_3188759_trachtenberg_michelle_moe_062409 - Michelle Trachtenberg in Jeans

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fp_3188756_trachtenberg_michelle_moe_062409 - Michelle Trachtenberg in Jeans

fp_3188758_trachtenberg_michelle_moe_062409 - Michelle Trachtenberg in Jeans

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  • neonilla

    Her ankles are disguting and she’s overall looking overweight to me…anyways, i love her as Georgina in GG 😀

    • thecardigangirl

      i don’t like the ankles too but i really like her. she has a very pretty face.

      i think it’s mean to say she looks overweight cause she really doesn’t! imo she has a healthy figure and looks good.

      • Jay

        Anyone who finds this woman to look evenrmotely overweight should seriously see a doctor for body dismorphia disorder. Please. That is just sick

        • CheCheBelle

          I find that to be a very strange comment, Jay. “Overweight” just means that your body mass surpasses what’s recommended. The general rule for women is that, for every inch above five foot, a woman should weigh 5 pounds over 100. Therefore, a woman who is 5’4” should be 120. There are, of course, exceptions due to frame and musculature.. but I’d agree with neonilla in that she’s heavy for her height. I don’t think I have BDD at all for thinking that. I don’t think she looks bad at all.

          • Leanna

            That’s such a general rule and I’m apparently 15lb overweight according to it yet my body fat percent is sub 25% which it good for a female.

            Lets say michelle is 150lb max (considering her height of 5ft7). That wouldn’t make her overweight by any medical standards (unless she has a very small build).

            There is a difference between what is medically overweight and what someone might find attractivess in terms of body fat size, proportions, softness, etc.

          • Instant

            That rule is such BS, I don’t even know why people still hold it up as “truth”. I’ve known way more women that were the “exceptions” to that rule(due to body frame and what not) than I have that could actually follow that rule and be healthy. IMO, the best way to know what your healthy weight range is, is to look up a height/weight chart that breaks the recommended weight ranges down by small, medium, and large frames.

          • Kae

            This rule you speak of, I’ve never heard of it and I’ve been in the health and fitness field for over ten years. If it was at one point a general rule, it’s quite outdated, just like the BMI.

            I’m 5’4″ and according to this “rule”, I’m fifteen lbs overweight. However, my doctor says I have a medium to large frame with a lot of skeletal muscle but I look like I weigh 120. My point is, everyone is different.

    • KJ

      its not the ankles… its the shoes. maybe shes a little thicker in her calves, but its the shoes tight around the ankles that make them look bigger.

    • Nkeon

      Overweight??? Nah

      She’s got a curvy shape and is fuller figured in size but not overweight (Well at least she doesn’t look it i should say; i don’t how much she weighs and how tall she is etc)

    • anya

      Just because she carries most of her weight in her bottom half doesn’t mean she’s overweight.
      Some people have very skinny legs and carry their weight in ther upper body, but that doesn’t mean they are overweight either.
      Everyone carries their weight differently.

    • Leanna

      She’s not at all looking overweight. I think her clothes are extremely baggy and therefore not flattering to her figure.

      And her ankles do look strange, but I’m wondering if she is wearing some kind of bandage around them?

      • Uma

        Wanna bet that if she got the right clothes on she would look smth like KK? How come Kim is a sex bomb and everyone else who kind of has the same figure is overweight? Think again…

        • Uma

          I was replying to those calling her overweight, not to you Leanna. Sorry about that.

          • Leanna

            No worries Uma x

      • VK

        That’s what I was thinking, she’s not remotely overweight, she’s just pear shaped and wearing a horrendous outfit for her shape. She couldn’t have picked a worse outfit to be honest, the top completely hides her small waist and flat stomach and the whole outfit draws attention to the fact she has a long torso and short legs with chunky calves and ankles. I have the same shape although I’m slimmer than her and I know those clothes would make me look like a midget with hefty legs aswell. She’s so beautiful though that she almost gets away with it I think.

  • biarose

    not sure if it’s just the sandals, but she looks like she has some major cankles!

  • anya

    honestly, why in the world, when you know that you carry alot of your weight in your bottom half, would you choose sandals that are so tight around the ankels.
    I know we can’t change our shapes but we can dress to flatter them.

    • biarose

      I know what you mean. Like, wouldn’t she have seen her legs in the mirror before she left. Or when she bought the shoes!! I just don’t understand how you could miss that!

    • Kae

      Yeah, I gotta agree. Those sandals are horribly unflattering for her bottom half.

  • tulona

    michelle posseses one of the most unusual figures i’ve ever seen. her upper body is very slim but her upper arms and legs are much meatier in comparison and look disproportionate. but she’s not ‘fat’ or ‘overweight’ by any means, just soft and feminine. as for her look here, i love the shades, but that’s about it. the shirt’s okay (not great) for a casual look but i HATE those pegged jeans. these jeans don’t flatter any figure and i don’t understand why people continue to wear them.

    • tulona

      oh and i hate the shoes. like other people are saying, they don’t suit her at all.

      • Maryna

        I agree, I think the outft looks a bit too casual and very unfeminine

  • emil

    Her legs are big! Very unusual for a woman who has a slim upper body. I remember watching her on the movie Ice Princess , and her legs weren’t that big!

    • Leanna

      No it’s not unusual, it’s called being pear shaped. The same as a woman with a bigger upper body and slim legs is an apple shape.

  • What

    She looks so different from Eurotrip! She also looks shorter than I thought she was.

  • J

    It’s only unusual for a white woman- I don’t remember people commenting it being unusual for Ciara and they look to have the same body type- albeit Michelle is shorterand paler and therefore appears stumpier….

    • anya

      Ciara and Michelle has no body similarities whatsoever. And just because Ciara has muscly and toned thighs, it doesn’t mean she’s bottom heavy like Michelle is. Therefore they look nothing alike, bodywise.

      • J

        Hmm small upper bodies, slim waist, defined hips and bigger legs make them similar in my eyes. Michelle is shorter so thelegs aren’t lengthened as much and there are no flattering 4 inch wedges to help either. Michelle being pasty white also makes her appear less toned etc. Though Ciara has much better lower legs…

        • Leanna

          They both appear to be pear shaped, but Ciara is longer legged in relation to her torso whilst michelle has a longer torso in relation to her legs.

  • Kelli

    Yikes! This is seriously making me second guess my cropped boyfriend jeans. :[

    Note to self: Don’t wear gladiators w/ cropped boyfriend jeans EVER!

    The flair around the hip and the tightness at the ankles is making her look very wide.

  • @ Kelli, haha seriously gladiators and cropped jeans is a no no.
    I love the rest of her outfit, comfy and casual but the gladiators have got to go…

  • becca

    she has a body similar to alicia keys. slim upperbody, thicker arms, plump lower body. or kelly clarkson in her slimmer days.

    this body type can look GREAT if clothed properly.

    • maRRina

      Any body type can look great if clothed properly. She could`ve looked better with the right clothes …

  • Rose

    hmm.. i dunno. she ain’t really fat or something like that. i just don’t like her shape i guess.

  • She is a natural beauty.I think she is a little overweight.She was so skinny in the Buffy days…She needs to lose some weight in the legs area or she will end up like Kelly clarkson!

    • Instant

      She isn’t overweight, not even by a little. Pears can’t lose weight from just their legs(actually, don’t know any body type that can 😛 ), if she were to lose enough weight for it to show in her legs, the rest of her would be too thin(Misha Barton comes to mind), and she would STILL look disproportionate, because her legs would still be big in comparison to the rest of her body. She was 14/15 yo. when she started “Buffy”, how many grown women do you know that are still shaped like they were at 14/15? Not too many, right? I’d be willing to bet that they filled out all over after they finished going through puberty and matured to their adult bodies.

  • anabel

    I think all the “overweight” comments are ridiculous. Am I the only one who thinks she has a nice figure? She just needs to learn how to dress for her body type – the sandals and cropped jeans shorten her legs and show off her ankles (which are not really her best feature).

    • K


      • gaby

        i think she has a great figure! I wouldve loved it if her shirt was a little bit tighter because her waist is tiny and she woulve looked much slimmer

  • Elizabeth


  • Elizabeth

    Okay, I have a question. Every time I see pictures of her, I’m ‘amazed’ at how big her ankles are for her frame. After noticing this, when I was watching Gossip Girl + a movie I was watching that she was in, I forget what it was.., Anyways, I made sure to try to get a look at her legs to see if they are as big as they seem in pictures. And although I never really got an extended look at them, they never stand out that much, and I’m always surprised at how slim she is.

    My question is, does she lose weight at each time she makes a movie/tv appearance, does she have a leg double, or is it just the angle/clothing in the pictures that make her appear larger?

    • gaby

      im assuming that photogs like to take unflattering photos of celebs just to get people talking like we are her. Sure she probably has meaty legs but its probably the angles that make them look worse than they are.

  • Kae

    She’s a pear shape, that’s all there is to it. Contrary to popular opinion, she cannot completely slim down in her lower body. It will always be larger than her top. I have a friend who is built exactly the same and she’s a personal trainer. It’s the body type and it looks fine.

  • awsomekrys

    omg! look at her ankles!
    wtf happend to her?

  • Miranda

    Woah, I never noticed how big her ankles are! I think she’s very pretty, but those jeans with those sandals don’t flatter at all. They only accentuate the pear shape.

  • selma

    yep she’s a pear and b/c we’re not dolls, bodytypes are not 100 % identical, some pears gain in the arms, some don’t. same as some V-types have really skinny legs the way apples do, and some have meatier legs but w/ a slighly straighter waistline / hips (like Lilo when she was heavier, she was never an hourglass or such)

    i can’t be sure of it, but maybe those who say Michelle’s overweight mean she could afford to lose a couple of pounds, that she’s looking a bit too big for their taste = over the weight that they consider beautiful (maybe even the healthiest) she sure isn’t overweight in what qualifies as the medical definition of that. she’s a very pretty girl and has an appealing face, that body looks good but i think she’d look hotter if not skinnier than at least w/ a lower bodyfat percentage a.k.a. more muscle–> hard work baby!

  • jenni

    out of boredom i was googling her pictures, and i couldn’t find a single one where she’d look this big (not saying she’s too big, but she has been a lot thinner too) now i wasn’t chasing them pics so i bet they are there, but it’s kind of weird since i think most of the on-the-street etc pics i’ve seen of her show a bigger Michelle, those google things were mostly from awardshows / photoshoots / movies. so Elizabeth rases a good question here, she just seems so much more smaller in the movies i have to wonder if she loses weight every time (i mean many want to ditch few pounds but this is diff.) and even if that’s not the case, i think she’s gained weight quite resently, the first times she appeared on Gossip Girl she was a lot skinnier. i mean it seems she might be those who’ll fluctuate a lot. But if she’s just more voluptous now that she’s “older”, then good for her and hopefully that’s just a natural weight for her and she doesn’t plan on yoyoing.

  • jenni

    on a side not: i can’t believe i just admitted to watching Gossip Girl, now it couldn’t have been a Freudian slip since that would mean i said something i DIDN’T mean, but some kind of unconscious misshab it was!

  • vkat

    she looks like a slob. I’m all for being casual, but this is just sloppy. Ouch, and those shoes are cutting off her circulation!

  • DT

    This is a horrible photo.. she looks soooo bottom heavy and has really thick legs…. thighs and ankles that are bursting those jean seams….. shoes are sooo bad with those too tight jeans 🙁

  • Cecil

    she looks overweight to me. But still sexy.

  • blahh

    wow, i thought she was skinnier, cause when i watched 17 again she didn’t look like that, she wasn’t that ‘curvy’ she was a lot skinnier. she looks alright i guess, clothes don’t look that flattering on her though

  • J

    Skinny can you post thye bikini pics of Kimberly from Girls aloud- a pear whos dropped about 10lbs

  • Ramie

    she has really big cankles which could be hidden by boot leg jeans. Or if she wore shorts with flattering shoes….

  • ms_benes

    she does look heavier than usual

  • Mastretta

    c’mon people.stop being ignorant! you think this woman looks good? that this is a beautiful body shape for a woman? the woman is FAT for god’s sake! you’re all a bunch of hypocrites.

  • gaby

    Sam pants and shoes and she looks fabulous…the picture is obviously just unflattering…damn photogs