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Young Celebs in Black Pants: Amanda, AnnaLynne and Michelle

young-celebs-in-black-pants-amanda-annalynne-and-michelle - Young Celebs in Black Pants: Amanda, AnnaLynne and Michelle

Celebs love black tight pants. Why? Because they look good on almost any type of figure, they work day & night and they show off their curves (or skinniness).

So let’s all take a look at 3 fresh Hollywood stars wearing this item under different forms:

First, a I’m surprised she’s not wearing a minidress Amanda Bynes in tight black jeans, then a cleavagey (as always) AnnaLynne McCord in shiny pants and a pretty Michelle Trachtenberg in a pair of… interesting leggings, paired with a pair of interesting boots.

See the other 2 after the jump!

Who looks best this time?

young-celebs-in-black-pants-amanda-annalynne-and-michelle-2 - Young Celebs in Black Pants: Amanda, AnnaLynne and Michelle

young-celebs-in-black-pants-amanda-annalynne-and-michelle-3 - Young Celebs in Black Pants: Amanda, AnnaLynne and Michelle

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  • el.V

    amanda 🙂

  • Emmily

    Michelle has lost some weight, and she’s lookin awesome!

  • lindsay

    annalynne is looking very nice

  • charlotte

    i think they all look great. its hard to say who looks best cuz they all have different body shapes/types.
    but omg michelle’s hair is sooo gorgeous. i would literarly kill for hair like that!

  • mdw

    Michelle has the worst legs I have ever seen. In these pics they dont look too bad, but its hard to tell.
    Analynn is a butter face. WOW the body on that girl
    I always like everything about Amanda, minus the chipmunk cheeks

  • katrín

    i think they all look fantastic!

  • annalyne for the total look ( the hair as usual & the brave makeup)

  • Rose

    wow i can’t choose, they all look fantastic ;o

  • sandra

    All i think when i look at anne is that she needs some sunlight. I was with michelle until those spaceage shoes. amanda look great.

  • Cinthee

    Totally michelle and usually i wouldnt say so bcz she doesnt always use figure faltetring outfits.
    Annalyne looks good, but I dont like her hair like that.
    And Amanda looks good, but nothing amazing.

  • Kristy

    All good good, even Trachtenberg who normally I criticise 🙂

  • anabel

    AnnaLynne is looking perfect to me…as on almost every occasion pretty much…I love her hair and figure and (yes): her face!! I don’t get how everyone thinks it’s unattractive, I think it stands out in a very good way. She could apply some blush though.
    Amanda is looking ok here, never found her very attractive but she always looks quite friendly.
    Michelle looks good here, the pants pulled over the shoes work for her…her hair is plain though.

  • tulona

    Annalynne’s only about 22-23 years old but her makeup makes her look 30+ in this picture. Her outfit’s okay, npthing spectacular. Michelle looks pretty good. Hate her hair and shoes though. Amanda looks the best out of the three but I’m not loving any of their looks.

    • Uma

      I agree about Annalynne, i really like her interesting features, but this time she didn’t choose the best make-up. Amanda looks bad to me, but that’s b/c i don’t like her look, just like so many other young celebs out there, just like those chicks you expect to go to beauty contests etc. Not a fan of the whole look at me, i’m blonde and tanned and fake from head to toe combo. Michelle is cute, but those shoes are ugly. And ugly is an understatement.

    • Sora

      Annalynne’s only 22ish?? That’s my age and I thought she was at least in her 30’s based on this picture. Wow.

  • Maryna

    Michelle looks best here

  • Ali

    Definitely, Michele has lost some weight, but I don’t like her pants

  • sable


    then michelle, then amanda

  • AnnaLynne looks the best

  • Jess

    They all look great. I LOVE Michelle’s style in this photo.