Michelle Trachtenberg, Skinny Versus Curvy

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Whitney Port Versus Michelle Trachtenberg!

skinny-versus-curvy-battle-time-whitney-port-versus-michelle-trachtenberg - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Whitney Port Versus Michelle Trachtenberg!

Whitney has the the kind of legs that would make Gisele’s and Heidi’s legs look meaty and shapely, the kind of legs that are actually advised to wear ankle straps, horizontal lines or white stockings. Now on the other side (right), we’ve got some actual meaty legs, belonging to Michelle. And I think we can be positive that Whitey’s legs continue with a very thin upper body, while Michelle’s legs connect with curvy hips.

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Whitney Port Versus Michelle Trachtenberg! Choose your favorite!

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  • musko

    Why does Michelle insist on wearing skirts?? Her legs are so BIG!! She doesn’t have ankles… her calves just “bleed” into her feet, poor girl. Whitney looks fantastic!!

    • Claire



      Ladies, that is neither healthy nor fit. I agree with the person above me saying “Why does she insist on wearing skirts?” I honestly do not know, but maybe it is because then she can at least hide the spot where her inner thighs slam into each other.

      She is not healthy. It is time she got back to the skinny little thing she was way back when. Like, alright I get that you clearly like food, but you are pushing it now Trachtenberg. Lay down the cake and hop on the treadmill.

      • evlon

        Since when was it dangerous to have your inner thighs touch?
        I personally find it alien-like and the most unattractive thing when girl’s thighs do not touch..

        how many girls have died because of eating disorders in order to acheive this “ideal” of thighs that do not touch compared to those who died due to their things touching?

        i can safely estimate that it’s almost a million to none.
        obesity is not healthy.
        she is not obese.
        she’s normal.
        this ideal body shape that you describe is a socially constructed value and shouldn’t be taken seriously ANYMORE.

        i’m sick of people saying that anyone who has a healthy BMI and body fat percentage and is proportionate to their frame and height should “jump on the treadmilll” and forget about eating just to please idiots like you.

        • georgette

          i totally agree with you!!! Plus, i also have cankles even though i am quite slim, not thin. It’s just the way your legs are built. My mom has the same legs as me, and no matter how much weight you loose, they’ll always be there. E.G. Kelly Clarkson must weight like two Michelles and she has nice calves and ankles. It’s just bad genetics. Too bad. Michelle has a gorgeous face and tiny waist, i think she’s adorable.

      • Juliette

        Um. Wow.
        Bad day?

  • me

    i don’t understand why girls think it is atrractive to be that thin, whitney looks like she is going to snap at any moment.

  • susan

    Michelle looks HORRIBLE!! ewwww……

  • Charlene

    I have to say that both these girls have unattractive legs. Whitney’s are bony and scrawny, which gives her an automatic lanky appearance. Michelles are just so thick and tree stump like. Thing is, i think it’s just lack of exercise because she used to be in shape. Because if you look, the top part of her body isn’t fat at all.

  • anya

    Without a doubt Whitney. She is so gorgeous and seems so lovely. And normally I don’t like skinny legs, but I think she looks fantastic.

  • e

    It’s pretty obvious Michelle has a bottom heavy figure. The question is, does SHE know it? She dresses like she has no idea. Maybe all her mirrors at home end at the waist. I am beyond jealous of Whitney’s legs, god what I would do for those! They practically crawl up into her armpits!

  • Emily

    whitney is beautiful but those legs are far too skinny, she seriously needs to get to the gym!

  • stef

    To everyone who says, EWWW MICHELLE IS SO GROSS, grow up.
    Whitney is unbelievably thin and very tall, almost 5’11, so of course her legs are stick thin. They make Michelle’s look even bigger than they are.
    And yes, the choice of shoe and tights don’t flatter michelle the best… but if she put on some pumps (no ankle straps!) and lost the leggings, i think she’d look pretty good. No, she is not pin thin like whitney. She’s still pretty damn beautiful.

    If anything whitney’s legs look a bit sickly to me, although I have no doubt she naturall has those thin legs.

    In bikini pictures, Whitney actually isn’t as skinny on top… skinny arms and legs and collar bones, but with a wider tummy horizontally/love handles.. and i only mean this in comparison with the rest of her super skinny frame!

  • I don’t like either sets of legs.. the left is too skinny and the right is too meaty.
    Musko I believe the word you are looking for is “cankles”.
    Although face-wise.. Michelle is prettier in my opinion x

  • Jasmin

    I love whitneys legs:) Michelle looks cowish.

  • Matt

    i dont understand why girls find michelle’s legs healthy.. theyre tree trunks. and the rest of michelles body is so bony, (her chest bone area) girl needs to hit the gym and get toned. and the other is naturallly skinny. shes 6’11.

  • Shannon

    I’ve never seen legs like that…I think i’m gonna barf!

  • Shannon

    michelle that is…utter nastiness

  • whitney’s. (i can wear anything i want… and eat all i want… 😀 )

    i don’t think her legs usually look like that… they r usually meatier.

  • Lbaker

    whitney is beautiful, but her legs are too thin!! they look unhealthy!
    i think the angle, tights, shoes, and visual comparison all make michelles legs appear bigger than they actually are, ive seen other pictures of her and her legs, while thicker, do not look as large as they do in that photo, michelle has a gorgeous figure… hello did anyone see her on gossip girl? she looked amazing!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Ick. At both of them.
    It’s funny because before you scroll down to see their legs, if you compare their top halves, Michelle actually looks the same size, if not skinnier, than Whitney. Then.. Boom.

  • Jessica

    To me there is a difference between naturally skinny and unhealthy skinny. By looking at Whitney Port’s figure I can clearly tell that she’s not naturally skinny. It upsets me to see how some of you make fun of Michelle’s legs and call her fat when she is just curvy. Maybe what she has on doesn’t flatter her figure but it still doesn’t make her fat. I rather be thicker and healthy than to be skinny and anorexic. In my opinion, Whitney looks sick!!! She should gain weight. I can tell with her tall height that she is underwright and according to medical experts if you are 35 lbs below your expected body weight you are considered anorexic. Skinny can be beautiful ONLY if it’s natrual. But if your body isn’t made to be that way it doesn’t make it right for those who are skinny to put others down. And for those who say Michelle is a cow, disgusting, too meaty is just plain ignorant. That’s right I said IGNORANT!!!! You are listening to unrealistic standards that in order for you to be georgous you have to be stick thin. Whitney Port is too tall and is problably underweight. Michelle is healthy so she wins in my book!!!!

    • Micki

      First of all, Whitney is naturally skinny like that.
      She works out and does all sorts of that stuff.
      It’s not her fault if Michelle is too lazy to get up
      and go to the gym for her own sake. If she doesn’t
      go to the gym she probably doesn’t care about
      the way she looks. Which means she doesn’t have
      much self confidence. Either way it’s too bad for Michelle.

  • Jackie J.

    Jessica, YOUR GO GURL!!! That’s right

    I say Michelle looks better becuase she is healthy. She may be a little thick in the legs but it DOESN’T make her nasty or fat. For those who may not realize it there IS a difference between thin, thick and fat.

    Thin means you don’t have a figure at all. You either have an apple or bannana figure. This may come naturally to some people and that’s okay. Like Jessica said ONLY IF IT’S NATURAL (and Michelle clearly isn’t).

    Thick means you are between thin and fat. You have either an hour glass figure or pear shaped. I think this is the shape men prefer. A woman with full hips and large bust. Like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Michelle (above), Marilyn Monroe, and Kimora Lee Simmons.

    Fat means you are so big that you don’t have a figure at all. You are big all over. But that’s okay. I say you’re still beautiful. There’s more of you to love!!!

    There are more than one ways to be attractive and being super skinny isn’t the only thing. If you wear the right clothes for your figure, you can look fabulous. So for those who say Michelle is gross you need to grow up!!!! As for Whitney, I’m not judging her, but she should really consider putting on some pouds before she ends up like Karen Carpenter. So I say Michelle looks better!!!!

  • susan

    Whitney does not need to put on any weight she looks amazing, and she is definitely naturally skinny! I also really doubt that anyone would rather be chubby or “healthy” as you say than skinny and gorgeous like Whitney. Michelle looks bad and needs to lose weight…thats the truth so deal with it!

  • Jasmin

    Susan I agree with you…The pictures are not flattering to Michelle and what she really looks like in person but thats what the camera does to people…it kinda distorts them…whitneys legs in my opinion are not anorexic looking…Ive seen ana’s before and there way worse than this! She just has thin legs and I think there great! I could be a little less harsh in call michelle a cow…but I really dont like how big her legs look! SORRY!

  • musko

    Unfortunately, these are celebs we are talking about… not the “average joe” on the street… Michelle would probably look fine, otherwise. In Hollywood, you are judged on everything and if anything is less (or more) than perfect then there’s opinions.

  • Don

    For my taste it’s not even a contest. Age and experience as well as taste are a factor. It’s Misch hands down. Whitney Port has her unique beauty, yet is a classic and typical “California” (regardless of where she’s from originally) style blond babe. Very beautiful. But Michelle is Michelle. I’m sure a little more muscle and the slightest touch more body fat would make Whitney a better example of her “genre”. Michelle’s weight vacillates somewhat but this won’t phase most of her more mature admirers in the least. She’ll be right back where she wants to be come “show time”. It’s her personality,…she, herself… that sets of her amazing body. Incredibly attractive. In a league all by her lonesome.

  • Leah

    Jazmine and Susan need to Shut the F*ck up with ya’ll ignant selves. Whitney is too skinny (and UNATURALLY) AND Michelle may not be the skinniest but doesn’t look nasty. Jessica and Jackie J wasn’t talking about the average “Joe” but by people putting out these post, it sends out the wrong message to women across the U.S. When they see ignorant post like yours (Jazmine and Susan), then it lets other women know “well how about me???” That is why people are anorexic and have low self-confidence. I think that was the whole point of Jessica’s and Jackies comments. So Ya’ll need to sit your bony a$$es down and eat a sandwhich somewhere…BITCHES!!!!

    Don’t worry Jessica and Jackie J, I got your backs!!!

  • jessica

    Thanks Leah for having our backs!!!!

    Susan and Jasmine, your opinion is your opinion, even though I don’t agree with it. I strongly feel that you DON’T have to be a size 0 to be georgous. Whiteny looks TOO skiny and Michelle looks healthy. so BACK OFF!!!! Nobody was talking to you anyways.

  • Trevon

    Now I’m not gettin involved in these little catfights…but I think Michelle looks better to me. Whiteny is too bony to me and I wouldn’t be attracted to somone whose body looks like mine. I like thick women so Michelle wins my vote…

  • Jessica

    Oh! when I said “back off” I was talking more to Susan than Jasmine…

  • Zach

    They both look pretty in the face, but shape wise Michelle looks better. Just lose a little weight in the legs and she will be perfect!!!

  • Olivia

    Susan and Jasmine need to calm the Heck down with your ignorant selves. Jessica and Jackie wasn’t talking about the “average joe” they were talking about these two but at the same time mentioned that by putting up these post it sends the wrong message to women accross the U.S. By crazy comments like yours it lets women think “well if they feel that way, then what about me?” That’s why Jess and Jackie said what they did. As far as I know everyone has the right to say what they want to say and post their comment. Michelle looks too think and anorexic and Michelle may not be the skinniest but that doesn’t mean she’s gross and need to lose weight!! I agree with Jessica and Jackie!!!! So like Jess said Back off!….now deal with that!!!

  • Emma

    LOL @ Olivia, didn’t you mean Whitney looks too thin???

    I think Michelle looks better. I’m a size 3 and I want to gain weight. I wouldn’t want to be exactly Michelle’s size, but I say she looks better and “HEALTHY” than Whitney….

  • Hannah

    Olivia made a point….with these comments would make a woman wonder about her own size….

    anyways, I think they both look great. But I say Michelle looks healthier. She’s a little thicker in the legs but she doesn’t look like a cow as some of you may say.

    Susan, your comment to Jessica was pretty nasty. You should “back off” and MYOB.

  • Jennifer

    Michelle looks better to me!!!! I wouldn’t want to be extra skinny. I agree with Jessica. You don’t have to be a size 0 to be pretty. Look at J.Lo, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and America. Those women are beautiful so I think these three ladies (Olivia, Jessica, and Jackie) make perfect sense. some guys prefer curvier women anywas.

  • Eric

    I like Michelle’s figure better and Whitney’s. I don’t know why women think skinny is attractive to us guys.

  • Lindsey

    I’m sure Michelle’s picture was altered some way. You know how the papparizzi (sp?) like to alter photos to make a person bigger than she really is.

    Oh and Susan!!!! You misread Jessica’s comment. She never said she would rather by “cubby” and thick, she said Thick and Healthy. You can still be thick, healty, and pretty. She said you can be thick and still be georgous. Not fat and still be georgsous. she also said skinny is okay as long as it is NATURAL!!!! and sweety, you’d be surprise on how many women would rather be “think and beautiful” than “thin and unhealthy. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re too big it can be bad for you as well because of your health. Otherwise you can be thick (read Jackie J’s comment and you’ll see the difference between fat and thick) and still be beautiful. Look at Jennifer Hudson and American Ferra (sp?). so GET IT RIGHT and quit misquoating people.

    NOW WITH THAT SAID…. Maybe their pictures must have been altered to make them worse than what they are. If that isn’t the case, then Whitney needs to put on pounds and Michelle should lose “SOME” weight in her legs.

  • Savana

    That’s right ladies

    represent us thick sexy women!!!! Whitney is anorexic sick think (even though she’s pretty) and Michelle Trachtenberg looks great (it just her skirt isn’t for her figure.)

  • Savana

    Excuse me, I meant THIN…Now ya’ll got me saying think!! LOL

  • Rodney

    Women can be sexy both ways, thick or skinny. But I say they both look ugly.

  • Eliza

    I like to see that more and more people are speaking out againts ignorant statements concerning curvy/thick (not fat!) women. Even though we are not talking about the “average joe” (Musko) it still sad to see that women (and some men) rely on unrealstic high standards based on what is/not beautiful. And Musko, because Hollywood is very judgemenal as you say, that’s where it all starts. Many people are listening to people putting down curvy women who is clearly not fat and because of that, it causes people to not eat, and have low self-esteam. I’m glad Jessica brought that up becuase it is a serious issue that goes on.

    OKAY, NOW BACK ON THE SUBJECT…I say my honest opinion, Whitney looks thin. She should gain some weight. Michelle may be average, but if she wears clothing that complements her figure more, then she can look great!!

  • musko

    Eliza, it is very sad that the media puts very harsh (high?) standards on these celebs. Now, it’s even worse with photoshopping images on magazines and the internet. You don’t know what to believe anymore… until you actually see these people in real life, you have no clue how tall/ curvy/ skinny etc. they are.

  • susan

    lol…lol..lol…relax and put down the cheeseburger! Whitney is not annorexic just because she takes care of herself and watches her weight. You guys all need to calm down, the truth may hurt but it is what it is.

  • Eliza


    I didn’t say Skinny is ugly but at the same time there is NOTHING wrong with being thick!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Look honey you don’t even know what my weight is so what are you to say for me to put down a cheeseburger?!!?

    I am a size 7/8 and I look FABULOUS!!!!!! So you gonna say I’m fat too??? Keep it coming sweety, keep it coming. You don’t even know what I look like so chill out!!!

    Even if I was a bigger size, I would eat a burger then becuase I’m not going to put a finger or two down my throat to be SKINNY. Michelle looks awsome if she wears a different skirt she would look even better!!!! Your girl Whitney needs to gain weight. And what you say is NOT the truth it is your opinion!!!!

  • Matt

    michelle is pretty. but her legs are horrible. very chubby and just unflattering.

  • Jessica


    At least you say she’s pretty 🙂 I think both whitney and Michelle is pretty.

  • Eirca

    I think they both have discusting legs. Michelle’s is too big and Whitney’s legs look like walking stilts. LOL I do feel that there is still nothing wrong with being curvy as long as your body is toned.

  • Eliza

    It doesn’t matter hun. Whatever how tall or curvy someone is, it still affects women today. It even sometimes affect me.

  • Lindsey

    Whatever you say Susan, whatever you say. You can say we’re fat if you want, but I’m a size 6. I just happen to be a small girl who defends curvy women as well. Unlike you, I don’t put down curvy or plus size women. Anyways, like I said, Michelle looks better, and Whitney needs to gain some weight. She’s too skinny and that’s the way it is.

  • Corbin

    I say Michelle looks more attractive. I’m not very attracted to skinny women. I like curvy women. To me kissing a skinny chic is like kissing another dude. That’s just how I feel.

  • Jason

    Yeah Corbin…I agree with you. At first I didn’t understand what you meant by that. Now I realize that you were saying that you don’t want a flat girl. And some skinny women can be flat (no breast or butt) to the point she can look like us guys! LOL that’s funny. BTW Michelle looks better

  • Hannah

    I think Michelle looks sooo much better. I don’t understand why people think she’s fat just because she has meaty legs. I’d rather have thick meaty legs rather than have anorexic gross legs like Whitney’s. I don’t think chicken legs are very attractive. Ladies need to understand that most men would drool over thick women! LOL

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  • nin

    Jackie J get your facts rights “A woman with full hips and large bust. Like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Michelle (above), Marilyn Monroe, and Kimora Lee Simmons.” Only one of the above had that – Marilyn. The rest of them have no natural chest to match hips.

  • Jackie J

    First of all NIN, the FACTS ARE STRAIGHT! Secondly, these are women with full bust and hips. These are clearly beautiful women who are naturally thick. Instead of jumping down my throat why don’t you google them and see their figures. Sorry Nin, but you are unfortnatly wrong. And my point wasn’t about full bust, my point was verifying how beautiful you can be inspite of your size. Maybe you should get your facts straight. NEXT!

  • Jessica

    LOL Jackie J. Yeah, I agree with you. Especially Ashanti. Don’t worry about Nin, Jackie, I know what you’re trying to say. Since some people don’t lol.

  • Jaccob

    LOL @ Jackie J. “Maybe you should get your fact straight. NEXT!”. Nin Chill out, she was just trying to make a point about body image and how people shouldn’t call curvy women gross. Get over it.

  • change.

    lmao. you should all get yourself straight. how can u expect respect and appreciation for full figured, curvy women, when ur accusing skinny people of having eating disorders(..Even if I was a bigger size, I would eat a burger then becuase I’m not going to put a finger or two down my throat to be SKINNY.) get real people. whoever says michelle is fat, IS BLIND. yes, she has thick=chubby legs, BUT THATS WHAT MAKES HER CURVY!!! and for whitney, shes just an attention freak. yes she needs to gain weight, so what shes naturally skinny, u can be naturally skinny and unhelthy! look at how tall she is!!! main point = WE WUDNT MIND BEING BOTH OF EM ;]

  • change.

    DAM! whitney’s legs are hella slim. like no definition at all to them. i blame her height (very hard to gain weight while your that tall, trust me i have friends who have tried) and camera/angle/dress. but her legs are reallly lanky.

  • Jaccob

    Okay. Maybe they were picking on Whitney just a little. But maybe it’s because we hear so much about how curvy woman are fat, and gross. I don’t hear too many people put thinner women down. That is why some of these women said what they did. If you’re naturally skinny then that’s okay. But if you trying too hard to be thin if you’re body is made to be that way, then that’s a problem. It’s okay to judge people based on their shape (that’s what this site is for?) but if you are getting to the point where you are calling woman nasty, gross, or whatever (rather you’re fat or thin) then that’s pushing it. Some of these people were definatly pushing it by calling Michelle fat.

  • Jessica

    Did I say the part about sticking my finger down my throat? Oops, I was just mad becuase of what Susan said. She told us to relax and put down the cheesburger, which means she was referring to us as fat. So what you’re saying is it’s not okay for us to say things like that but it’s okay for Susan to say for us to put down the burger?

  • hi
    good luck

  • kelsey

    what. when did whitney get this skinny. on the hills, she looked amazing. her body looked flawless. she was everyone`s favorite from the bunch of the hills girls. what happened. she`s still pretty though, needs to gain 5 pounds more though, esp. in the legs.

  • caitlin

    Whitney is gorgeous. I am the same height as her and have legs like hers. The fact that she has long legs and is like me makes me more confident. i would rather be tall and skinny then having Michelles legs. I love michelle but for this i would deff, pic Whitney 🙂

  • Bianca

    First, Whitney is a 5’9 or nothing higher than 5’10. She’s naturally skinny and this picture is not flattering at all..usually i think she really looks good! Love her.. Michelle is pretty too but she shouldn’t wears gray tights..

  • I like both pairs of legs.

  • nancy


    dont be jealus
    if you re fat….call the pretty women anorexic and you’ll feel better!!

  • sam

    michelle looks like a beached whale 😐 she shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house. she must have serious chafing between her thighs. i feel sick looking at her, she shouldn’t be allowed to be photographed. whitney on the other hand looks like a normal human, top marks for whit. michelle, go on atkins

  • Musaafiruun

    There are many types of beauty and exceptional beauty always has something unique, as USP if you like. Michelle’s thighs are big and heavy and lack the tone and shape that make Nellie Furtado’s muscular strength so attractive. Neither does Whitney have particularly shapely legs but their elegant straightness and pencil-slender fragility of her tiny thighs set her apart as a woman of exceptional beauty.

  • Well, I really think Michelle is a beautyful woman, and I also really think Whitney is a beautiful woman. Why does ONE body size have to be “right”?

  • B B B

    what you all say is not fair!
    I’m thin, really thin according to everyone else.except me.Even the doctor.
    I agree I m no t fat but I don’t like myself at all.
    and I think my legs are too fat, like, everyone says they’re not, but it’s the way i see it
    I don’t know if my legs are like Michelle’s or not.I guess I’m close. I’m not tall, so that makes it worse.
    I tried to convince myself that Im NORMAL, but now reading this, you all make me feel like a whale, you make me feel horrible.
    you should watch what you say, it’s too hard for peolple who are not extremely skinny,
    like, I don’t know how you look…you must be perfect as you speak those things…

    the thing is, I d like to be like whitney, but it’s not as easy as going to gym or walking,it’s not, sometimes it just doesnt work that simply.
    maybe i ll have to stop eating or something bc im so tired of people saying that if u want to lose weight or get thinner legs you should work out. IT’S A LIE. it’s not working with me!
    if whitney looks like a NORMAL woman, then…what am I ?

    • VanillaFrosting

      Don’t worry about the snarky comments here. They were posted by loads of nitwits who have nothing better to do than scrutinize and criticize celebrity bodies.

      Honestly though, why would you even care about the opinions of some idiotic and insecure little girls?

      Insulting others makes these people feel better about themselves, even if they think they are being pretty nice by saying things like “She would be perfect if she just lost a little weight.”

      Strive for whatever weight you want in order to make yourself happy. Do not worry about the comments of others, in fact, if you are so sensitive to them, you should avoid reading them all together. But you do have to remember the source. These people are not worth anything to you, they may as well be slime.

      • B B B

        thanks, you were really nice, see, my problem is that I don’t like the way I look and I don’t know how to change it, though people tell me not to change, I feel like I would like to be different to be happy…
        but you are so right.I know it’s hard, i’m complicated that’s all…

  • Emma

    Neither sets of legs are very nice.. They both represent different extremes. Whitney is lovely, but I think Michelle has the more beautiful face. Misch is just an example of the classic, if not more extreme, pear shape. Her legs are very thick, but her upper body is thin. Both girls should dress more to suit their body types. And it’s really sad to see people put down either of these girls for being too thin or too fat, I’d love to be as beautiful or successful as either of them. Sigh, Skinny vs Curvy really is everywhere..

  • zenjen

    They are both hot. End of story.

  • Sara

    Whitney’s legs are not that skinny, have you seen her on The Hills? she has fantastic legs and yes she is naturally skinny. Michelle’s legs are not that meaty, she has fantastic legs as well. They are bad pictures of both of them!!!! How can you not know that

  • Evelina

    Whitney here!

  • CMB

    Are u guys crazy? i don’t get skinny legs obsesion thank GOD im Latina because curvy bodies and fat legs(as u call them) are hot ….. i really don’t understand the freaking i wanna be skinny thing!